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Intelligence Networks || Ambrose & Cecilia ||

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Cecilia Laterza May 4. 11 Replies

Tucking his jacket over his arm Ambrose gave a note to his assistant, tucking his keys and badge into a pocket of his jacket then hit the stairs. Hopping down the 10 floors gave him time to think,…Continue

Gettin' the Scoop || Ambrose & Sariah || COMPLETED

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~ Feb 19. 15 Replies

Whistling idly, his mind mulling over several different subjects at once Ambrose was on autopilot as he made his way downtown. The paper's office was on the outskirts, giving him plenty of time as he…Continue

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✓ Cecilia Laterza replied to ✓ Ambrose Griffin's discussion Intelligence Networks || Ambrose & Cecilia ||
"Cecilia didn’t like to keep people closer than needed necessarily, in fact, it was quite the opposite, she prefers to keep them at arm’s length. That was the reason for why the Italian had plenty of her brokers situated at almost every…"
May 4

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Sangeun Moon's discussion ★ Recrudescence (Sangeun & Ambrose)
"Melony looked put out and beyond frustrated as the young man informed her that he had been on hold and had requested an appointment. He had known his P.A. long enough to know that she took her job very seriously and being called into question was a…"
Apr 29

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Seniah Abigail Rose's discussion I've been wondering.... (Ambrose and Seniah)
"Good lord. The male’s hazel hues went wide as the young woman lying on the bed told him that she hadn’t in fact been in a car, that she had been struck by said car. Swallowing hard he couldn’t imagine what she had been through and…"
Apr 22

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Ambrose Griffin's discussion Intelligence Networks || Ambrose & Cecilia ||
"There was value in listening, especially when the person you were talking to didn't think they were being heard. Not only was it important to hear what they said but what the body language as well as hear what wasn't being said. It all…"
Apr 13

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Lachlan Remington's discussion Moving On In (Ambrose and Lachlan)
"Ambrose laughed a bit as the other male affirmed that given his mother’s occupation his childhood would indeed be interesting. Thinking for a moment at his question he shook his head, “We moved around a lot and went to almost every place…"
Mar 30

✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Ambrose Griffin's discussion Gettin' the Scoop || Ambrose & Sariah ||
"She chuckled at the way he admitted that perhaps he could see why his work might be considered frightening to those outside of the usual circle “I guess the key thing that makes it a talent and something to be admired is what you choose to…"
Feb 19

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Ambrose Griffin's discussion Gettin' the Scoop || Ambrose & Sariah ||
"She had a point, reporting and writing up current events wasn’t for the faint of heart. Some of the things he had seen and written about had turned his stomach, all but destroying his view of humanity as a whole. There were occasional stories…"
Feb 17

✓ Cecilia Laterza replied to ✓ Ambrose Griffin's discussion Intelligence Networks || Ambrose & Cecilia ||
""There are a lot of interesting things happening in this world at this age today" she mused lightly, her eyes boring into the projected piece in front of them with her right arm positioning itself comfortably on the chair she was currently…"
Feb 15

✓ Ambrose Griffin and ✓ Siena D’Angelo are now friends
Feb 12

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Sangeun Moon's discussion ★ Recrudescence (Sangeun & Ambrose)
"“These are really good shots Glenn. I especially like this one, the background and foreground capture the situation perfectly.” The doors to the elevator opened with a light chime and a disembodied voice announced they had arrived at the…"
Feb 12

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Lachlan Remington's discussion Moving On In (Ambrose and Lachlan)
"“Not hardly.” The male let out a little snort at the thought of his mom in military fatigues, she would have made a great commander but a horrible soldier. Beverly hadn’t been the following orders type and always went outside of…"
Jan 25

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Ambrose Griffin's discussion Intelligence Networks || Ambrose & Cecilia ||
"“Interesting is certainly one way to put it.” Ambrose had gone over the records from the police station, the hospital, and tried to pull the videotapes from surrounding buildings in order to get more of an idea what had actually…"
Jan 22

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Mavi Talman's discussion Dancing on a Lonely Planet (Maverick and Ambrose)
"“Thanks, keep the change.” Smiling at the young barista who blush in response to his attention, Ambrose chuckled as he grabbed the drink carrier and bag of goodies. Pushing through the door he dodged a mother and stroller just out on the…"
Jan 12

✓ Ambrose Griffin replied to ✓ Seniah Abigail Rose's discussion I've been wondering.... (Ambrose and Seniah)
"Her hands flew when she spoke, forming a language that he hadn’t practiced or seen in quite a few years. Given that his daughter was deaf it seemed that he would need to brush up on his sign language if he was going to be successful at…"
Jan 12

✓ Ambrose Griffin commented on ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~'s group January Official Active List
"Daughter. (Seniah) One word that can sum up how the entirety of the year 2019 for Ambrose. No matter what else happened, from settling into his new position as CEO and Editor In Chief of Evermore Daily with all it’s ups and downs combined with…"
Jan 9

A Warrior Who Weilds a Pen and a Sword is Unstoppable.

