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The Show Must Go On (Aster and Jessalyn)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns Dec 12, 2019. 5 Replies

The first buzz and bell backstage. Lowering of the lights for a few moments, preparing the dancers mentally gently reminding them to tie their shoes and count their steps in their heads. Aster had…Continue

Practiced Beauty (Aster and Lexi)

Started Aug 11, 2019 0 Replies

Moving your life half-way across the country could be quite a feat and while Aster had already decided to leave a lot of her possessions in New York at the apartment, to be rented out until needed,…Continue

Can you be my nightingale? (Aster & Ridley)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Aster Gallagher Oct 4, 2019. 2 Replies

Aster liked to be on the move: to the music, to the beat of the sirens, to the steady waves of people on city streets next to her. She was someone who had to continually push herself forwards in…Continue


I always swore in another life, I had wings. Which is why in this one, I dance.

Aster Wren Gallagher
“She walks like a ballerina in dance slippers, her feet as articulate as hands, a little vessel of grace moving out into the fog.” 
― Anthony Doerr

NAME Aster Wren Gallagher
AGE 26 years old
DOB 17th July, 1992

BUILD Slender and fit
HAIR Natural blonde
EYES Warm brown

Aster was trained in classical ballet by a member of The Royal Ballet, Natalia Osipova, in London who was once a Prima Ballerina. They worked together for ten years often in one on one intensive training sessions. Her parents paid for the very best tutor available and it paid off. Today, Aster has accomplished education in classical ballet, modern dance, and ethnic dance and has been hired by several professional companies as a principal dancer.
Aster has the eye of an artist and enjoys mixing colors in decorating (whether it is cakes or rooms) and creating her own costumes for dance. She also paints in her spare time, which truthfully, is very little.
Aster is very good at remembering details and has trained her memory to work as a calendar, a terms dictionary, and a language library. She speaks a small amount of French and Italian, isolated mostly to dance terms and simple conversation.
When I was born, my parents were absolutely thrilled and absolutely terrified. They were very young I arrived while they were only ending secondary school. Instead of doing what proper parents would do and helping mine make it further in the world, their own parents kicked them out of their homes at the tender ages of seventeen and eighteen to begin a quick marriage on low-end salaries. My father managed to finish business school and progressed through his career in the news and film industry after about five years, but the first four years were difficult. I managed to bring cheer to their tiny home, despite the rockiness and the ramen, however. As a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was sneak into my Mother’s top drawer and find a pair of her sparkly tights to stretch over my arms; because they were long, they made a decent pair of wings. One day, to the horror of my parents, I climbed into the willow tree in our backyard, much higher than any four year old should be able, and couldn’t climb down. It took hours before the babysitter noticed I was missing and my parents arrived home from work. By that time, my small arms were exhausted.


While my father was busy trying to instruct me on how to climb down, I once again became distracted by the sparkling extensions of my arms. Maybe, they really had magic. Maybe I could fly. Ignoring my father’s speech, I leaned over the edge of the branch and took a leap of faith. However, my hover midair was not due to my nylon feathers. It was my mother’s magic that kept me from breaking both my legs that day. After that, things changed. It wasn’t because we had the money for my mother to stay home that she now watched my every move (like a hawk) but rather because she felt too afraid not to keep an eye on me. With the way my cousin Avalon had disappeared out of nowhere a year ago, it almost seemed like no place was safe.


If one thing remained true, it was that I I remained just as a determined and just as in love with dancing. By the age of five, I had convinced my mother (which was not easy) to take me to a ballet class. I entered the class unaware and walked out withstars in my eyes which she tells me have never disappeared. I’ve always believed that in another life, I had wings, which is why in this one I dance. By the time of my first recital in Ludlow, I was receiving private lessons with the instructor who taught publicly. Most of my younger years of tuition came at no cost to my family, for which I am grateful. Because of it, today, I am able to explore my greatest love in a way that many others have never experienced.


