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How to Be A Fashionista (Akai and Hana)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Akai Wei Feb 7. 2 Replies

Akai hadn't been thinking of going into to work today since his coworker, a Light Diviner named…Continue

Playing With Fire (Akai and Logan)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Akai Wei Feb 16. 4 Replies

It had been a while since the Valkyr had seen Chen, almost nine…Continue


Playing with fire. You better run.

Hide, or else I'll see you.

English Name: Akai Cassiel Wei

Chinese Name: Wei Zhan (魏展)

Korean Name: Moon Sunwoo (문선우)

Nickames: Kai, Cassie, Cass, Prince Zhan, WeiWei, Zhannie, Azure, Blue, Woo

Age: Kai looks 19 but he is actually 940

Birthday: July 1, 1115

Species: Valkyr

Sexuality: Homosexual

Zodiac: Cancer

Born in: Suzhou, China

Lived In: Seoul, South Korea (1,132 to 1832) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (1832 to 2003)

Residence: Evermore, Colorado

Ethnicity: Chinese

Occupation: Former Prince in the Jin Dynasty, Now a Model/Designer and owns his own clothing store named MeiMei (Rose)

Face Claim: Wang Yibo

Relationship Status: Single

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown (Normal), Purple (Contacts)

Hair Color: Black (Normal), Blonde, Blue, Brown (Dyed)

Build: Akai is very toned

Height: 5’11

Weight: 130 lbs

Blood Type: A+

Distinguishing Marks: A crescent-shaped scar on his eyebrow from falling off a horse. A diagonal scar across his side from a rival prince. Several moon-shaped scars from training as a child. A heart-shaped birthmark behind his left ear. Right hand dominant. 

Tattoos: An infinity symbol on his left wrist, a dove on his left shoulder to represent his time as a prince. And the phrase “I like it when you smile, your bright smile that’s mine.” on his hipbone. A star behind his left ear. 







It was a bright and sunny day when Wei Zhan was born, well not really. It was sunny, but not so bright because Zhan’s brother had died only a month before, leaving Zhan to become the new Crown Prince. His parents were happy that they had a new son, but the overwhelming grief caused Zhan’s mother to pass away only a few days later. The young prince’s father was in double the grief as well, so he gave his son over to his concubine to be raised as the crown prince. The emperor never saw his son again, until after the boy turned seventeen. But as of now, he didn’t even want to see his son’s face since he had his mother’s beautiful and delicate features. Soft black hair and honey brown eyes.

The little baby was definitely a sweet one. He was mild-tempered and he didn’t cry very much unless you took away his toys and then he’d get mad. His father’s concubine, Yu Yan doted on him and spoiled him to no end. She gave him a kitten when he was very little to surprise him on his first birthday. He loved the kitten and named it Mei. A simple name that would later save the kitten from getting killed by a rival prince. Zhan would never know what his life as a prince would be like until he turned seventeen, but before that, he had a whole life to live, a whole world to discover.

His childhood was spent in the comfort of his surrogate mother and her son, whom he considered his brother, even though he was born five years before him. Li Qiang was his role model and his best friend. The two boys grew up together and got into trouble as regular little boys do, but due to his princely status, Zhan didn't get in trouble as bad, which he didn't understand at all. He was only five years old when he first got notified that he was the son of the emperor. Zhan was confused since he had never seen his father, except in meetings or things like that. The little boy was also angry that his father had abandoned him like a piece of disfigured linen.

When Zhan was 12, he got into a fight with a prince from a rival clan. The Wang clan was under the Wei clan, but they definitely had power, and this prince was making fun of Zhan's surrogate mother and saying he was "the son of a prostitute." That had made the young prince very angry, so he swung at the other preteen, but was stopped by another prince, but not one of the Wei or the Wang clan. He had the circlet that signified that he was a prince, but he was dressed like a commoner. Zhan was forever grateful to the boy and even invited him over for a meal with Yu Yan and Li Qiang. That night was filled with laughter and Zhan eventually asking the boy, who introduced himself as Liu Chen, to be his best friend.