Age: 38 || DOB: April 20, 1981  

Astrological sign: Taurus/Aries || Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

POB: New York City, New York || Current City: Evermore, Colorado

Occupation: CEO & Editor In Chief Evermore Daily 

Masters- Journalism & Creative Writing
Minor- Photography & Forensic Psychology

Supernatural Status: Member of the Privy Counsil

Height: 6'1'' || Weight: 210

Hair: Brunette || Eyes: Greenish blue/Blueish green

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual || Relationship Status: Single

Charismatic || Intelligent || Confident

Daring || Intuitive

Blunt || Cynical

Willfull || Eccentric

Snow, pure white thick flakes had been falling for hours, blanketing the whole of New York in a sparkling tableau that turned the Big Apple into a winter wonderland. St. Andrew's Memorial Hospital sat deep in the heart of the city, relatively calm for the time of year but those working the graveyard shift weren’t complaining. In from out of the thick downpour came a lone woman, heavy with child and straining with the beginnings of the birthing process. There was a mad rush into the maternity ward, as questions flew trying to find the expecting mother a life line of support that was met with staunch denials that any such person or people existed. Resigned to giving birth alone the nursing staff stepped up, helping the young woman to bring her bouncing baby boy screaming into the world at 0200 on April 20, 1981.

Those who worked the next two days in the Ward had the pleasure of tending to little Ambrose, watching his little body ever wiggling and moving even while asleep to the murmurs and gurgles that were just as constant. Sadly his stint in the Ward was short lived, as his mother got back on her feet in record time and whisked her newborn off to Egypt at the tender age of 5 days old. Nestled in a brand new baby carrier he charmed the flight attendants as well as anyone around him, both the travel and socialization setting the tone for what his life would become.

Beverly Griffin was a renowned photographer, her portfolio ranging from wildlife to warzones to poverty stricken areas that most didn’t dare venture into. Her shots were the stuff of legends earning her a name in the community of any legitimate publication from newspapers and magazines to books and documentaries. Despite her jetsetting ways and the popularity of her name, her personal life was kept private and her circle of friends was small, all things she worked very hard to keep that way. So, it became as quite the surprise when she suddenly began traveling with her son though his charming ways made it easy for people to overlook. Not once was a father ever mentioned, and all inquiries were either brushed off or ignored. Beverly was a single mother and that fact wasn't going to change.

Right from the start it was obvious that Ambrose was a gifted and special child, his growth physically, mentally, and emotionally were off the charts from the day his mother brought him home from the hospital. As an infant he was happy and watchful, constantly making noises in what his mother had deemed his attempts at early communication. Prompted by a friend Beverly began using simple signs from ASL language which her son picked up on faster than she herself could learn them. As much as he tired her out each day the baby slept through the night, hardly ever got sick, and ate more than twice his weight on any given day. From crawling to running at only 6 months Beverly knew she had her work cut out for her, working full time and being a full time mother was not for the faint of heart.

Ambrose had a very different upbringing than most, he had no concrete home nor dozens of possessions that he clutched to desperately. Home was wherever he and his mother were at the time and most of his possessions fit inside a backpack or duffel bag. Traditional schooling was out of the question with all of the traveling they did, instead of textbooks and tests Ambrose was taught by scholars from around the world at locations that most only dreamed of. As a boy he was thirsty for knowledge, always watching and listening and reading and searching for answers. His mother came to nickname him Shadow, as he was always slipping into the background absorbing everything going on while remaining relatively anonymous.

From the moment she had learned she was carrying a child Beverly dreamed of sharing her passion with her child, teaching him the ins and outs of using a camera and how to capture the right shot. Ambrose found the activity interesting and loved spending time with his mother, but as he grew into a young man it became apparent that he held more interest in the written word than in physical pictures. Ambrose loved to write, to construct stories and use prose to paint pictures that appeared in the minds of those who read his pieces. He was obsessed with history and mysteries, chasing down leads that might uncover secrets long hidden. Every place they visited had a rich culture all it's own, with legends and haunts that he enjoyed investigating.