My parents decided to move to Evermore when I was six years old and they found out about the haven of safety for people who were more or less like us. Magical covens did exist in England, but they were few and far between and the risks often outweighed the benefits. My father and my uncle traveled first to the small town in Colorado to visit one of the Instar Diviner covens. They were excited by what they saw, despite that we were all nervous to leave what had been home for so many years. I know my Uncle was particularly affected by the move. It was hard for him to leave the last place he’d ever seen his baby girl, especially knowing and wondering if she’d ever return.


Life in Evermore, as a child, was not that different to what it is now, despite the fact that the city was somewhat smaller twenty years ago than it is now. I lived with my parents in a tiny brick house in the suburbs, until I was ten years old. By that time, my ballet training had progressed as far as it could with a local teacher and it was time to consider sending me elsewhere if I really wanted to train as a dancer.


My parents struggled. They now had two daughters. My sister, Luna, had been born when I was seven and she took up a lot of my mother’s spare time. My father was better off financially and now was the manager of three studios in the area. He didn’t have a lot of time to give either and often made it up to me by taking me shopping on Saturdays. I was spoiled, financially, but personally my parents didn’t do well in connecting with their eldest daughter. They made the decision to send me back to London to focus on my dance Education wasn’t easy for anyone, apart from me. My family and especially my mother took it very hard and very personally that I wanted to leave home, but ultimately, my father pulled for me and I left home at the age of eleven. I was sponsored by a British family who lived two blocks away from the The Royal Ballet School. When I flew into England, I didn’t know right away that I would be accepted into the best ballet academy that London had to offer, but I did know that I would try my best and only hoped that it would be enough.


In truth, as sad as it may seem, I often feel more connected to my host family than I do to my genetic relatives. I lived with them for nine years, my formative years, and they were more present in my situation than my mother and father had ever been.They packed me a school lunch, every day, and paid attention to what made me laugh and the girls and boys I had crushes on in sixth year. Sometimes, to a child, that is all that matters. It’s the little things that count the most. It’s who’s therefor you when you get your first period and who tucks you in bed and cares about the nightmares. I know that my mother didn’t get the chance to participate in half of these memories, but for the first half of my life and the ones she did, the little moments were more often dismissed than noticed. Sometimes it still hurts.


I now have a second sister, whose name is Thea, but I barely know her. She texts me sometimes and I try to answer as best I can for someone who is related to me and I should care for, but have such little memory to draw off of. Luna, on the other hand, completely ignores me or when I am home acts like I have offended her to the core. I’m not sure what happened there, but I also don’t know if I want to know the story. One thing I know is that if I had spent my teenage years with our mother, I would certainly be much bitterer than I am today. My father is a gracious soul and blesses him, I don’t know how he puts up with her, but he does. He has more patience than his children.


There are good memories from my childhood, despite the tension between my parents. When I was six, we used to travel to the beaches at Brighton and rent a cottage. It was expensive, but if everything else was scrimped, it was a lovely holiday. I made friends on those waves and fished for sea shells and today, other than dancing, the ocean relaxes me more than anything else I know. There’s something about soft sand and the sound of gulls that calls to my soul and my inner child.


I regularly traveled to Brighton during school, but it wasn’t until I was nineteen I rediscovered someone that had vanished from my life like a sandollar into the ocean. Her name was Ridley and we first met when we were seven years old. She was pale with freckles and would turn a devilish pink in the sun and I would laugh and call her a watermelon. She would stick her tongue out at me right back when I stepped on something squishy in the water and leaped five inches high. Looking back, I can recognise that this was the first time that I’d ever had feelings for a girl (despite how small they were back then) and I realised that as a person I more than some tend to appreciate others not for the outside packaging, but the general sense of wellbeing they bring into my life. Ridley is the kind of gem that once found, you certainly hope to never lose.


