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Roommate Life [Davis & Rowan]

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Rowan James McKenzie Apr 24. 1 Reply

After a twelve hour shift Davis trudged up the stairs of the apartment building many of the Privus Initia resided in. When he had first arrived in the city he had lived on his own but the problem was…Continue

Not Your Prince, Not Even Charming (Davis and Ely)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Davis Costa Jul 24, 2018. 8 Replies

 It was the middle of the day and the only thing Davis wanted to do was curl up at home in his bed with the fan on full with the blankets pulled up to his chin sleeping. It was just after six this…Continue

Rather Shocking (Eden and Davis)

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Getting off a twelve hour shift he was worn out between…Continue

Wake Up Call (Davis and Rosa Only)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Rosalyn Dianna Sterling May 26. 29 Replies

Davis had spent the last night on call as an EMT, most of the calls he had been on weren’t too serious but it still made for a long night. It was better than bailing his team out of tight spots while…Continue


Something Witty

Name: Davis “Dodger” Costa
Age: 31
Hometown: New York City, New York | Currently Resides: Evermore, Colorado
Sexuality: Heterosexual | Relationship Status: Taken by Angel-Fangs
Species: Privus Initia | Elements: Metal & Electricity
Occupation: EMT, PITA to Rosalyn
Face Claim: Brett Dalton

+Protective, loyal, determined, self motivator

-Womanizer, arrogant, impulsive, forceful

Davis was born in New York to a prominent family within the local tribe, his father an advisor to the Magistrate who at the time was James Sterling. His birth came in the mists of a spring storm which knocked the power out of half the city, his mother often joking he was born with a storm in his heart. It was a day of joy within the tribe since his parents had been trying for years, in vitro fertilization finally paying off. After the amount of money they spent on it they were glad to finally have something to show for the effort and money spent even if his father did make a killing as a successful lawyer.

From a young age Davis ever never given the gift of blissful ignorance since a war was waging around him. He was the first of the children born to parents of the inner circle and a weight was placed on his shoulders by his parents, especially his father. When he was three Marianna and James welcomed their first child into the world and on the day of her birth you would have thought a truly royal princess was born given the celebration. Davis could remember the first time he saw the small little girl and didn’t think much of her at a young boy of three, his parents telling him that she was their future.  

The two began to grow up together his father often taking Davis with him when he went to meet with the Magistrate to discuss strategy on how to handle the phoenix situation. The young boy however got to play with Rosalyn who was rather boring until she reached three and could actually do things other than bust his eardrums with her supersonic wailing. That was a self-defense weapon in itself and he swore Rosalyn knew she was doing it to because there would be a tiny little smirk for a split second. Davis became incredibly protective over the younger girl and once pushed a bigger kid off the slide for trying to shove Rosalyn. Often acting on his first impulse instead of thinking through his actions. At seven Davina, Rosalyn’s second sister was born and he watched as Rosalyn looked after her sister and read her picture books being fond and protective of her younger sister. A year later Raina was born and Davis was protective over all three until his father made him start actually going to the meetings with the Magistrate.

Davis resented his play time being cut into since he was just a child and with school he didn’t get a lot of time to play with friends, especially the Sterlings. At ten his father told him it was time for him to start becoming a man and he listened to the issues with the phoenix and the horrors they were causing. It was a scary things for a child to be privy to and it caused him nightmares for the first few months, his father being harsh and telling him to be a man instead of a little boy. After a gruff talk with his father the nightmares stopped, not because Davis wasn’t afraid but because he feared his father’s wrath and disappointment more.

Doing well in school he did his best work in math and science which surprised his teachers since as they told his parents, he didn’t seem the sort. What he wanted most of all was to be able to play basketball, do track, or anything physical but his father refused saying it was a waste of time. Instead after school his father trained him to know hand to hand combat which Davis was good at but hated at the same time. Once a week the Costa and Sterling family would have a family dinner while their parents talked shop so to speak and Davis was actually able to hang out with the Sterling girls for a bit. Since he and Rosalyn were three years apart they were only ever in the same school for a year or two but he still watched her back when he could despite the different classes.