Several of the myths and folklore he came across Ambrose looked into, following clues he found through deep investigations and close scrutiny. He wrote pieces on a few and through word of mouth landed publications for all those he submitted. At the young age if 16 he was a published writer, his name blazoned in black and white on well known and highly respected magazines that kick started his career. From then on the name Griffin was known for both photography and writing, the mother and son duo working together as they traveled and made their mark on the intellectual community. From there Ambrose caught a thirst for journalism, enrolling in college online so that he could obtain his degree and be taken more seriously.

As with all things tragedy changed the course of a life, forever altering what might have been and shaping what is. Beverly and Ambrose were in a poverty stricken city deep in the heart of the middle east, covering inspirational stories of the locals who had lived through war and were persevering despite their situation. They had spent several days in the village, making friends and documenting everything when an RPG tore through one of the buildings. That single bomb was the start of a barrage of explosions and bullets that tore through the small cluster of buildings and decimated everything in the area. When the explosions stopped and the dust cleared only a few individuals had survived, Ambrose among the living. He spent days desperately searching through the rubble and when he finally found his beloved mother, she was gone.

Devastated and heart sick a deep and burning rage took hold of him, confusion as to the attack prevailed all those who heard of the incident and the artistic community was rocked by the loss of Beverly Griffin. Only hours after her funeral Ambrose was seen leaving in a rush, heading back towards the city in search of answers. For the first time in his life he put his skills to use in a very different way, looking for clues and chasing down leads in a feverish search to find an answer. The city had been a poor gathering of people with no political agenda, off the beaten path, and free of any history that might make then a target for such a brutal assault. There was no rhyme or reason and no one had taken credit for the carnage that had claimed his mother’s life.

It took months but eventually he discovered the truth, the ugly reason the city had been attacked and his mother stolen from him. Instead of confronting the responsible party head on he decided to write a hard hitting expose that was printed in several publications the world over. One of the top world’s leaders had been responsible for the attack, wanting to clear the habitants from the area as the land beneath was rich with oil and minerals that could make a profit. Furthermore, the male had been afraid that Ambrose and Beverly might discover the lands riches and spoil his future plans. The attack had meant to kill both him and his mother and all those living there, making a grave error in judgment as Ambrose survived to tell the tale.

He went on to graduate from college with honors, earning a Master’s in Journalism and Creative Writing, a minor in photography and forensic psychology. His name became cemented in the community of journalism and now investigative writing, landing him many freelance jobs as he wasn’t ready to settle down or strap himself to any single publication. For years after he continued traveling the globe, writing anything from fluff pieces to interviews with world leaders of all kinds. Ambrose had connections and friends in all walks of life in all corners of the globe, carrying on with the legacy his mother left behind and the lessons she had instilled in her son.

At some point Ambrose took a good look at his life and realized that he had grown tired of traveling, of living out of a backpack. Of having little to no permanent connections and quite frankly was tired of being alone. Just as he was considering finding some place to settle down he heard of a job opening in Evermore Colorado, the Evermore Daily was in need of an Editor in Chief. The position held enough of a challenge that he was intrigued and with his schooling and work experience he would be a shoe in for the job. Researching the popular city and publication he came to discover that many of the stories and pieces were one sided and heavily slanted which chaffed on his reporter’s sensibilities. An idea occurred to him however, and within a month he put his plans into motion.

Ambrose Griffin purchased Evermore Daily, his vast fortune barely taking a hit as he revamped the entire company as both owner and CEO of the entire publication. He hung up his traveling boots for a pair of oxfords and for the first time in his life purchased a luxury penthouse right in the heart of Evermore. It took a lot of work and lots of personnel changes to get the paper back on track, to reporting the way it was meant to be. Slowly Ambrose came to find that the city of Evermore had many secrets, mysteries that needed to be uncovered. Unexplained phenomenon that fascinated his mind and tickled his fancy. It was during one of his personal investigations that he was approached by a Sariah Holloway, a member of The Organization with an offer of knowledge and a request for help.

Pouring over the dossier that held all of the answers to all of Evermore’s secrets he was given a peek into Pandora’s box, learning of many species that inhabited the Earth but seemed to congregate most heavily within his new home city. Their abilities were extraordinary, yet the tolls they were reaping upon the city were astronomical and needed to be kept from the greater populace. Which was where the offer came in, in exchange for his help in protecting the humans of Evermore and keeping them in the dark, he would be given a seat on the Privy Council. In the name of keeping the innocent safe Ambrose agreed, settling into his new role with ease and zest.

More to come....

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