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Time for a Talk (Venetus and Bexley)

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It is dangerous to confuse vengeance with justice


CHOOSEN NAME: Bexley Mae Dumont
ADOPTED NAME: Rebecca Mae Dumont
NICKNAMES: Bex, Bexs, Bexxie(Theo)
AGE:Looks 20; Really 172
DOB: June 23rd
SPECIES: Dark Instar Diviner (current)
Light Instar Diviner (formally)
GUARD RANK: Ailward guard; Guard Linguist
OCCUPATION: Owner of Diviner intervention
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore City, Colorado (Home Near Aspects)
HOMETOWN: Somewhere in Korea
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single; closed off


HEIGHT: Five Foot Six
WEIGHT: One Hundred and Ten Pounds
HAIR: Dark Brown(Natural), sometimes has caramel colors mixed in or blonde, or purple.
MAGIC EYES: Various Shades of Green
FACECLAIM: Jamie Chung
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A scar over her eye she tends to cover up, Scars on her wrist from being tied down and attacked.
TATTOOS: Guard Tattoo on her right hip
DRESS: Jeans and a Tee are her go too but being a guard means lots of training outfits, and mission outfits.
SCENT: Depends on the species really. Jasmine is her go fragrance of choice.
DEMEANOR: She is naturally Stand offish, and cold its in her blood.


POSITIVE TRAITS: Intuitive, dauntless, protective
NEGATIVE: isolated, impulsive, Stoic
HABITS: Drinking, Cutting herself off from other, Light thievery, Stress Smoker.
HOBBIES: Learning, Pottery, Glass Blowing, Crafting Weapons, Writing, Learning Different Languages.
SKILLS: Hand to Hand combat, many different type of weapons, Dark Instar Diviner Magic, Attempts Light Magic, Knows many languages.
Bexley Mae Dumont

The girl who let her inner demons win

How The Darkness Took Hold
(trigger warning: Sexual abuse)
Born Lee Mirae to a beautiful Korean family that didn’t have much there was much anticipation as their young daughter grew. Her mother was a Instar Diviner but among the people she was known as a healer of the village always having a way of making people feel better. Mirae mother Hayoon had no clue who her parents were, she was given away at birth. The older Hayoon got she learned that she held an affinity for magic. When she turned 18 she was claimed by the light side not fully knowing what she was, but choosing to use her magic for good.

When Mirae began to show an affinity for magic, Hayoon began to train Mirae in what she knew. Mirae was Hayoon mini me following in her steps well on her way to being a light diviner just like her mother. One morning Hayoon woke up not feeling well, Hayoon send Mirae to school. This was the faithful day in what would set off a chain reaction in Mirae life. When Mirae returned home her mother and father were murdered. Finding her parents bodies would forever be burned in her mind. Being an only child with no family she was sent to live with other orphans which had not become uncommon in the village that Mirae was raised in.

The orphanage had become overrun and Mirae hated being there, she was treated like an outcast once she was learned to be different. Soon she was tossed out of the orphanage after someone saw her use her magic. Mirae used this as her opportunity to explore, sneaking onto a ship for the new world. Though once she reached the new world, she wondered if it was a mistake everything was so foreign to her, and she was only twelve.

It was the ship captain who found her wondering around, Edward Dumont was a good man, and seeing the young scared child Edward gave her some food and offered her to stay with him and his wife for the evening.

Even with the language barrier Mirae was able to understand enough to go with him back to his home where she met Katherine Dumont. Katherine was a kind woman who from the moment she saw Mirae knew that this child need a home.

After a long talk with Edward, Katherine expressed that she wanted Mirae to stay with them. Didn’t take long before Mirae was learning english teaching Katherine Korean and slowly becoming a family she wasn’t looking for. Though Mirae had come to love the Dumont’s she never shared with them that she could use magic. At night she would look through her mother grimoire studying it as it was the only thing besides the drawing of her parents she had left.

