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Welcome To Evermore (Jay & Elle-Mae)

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Finally Jay had arrived in the city that held the answers he needed, and…Continue

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The Basics

American Name: Jay Kwon | Birth Name: Kwon Jae-Chan
Nickname: TBA
Birthdate: September 14, 1989 | Age: 30
Birthplace: Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Current Residence: Evermore, Colorado
Species: Therianthrope - Kitsune (Black Fox)
Occupation: TBD
Relationship Status: Single

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’1” | Weight: 159lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown | Eye Color: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Marks: Omega Eyes (Orange Glow)
Face Claim: Lee Jong-Suk

The Personality

Positive: Adventurous | Charming | Dedicated
Negative: Fickle | Money-Minded | Obsessive


Screams could be heard echoing throughout the Kwon family’s mansion, as heavy rain slammed against the windows, thunder boomed, and lightning crashed. It was quite the stormy night outside, and Kwon Min-Ji had chosen to do a home birth, rather than going to the hospital. When the Kwon family first discovered they were going to have a child, they were originally going to go with a hospital birth, however that changed when Min-Ji received a death threat at about 7 months pregnant. Kwon Jin-Woo made sure to have extra security when his wife was giving birth, and hired a professional doctor to come to their house and assist with the birth. Despite the death threat, everything had gone well during the birthing process, and the Kwon family now had their very first child, a baby boy, who they named Kwon Jae-Chan. His parents spoiled him from the moment he was born. Whatever he wanted, depending on what it was, he would receive it within 24 hours. At the age of two, his father’s job led him overseas to the United States, however his mother, and himself were left behind until Jin-Woo could get everything straightened out for them to come with him. Jae-Chan and his mother moved to the United States when he was four years old.

When he began school, the young Jae-Chan was enrolled in a private school for wealthy children. His parents had high hopes for him, his father more than his mother. Jin-Woo had plans to hand his company over to Jae-Chan when he became of age, and when he proved that he could handle the responsibility. When he turned six years old, he was told that his mother was pregnant, and he was very happy. Nine months later, the Kwon family welcomed their second child, and first daughter, into their family. This time, they had gone to a hospital for the pregnancy. Jae-Chan continued his school work, and helped out around the house after school, while his mother had quit her modelling career to focus on being a mother to her children, and his father continued working hard at the office. Jae-Chan would rarely see his father, he was too busy with his work at the office that he only saw his father for maybe an hour before bed. So it was only natural for him to be closer to his mother than he was with his father.

Life for Jae-Chan changed very little with the birth of his younger sister. The biggest change was that he was no longer the only child receiving all the attention of his parents, but that didn’t exactly bother him. Jae-Chan loved his little sister more than anything currently in his life, and he wouldn’t exchange her for anything. Jae-Chan was quite the popular kid in school, more so with the girls in his class, and even classes above him. Even from such a young age, the young male was a lady’s man, with a new girlfriend every week or so. He would always break up with one girl to start dating another girl, and he quickly received a reputation because of it. By the time he reached his teenage years, Jae-Chan had already had about fifteen girlfriends, yet he had not been intimate with any of them. During his sister’s seventh birthday, his parents revealed that they were having another child, making this their third child. While Jae-Chan didn’t mind having another sister or brother, his sister Min-Ah wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. She enjoyed being the center of attention and taking that attention from her brother, now that they were having another child, she knew that she would no longer be the center of attention.

Nine months later, during Jae-Chan’s fourteenth birthday, his parents were at the hospital bringing his second sister into the world. He was left at home with his younger sister, and the hired help, but his birthday was still just as good as it usually was. Young Jae-Chan wasn’t sure how much things would change now that he had to share his birthday with his youngest sister, but he would take things slowly, and give change a chance before disliking his new sister. When his new sister was brought home from the hospital, he was the first one to hold her, and he smiled brightly at his younger sister. He couldn’t imagine any moment where he would hate either of his sisters, especially now that he was holding his youngest sister in his arms. Even Min-Ah warmed up to her new sister when she got to hold her, and the new baby just seemed to bring everyone together, even if it was only for twenty-four hours. Now at the age of fifteen Jae-Chan began to tutor some of the girls from his class, and some from the class below him.

One day he was tutoring a girl named Scarlett from the class below him at his house, and his flirtatious side led to things escalating a little more than just tutoring her. The young Jae-Chan had forgotten to lock the bedroom door, and his mother walked in on him having sex with the girl he was tutoring. Of course she made them stop what they were doing, and called Scarlett’s parents to come pick her up. After Scarlett had left, his parents sat down and gave him the sex talk, and his mother made sure to talk to him about objectifying women. The talk was long, and his parents were upset that he was even thinking about sex so early in his life. After that night, Jae-Chan wasn’t allowed alone in his room with any girl that came to the house, which basically killed any chance he had at an actual relationship. His parents’ decision to stop him from being alone with girls at his house, didn’t stop him from getting intimate with his girlfriends when he wanted to. They always found a way around his parents rule, and the first time he got fully intimate with a female, was at a house party belonging to one of his friends from school. He went all the way with a young woman named Clarissa, and this time he hadn’t gotten interrupted by anybody.

