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Roommate Life [Davis & Rowan]

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Rowan James McKenzie ~Admin~ on Monday. 9 Replies

After a twelve hour shift Davis trudged up the stairs of the apartment building many of the Privus Initia resided in. When he had first arrived in the city he had lived on his own but the problem was…Continue


Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters;

it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided.

Name: Davis “Dodger” Costa
Age: 37
Hometown: New York City, New York | Currently Resides: Evermore, Colorado
Sexuality: Heterosexual | Relationship Status: Taken by Angel-Fangs
Species: Initia | Elements: Metal(primary) & Electricity(gifted and learning)
Occupation: (Real Job)EMT; (Verses what I do/Am seen as) 
 Protector/Roommate to Rowan; Bullet Magnet to Rei
Face Claim: Matt Czuchry

+Protective, loyal, determined, self motivator

-Womanizer, arrogant, impulsive, forceful

Davis was born in New York to a prominent family within the local Initia tribe, his father an advisor to the Grand Master who at the time was also a close family friend. Davis’ father was a Master of earth and his mother a Master of air which meant great things were expected from Davis himself. His birth came in the midst of a spring storm which knocked the power out of half the city, his mother often joking he was born with a storm in his heart. It was a day of joy within the tribe since his parents had been trying for years, in vitro fertilization finally paying off. After the amount of money they spent on it they were glad to finally have something to show for the effort and money spent even if his father did make a killing as a successful lawyer. It had been a long hard road and the fact that they finally had a child, a boy nonetheless was cause for excitement.

From a young age Davis was never given the gift of blissful ignorance since a war was waging around him. He was the first of the children born to parents of the inner circle and a weight was placed on his shoulders by his parents, especially his father. Even though the Grand Master was much older, he still had no children of his own which was a concern of the tribe itself. However since being a Grand Master required blood, sweat and tears it was something that was learned not something that flowed through their veins. When he was three the Grand Master and his wife welcomed their first child into the world and on the day of her birth you would have thought a truly royal princess was born given the celebration. Davis could remember the first time he saw the small little girl and didn’t think much of her as a young boy of three, his parents telling him that she was their future.  

The two began to grow up together his father often taking Davis with him when he went to meet with the Grand Master to discuss strategy on how to handle the phoenix situation. The young boy however got to play with Emilia who was rather boring until she reached three and could actually do things other than bust his eardrums with her supersonic wailing. That was a self-defense weapon in itself and he swore Emilia knew she was doing it to because there would be a tiny little smirk for a split second. Davis became incredibly protective over the younger girl and once pushed a bigger kid off the slide for trying to shove her, often acting on his first impulse instead of thinking through his actions. While trying for a second child the Grand Master found out that it would be nearly impossible to conceive another child, this hit the entire tribe hard since that meant their hopes were rest solely on Emilia.

At sven his father told him it was time for him to start becoming a man and he listened to the issues with the phoenix and the horrors they were causing. It was a scary things for a child to be privy to and it caused him nightmares for the first few months, his father being harsh and telling him to be a man instead of a little boy. After a gruff talk with his father the nightmares stopped, not because Davis wasn’t afraid but because he feared his father’s wrath and disappointment more. It was also around the time his mark as an Initia should begin to appear and his element affinity should make itself known. But that also meant that between school and helping his father he had no time for his friends, especially Emilia and she thought it was because of her instead of the pressure his father placed on his young shoulders.

School was mostly easy for Davis since he thought in an analytic way and had an eidetic memory he did his best work in math and science which surprised his teachers since as they told his parents, he didn’t seem the sort. What he wanted most of all was to be able to play basketball, do track, or anything physical and normal for a kid but his father refused, saying it was a waste of time. Instead after school his father trained him to know hand to hand combat which Davis was good at but hated at the same time because he wasn’t the sort who enjoyed fighting. Once a week his family and that of the Grand Master would have a family dinner while their parents talked shop so to speak and Davis was actually able to hang out with Emilia for a bit. Since he and Emilia were three years apart they were only ever in the same school for a year or two but he still watched her back when he could despite the different classes and it made the time at their family dinners more important as well.

His parents began to await the anticipated marks to appear on his back, it was a heavy weight they placed on him and he checked daily but nothing seemed to be different. There was no way to lie to them either since they would want to see the marks as proof. What none of them realized was the fact that the beginning of his mark was somewhat hidden by part of his birthmark. The discussions between his family and Emilia’s stopping when it came to his future, one which had held the potential of marriage to Emilia should both families agree. For a time both had been in agreement that despite both being young he would be the best fit since he was already so protective over her and he did think she was cute. As the years past his father cut him out of meetings with the Grand Master as it began to become apparent that he may not hold the Initia gene that his parents did. His father even tried to cut him out of Emilia’s life, the only time he was able to see her being at school and that didn’t make her happy with the way things were going. They also skipped his initiation ceremony which would have shown that he truly was an Initia and given him an element. Around this time Emilia’s mark began to form and he still had nothing and both of their parents gushed over her as they worked on cutting Davis out of the picture entirely.

