~Basic Info~

Name: Charlotte Sommers
Actual Age: 43 | Date of Birth: December 1, 1976 | Age of Appearance: 27
Place of Birth: Outskirts of Wellington, New Zealand | Current Location: En route to Evermore City, Colorado, U.S.A.
Species: Instar Diviner - Light | Eyes When Using Magic: Ice Blue


Charles Sommers - Father
Lindsey Sommers - Mother

Patrick Sommers - Older Brother
Ridley Sommers - Younger Sister

Colin Roberts - Boyfriend 

~The Good & The Bad~

Honest, Confident,  Well-spoken, Driven, Brave, Outspoken

-  Blunt, Selfish, Egotistical, 

Face Claim: Julianne Hough



Being the middle child is never easy. You are born right smack between the first born, the child that is almost all the hopes and dreams of your parents, and the youngest child, the baby of the family who they care for like neither of the children before. Despite struggling to find her place, from an early age Charlotte was a strong independant child. She knew what she wanted in her life and she fought for it every single step of the way. From the start she was strong, quiet, and determined.

Charlotte was born to two happy parents who loved their daughter right away. Also almost right away the began teaching their girl the ways of the faction. Even before the age of 5, Charlotte knew she would grow up and lead her people someday. She could see the anger, frustration, and resentment her parents held towards her older brother and she never wanted to let them down in such a way. She made it her goal in life to be everything they ever wanted from their children.

Charlotte grew and she continued to be the best at everything she did. Her grades were always the top of her class and magic came easily and naturally to her. She excelled at healing and her protection magic was the best of all faction members despite her younger age. She was right on track for her goal to be everything her parents had ever dreamed of. Eventually though, she noticed them steadily pulling away from her. While her relationship with her brother wasn’t the best and was best described as rocky, he was the only she could turn to with her parents being so distant.

It was long before they revealed that Charlotte and Patrick’s mother was pregnant again. They hadn’t been planning on a third child but now it was happening and they, as a family and a faction, would come together and teach and train the child like all the others. Charlotte couldn’t help but worry. What if they loved the youngest Sommers child more than her? What if they decided they wanted them to lead the faction when her parents stepped down. The young girl started pushing herself harder and harder after her little sister, Ridley was born.

As the years continued to pass, Charlotte still exceeding everyone expectations with every passing day and task, the young woman noticed her brother pulling further and further away from his entire family and faction. He was spending more time away than ever before and she couldn’t help but worry about him even though he refused to talk to her about anything going on in his life. She wished he wasn’t so cold towards her and their little sister but she knew he had his reasons and didn’t push him.

Her parents continued to grow more and more cold towards their oldest daughter despite her best efforts to be everything they had ever wanted in the child that would precede them. Their love and kindness all seemed to be spent on the youngest, Ridley now and Charlotte watched with jealousy as they trained and conditioned her little sister themselves. Training her in the same ways they had once trained Charlotte for the position of leader of their faction. While it looked they might have changed their minds in who would lead, they still didn’t say anything to Char.

At her claiming, no one was surprised when the evening sky seemed to glow with the suns light before nighttime was allowed to take over. Charlotte had been claimed by the Fae like the rest of her family other than her brother. Her faction congratulated her, happy and proud of the young woman she had grown into. They fully supported her goals and drive to lead the faction. Time passed though, and nothing changed. Charlottes parents were distant with her but hadn’t yet taken away any of the leadership responsibilities they had passed on to her over the years. She continued to teach the young children of the faction in different magic types but specialized in healing and protection. Eventually, she decided to enroll in school part-time to get a degree is business and education, something she could to many different uses.

The faction was rocked when Patrick made the decision to leave for good. The way that everyone had shunned and acted afraid of the oldest Sommers child had finally worn on him until he couldn’t take it any longer. He promised his two sisters that he had somewhere to go and that he’d be fine. That was all he said before he left and they didn’t hear from him again. The faction moved on, many relieved by his departure, and the days continued to pass into years.

Finally the day of Ridley’s claiming came. Again to no ones surprise, the youngest Sommers was claimed by the Fae line. It was a shock when she made the announcement that she would be leaving the faction, however. Their parents were furious and saddened by her decision and simply couldn’t or refused to understand why she was doing it. It was then that they finally admitted (although everyone including Charlotte already knew their intentions) that they had wanted Ridley to take over the faction eventually. Ridley had no interest in leading though, her passion was for design and fashion and she was good at it. She also loved her big sister too much to take away her dreams.

Ridley left and slowly the faction returned to normal. Years seemed to drag by for Charlotte though. It was like her parents blamed her for her sister’s choice to leave. They barely spoke to her and when they did it was with scorn and anger. They appreciated nothing that she did and downplayed all her successes despite the support of other faction members. Charlotte was finally close to her breaking point, unsure of what to do anymore she debated running away to start a new life somewhere. But she also refused to do that to her parents. A decision was made for her a few months later though when a Necromancer faction attacked.

The battle was a blur. They came out of nowhere, their target was clearly the leading family as they made quick work of any who got in their way. Charlotte was able to protect her parents but even her magic had limits and she soon felt exhaustion winning as the leader of the Necromancers stood on the other side of her protective barrier, watching her with an icy smile. Her father and mother finally told her to stop, that she needed energy to get away. They would cover her while she made a break for it and they loved her and were so sorry for the way they had treated her all these years.

Charlotte dropped the barrier and her parents immediately went on the attack. She ran, hearing a scream and turning to see her father on the ground, dead. She continued running until she could no longer hear or see her home. Entirely unknown to her was that her brother had been the second in command of this attack, their goal being to take over the faction and eliminate the leading family so they could never come back to reclaim what was rightfully theirs.

Charlotte knew her sister was in London, now a successful designer. She made her way to London and it didn’t take her long to find Ridley. Ridley was happy to see her sister but immediately knew something was wrong. She had a boyfriend, a handsome man named Colin who Charlotte immediately liked. Sitting down in her sister's apartment one evening she explained everything that had happened. That one of the faction members had recently been in contact and revealed that their brother was a leader of the Necromancer faction. They had also said that they believed that their mother had survived and fled somewhere in the US.

The girls devised a plan to try and find their mother. Weeks went by and nothing changed as they continued to search. Nothing changed but Charlotte’s relationship with Colin. Days and nights spent together while Ridley worked soon found the pair madly in love. She had never believed in the feelings she was feeling for the Necromancer but she now knew it was possible. They never did anything that would compromise Colin’s relationship with Ridley but they also knew they couldn’t continue to push their luck. They needed to tell her.

Before they had the chance though, something strange happened. One night they were suddenly filled with blinding pain, crying out until they passed out. When they awoke they were fine. Confused, and a little scared, but fine. They immediately made note that Colin’s presence wasn’t weakening to them nor did they have that effect on him. They couldn’t make sense of the change and had to push it to the backburner as their search for their mother continued. Finally, they had a break. A city in Colorado, USA.

Before they made plans to travel Charlotte and Colin finally told Ridley the truth. Colin admitted he was in love with her sister and that he couldn’t continue his relationship with her any longer, that he wanted to be with Charlotte. Before Charlotte could even begin to speak, to apologize and try to make things right with her sister, her younger sibling had gotten to her feet and begun packing a bag. Before Char and Colin knew it, Ridley was gone, telling them she was going to the States and to not follow her, that she would deal with this on her own.

Colin held back a distraught and broken Charlotte and told her they needed to give Ridley some time but that they would follow in a while. They give the youngest Sommers sibling two weeks before they left London and headed to Evermore City Colorado. To the Eternal City with a supernatural population of mixed species that was unheard of anywhere else in the world.


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