My hard work and many hours of slaving away in studios, my bandaged feet, my dancing on empty, and my never ever letting anyone make a choice for me slowly began to pay off. My auditions finally began to result less in ‘understudy’ and more in ‘encore’.After three hours of dancing, you may get to go home and go to sleep, but as a principal dancer, I do my post exercise routine, eat, pray, hope to anything I can calm my beating heart, and then fall into bed. Then, I wake up and do it all again in the morning. When I tell people that I am married to ballet, I am not joking.


Relationships can be hard enough to keep in a busy world, but for a performer, very rarely do people persistently stick around when you have art twisted around your little finger. I dated a little. Mostly, they got tired of me being late or forgetting scheduled appointments, or showing up to a date half-asleep because I work so hard. They weren’t interested in being with someone who spent so much of her time at being the best at what she did. Despite that I know they were the wrong people, it got discouraging to see so many people leaving. It brought up old wounds. I couldn’t help but start to wonder if once I was too old to dance professionally, I would be left with no close friends, no family and no love in my life.


Then, there was Ridley; who never failed to text me even when I didn’t always text her back. Ridley, who showed up and watched me practice dance, with dinner on the floor, because she knew I couldn’t go out. Ridley; who would talk, while I danced, or worked out, or ran through choreography, I had a friend in my life that was never afraid to put herself in my world, when I couldn’t manage to escape out of it.


It was innocent at first, a little kiss on the cheek here and there, but after a little bit it became more. We stayed together for two years. However, sometimes, the best things end as friends, because ultimately, no one can give up that kind of love,for the other.


I moved back to Evermore and told myself it would be temporary. I wasn’t sure what it would be like to come back to a place which held relatives that I hadn’t contacted as much as I could have and was farther from professional dancing than I’d been in years, but relationships can be mended and sometimes healing takes place when you take a step back to look at your life differently. I currently own a dance studio and teach private classes to both the youngest and the oldest in Evermore. It’s been good to be able to step back and look at myself as a person. I haven’t been anything, but a prima ballerina in far too long. Now, finally, I’d like to start being Aster.


One step at a time, even if it’s on the tip of my toes.