The day of his graduation his parents cut him off telling him that he was going to need to make his own way in life because he wasn’t what they needed. His father yelled at how he destroyed the one good thing the family had going which had been his potential marriage to Emilia along with ruining their reputation. That was a shock to say the least. His parents had little to no hope of having another child and saw him as a disgrace to his people and his family since he was nothing but human. Davis tried to see Emilia but he wasn’t allowed in, her father who had once watched him as a child throwing him out as if he were nothing more than trash that might stink up their house and like his human affliction might somehow catch like a disease. None of them realizing the truth or the fact that the simple denial of his initiation set him far back in his training.

Having nowhere to go and no actual life skills he did the only thing he could think to do with everything being taken from him. Davis went into the local military recruitment office and took the ASVAB and AFQT to see if he was even qualified to enlist after a positive physical. After boot camp and being stationed on base he worked his hardest to move up the ranks which was helped by his combat skills along with his firearm proficiency. He wrote letters back to Emilia using a pen name and once a week was able to call when he was supposed to call home, after all he had no need to talk to his parents. Things were hard for her back in New York because her father was trying to force a relationship on her that she didn’t want with a guy she barely knew, she confided in him that she missed him and wished that her father would see reason because he was the only man she wanted. Reading those words made his heart soar but he knew that even if that was the future she wanted, it wasn’t possible with her parents.

Davis began medical field training and excelled at it which his superiors had expected since he had shown interest in being a medic but hadn’t been afforded an opportunity to learn. Learning quickly he was sent out into the field, deployed with a team he was unqualified to be on. He was given hell until he proved himself in the field and they didn’t want anyone else having their backs. Their missions weren’t always in war zones and from time to time he had to do reconnaissance and intelligence work instead of just patching up the team. It was a huge honor but it also meant his letters and calls were few and far between and it was easier to forget about home and try to let Emilia move on. The team became more of a family to him than his parents had been and he knew no matter what they would always have his back and he would in turn always have theirs whether it was in a war zone or state side.

Years were spent this way and he could almost forget about the life he had left behind since he felt like he actually belonged somewhere again while in the military. It made him feel ever more guilty about Emilia’s situation where no one was on her side his calls began to be ignored and his letters stopped receiving replies. Some on the team joked that he didn’t even get a ‘Dear John’ letter since they couldn’t begin to understand the odd relationship that he and Emilia had. After all, they weren’t necessarily together but it was clear they wanted to be if there weren’t so many obstacles in the way. Though it probably would have hurt less if it had been a break up and after another month his letters were returned to base, return to sender. That stung the most but also worried him beyond belief since that wasn’t like Emilia unless her family found out it was him and cut off their communication which he wouldn’t put past them. Though that made his mind drift to the fact that maybe, just maybe her parents had convinced her to go through with the marriage and that was why she had cut him off, but not knowing hurt more than if he did know the truth.

During a fire fight in the middle of a mission something changed within him. As bullets moved towards him he felt some sort of shift as if something was breaking through a wall. The feeling washed over him as the bullets firing at him somehow changed course and flew back into the man firing them. Startled Davis had taken cover and one of his team mates swore his eyes had been a different shade but he played it off as stress from being pinned down. A different pain than a gunshot went through him as a burning sensation started on his lower back. It was something else and Davis knew it as they got back to base and he checked the mirror where the lines of a tribal tattoo were forming on his back in a design he had never seen before since it was nothing like the tattoo his parents had. Maybe it was because he wasn’t part of an actual tribe or because his element was different than his parent but it was clear metal was meant to be element he was most in tune with but unlike the tribe at home, he had no master to teach him. That meant that he rarely used the element of metal since he didn’t have much control, though he practiced on his own he feared what might happen if he tried to use it while in an intense situation. 

A few years later he received a call saying he needed to come home, his parents had been killed. It was only a few weeks until his tour of duty was over so he was allowed early leave. The conflict between the Initia and Phoenix had finally boiled over in New York and his parents were just two of the casualties, the Grand Master having been killed as well as everyone in the compound at the time. That was when he learned that Emilia had marriage and her father was leaving the tribe in a week which would have left Emilia in charge until a new Grand Master arose. She had been in the garden when the attack had happened and she was left close to death and had been rushed to the hospital. Davis was forced into an altercation outside of her room, the remaining tribe refusing to let him see her because he had exiled. It didn’t matter if he had been an Initia the entire time and overlooked, they refused to accept him. Frustrated and angry he sat in the hospital waiting room with his head in his hands knowing that if she didn’t pull through he was never going to be able to see her again. 

