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The Hunt Begins

But it only will if you set me off...

Adopted Name:
Helena Birkin

Birth Name:
Gaia Ackerby


Therianthrope - Lycanthrope - Former Alpha

Brave - Confident - Helpful
Reckless - Overprotective - Outspoken

Gabrielle Aplin

The Story:
In the past, Helena was born into a family on Lycanthropes on August 4th, 1994. Her parents owned a telecommunications company and it worked out really well, especially since the family were situated in Gretna Green, the place where all the couples ran off to in order to get married. Unfortunately, because of this, it meant Helena had a lot to live up to and just wasn’t growing up like the other little kids her age were. This got a lot of worse when she started to show signs of autism: a social and learning disability. Helena proved to her parents time and again that she did not have that, but her family ignored them signs.

During this time, Helena took a very strong interest in classical music. Her parents thought this was just a phase of her autism, maybe even a cover-up of some sorts. Helena couldn’t believe her parents were thinking of such stupid things and continued to pursue her love for music. Learning the violin. Thanks to this, Helena began to have a strong distaste for her family.

It was discovered that Helena didn’t have autism at all when she was spotted playing as a soloist from time to time when she participated in the small school orchestra. She was merely a late bloomer, a girl of many talents. By the time she reached high school and continued with her hobby and passion, she received a scholarship in the school of music. Her life was finally looking up after so many accusations of her so-called illness, and she began to enjoy her life once more.

Despite her successes, there was one little detail that her parents left out, and so they have decided to show her in a small cabin which was by the lake in the woods since they couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. With the full moon at its peak, their bodies decided to give way and eventually shown their daughter who they really are. Helena was shocked at first but quickly accepted her destiny that she was one of them, and hugged her parents with a smile on her face.

Letting her parents continue with their full moon, Helena returned to the cabin and quickly realised that something wasn’t exactly right. The door was forced open and completely broken, while everything that belonged to the cabin was in ruins and all over the cabin floors. Helena didn’t know what else to do other than rush outside the cabin to reach her parents. She wasn’t quick enough though and heard gunfire, then heard the sound of wolves in pain… She scurried over to the sound and then fell on her hands and knees when she saw two wolves on the floor, seemingly dead. Someone shot them.

She was taken by surprise when a male figure towered over. She stood up and turned around to him while calling him a murderer and punching his chest constantly. She only stopped when she was told that she was her brother and their parents were okay. She didn’t know she had a brother in the first place, but she decided to ask questions later. She demanded to see her parents and he took her to them. Helena felt so stupid when she noticed they really were okay after all but felt really bad for the dead wolves. Upon her demands, the wolves were buried so they can rest in peace.

Not too long after the burial, it was suggested by her brother that the family move to Evermore City. Her brother works there, and her father was born there apparently.

Upon moving to Evermore, Helena couldn’t believe what the city and the faction offered for her. She has learnt so much more about her species and gotten more ready to be who she would be one day. She also gained the talent of playing the piano and the guitar which made her feel closer to the world of music. As the night of Helena’s graduation came closer, her tutor asked her to perform one of her pieces of music for a small event in Evermore. Helena jumped at the chance, she always wanted Evermore to hear her perform and she wanted to showcase just how beautiful music can be.

However, during that night as she stood before the crowds before playing her violin, the full moon broke through the clouds and Helena started to feel intense pain. She didn’t know what to do because she had nowhere to go and she didn’t want to expose who she was. Luckily, some of the faction members were at hand and invaded the entire place. Scaring off almost all of the crowd and took Helena to a safe place just in time. Helena’s new wolf form felt very weird to her. But with this new change, she could see that this place was more than her home… This was her life and she loved every moment of it.

After the whole kerfuffle, Helena continued with her life and graduated successfully. She quickly found a job in the orchestra afterwards and lived in peace with her family, who supported her all the way. She even became alpha for the lycanthropes at one point, was really dedicated to her work as well.

All was lost however when she was involved with an altercation that caused her to lose her memory and caused her to live on the border on Evermore City. She adopted the name, Helena Birkin, after overhearing two people talk about “Helena Harper” and “Sherry Birkin”. She thought it worked really well.

Current Plot:
Helena is currently experiencing amnesia, she does not know who she is, what she does, or anything else. Helena is currently planning to regain her memories, but she doesn't know where to even start. Evermore City is a big place after all...

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At 9:46 on August 28, 2019,
✓ Leighton Seth Kingsman

Hey! I think we briefly talked about RPing but I forgot the plot! Let's do something :D

At 22:53 on August 5, 2019,
✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

Sure :)

At 7:58 on August 3, 2019,
✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

Ah I see, well maybe she could use a best friend or someone to help her out. 

At 7:35 on July 14, 2019,
✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

Alright, do you have any ideas or what you really want to do? Can you tell me a little about your role and maybe some hobbies?

At 20:40 on July 11, 2019,
✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

Great to hear, let me know when your free 

At 18:38 on July 9, 2019,
✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

Hey Helena, I hope we can rp or plot sometime ^^
~Seraphina V.

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