When in high school his parents began to await the anticipated marks to appear on his back, it was a heavy weight they placed on him and he checked everyday. There was no way to lie to them either since they would want to see the marks as proof. The discussions between his family and Rosalyn’s stopping when it came to his future, one which had held the potential of marriage to Rosalyn should both families agree. For a time both had been in agreement that despite both being young he would be good Rosalyn since he was already so protective over her. As the years past his father cut him out of meetings with the Magistrate as it began to become apparent that he may not hold the Initia gene that his parents did. His father even tried to cut him out of the lives of the Sterling girls the only time he was able to see them being at school but with the age difference he was only ever able to see Rosalyn who wasn’t too happy with the way things were going. The eldest Sterling confiding in him that she wasn’t seeing the start of her tattoo either and he knew that wasn’t good news for either of them.

The day of his graduation his parents cut him off telling him that he was going to need to make his own way in life because he wasn’t what they needed. His father yelled at how he destoryed the one good thing the family had going which had been his potential marriage to Rosalyn. That was a shock to say the least. His parents had little to no hope of having another child and saw him as a disgrace to his people and his family since he was nothing but human. Davis tried to see Rosalyn but he wasn’t allowed in, her father who had once watched him as a child throwing him out as if he were nothing more than trash that might stink up their house and like his human affliction might somehow taint James’ children.

Having nowhere to go and no actual life skills he did the only thing he could think to do with everything being taken from him. Davis went into the local military recruitment office and took the ASVAB and AFQT to see if he was even qualified to enlist after a positive physical. After boot camp and being stationed on base he worked his hardest to move up the ranks which was helped by his combat skills along with his firearm proficiency. He wrote letters back to Rosalyn using a pen name and once a week was able to call when he was supposed to call home. Things were hard for her back in New York since her sister’s have been claimed by elements but she as the oldest wasn’t claimed. Davis knew first hand how that felt especially when your family rejected you but Rosalyn’s at least hadn’t thrown her out.

Davis began medical field training and excelled at it which his superiors had expected since he had shown interest in being a medic but hadn’t been afforded an opportunity to learn. Learning quickly he was sent out into the field, deployed with a team he was unqualified to be on. He was given hell until he proved himself in the field and they didn’t want anyone else having their backs. Their missions weren’t always in war zones and from time to time he had to do reconnaissance and intelligence work instead of just patching up the team. It was a huge honor but it also meant his letters and calls were few and far between. The team became more of a family to him than his parents had been and he knew no matter what they would always have his back.

Years were spent this way and he could almost forget about the life he had left behind since he felt like he actually belonged. It made him feel ever more guilty about Rosalyn’s current position where she had no one on her side, his calls began to be ignored and his letters stopped receiving replies. Some on the team joked that he didn’t even get a ‘Dear John’ letter since they couldn’t begin to understand the odd friendship he and Rosalyn had. Though it probably would have hurt less if it had been a break up and after another month his letters were returned to base, return to sender. That stung the most but also worried him beyond belief since that wasn’t like Rosalyn unless her family found out it was him and cut off their communication which he wouldn’t put past them.

During a fire fight in the middle of a mission something changed within him. As bullets moved towards him he felt some sort of shift as if something was breaking through a wall. The feeling washed over him as the bullets firing at him somehow changed course and flew back into the man firing them. Startled Davis had taken cover and one of his team mates swore his eyes had been a different shade but he played it off as stress from being pinned down. A different pain than a gunshot went through him as a burning sensation started on his lower back. It was something else and Davis knew it as they got back to base and he checked the mirror where the lines of a tribal tattoo were forming on his back in a design he had never seen before since it was nothing like the tattoo his parents had. Unsure of what it meant he had to hide it as he tried his best to teach himself an element which shouldn’t be but yet it was. Metal, Davis could control metal but it was not an easy element to work with or master especially when he had so much else on his mind.

A few years later he received a call saying he needed to come home, his parents had been killed. It was only a few weeks until his tour of duty was over so he was allowed early leave. The conflict between the Initia and Phoenix had finally boiled over in New York and his parents were just two of the casualties, James Sterling having been killed as well everyone in the compound at the time. That was when he learned that Rosalyn had disappeared from New York years ago which was why his letters had been returned and his calls went unanswered. None were very happy to see him at his parents funeral and it had been full of tension even though they had been his parents. Most of the Initia had scattered for their own safety but a few took the risk of showing up at the funeral. Despite the fact that they had kicked him out they had never taken him out of their will and everything that had been their’s was now his.