One of the nurses had pity on him and allowed him into the room when the tribe had left and Davis was able to have less time with Emilia than he would have liked. She was weak, tired and he could tell she wasn’t going to be leaving the hospital alive, she seemed to know this as well as she expressed how sorry she was. It had been a long time since he cried but as she told him how much she had missed having him in her life and how much she loved him he broke down wanting to hold her but knowing he couldn’t thanks to the coverings over her burns. Telling her that he loved her was both the best and worst experience of his life because he knew that he had to let her go. After an hour the nurse told him that he needed to leave, but before he left, as he touched Emilia there was a bit of a spark between them and she told him she was leaving him with something to remember her by. Though he didn’t understand those words at the time.

Despite the fact that his parents had cut him off and forced him out, causing him to join the Army just to survive, he was gifted with more money and resources than he would ever need since he had every intention of living a simple life. Apparently they had never removed him from their will and the Grand Master and his family were dead so it all fell to Davis even if he didn’t want it. Donating most of it to charity he only kept twenty-five percent of what he had been given. Trying to have a life in New York he started working for a private security company who hired ex-military and fell into heavy alcoholism. It was easy to forget where he had come from and what he had lost when he was in a state where he was stumbling home at the end of the night. Of course living in such a way caused him to lose his job since the company didn’t want someone with drug or alcohol dependency. That should have been a wake up call for him but it did nothing until he was stumbling home one night and witnessed a bad car accident. There were only two people on the scene other than the drivers, himself and a homeless man.

Going into emergency mode, the adrenaline caused him to feel sober as he ran towards the accident and began checking on those in both vehicles. Both were in rough shape and he knew that he couldn’t help either until he could get them out of the vehicles. The homeless man came closer to the scene and assessed both vehicles and Davis before doing something Davis hadn’t expected, the metal of the cars began to morph and pull making it easier to access those who were hurt. The homeless man telling Davis that he wasn’t much of an Initia if he didn’t even use the abilities that he had. In truth Davis hadn’t tapped into them since Emilia had died, he had steered clear of the Phoenix and Initia war and what he had been rejected for not being and then for being. Ignoring the man he worked on helping those in both vehicles as they waited for emergency services. When the EMTs reached the scene they were surprised at what all Davis had done and what he could tell him them since he did have a medical background. Of course the respect dwindled when they smelled the alcohol on his breath.

Before they left the scene one of the EMTs left him with a piece of advice, he told Davis that he was obviously a smart and well educated guy but no one was going to take him seriously or want to employee him if being drunk was the way he worked. For some reason that actual got through some of the haze of the Initia’s brain since he did want to help people and if he wanted back in the medical field he was going to have to change a lot of things. Of course the fact that the homeless man was still on the scene as well confused him, the man laughing at him and telling him he was internally a mess. When Davis took a closer look he realized the man was actually an old tribe member who had been exiled for speaking against the Phoenix and Initia war. He spoke of how Davis hadn’t changed much from the young boy pretending to something he wasn’t, to the man who now didn’t seem to know who he was. At first Davis took offence but he realized that the man had his best interest at heart.

Davis invited the man, Griffin, to live with him for a time and Griffin agreed to help Davis with his skills in metal and to help him sober up. Sobriety was a hard thing for Davis since it was so easy to just want to grab a drink, especially after rough days of training with Griffin who seemed to intentionally push Davis to his limits and nearly passed them. It was during that time they both realized what Emilia had left him with, she had been a Master of Electricity and one of her final acts with gifting it to him. However neither he nor Griffin fully understood it and Griffin had lost touch with the masters he had once known. Instead they focused on what he could teach Davis which was more than he had ever anticipated learning. After a year Davis was working at a hospital in admissions even though that wasn’t necessarily what he wanted to do but while settling into sobriety he found it easier to do admissions than put himself into overly stressful situations even though he was good under pressure. That changed one night when they were short staffed and had an influx of trauma patients in the ER, he watched how the EMTs took to handling it all along with the doctors rushing to help. Davis had once been the first on the scene and he realized that was part of what was currently missing in his life.

Discussing things with Griffin the older male seemed to be proud of Davis for finally coming to that conclusion on his own. That was another turning point as Davis applied to be an EMT and went through all the certifications which were necessary. During this time training with Griffin slowed because of the hours Davis had been working. After not seeing Griffin for two day, Davis came home to find a note from the man in question.