Estella Pierce-Gallagher has always been popular. Whether it was in highschool, at work, or at the PTA, people have always crowded around her. Something they don’t know however, is that as an introvert she hates crowds and struggles to project the confident shield that others see. As a young woman growing up with poor parents, it was in finding appropriate clothing, and at work it was at not just succeeding but excelling, and as a Mom it was making sure that her children always had the healthiest lunches, best tutors, and cleanest rooms. However, dealing with the anxiety of creating a perfect image is not easy and she slowly saw her fabricated life of ease begin to rub off onto her firstborn into a perfectionist child who pushed herself too hard. Estella longs for a life where she be comfortable in her own skin, however, she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be comfortable showing it.
+ the positive
Generous with her resources, Hard-working, Caring- the negativeOften lacks confidence, Overprotective, Rather resolute in her beliefs
Joshua Gallagher
The elder of two brothers and runs his family like a small machine. He enjoys predictably and precision and is confident in the steps he’s taken to get where he is today. He is the CEO of a television studio based in Evermore; because of his work, his family is well off, although they didn’t start out that way. He has a wife named Stella who he married straight out of high school and still takes on weekend dates. They have three daughters: Aster, Luna, and Thea.
+ the positive
Confident, Very Reliable, Genuinely Kind
- the negative
Prideful, Assertive, Wrapped around Aster’s finger
Luna Gallagher is the second of three sisters and happens to believe that she is nothing like the rest of her family. it is true that she doesn’t have much in common with either her perfectionistic elder sister Aster nor her free-spirited younger sister Thea. Luna is a thinker and spends most of her time reading literary philosophy or complicated magical spell books, half of which she has to hide from her father. She knows that if he found out her interest in the darker magics, he would be disappointed. However, she still desires to be who she is without fear and the clash of these unique emotions leads to what her parents describe as ‘classic middle child syndrome’. Luna has spoken to her younger sister about darker magic and the two have even experimented with it, however, time and time again, she has been left behind by Thea who prefers the clean energy. Something pulls at Luna and she can’t resist it. Will she choose to be like her family and deny herself or be herself and face the possibility of losing her family?
+ the positive
Well-read and intelligent, Mature for her age, Generally good natured
- the negative
Stubborn, Prim, and Holds Grudges
Thea Gallagher is the youngest in her family, but no one would notice. She graduated early from high school and while not making many friends because she struggles with being shy, she enjoyed the transition to working with her dad at his film studio. She is a natural creative and understands cameras the way that many understand speaking. To her the beauty of an image captured is something to keep and she would love to become a film director one day. She spends more personal timing working behind the scenes of a set or on camera than she does learning magic or with her family. Her sister, Luna, teases her that she’s becoming human; but for Piper filming things is magic in and of itself.
+ the positive
Rather social, creative, and athletic
- the negative
Shy on first impression, Aimless with tasks, and Frugal
ridley sommers
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Aster is the firstborn child in her family and very much a go getter. She started walking at eight months old and began dancing at age two. She doesn’t enjoy limits and although at first her parents were very protective of her, they slowly learned that if they put too harsh a boundary on their daughter, she was likely to cross the line anyway. Aster is determined and excels at activities that require repetition, skill, and focus. She enjoys a good competition and loves to win; it has taken her time to become a semi-gracious loser. Emotionally, Aster enjoys her privacy and doesn’t reveal much of herself to the world unless you are particularly close to her. She is stoic and dignified and perhaps not as empathetic with others as shecould be, but tries to be compassionate when the moment requires it. When it comes to people, Aster likes to dip her toes into everyone’s social circle, but is close to very few. Those that end up beyond casual friendship enjoy a relationship thatis fun in earnest, though perhaps a bit intense at times.


T is for tough. Aster is strong of spirit. The Gallagher family has often hidden their troubles from the outside world and when she was small there was a lot of pressure on her to hide what was happening at home. From a troubled marriage, to income that came paycheck to paycheck, her parents fought a lot and it was often up to her to keep them from boiling over. She knows how to navigate tense situations regarding people with dignity and is a natural pacemaker, but she deals with internal stress poorly and it often comes out in her health.


E is for elegant. Even when she isn’t dancing, Aster exudes elegance in the way she walks, crosses her feet, and tilts her chin. Having spent a lifetime studying ballet does influence this, but even as a little girl her parents said she flits like a fairy and the only thing missing was a pair of wings.


H is for hardworking. Aster enjoys routine and even when she’s relaxing is working on something, whether it’s casually studying a language or giving herself a manicure. She doesn’t enjoy sitting still and rarely has time for activities that she doesn’t find improve her life. While some may find this snobbish, Aster has worked very hard to become a lead ballerina at the theatre in Evermore and could easily be working in a major city. Her time off is hard to come by, but it she knows it will lead her where she wants to go.


F is for fun-loving. Aster loves to laugh. However, she doesn’t show her lighter side to many people and even her family believes her to be heavily introverted, treasuring the few smiles they get out of her a week while she is buried in her agenda. She laughs when she’s relaxed, which be hard to do in a whirlwind of dance rehearsals, warm ups, strength training, and choreography classes. As much as Aster loves to work, sometimes she needs Ridley to remind her why she dances.


M is for materialistic. Aster has a real eye for beauty and appreciates it especially in the form of anything sparkly, silky, and particularly expensive. She can be a tad materialistic, but one way she accepts love is in the form of gifts, particularly clothing from designers she likes. However, as picky as she is, Aster will know if you haven’t been listening to her or don’t know her very well and surprise her with something gaudy, covered in labels, or fuchsia pink. Fashion faux pas!