Lee Mirae became Rebecca Mae Dumont, after living with the Dumont’s for a year. She had become part of their family, even though she missed her parents she would be lying if she said she didn’t love the Dumont’s. She was given the best schooling lessons, and taught everything she could be to have the best chance at life, and on her 18th birthday when she was claimed by the light magic she thought she would have everything in life.

One evening she was walking home from the doctors office she had began to work at, she was kidnapped. A couple of bandits had been watching the town and noticed the Asian woman walking around. That was a night that would stick with her forever, the man beat her, raped her, took everything from her leaving her on the side of the road to die. It was there she promised herself if she survived this she would get vengeance, the males faces were burned into her mind.

She was found on the side of the road by a group of nomads who called themselves gypsies when in fact it was a coven of diviners who moved to keep their secret from the world that doesn’t understand them. They healed her and explained to her what she was. That there was a light and dark side of diviners and you could be one or the other. The elder of the gypsies seem to know that she was struggling within herself.

The elder told her that she need to forgive those who wronged her, and let go of the hate if she wanted to stay how she was. That holding on to that darkness even though she was was targeted for a horrific crime, it didn’t mean she had to be the victim. She wanted to move past it but she wasn’t sure how she could return to her life and move on. Thanking the group of gypsies she set off to return to the Dumonts when the group showed her how to teleport by picturing the place she wanted to be.

Once she was back home with the Dumont’s she tried to be the girl they knew but she was caught up in the past and felt so unlike herself, revenge still burning in the back of her mind. She wrote a letter thanking the Dumont’s for everything they had done for her, and packed up the items that she owned and left. Teleporting to the town in the direction the males who attacked her had gone.

That night she found them, she kidnapped them with her magic and for a week watched as the hex she placed on them drove them mad, before cutting their hearts out of their chest. She felt the shift inside of her, as her own heart darken. She didn’t care anymore thought, she had given up on trying to be the perfect person that both of her mother's wanted her to be. She was done bending for others just to make them happy.

She set out to become something, changing her name one last time to her nickname Bexley Mae Dumont became a dark force to be messed with. She opened up a brothel reclaiming the sexuallity that had been stolen from her. Giving women jobs, using methods to keep them safe from things with her medical knowledge. She had become well known for taking in women who were being harmed in one way or another giving them jobs weather it be as one of her girls or a maid. She took care of everyone equally.

One Evening as she was pouring drinks in the saloon part of the brothel a man with an icy blue gaze held on to her. She poured him a drink and told him if he stared any harder she would have to charge him. The man simply paid her double the price of his drinks and gave her a smile. Once a week he would come back and repeat the process of staring at her, until finally she asked him why.

He simply stated that she reminded him of people close to him, people who have been tortured and hurt and yet chose to take that pain and help other people. She told him that he had no idea what he was talking about. Yet she knew he was speaking the truth. He told her his name was Venetus and he believed she could do great things if she was open to it. She turned him down telling him that she need to be where she was. Venetus gave her an enchanted card telling her if she ever wanted to try to just focus on the painting on the card.

Bexley placed the card in her corset and continued on with her day, a weak later she went to the market to get a few more supplies, the girl that tended to do the market shopping had grown very ill and even Bex magic could help her. On her way back from the market she came back to her brothel being lite ablaze by a few men who had stirred half the town into a frenzy over the her being a witch, the wives of the men who came to the brothel screaming how Bex bewitched their husbands.

Bexley went into action though knowing that she was going to be caught, but still need to get the people who worked for her who lived their in the brothel out alive. Charging in head first through the flames to pull out who she could. As she stood there among the flames pushing the last person out of the door she pulled the card from her corset that she had been carrying on her every day.

Something about Venetus offer seemed to come at the perfect time. She focused hard and next thing she knew she was standing outside of a barrier to the isle of skye. She stood there looking up at the barrier stepping through it. As she did, she felt a wave of emotion she wasn’t sure how to express standing there covered in ash. Venetus seem to be waiting on her as he walked over and said Welcome to the guard.