I’ve done what I can for you and taught you more than I ever thought you were willing to learn. You’re no longer the boy who’s pretending or the man who don’t know who he is. Don’t lose that Davis but it’s time that I move on to someone else who needs my help. I know I’ve taught you a lot but you’ve reminded me of so much, my purpose was always to teach others and I lost that when the tribe exiled me. So thank you for returning my purpose to me, you’ll do fine in life as long as you remember to be true to yourself.


P.S. I know you’re kind of burned on clans and tribes and I get it but I’ve heard of a city in Colorado that might be the fresh start you need. Evermore, Colorado, the Eternal City.’

The was the last correspondence that he had with Griffin, giving himself a few weeks to think he decided to put in a transfer request to Evermore General. After a phone interview and then video chat interview he was offered the job and quickly accepted. Within the month he had relocated to Evermore City and began to get settled in on his new job. Clearly it was different than any other city he had ever been in, the supernatural species living side by side in a peaceful way that he had wanted since he was a kid. Despite having been in the Army war was not his game, helping people was.

His second month in the city he responded to a call at a bar and while he was assisting the Nephilim the owner came out and introduced himself, apologizing for the need of Davis to be called out. Even though he was weary of telling Davis the truth he finally ended up admitting he ran an underground fight club and the Neph was one of the fighters. He also offered Davis good money if he decided that he wanted a part time job since the fighters needed medical attention from time to time. At first Davis wanted to rejected the offer but it seemed wise that he agree so those putting themselves in such a position at least had someone decent to care for their injuries. That was also how he broke his two years of sobriety but unlike before he was able to limit himself since the ghosts of the past weren’t in as much need of drowning.

Being within the city he’s hoping to finally find a master of electricity to help him with the element he has the least control or understanding over. It wasn’t one he necessarily asked for but given it was the last thing that Emilia gave to him it was something he treasured even if he didn’t know how to use it. 

Friends and Relations

Name: Aurelia Ivakov
Age: 1143
Hometown: Some place in Russia | Currently Resides: Evermore, Colorado
Species: Ailward Guard(Valkyr) | Girlfriend | Song

Brutal fighter at the Fight Club I help with medical attention at so no one dies. The rage that burns inside of her is obviously brought on by something she doesn't like to talk about and I refuse to ask about. Jokingly offered another way to work out her aggression and excess energy, who would have thought she would agree.

More recently she saved my life when my attempt at helping others became a detriment to my own life. Sometimes it really sucks having to hide what you are and could very well get you killed. On the plus side, at least I know she cares.

Things have taken a more personal and serious turn recently as I've seen her struggle through a lot with being a guard, being a mother and trying to get her life together. I have a lot of respect for her and care for her a lot and want her to do what makes her happy in life. I don't really care what people say or how they treat me but you'd better watch what you say and how you treat her.

Name: Rowan McKenzie
Age: 27
Hometown: Chicago, Illinios | Currently Resides: Evermore, Colorado
Species: Intia; Electric Master | Roommate; Teacher

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At 19:41 on August 7, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Ivakov

Past Ghost

As promised Magnet.

At 14:44 on February 14, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Ivakov

Happy Valentine's day, or whatever.

At 5:12 on December 25, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Ivakov

Lets see if you kill me for your gifts.

  • Bullet magnet shirt. Yep I did that.
  • A watch so you can keep time when working.
  • The end of the bullet that almost took your life.
  • Felt you needed your own beer mug so you can get that perfect pour.

Merry Christmas Davis

At 2:16 on August 10, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Ivakov

I hope you feel better  soon.

Avoid crazy men with guns, Magnet.

At 1:11 on July 31, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Ivakov

Part Three Starts Here: The Gallery Opening

Will you be there?

At 0:11 on July 25, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Ivakov

I know my reply is short but there is a reason for that, I figured his reply would lead us into our new forum.

See I am brilliant one *smiles and throws pillow*

At 17:56 on July 4, 2018,
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✓ Aurelia Ivakov

*resist urge to make inappropriate joke* You will have a reply soon. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is my face... Not like you missed it or anything.

At 3:35 on June 23, 2018,
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✓ Aurelia Ivakov

Here I thought it was an expression of slight admiration though I would never admit it so sure, a look of judgment. *clears throat* who said anything about missing you? I think I said you missed me.

At 20:33 on June 22, 2018,
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✓ Aurelia Ivakov

Just gonna leave this here just in case you miss my face.

At 3:05 on May 8, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Ivakov

Part Two Begins:

No Capes Here


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