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I can be a little dramatic.


NAME: Lorenzo Rafael De Rosa
NICKNAMES: Enzo, Blindy.
AGE:Looks: 30’s | Real: 72
DOB: September 22nd
OCCUPATION: Master of Earth Element.
Teacher. Cafe Owner.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore City, Colorado (A cabin with a dirt floor at the base of the mountians in Initia territory)
HOMETOWN: Castellón de la Plana, Spain
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single; taking lovers as he wishes

BUILD: Athletic
HEIGHT: six foot one
WEIGHT: one hundred and seventy five pounds
HAIR: Black hair
NATURAL EYES:Dark Brown (he is blind).
FACECLAIM: Miguel Angel Silvestre
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Initia Tattoo Marks on his back, intricate tattoo-like marks on his arms that are green.
HANDEDNESS: Ambidexterity.
SCENT: Earthly scents linger around him. And Coffee scents.


POSITIVE TRAITS: Grounded, Patient, Open-minded
NEGATIVE: Short-sighted, Arrogant, Dramatic
HABITS: Smoking, Drinking, Casual Sex
HOBBIES: Teaching, meditating, gardening.
SKILLS: Hand to Hand combat, Earth Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Natural Occurances, Posion Immunity, Mammal Affinity.
DEMEANOR: Depending on when you meet him Enzo can be goofy or serious or dramatic. He is kinda all over the place.
Lorenzo Rafael De Rosa

Your Life Can Break You or Shape You
I can't read this

Lorenzo Rafael De Rosa was born to Jimena De Rosa a beautiful dark haired woman who worked as a waitress at a local cafe. Jimena fell in love with the owner of the cafe Rafael Cruz, He wooed her in ways that no other man could. They fell in love spending many nights talking about their dreams and their family. That was when Jimena learned that Rafael was an initia, he was also the son of an Element master. When she asked Rafael if he was going to become an Element master he responded with a simple no. it took some pressing to get him to open up more on why not.

Jimena learned over her time with Rafael that the Cruz bloodline came with what seemed like a curse. That any initia of the Cruz bloodline that chose to master a single element would do so at the cost of their sight. His father called it a gift, Rafael called it a curse. He told Jimena he never wanted to have a child, that he wanted his cursed bloodline to end with him. Jimena was more than understanding about not wanting to have a child with such a bloodline but never the less Jimena became pregnant with Rafael child.

To most people the news would be joyous but to the young girl she was worried what Rafael would say. She kept her pregnancy a secret for as long as she could. She was torn between wanting Rafael and wanting to keep the baby growing inside of her. She started to see less and less of Rafael the more her belly grew. Once it got to the point she couldn’t hide the bump she quit her job, never leaving her mother's home until the time came for the birth of Lorenzo.

He was a small child that cried loudly the night he was born, Jimena cried at his beauty and convinced herself that if Rafael could see how beautiful their child was he would want to be a family. That their child could be human and never have to choose between an element or his sight. Jimena manage to convince Rafael this, and for a short time the three of them where a family.

That is until Lorenzo turned seven, when the Initia tattoo-like mark presented itself on his lower back. That night everything changed for their little family. Rafael turned violent and started to attack Jimena and Lorenzo, if it wasn’t for Jimena quick thinking to hit him over the head with a cast iron pan who knows what would have happened that night. Jimena took Lorenzo leaving everything behind to escape to America.

It wasn’t easy for her to track down a tribe of Initia willing to take in a mother who was in over her head and a child who came from the Cruz bloodline. Yet she managed to find a small group in Colorado. Jimena and Lorenzo started over their lives the best they could. Lorenzo was always quick to make friends with the other children as if he had grown with them. While Lorenzo envied many of them for having whole families he was thankful for his mother who spent her time working to make sure Enzo had everything he could need.