By the time he reached the age of eighteen, Jae-Chan had gotten a bad name for himself, by dating a girl and dumping her after he had sex with them. After he finished school, he went to college aiming for a career in photography. While his career choice didn’t exactly please his parents, especially his father who wanted him to take over the company when he retired; but they decided to let him follow his passion anyways and see where it led him. On his first day of college, he literally bumped into a young woman, and after talking to her for a few moments; he realized he wanted to get to know her better. During their first meeting, he had forgotten to ask her name, and now he had no idea who she was or if they’d see each other again. It was nearly two weeks before he got to see her again, and this time when he met her, he made sure to ask for her name and phone number. She told him that her name was Sahara Allen, and that she would not give him her phone number. When he asked her why, she told him that she was aware of his reputation with women; and while some women might not mind that, she wasn’t looking for that kind of relationship. While he wanted to deny his reputation, or tell her that he had changed since his high school years, he wasn’t sure that even he believed he had truly changed.

Jae-Chan was halfway through his college course, when he decided that he was finally ready to change his lifestyle. He no longer wanted those one time intimate encounters, and he was ready to find someone he could finally love for much longer than just one night. When he finally decided he was ready to change his ways, he reached out to Sahara again, and asked her to give him an opportunity to prove himself to her. It took nearly a month to convince her, but she finally decided to take a chance on him, hoping he wouldn’t make her regret her decision. They had spent the remainder of his college days together in a relationship, with surprisingly no sex. He told her from the moment she agreed to give him a chance, that he would let her decide when she wanted to get intimate with him, giving her control over that aspect of their relationship. During their graduation ceremony, Sahara told him that she’d like to get a house together, and when that happened; she would finally get intimate with him. She couldn’t deny the fact that she wanted to be a mother eventually, and he seemed to have proven himself to be loyal so far.

Rather than looking for a house to call home in the same city as their college, Jae-Chan and Sahara made the move to Orlando, Florida. They wanted a place near the beach, with a wonderful view, and lots of space. After moving, he didn’t really see much of his family again. His younger sister went to college for business, and was in line to take control over his father’s company, while his youngest sister was still in school and living at home. The only time he did see them together, was Christmas time when the whole family flew to California to spend some time at his home. Sahara’s parents were also flown in for the holidays, and it was a fairly big family reunion.

When he reached the age of twenty-two, Jae-Chan and Sahara began traveling the world. It was always a dream of his to travel the world, and take photos of the wonderful scenery that many places has to offer. After traveling for about two years, Sahara give him the news that she was pregnant, and Jae-Chan responded by picking her up and spinning her around with a happy smile on his face. He told her that he had always wanted to be a father, and he was glad that she was the woman carrying his child. Two weeks later, Jae-Chan and Sahara had gotten married, followed by having their honeymoon in the rain-forest. Before getting married, Jae-Chan also went and legally changed his name to Jay Kwon. He felt as though having an American name would be better at this point in his life. They wouldn’t be able to travel as much with a baby on the way, and Sahara had always wanted to visit the rain-forest; so Jay made it happen as a honeymoon surprise. Eight months after they returned from their honeymoon, Sahara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who they named Maia Kwon. Jay thought the world over his little girl, and holding her in his arms, brought back memories of his younger sisters. Once again both of their families got together to welcome little Maia home, and he was happy to have everyone together again.

When Maia was four years old, Jay was told by a friend of his, that they found this wonderful location deep in the woods, with one of the most magnificent sights they have ever seen. Not wanting to miss out, Jay talked with Sahara about going on another trip together. Sahara told him that they couldn’t take Maia with them for something like that, and he told her that he was sure one of their parents would be more than happy to spend a week with Maia, while they traveled to this wondrous spot his friend had mentioned. After a couple hours of conversing, Sahara declined to go with him, but encouraged him to go without her. While it wouldn’t be the same without her, Jay went on the trip with his friend. Since his friend knew the way, his friend acted as a guide, leading him into the heart of the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. The trip would last roughly a week, but his friend swore that the view he would show him was beyond worth the travel.

