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"She laughed under her breath and shrugged “Don’t worry, I’m just a bit of a…"
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Joonbaek Jeong
Aurazin Rank - Empath
Occupation - TBD
Aurazin Name - Gun (Primarily Used By Other Aurazin)
name.Joonbaek Jeong
age.18 / 29
date of birth.Response
dating status.Single
dating history.Response
level of fame.Response
hometown.Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
residence.Evermore Prairies
other family.Response
— sayer, source.

The Good: Self-disciplined | Courageous | Passionate | Charming

The Bad: Chronic sarcasm | Narcissistic | Cantankerous | Dominate | Jealous

powers go here

22.6 trillion. That’s what Joon-Baek was worth the day he was born. In Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea, a notorious family brought little Joon-Baek into their crazy world, immediately introducing him to the life he would live someday. The Jeong family were notoriously known for their electronics.; Samsung. The Samsung business comprised numerous affiliated businesses around the world, which meant that Joon-Baek's family was known by literally everyone. People loved Samsung, and they also loved the Jeong family. So that's the life Joon-Baek Wang grew into.

His family was thrilled to see him blossom into the savvy business man that he'd become when he aged. But, becoming 18 years old meant a lot for both Joon-Baek and his father. Joon-Baek's father had maids prepare one of the most lavish brunches a family could have on their table, as he dropped the news that Joon-Baek would be travelling, and taking over his father’s business, becoming a business owner like the rest of them. Joon-Baek couldn't have asked for a better birthday present than that. He had adapted into this lifestyle almost as freakishly perfect as the rest of his family. None of them ever complained about the lack of time they got to spend together, and none of them ever seemed to tire from their jobs. They all loved and adored what they did, and how time consuming it was for them all.

After eating brunch with his family, maids had Joon-Baek's bags packed and ready to go for him. Joon-Baek's driver escorted the young man out after an emotional goodbye was exchanged between himself and his parents and Joon-Baek rode happily over to the airport, ready to begin the next part of his life. The Jeong family may have been loved, but it never meant that they weren't hated too. This was the part that no one ever bothered to tell Joon-Baek, that his father had plenty ready to step in for him and take over the very business that Joon-Baek was going to sign his name to.

That day had begun beautifully, with the best birthday an 18 year old could have asked for. Even as Joon-Baek Jeong stepped onto the plane, he was more than thrilled to get this journey over with and see how it finally felt to own his own business in the Samsung headquarters. What Joon-Baek failed to realize is that he'd been followed onto the plane that day. A group of three were sitting among him, ready to take Joon-Baek out of the game. One of the men were sent to hijack the plane as a threat to Joon-Baek's father, to make him back down from giving the business to Joon-Baek, one of them were here to keep others in check, or from intervening and saving the day, while last but not least, the other man had a vile of poison to make sure Joon-Baek wouldn't live to talk about anything that happened today.

The plane took off, and Joon-Baek decided to get himself a drink before calling his family to tell them he was finally on his way to his destiny. His family wished him well and Joon-Baek allowed his head to lull back. Joon-Baek had completely forgotten his drink. He just wanted to rest for the moment. A good hour had passed Joon-Baek by, when a flight attendant tapped his shoulder, asking if she could do anything to make his ride more comfortable. When Joon-Baek looked down, realizing he still had a drink, he waved her off with a smile, and gulped the contents of the glass down in one drink, not knowing that the man in the seat behind him had filled it full of poison that would slowly but surely make Joon-Baek's insides turn into liquid. His head had begun hurting when he realized things were off and that the plane had been hijacked.

The man who poisoned Joon-Baek, held a gun to his head, forcing him to give his phone, and any other devices that he had on him. Joon-Baek knew his family had enemies and thought maybe if he just listened to these maniacs that he'd survive this. Joon-Baek didn't even realize that the person hijacking the plane had been on call with Joon-Baek's father this whole time, who declined their threat to back down from his business deal with his own son. He had told the hijacker that the business rightfully belonged to his son and nothing they could have done would change that. Joon-Baek's father always had cared a little more about money than he did family, but still, they all loved one another in their own messed up ways. Joon-Baek stood up to protest, he no longer cared if this man holding a gun to his head shot him or not.

