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Sugar and Spice (Tian and Carmen)

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The night sky in Evermore was ever so pretty as people milled about underneath…Continue

My Safe Place (Mindae and Daehyun)

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The sunset over Evermore was beautiful, it always was. Golden light washed over houses and buildings and caused the lakes and ponds to glow. This particular time of the day was when Mindae Jeon loved…Continue

What Does Christmas Mean To You? (Christian Jeon and Hanseol Park)

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"All I want for Christmas is you..." trailed out of Evermore City's local Christmas shop as the glass door opened then closed. It really was the most beautiful time of the year. Different colored…Continue

Clubs and Way To Much Alcohol... Are Not A Good Combination (Sti Jeon and Mia Wells)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Euphemia Morgana Wells Mar 9. 7 Replies

"Did you see my bag, did you see my bag?" Echoed out of a building in the City Centre. A place where a bunch of humans went to dance and drink. There were strobe lights and people constantly…Continue


Can I be your boyfriend, can I? #shippingcharmen.

I want to spread my wings around you.

Name: Christian Abdiel Jeon ❤ Korean Name: Jeon Min Dae (전 최소 청와대) ❤ Nicknames: Tian and Sti [Euphemia] ❤ Birthday: December Twenty-Fourth, Nineteen Ninety Four ❤ Age: Looks Twenty One but is actually Twenty Four ❤ Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ❤ Species: Nephilim ❤ Birthplace: Seoul, SK ❤ Residence: Evermore, CO ❤ Occupation: Musician ❤ Sexuality: Bisexual ❤ Relationship Status: Taken by Carmen MacMillian❤ Nicknames From Carmen: Charmer, Hercules, Chris, Hugglebear,❤


Christian is very, very tall. He takes after his father's height and is six foot one. He weighs about One hundred and forty pounds with muscle, but without it, he'd weigh about one hundred and ten pounds. His features mirror that of his mothers. A straight nose, full lips, big almond shaped eyes that are bright gold and a sharp facial structure. His hair is naturally a soft and thick black but he dyes it often. It is currently newly dyed blonde to match Carmen's bright hair. He has "คุณคือดวงอาทิตย์และดวงจันทร์ของฉัน. " (You are my sun and moon in Thai) tattooed on his shoulder blade."사랑해. 나는 너를 놓아주지 않을 것. " (I love you, I won't let you go in Korean) tattooed on his collarbone and. " 無論怎樣,我們都在一起 " (You and I belong together, no matter what in Chinese) tattooed on his right side. " 私にあなたがいなかったら、私は迷子になる. " (If I couldn't have you, I'd be lost in Japanese) tattooed on his left side. " Mi amor, tú eres las estrellas en el cielo." (My love,  you are the stars in the sky in Spanish ) tattooed on his left hipbone.  "Ne me laisse jamais partir. " (Don't ever let me go in French) tattooed on his right hipbone. And finally "Christian + Carmen." on his right forearm. Out of all his bandmates, Christian works out the most and has the best body according to Jace.  Due to his Nephilim heritage, Christian has thick pure white wings. The thing that makes him unique from other Nephilim is that his wings have streaks of glitter on them. 


Christian has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attachment Disorder, and has a strong fear of the dark due to his mother being killed in the dark. His Attachment Disorder is triggered when someone leaves him by himself. He can't stand being alone for more than a few hours. He is very obsessive over protecting people and closing cracked doors because he believes that if the doors are cracked the monsters in the dark can still get to him. 


Caring: Christian is very caring when it comes to people he loves. He doesn't like to be mean and will almost always help anyone that needs it.

Considerate: Christian hates hurting people, and will never do it unless he has to let people down the hard way. He loves to be nice and finds it more healthy than being mean.

Affectionate: Because of his attachment disorder, Christian is very affectionate. He loves skin to skin contact and anything to do with hugs.


Random: Christian is probably the most random person you'll ever meet. Literally. His topic will change to another in like two seconds and he can't focus on one subject.