When Zhan turned seventeen, he figured out that this was the time he would become emperor, since his father had passed away in Zhan's sixteenth year. The young prince was terrified, but Chen reassured him that he would be a great emperor if he'd meet him that night. Choosing to believe the boy, he escaped the castle at midnight and went to find Chen. This was when the other boy decided to kiss him. This was his first-ever kiss, but it would be his last in that lifetime, as Chen pulled out his sword and stabbed him straight in the heart. As his heartbeat was fading and he was choking on his own blood, Chen whispered softly that this was for the better.

Before Zhan died, Chen did tell him that he had a reason for stabbing him. He hadn’t known this reason before. Apparently the emperor had said if Zhan died, at any time before or on the day of his seventeenth birthday, Chen would take over as emperor. Since Chen was a Liu, he wasn’t part of the major royal family. And he wanted to be, so he could make it and have a child that would be apart of the royal bloodline. Using his last breath, Zhan whispered “You bastard. I trusted you.” Then he collapsed on the ground.

Unknown to him, Chen was full of regret, so he decided to turn his first love into someone like him. He cut open his wrist with Zhan’s snow white blade and poured it down Zhan’s throat, infusing it with shadows. He then ran away after kissing his lips softly, leaving the dead prince on the ground. Chen was lost in his feelings. He didn’t know where to go with his life, so he just hid.

When Zhan woke up, he was confused. He had thought he was dead, like very dead. But, he wasn’t. He moved aside his robes to look at the bare skin of his chest, and there was nothing but a small crescent-shaped scar from the sword. The scar from Wang Xiu was also there, and it wasn’t disappearing. Shocked, he sprinted towards the castle, where his best friend was mourning over him, and cuddling the white robe he was supposed to wear that night. Torn between going in to see him, and running away, he slid to the ground and cried.

It was the year 1,134 when he finally decided to go and look for Chen. He didn’t exactly know where Chen would be, since he had escaped after turning Zhan. It was not easy, since he didn’t know where to start, and he didn’t even know if Chen was still in China, or in Korea. He decided that he would settle down for a little bit and maybe find a girl or something. Zhan was quite popular with the ladies. He was attractive and he still wore his crown, so many of them thought he was a prince from some foreign land. He found it easier to adjust to his new lifestyle.

He fed every month on the fourth Wednesday of the month. He had found out that he didn’t need to feed every day like the Vampires of legends. Zhan then went to find Chen. It would take a while he knew, since the other prince knew how to be sneaky. It was almost like Chen was hiding from him due to him not knowing how to deal with the older prince. Zhan wondered whether or not the other prince knew he was looking for him.

He escaped to Korea for almost seven centuries, before moving to Australia for 171 years. In Australia, he studied psychology, and got a degree in it, but never uses it. Zhan adopted a new name as well, making it easier for people to find him, and so he could move around without people asking why he was alive when he supposed to be dead. Now named Akai Cassiel Wei, he moved to Evermore and became a model. After doing this for a few years, he moved over to designing his own clothes and opening his own store in downtown Evermore.

In Korea, for that long time, he was there, he decided to train more with swords and other weapons. A day didn’t go by without him thinking about Chen and where he was hiding. Becoming a friend to the prince of Korea; Han Dae would be one of his most major accomplishments. Han Dae also became his secret lover. They did everything together, like going out of town to help the poor find food. That was one of Zhan’s favorite activities. As all good things are bound to fail, Han Dae fell ill and died at the age of 23. Heartbroken, Zhan decided to stay in Korea but go to a different part. This was only century 1 of his stay.

The next century would be a little better, as he got over Han Dae’s death and put into work building his own house. It took him a very long time to get it done, but when he was finally finished he was proud of himself. He had decided that he would stay in that house no matter what happened. And a lot of things happened. He met a girl named Park Min and fell in love with her. She was a servant girl for the royal family that Han Dae was from. That was painful, but he knew that Han Dae was in a better place now and that Dae would’ve wanted him to find happiness after his death.