The plane had begun making some pretty loud noises though and as Joon-Baek fell back into his seat from being dizzy and nauseated, he could see out the window that they were plummeting downward. Joon-Baek's nose had begun bleeding and blood trickled from his mouth right after. "Wh-what is this?" he asked, his voice just as weak as his body, leaving him unable to fight for himself. He barely noticed it when the plane had finally crashed, because of the poison in his body that was slowly but surely killing him.

Joon-Baek had landed in the water, just underneath one of the plane doors, his body trapped, and his head barely able to stay up in order to keep from drowning. He continued straining himself against the ground, trying with all his might to lift the plane door off his back. Joon-Baek could remember the sheer amount of terror he felt. "God, if you're real, please don't let me die.. please!" he cried out, but his body had finally succumbed to the poison. The last thing Joon-Baek saw was a bright light, and his father's face smiling at him, telling him that it was okay to go, and that he loved him no matter what.

Joon-Baek had awoken in some place entirely different from earth. For days on end though, Joon-Baek wandered aimlessly lost in the dark void, until meeting Luke who explained to him that he had died, but didn't realize what had truly happened in his horrific death. He began his new life as a ball of light. Joon-Baek had begun his training in the veil right away, which was what he had learned to call his new home away from earth. Joon-Baek had been taken under Luke’s wing, and the two began training hard, often discussing what it meant to be an Aurazin. Joon-Baek excelled faster than anyone around him, and went on plenty of assisted missions, eventually soaring at all things he had been taught, becoming one of the fastest learners among the rest. Joon-Baek had been socializing with the small group of friends he had made among his own kind in the veil, when Luke approached him, telling him it was time to pick a new name for himself.

The Aurazin gave it much thought, before he finally settled on “Gun” it was simple, but it meant something to Gun, It felt like it was for him. And for the sake of technical purposes, his real name remained Jeong Joon-Baek, a last name that would always carry some weight with it, considering the trillions of dollars he and his family were worth before his death.

With Luke’s help and guidance, Gun became pretty well known at home. His addictive personality however, seemed to be an issue that often got him, and whoever he was around, in a little bit of trouble every now and then. But still, Gun was your average ‘bad boy’ that females and males alike, tended to swoon over. Gun had been training extra hard one day when he had been called to earth for a mission where a family of three were grieving the loss of their loved one.

The man had been stationed in Iraq and was killed in an aerial strike when the base was attacked. The family couldn’t even give him a proper funeral, so Gun visited his parents, morphing into the childhood dog of their son to provide some familiar comfort as he wandered into their yard as if by accident. He allowed their emotions to engulf him, causing Gun himself to become mentally drained, and even slightly psychically worn down. Gun may have been the type of person with an addictive personality, and often got himself into trouble, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t severely affected by grief. As he said goodbye to the grieving family, Gun waited on his call back home.

It had felt like ages that he’d waited for that call back into the veil. When it never came, Gun’s heart sank deep into his chest, knowing he should make his way to Evermore. His eyes went wide as he ran into Luke who was with the Ailwards trying to figure out what had happened in the veil. That was when he knew something horrible had happened to their home. Luke had managed to gather all of the roaming Aurazin into one place, and with his explanation, Gun felt sheer panic. The panic that they all felt seemed to be a chain reaction, causing a really terrible reaction to Luke’s news. Luke had decided to take on the mantle and bring the species into the prairies, so that he could watch after them all and keep them all safe. Gun followed along, and with much fear in his heart, he began to wonder how they would all survive earth for a long unknown amount of time. He feared that the worse would eventually become of them all. Their main purpose had been to come and go through the veil, simply to help people in grieving, and to guide lost souls out of the darkness.

While he imagined that living here on earth would be convenient to them with their duties of helping people, he also feared being around so much emotion, all of the time. It could physically and mentally drain an Aurazin. And now that they were all stuck on earth, unable to enter the veil anymore, Gun began learning as much about the place they now called home, as he could. Eventually, Gun ran across something familiar from his background, a company in Evermore City with the name Jeong on it, and knew right away that it’s where he was meant to be.

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