Glaring Problem: For some reason when Christian gets mad his golden eyes will narrow and stay that way until he cheers up.

Clumsy: Christian is very clumsy. Because of his really long legs, he usually trips over stuff and acts like a newborn fawn most of the time.

Christian Jeon's life didn't start off as normal, in fact, it was far from normal. His mother Hana a pureblood Nephilim was constantly at war with his father Kim Li Jung another pureblood Nephilim. His mother hated his father because Lijung was always out partying and sleeping around with other women that were not his mother. On one particularly fateful night, his father came home all nice and friendly. Hana forgave him and forgot all about his shenanigans. The next morning, Christian's father had disappeared and left a note on the fridge. The note said that all he had wanted from Hana was a child, furious at herself for trusting him and furious at LiJung she gathered all of her belongings and fled.

Eight months later in Seoul, South Korea on a beautiful winter morning Hana gave birth to a handsome baby boy whom she named Jeon Min Dae. Mindae had his mother's beautiful almond shaped brown eyes and soft black hair. The nurse had noticed thick white scars on Mindae's back. Freaked, the nurse had no idea what to do so she asked Hana about it. Hana said that the scars were genetic to hide the fact that her baby was supernatural. The first sound out of Mindae's mouth was like music to Hana's ears. Unknown to Lijung when he got her pregnant, Hana was very sick. A few hours after Mindae was born Hana died. The nurses at the hospital were in a panic. What would they do with the baby? They couldn't send him to his father, and none of the nurses could take him home. So with sad faces, they gave Mindae to an orphanage. They had no idea of his Nephilim heritage.

At the orphanage Mindae was treated very well, he was lucky that the nurses had found a good orphanage for him. The people there were very nice and they often sang songs to him. This is where his love for music came from. At two years old, a Korean-American couple came to the orphanage to look for a child to adopt. Michelle and James Kim instantly fell in love with Mindae because of his happy personality and his big eyes. A year passed as James and Michelle filled out the adoption papers and went through all of the home inspections in America. At three years old, Mindae moved to America with James and Michelle. As soon as he arrived in America he was welcomed with lots of Spiderman toys and clothes. Of course, he couldn't understand what they were saying to him, but nodded with big eyes and a wide smile.

When he turned five, he learned that James and Michelle had changed his name to Christian Jeon and had enrolled him into an American elementary school. There they said that Christian would learn English and all of his numbers and shapes. When the first day rolled around, he became terrified and for a full five minutes would not go into the school, even though a sweet-faced teacher was beckoning him in with a smile. After the five minutes were up, he reluctantly walked up to the teacher and then flashed her the sweetest smile and ran inside to play with the other kids even though he couldn't understand what they were saying. As he grew into his teenage years, Christian filled out. He had begun to work out and had dyed his hair several times and even wore colored contacts which apparently was the new thing. His voice became more developed and he loved to sing so he took classes and also took dance classes. He got a girlfriend during his junior year named Lizzie Howard. His feelings for her were very strong, but she broke up with him a the senior graduation, leaving him broken-hearted and very sad. On one night he attempted to win her back with flowers and a romantic picnic, but she disowned him by saying he looked too much like a girl. After that Christian decided to take a break from dating and focus on his music. As soon as he graduated he and three other guys decided to start a band. He was eighteen then and more sure of himself than ever. He and his bandmates made it big and then started touring.

In 2015, Christian and his band were at the Evermore Stadium where most concerts in Evermore took place. Christian was dancing around, his normal happy self. His bandmate Jace was in the makeup chair being powdered over. A few seconds later Christian began to feel a little weird, he looked over to Jace and Jace looked really pale, the stylist didn't notice because Jace's skin tone was normally pale. Over the course of the next few moments everything burst out at once, both boys were shirtless because they were just goofing around. In the next moment, both boys had passed out, as had the stylist. The next moment they woke up and looked around, the room was a flurry of white. When it cleared, they learned that they had wings that could slide in and out at will. A little bit freaked with this power, Christian willed that his wings go back in, they did. With a couple of weird looks around, Christian grabbed his shirt and went to find his other bandmates.