In the next century, he had given up on love with humans, since all they did was die when they got ill or just died from old age. He realized that he had been a human once but he didn’t want to be involved with the species of what he used to be. Min had left him at the end of the last century because of old age. The couple had a daughter named Wei Hee, and she too had left him when she was twenty years old. He wanted to give up on life but knew he couldn’t. Cause he had already tried.

The next four centuries he spent looking for Chen again. He went everywhere around Korea and even traveled back to China to find him. Zhan couldn’t. It was either because of the other prince not wanting to be found, or the fact that he had just disappeared off the face of the earth. Zhan knew that he had just wasted four centuries of his life trying to find love, find his sire and had so many flings with many women and men that he couldn’t even remember how many. It was a countless number and whenever he drank from humans on every Wednesday, he could feel and see the pain that they were feeling, often causing him to go back to when he was a human himself.

Sometimes he reflects back to his life as a prince, and even still wears the circlet to remind him of his parents and his best friends. Somehow he knows that his maker is still out there and he will come back. He doesn’t exactly blame Chen, but he knows that it would have never happened if Chen hadn’t turned him. He now wishes that Chen will come to find him and apologize for turning him. And he hopes one day to actually meet Gideon, the leader of the Valkyrs and ask him questions about the Valkyrs since he is still a little bit confused.

Liu Chen | Valkyr | Sire

Akai's first ever love, and his sire. He was originally supposed to become the emperor, but Chen prevented that by turning him into a Valkyr himself. Akai vows to find him one day, but for now, he'll just stay low. 

Logan Reeves | Therianthrope (Lycan) | Best Friend

Akai met Logan by seeing him at the crime scene that Chen had caused. He quite liked the Lycan's personality and suggested that they become friends. Logan has an affinity for biting him, but Akai bites back, careful not to hurt the other. It's become a normal greeting for them. He affectionately calls him baobei and báichī. Chinese for baby and idiot. Akai also likes to hit him with his circlet. 

Playing With Fire (Akai and Logan)

How to Be A Fashionista (Akai and Hana)

Xiao | Kitten | Three months

A rambunctious furball that likes to chew on shoelaces and for some reason also loves powdered donuts. Usually sits on Akai's lap in places, and is on good terms with Yang.

Yang | Bunny | A month old

A cute little fluffball that is usually quiet, and likes to be petted on her ears. She goes everywhere with Xiao and Akai.

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✓ Akai Wei replied to ✓ Akai Wei's discussion Playing With Fire (Akai and Logan)
"Akai could tell that the other was a little wary of him, and that was a little unnerving. Normally he wouldn't be at a crime scene, even if you paid him. He hated being around blood unless it was time to feed, and even though he had studied…"
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"The boss was not going to let Logan here the end of this after he found out a civilian had tampered with the crime scene. Despite it not being his job to keep the scene clear of bystanders a pedestrians. Yet right now he was focused on the more…"
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"The store was where Akai kept himself sane. If not for Yixuan, he probably would've been all alone in that apartment, scared to go out. He was glad that he wasn't like that at all, and he was incredibly grateful to Yixuan for helping him…"
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"Kai's purple eyes narrowed, but the didn't say anything. It seemed like Chen was back, and he was trying to get him to stay in one place. He hated that fact and wondered why the hell Chen was in Evermore. If he had just been around at…"
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"Lately, Hana had been expressing her concerns with not only her brother, but the circle of friends she had made for herself as well, about what dream she would follow when college ended for her. Hana hadn't been like your average college…"
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"It was a rare occurrence when the chief came down to the basement, the forensics lab was not the central hub you go to for lively conversations. Not unless Ash, Logan's partner was here; with it being Ash's day off Logan froze and…"
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If you have a plot in mind I am all ears :)


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