The time came when he turned twelve, the tribe placed him through his initiation ceremony. Where he gained a green element mark on his back above his Initia mark. The green element mark showing he had an affinity for earth. Lorenzo felt an excitement he never knew he could feel before the rush of being close to his earth element made him feel powerful. Not how he had when he was seven and his father attacked him and his mother. 

Yet as he claimed his element his mother didn’t seem as happy. Later that evening she explained to him the curse of his fathers bloodline that if Enzo chose to only study earth then he would lose his sight. It was a blow to him, he went from feeling like he could do anything to confusion. He spent the next few years learning the earth element from the elder in the tribe. While he went back and forth many times on weather or not he should learn more than one element. 

To most it would have been an easy choice just keep your sight and learn different elements, but earth called to him in such a way it was hard to explain to anyone outside of the Earth Master who was teaching him. He spent every day learning more and more until the day before his eighteenth birthday when he took his mother aside and explained to her that even though it would cost his eyesight he wanted to keep studying under the Earth master to become an earth master himself, that the only element that he loved was earth.

Jimena  took hold of his face and told him that she had never been more proud of the man he had become. The pair shared tears and had a wonderful evening before the next day. When he turned eighteen the next day he went to the tribe earth master and the pair became even closer. He knew he was going to lose his sight and yet he didn’t expect it to happen slowly. It was scary and something he didn’t wish to share with anyone.

He spent many hours studying his own face, his own eye color, his mother's face, all the colors of the flowers. It wasn’t until one day he started losing colors one by one. Then slowly everything just became darkness. It was like being caught in a bad dream once her fully lost his sight he laid there on the ground to keep him sane and grounded. He wanted to be strong and fearless yet he wasn’t he was scared and terrified that he couldn’t see anymore replying the memories in his head over and over again on how things looked when his teacher kicked him in the foot.

“You have lost one sense while gaining the mastery of another. Learn to use it to your advantage.” his teachers word rang in his ears as he finally moved for the first time in weeks. It was rough at first, he was just stumbling in the dark his powers going crazy without a guide until Enzo forced himself to slow down and retrain himself to use his element. With his teacher and his determination it was almost like he wasn’t blind anymore. Using his element as his eyes. 

When he reached the point of mastering his element he was in his sixties  and his teacher gave him a speech on how proud of him he was despite the bad blood that was in his veins. Enzo took a few years to travel around to different initia tribes to learn teaching styles before returning to Colorado to his teacher on his deathbed. He spent the week with him, holding his hand as they joked and laughed until his last breath.

It was then when his teacher passed he was asked to stay and take his place as master among the Evermore tribe. He took some time to decide, after all he didn’t think he was good enough to be the earth master for the tribe that had taken he and his mother in all those years ago and yet he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. He accepted his place among the other elders and training students in the earth element.


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At 2:11 on May 4, 2020,
Instar Diviner
✓ Castor Sibéal Evelia Lavender

Lorenzo, I miss you and your face, I can't wait to see you again and get a world-famous hug from you.

At 16:52 on February 14, 2020,
Instar Diviner
✓ Castor Sibéal Evelia Lavender

It's VDAY!

I know I am not very good at the whole... you know expressing anything but anger bit... but I am trying.
You make me want to be a better person Lorenzo... So here goes.

A card with the lettering Raised so you can read it, A mug since well coffee... we all need a little coffee Once again the lettering is raised.

Now this gift... may not make much sense.. but I don't know it did to me... 
I went back to all of these places myself to collect dirt from the first place we met, First place we kissed, my first freak out that you didn't run from, and lastly a little dirt from your place... The first place I truly ever felt safe. In each jar is a seed to grow a tree that we can plant outside when they are big enough.

Thank you for always having my Back Enzo, I love you.

At 16:24 on December 22, 2019,
Fluid Role

Merry Christmas Lorenzo!

Here is something to help you with your gardening
(That is such a great hobby btw)

Some snacks for when you get tired

And something to keep others away while you are at it

Happy Holidays!


The coolest Ivakov ever
(Just don't tell my mom I said that)


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