After enlisting in the Army just to survive he was gifted with more money and resources than he would ever need since he had every intention of living a simple life. Donating most of it to charity he only kept twenty-five percent of what he had been given. Trying to have a life in New York he started working for a private security company who hired ex-military and started dating a bartender from the local bar he frequented. Evelyn was beautiful and witty and Davis truly loved her even though she had no idea what he really was, hell he didn’t even know what he was. The two were happy for a time and newly engaged when Davina and Raina Sterling paid him a visit asking for his help, the two claimed they knew he had been keeping in contact with Rosalyn and now they needed to find her. He told them they were SOL because he didn’t know anything, their older sister not having contacted him in years.

Davis should have been more careful especially with the Sterling’s dropping by the bar because a week later the bar had been burned down with everyone locked inside. A very obvious message since the Phoenix likely hadn’t known who the Sterlings were meeting and thought they had taken out the threat. Distraught for the loss of the normal life which had been in his grasp, he agreed to help Davina and Raina find their sister even though he held a deep resentment or them both blaming them for what happened to Evelyn. His fiance had been innocent in this war and had paid the greatest price because he hadn’t watch his six, as they left the city he places his simple engagement ring on his chain with his dog tags to keep it close to his heart.. Traveling to Chicago with the two Sterling sisters he helped them look into a found news article and watched their back as they traveled to South Carolina never telling them about his own element or tattoo. They might trust him but he wasn’t so sure he could trust them anymore.

When they reached South Carolina and he saw Rosalyn again he wanted to be close to her but so much had changed and he was still hurting over the loss of Evelyn and the fact that Rosalyn was happy with someone didn’t help. Rosalyn seemed to have the simple life that Davis longed for and a man who loved her it was a cruel scene to behold after what had been ripped from him. Telling Davina and Raina he had held to his part of the bargain he left without ever even talking to Rosalyn, let alone letting her see him. Davis was her past and she deserved a future even if there didn’t seem to be a happy one set forth for him. He left the younger two Sterlings with his number for emergencies only and told them it was better this way though neither seemed to agree they could do nothing to stop him.

Going from one odd job to another Davis kept himself busy until Raina called him one night in a seeming panic and told him to get to a place called Evermore City, Colorado. Davis flew directly into the city and followed Raina’s instruction, the youngest Sterling however had been playing him and there was nothing wrong in Evermore. For the first time since Davis was eighteen he was face to face with Rosalyn and though things were different now there was still a connection there. When she wrapped her arms around him to tell him she had missed him sparks literally flew as his eyes became electric blue a new element unlocking. Neither Davina nor Raina were too happy with this realization since both were within the spark radius. Despite not wanting to stay he knew he needed to in order to gain control over the new element as Rosalyn explained they were a new branch of Initia. Knowing she’s the Magistrate is the only thing that keeps Davis in Evermore City since he promised a long time ago to look out for her and was finally forced to keep that word no matter how hard he’s tried to run from it.

With the goal of keeping their existence in the city lowkey Davis took a job as an EMT since it was a lot like his job in the Army but with a lot less people shooting at you. It was odd to feel like he belonged again, especially when the only person who understood how low and outcast he felt was now the Magistrate her family being one that rejected him. It was ironic that his life would circle back to the Sterlings and he’s still not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but time will tell.

Friends and Relations

Name: Rosalyn Sterling
Age: 29
Hometown: New York City, New York | Currently Resides: Evermore, Colorado
Species: Privus Initia | Rank: Magistrate | Friend/Crush/Ex-crush?(confusion)

Long time family friend, Rosalyn has always been the Sterling sister I’ve been closest to. We’re really a volatile combination being an ever present pain in the other’s ass since being reunited. Despite the past and even the present Rosalyn is my Magistrate and my friend which means I will defend her as such and may there be mercy on those who cause my wrath because I’ll have none to spare.