They set up camp deep in the jungle, near a small waterfall and spent days waiting for the photo that his friend mentioned. The last night before they would leave the jungle, the both of them were attacked by a small pack of foxes, before being left for dead at their campsite. Jay wasn’t sure how long he was out, but when he woke up, his clothes were torn yet there were no markings on his body. He was still dazed by the whole situation, and when his eyes fully adjusted to the light, he saw the most beautiful photo opportunity he had ever seen. Grabbing his camera, he took a few snaps of the view, before looking around for his friend. It was only then did he realize that his friend was dead. About twenty-four hours after he woke up, the police arrived at their location with a medical team. They had received an anonymous tip about two campers attacked by wild animals. The officers were surprised to see Jay unharmed, and tried to pin the blame for the death of his friend on him, since he was the only one alive. Jay was in jail overnight while the coroner determined the cause of death, and when it came back that it was a wild animal, he was released and permitted to return home.

Hours later, he was standing on the porch of his home, yet he found himself unable to enter. Maia was the first to see him outside, and she screamed out “Daddy”, and rushed out to her father. Sahara was not far behind their daughter, and she could tell something was off with him. She got Maia to go play inside, while she talked to him, asking him what happened and why he was so late getting home. He told her about the attack in the woods, how his friend died in the attack, and how he surprisingly had not one scratch on his body. A little over a week later, Jay and his family were traveling back home at night, when he felt a sharp daggering pain throughout his entire body. His wife and daughter were screaming as they began heading towards the edge of the road, while Jay began turning from human to beast. When the transformation was complete, their car was off the road upside down, and he was outside the car in a shiny new black fur coat. The full moon had turned him from a human, into a supernatural creature known as a Kitsune, however Jay wasn’t in control. He could see everything that he was doing, yet he had no control over the beast, and could only watch. Jay watched as the beast moved away from the crash, making its way deeper into the woods, leaving his family behind. It was when the beast stopped at a small pond, that Jay saw he had somehow become a fox, much like the one that attacked him and his friend.

The fox spent a lot of time near that pond, curling up for a nap, waking up before dawn and heading back to the car wreck. His wife and daughter was no longer in the vehicle, and they were nowhere to be seen. When morning came, Jay was back to himself, except for the fact that he was naked. He was thankful that the vehicle still had his luggage, so he quickly got dressed and found his phone. When he called his wife to make sure they were okay, she told him that she was divorcing him, and that she didn’t want him to see their child anymore. Jay was devastated when he heard that, and he begged her not to do it. She told him that he almost killed them last night, not to mention that he somehow turned into a black fox and ran off into the woods. Jay said that she couldn’t take their daughter from him, and that he would fight for custody, yet Sahara convinced him that leaving was the better option. He didn’t know what was happening to him, and that could make him dangerous to his family. He told her that he wouldn’t fight, as long as he could still see his daughter, and she agreed, with the exception that it was only during special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

Jay couldn’t find enough information on the web to make heads or tails of what he was, or even if there was a way to get rid of this curse. He was sure that if he could potentially find a way to get rid of this curse, he could get his family back. The next full moon was only a few nights away, and he had yet to find the answers he needed, and he had a terrible feeling that during one of his transformations something terrible would happen. On the night of the next full moon, he was once again attacked with sharp, daggering pains rushing throughout his entire body; as his body altered its bone structure until he was once again turned into a little black fox. This time it seemed as though he had more control over the fox, and what it did. He started out small moving to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror, then back to the bed, and staying there the rest of the night. Jay wasn’t exactly sure how he controlled the beast, maybe it just happened because he was aware of the fox? Either way he was glad to have control over what happened to him while he was in this state now. He didn’t get to see his daughter as often as he wanted, and the last time he went to see her, he found out that Sahara had moved and taken their daughter with her. She didn’t leave him the new address, and she even changed her phone number. It was obvious to him now that Sahara didn’t want him to be part of Maia’s life, and while that saddened him; he figured he should be more focused on getting his life back in order.

Now at the age of thirty, Jay heard talks of a place where he could potentially find answers, and find others with the same ‘curse’ as him. He searched through multiple housing options, until he found a large mansion style home in the woods area around Evermore, Colorado. He did think it a little strange to have a mansion in that area of Evermore, but when he heard talks of multiple supernatural species in the city, he could see more of a reasoning behind the location of the mansion. He packed up his belongings as quickly as possible, and moved to the city of supernatural beings, in the hopes of finding answers. With Sahara and his daughter no longer in his life, Jay decided it was also time to move on, and maybe find love once again. He would probably start out like his high school days again, dating for a week or so, then move on to the next girl. Though only time would tell how that plan would work out, especially after being married for about five years.

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At 2:45 on March 16, 2020,
✓ Ziggy McCartney

hey dork
just wanted to say that i like your fc
you're welcome

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✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

I know, it took me a little while. But I finally got our starter up.

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At 18:48 on December 16, 2019,
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Well, as the old saying goes, better late then never xD

I'll reply when I can :)

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