He is now 24 and has found his real father. He asked Lijung several questions and figured out that Lijung was lying. He put this aside but never talked to Lijung again. He has been on several tours with his band and has traveled the world. His childhood has made him stronger and he vows when he has kids, that he will never put them through what Lijung put his mother and him through.


Kaiden Kim | Nephilim | Adoptive Cousin

Kaiden; Tian's favorite adoptive cousin. Kaiden is very goofy, he may look like he's mean but he actually has a heart of gold.

Jace Miller | Nephilim | Friend

Jace; Tian's bandmate and his male best friend. Jace is very good at what he does in the band and almost always has a smile on his face

Carmen MacMillan | Human |Girlfriend

Carmen; The super pretty, loving best friend. He has finally gotten her to be his girlfriend and won't ever give her up. He calls her cutie and probably has a thousand more nicknames for her.

Euphemia Wells | Valkyr | Friend

Euphemia; Tian's first ever female friend. Tian loves to glitter bomb her. 

Hyungwon Jeon | Nephilim | Cousin

Hyungwon; Tian's cousin from his mother's side. Hyungwon is a goofball and loves singing. He is one of the main vocalists in Tian's band. He can dance very well and isn't afraid to show his body at all.  

Xiumin Jeon | Nephilim | Adoptive Brother

Xiumin; Tian's brother. These two are inseperable. They love to be weirdos together and Xiumin pulls Christian's dark side out. Not that Christian minds though. ;)


Clubs And Alcohol.... Are Not A Good Combination (Christian and Euphemia) - Owe

What Does Christmas Mean To You? (Christian and Hanseol) - Completed

A Hilarious Misunderstanding (Christian and Baldemar) - Completed

Moments Like These... Always Hurt The Worst (Christian and Gabrielle)

Sugar and Spice (Christian and Carmen) -Replied

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"He was quite glad that Carmen liked the flowers. No one knew how long it had taken him to pick out the damn things. He was seriously considering just walking out of the flower shop because he couldn't remember Carmen's favorite…"
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"Now Daehyun had no idea what the male was doing sleeping in the middle of the forests, not to mention the temperature surrounding them. Even if that guy was a fan of cold, he would still be affected by the temperature change. The older male was…"
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Sugar and Spice (Tian and Carmen)

The night sky in Evermore was ever so pretty as people milled about underneath it. Silver stars twinkled above, their brightness casting a glow on their skin. Loud music filtered out from restaurants as doors opened and shut. Pretty strobe lights reflected on the sides of buildings and hotel pools. Supernaturals who dwelled at night ducked into the darkness.A certain redhead…See More
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"Sleeping in the forest was always something Mindae did. He always had nightmares about things. He was not a deep sleeper because he liked to sleep in the cold. It was the only time his mind could switch to full Korean and he wouldn't have…"
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"Tian was barely paying attention to anything, as the searing pain in his leg was more important. He didn't even understand what the nurse was saying, because his mind was speaking to him in Korean, and for some weird reason Chinese. He barely…"
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"24. What is their sleeping pattern like? Mindae sleeps very deeply. You can't wake him up unless you twist his pectorals. Don't ask. Do they snore? No. He doesn't snore, because he sleeps with his mouth…"
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A Little Bit More About Christian

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 15:01 0 Comments

  1. First name: Min Dae or Christian
  2. Surname: Jeon
  3. Middle names: Abdiel 
  4. Nicknames: Squishy Mochi, Mochi, Jeon, Tian, Sti, Glitter Elf, Glitter Monster, Squishy Tomato, Squirrel, Strawberry Dream
  5. Date of birth: December 24, 1994
  6. Age: 24


Physical /…


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