If you ever need a laugh, ask Rosalyn where the nickname Dodger comes from. Might be from dodging or avoiding her or it might just be from the proficiency of dodging objects she’s flung my way. Have fun trying to find out!

Name: Aurelia Ivakov
Age: 1143
Hometown: Some place in Russia | Currently Resides: Evermore, Colorado
Species: Ailward Guard(Vampire) | Friend with Benefits

Brutal fighter at the Fight Club I help with medical attention at so no one dies. The rage that burns inside of her is obviously brought on by something she doesn't like to talk about and I refuse to ask about. Jokingly offered another way to work out her aggression and excess energy, who would have thought she would agree.

More recently she saved my life when my attempt at helping others became a detriment to my own life. Sometimes it really sucks having to hide what you are and could very well get you killed. On the plus side, at least I know she cares.

Name: Rowan McKenzie
Age: 27
Hometown: Chicago, Illinios | Currently Resides: Evermore, Colorado
Species: Intia; Privus | Roommate

Coming Soon(AKA I'm Lazy)

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Brokenness & Alcohol, What Could go Wrong? | Davis & Aurelia

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At 14:44 on February 14, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

Happy Valentine's day, or whatever.

At 8:52 on December 27, 2018,
✓ Rosalyn Dianna Sterling

Merry late Christmas, Dodger

Before you have a snarky comment about me being late for once, remember I can still kick your ass and hang you upside down without breaking a nail.

Enjoy your presents!

I know I'm sometimes too hard on you, not that you don't need it, but here's a special coupon that can be cashed in once.


At 5:12 on December 25, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

Lets see if you kill me for your gifts.

  • Bullet magnet shirt. Yep I did that.
  • A watch so you can keep time when working.
  • The end of the bullet that almost took your life.
  • Felt you needed your own beer mug so you can get that perfect pour.

Merry Christmas Davis

At 2:16 on August 10, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

I hope you feel better  soon.

Avoid crazy men with guns, Magnet.

At 1:11 on July 31, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

Part Three Starts Here: The Gallery Opening

Will you be there?

At 0:11 on July 25, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

I know my reply is short but there is a reason for that, I figured his reply would lead us into our new forum.

See I am brilliant one *smiles and throws pillow*

At 17:56 on July 4, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

*resist urge to make inappropriate joke* You will have a reply soon. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is my face... Not like you missed it or anything.

At 3:35 on June 23, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

Here I thought it was an expression of slight admiration though I would never admit it so sure, a look of judgment. *clears throat* who said anything about missing you? I think I said you missed me.

At 20:33 on June 22, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

Just gonna leave this here just in case you miss my face.

At 3:05 on May 8, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Devora Ivakov

Part Two Begins:

No Capes Here


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Roommate Life [Davis & Rowan]

After a twelve hour shift Davis trudged up the stairs of the apartment building many of the Privus Initia resided in. When he had first arrived in the city he had lived on his own but the problem was that it was lonely and the Privy were stronger together than they were apart, so Rosa had managed to convenience him move to the building and share an apartment with someone else. He and Rowan were so incredibly different and at first that had caused them to butt heads a lot which is what he was…See More
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"“Well that’s good since I think I was born without modesty as a trait, at least if you ask the few who’s known me all my life. But I think life’s too short to down play your accomplishments and achievements and if…"
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"Rosalyn simply ignored Davis's mocking, only rolling her eyes in response and shifting the conversation to what he was like as a friend. "Hey, when the hottest guy in school asks you to the Winter Formal, you don't say no." She…"
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"Happy Valentine's day, or whatever."
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"Happy Valentine's day or whatever."
Feb 14

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"“One of the Moore brothers? Bury me six feet under now if that’s on the table.” He didn’t necessarily have a problem with the twins but they wouldn’t be who he threw his lot in with. Though they both knew he only did so…"
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✓ Rosalyn Dianna Sterling left a comment for ✓ Davis Costa
"Merry late Christmas, Dodger Before you have a snarky comment about me being late for once, remember I can still kick your ass and hang you upside down without breaking a nail. Enjoy your presents! I know I'm sometimes too hard on you, not…"
Dec 27, 2018

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