S is for stoic. Aster isn’t particularly good with her own emotions. She has learned to listen to others when they need to vent, but giving advice is not her forte. However, she does love to help others when they are feeling down by bringing them a bundle of flowers or a homemade meal. She doesn’t often have time in her schedule, but when someone she cares for is hurting, she always tries to make a way.


N is for noncommittal Aster struggles with commitment issues. With her parents coming near to a divorce many times and her small self being the only thread that tied them together, she has an intense fear of being left behind. She works hard in her career and often feels like in personal relationships, she sees everyone move on without her. To cope, she pushes herself further into ballet and so far, Ridley has been the only one who has stuck through it. While her string of ex’s simply got tired of her being late for dinner dates, Ridley was happy to eat pasta on the floor of the dance studio and watch her dance.


T is for tough to impress. First impressions make a big imprint on Aster and although they can change, for her, they tend to stick a little bit harder than to other people. She assesses everyone and what they would bring to her life considering little time she has for socialization. Also, regular wearers of gaudy wardrobe or fuchsia likely won’t make it past hello.


D is for dislikes hugs Aster has tight and tough physical boundaries and she dislikes hugs unless they come from Ridley or possibly a family member. When in doubt, go with a high five or a handshake.


MEYER’S BRIGGS | EXPLAINED: ENTJ the chief | Natural born leader determined to grow forwards.

Lack of freedom Aster grew up in a strict household with bedtimes, work, and play on a militarized schedule. Her parents always knew where she was and who she was around. Although deep down her mother constructed it all out of love, not anger, as an adult Aster fears anyone who may try to clip her wings. She doesn’t like to be held back either in career, company, or character. Abandonment Aster struggles with balancing her needs of being solo and desperately needing the approval and love of other humans. It has leaded her into some unhealthy relationships in the past that were either controlling or self-sacrificial. It has taken time,counseling, and healing from her childhood to become a mostly healthy adult. Physical injury preventing dance more terrifying than anything else to Aster is the idea that she could never dance again. While she knows many ballerinas have an age limit and she works hard to stay as healthy and fit as possible in order to keep her body well, Aster fears injury more than anything. She knows that the world is wild and unpredictable; that cars crash and bones breaks. It is her worst nightmare to be unable to dance. Moths Despite that moths are basically the dancers of the bug world, Aster finds them unnerving and always enters her front door during the night at a run instead of walk and arms herself with moth-repellent spray during the fall and summer months.


Ridley is Aster’s best friend and closest confidant. They two of them are much like an Oreo cookie with Aster being the cookie and Ridley being the frosting.Aster is structured and strong, and Ridley’s playful side tends to even her out. They depend on each other for laughter, stress relief, and a place to get away from the world when it is driving them crazy especially when it comes to family drama.Sunrise dance practice Aster is an early riser and believes it’s always better to start the day with an agenda that propels you forwards; but, the first thing she does every morning is something that relaxes her mind, body, and soul.


love interest
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Estella Gallagher
Joshua Gallagher
Luna Gallagher
Thea Gallagher

BIRTHPLACE Ludlow,Shropshire
Paris, France
CURRENTLY IN Evermore, Colorado

























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"It was wonderful to see how much a bit of hard work could affect people like this. People who literally looked like they hadn't smiled that big in years. Granted, there were some who yawned or looked bored, mostly a few parents with middle…"
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"When the curtain went up, there was a certain kind of relief as the applause came thundering into her ears. The bravos and encores were such a delight that the dancers ran though the center stage in a quick round of the last beats of the music.…"
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The Show Must Go On (Aster and Jessalyn)

The first buzz and bell backstage. Lowering of the lights for a few moments, preparing the dancers mentally gently reminding them to tie their shoes and count their steps in their heads. Aster had been ready long before the lights went down. For the past hour she had been running her routine in her head, loading up on a high carb snack, and putting the final touches on her costume and makeup. Playing Clara in the Nutcracker at the Evermore Premiere Theatre was not the most complicated role that…See More
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