He explained everything about the aspects and what her mission in life was to be. Bexley found like she found a place of purpose, she had never truly belonged anywhere, never joined a coven. She was alone most of her life even when she was surrounded by people. She wanted a family that would understand her struggles. She opened up to Ven that evening telling him everything that had happened to her and what she use to be and now what she was. Ven told her that her intentions were pure that the barrier could see that, and that she had a place among them.

Bex accepted the offer and was soon thrown into training. She practice daily whether it be her magic, hand to hand combat, or weapons training. Bexley was there trying her best, what she lacked in actual combat skill she made up for with her magic. Years had passed and eventually she was just as skilled as the next guard. Though she tended to spend a lot of time with Malva wanting to know all kinds of spells, even gaining an immortality ring of her own as time went on.

It wasn’t until the celestial divide where lines drawn in the groups. Bex was one of the few guards who stood fully behind Ven decision to lock the Celestial’s away. She put a lot of trust in the aspects, she knew that Ven had his reasons for why he was doing what he did. Though it was a dark moment for the Guard and Aspects, one that a lot of them don’t like to talk about. It wasn’t until the Fall of the Isle, the lost of yet another home that Bex felt scared again.

She watched many of her friends die during the fall, she almost lost her life trying to save other guards. If it wasn’t for Crane picking her up and dragging her out she would have been one of those numbers. After that day Bexley grew quiet pushing out people, she didn’t want to care anyone, she was afraid of losing yet another person she cared about.

Coming to Evermore, Bexley chose to get a place on her own outside of the Manor, opening up a shop where diviners could locate supplies for spells and so she would never be out of stalk herself. The space kept the aspects and other guards for questioning her quietness, she still manage to take on whatever mission that was asked of her, while closing off her own self.

Crane Redthorn F0llow Guard - Best friend - Pain in the ass
Crane is a Guard along side Bex, the two had been Best friends for a while now. When Crane saved her life during the Fall of Skye. Bex swore to repay the life debt to herself. Though recently Bex has been pulling away from Crane trying to deal with the overwhelming emotions of the fall. Crane was the first she cut off not wanting to deal with the thought of losing him.

Venetus Ailward Aspect of Realms
Venetus is the aspect that gave Bexley her chance among the guard. He is also the only aspect she has told her whole story to after the emotions of walking through the barrier.

Malva Ailward Aspect of Magic
Being an Instar Diviner, Bexley was drawn to Malva magic. Being around her is like being around a battery even though they both are far too emotional for their own good, and think they both can hide it when they can't.

Aureus Ailward Aspect of Time
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Argent Ailward Aspect of Life
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Erythreus Ailward Aspect of Death
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Cora Ailward Aspect of Darkness
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Virindeus Ailward Aspect of Life
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Aurantia Ailward Aspect of Elements
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At 16:05 on December 22, 2019,
Fluid Role

"So, from one Diviner to another, I thought this was amazing and wanted you to have it"

(Book of shadows - Antique Grimoire)

"And idk if this is your style, but it would look great on you either way. I hope to see you wear it sometime"

"And this to match"

I hope you like your gifts. Merry Christmas Bexley and have a wonderful New Year!

At 15:01 on September 7, 2019,
Instar Diviner
✓ Abraham Maddox

At 3:27 on August 12, 2019,
✓ Eden Shaw

Starter posted :) hope you enjoy! looking forward to a reply. 



At 20:12 on August 8, 2019,
Instar Diviner
✓ Abraham Maddox

Ready for some healthy competition, Bex?

Come at me bruh

At 13:47 on May 29, 2019,
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✓ Theodor Andrei Dimitreu

Here you are MaeFlower

★ On Our Own

Hopefully, you can forgive me... with time :P

At 17:52 on April 19, 2019,
✓ Nadiya Delca

Troubled times await

Click me if ya wanna

At 17:21 on March 6, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Crane Redthorn

Better get to adding me as your best friend ever Bex.


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