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Let's Get Hitched! #DrallianaWedding (Open to Draco and Illiana)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Illiana d'Fierro ~Admin~ Aug 10. 65 Replies

Late at night was the time when your mind was filled with different things that keep you awake, when you can;t sleep. Thinking about everything and everyone. That your mind can’t shut down for rest.…Continue

Training Sessions (Open to Draco and Cornelia)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Draco d'Fierro Sep 28. 10 Replies

A few days have already passed since he started his job in the police department. Having been pondering about the job offer he’d been offered for a few weeks. Wondering whether it was a good idea or…Continue

Lift Troubles (Open to Draco and Avery)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Benjamin Vaughn May 15. 17 Replies

The young Phoenix had been sent on some errands by his other half Illiana as well as he needed to get some new clothes. When moving in somehow half of his wardrobe was chucked out as most clothes…Continue



Code Credit to Ophelia

Name: Draco Xavier d'Fierro

Aliases: Drac

Faceclaim: Chris Wood

Age: 22

Birth Date: 25th of March, 1997 | Place of Birth: Rome, Italy

Species: Aliward Guard - Phoenix 

Sexuality: Heterosexual | Relationship Status: Married to Illiana d'Fierro

Gender: Male | Occupation: Cornelia Bradford's Assistant and Works for the Aliward Guard

Build: Athletic | Eye Colour: Brown 

Hair Colour: Brown  | Height: 6 ft 

Distinguishing Marks: Phoenix tattoo covering his back, feather tattoo on his right forearm. Harry potter tattoo on left forearm to match Illiana's. Aliward Guard Tattoo on lower chest on the right.

Accent: Italian 


Draco was born in March of 1997 in the cool regions of Rome, Italy. He was raised by a single mother, Amyrah Castle, a highly respected Necromancer. From young, his mother refused to tell the young child who his father was, despite his persistent questions. His only clue to his Italian heritage was his last name: d’Fierro. That was the only thing his mother kept of the young boy’s father, the only thing that would tie him to his father. Despite this, however, Amyrah persuade the male members of the coven to portray a fatherly image to the young d’Fierro, in hopes he would become attached to one of the and forget about his biological father. She refused to tell him that he was the product between a one-night stand with a man named Sebastian d’Fierro, and that his father didn’t know of his existence.

Everyone expected Draco to be a Necromancer, just like his mother. Nobody really knew of his father’s species: not even his mother. At seven, however, strange lines began to trace down the skin of his back, much to the confusion of the tribe. He was no Necromancer, or even a Fae, with those lines. Around the same time, the young d’Fierro became to show an unnatural control of the element fire. Of course, it would have been normal if he had control over anything else, but the only supernatural ability he possessed was fire manipulation and generation. As the coven tried to figure out what exactly Draco was, he drifted away, especially when they discouraged his practicing his powers over fire. He felt like the outcast of the pack; unwanted, different. That was the beginning of his loner days: no one could imagine the person he would turn out to be.

As he entered high school, he hardly changed. He was always the loner, keeping out of the ways of everyone. Everyone in school, in return, kept away from him. There was this aura about him that frightened all away; something he unknowingly inherited from him father. He was glad of this, to the confusion of most. Draco rather he focussed on his studies, becoming a straight-A student. True, he did pick up smoking and drinking along the way, a secret to his mother, but he maintained his 4.0 GPA and graduated from high school with the rest of his class.

After graduating valedictorian, Draco spent a lot of his time out of the house. He usually had a bottle of vodka in the back seat of his run down Mustang, but the boy hardly ever got drunk. At night, he left the coven grounds to practice the skill of fire, becoming more and more powerful with every day. He knew that was what he was good at, so how would he not practice it?

Once night, he came home late to the coven grounds. What meant his eyes was a frightful sight: bodies of those in the coven strewn about the area. Blood was splattered everywhere: on the walls of houses, soaked into the grassy plains and into the soil, staining footpaths… But the d’Fierro could only think of one person: his mother. Dropping his bag, he ran towards his house, only to find his mother dying in the kitchen. He did not know of his healing powers the, so he held back his tears so his mother could pass in peace.

“Evermore City,” she whispered. Draco blinked back his tears, swallowing down the forming lump in his throats as he wiped away his tears. “What?” he croaked, his eyes reddened and swollen. “Go to Evermore City, Colorado. Your father’s there,” she choked out, wetting her lips as she felt her life slipping from her. “Find Sebastian d’Fierro… Tell him my name… Tell’re his son,” she whispered, coughing out a splatter of blood. “I’m so proud of you, Draco,” she tried so hard to say. “Even if you are not a Necromancer, you’re still...the best son a woman could ever ask for,” she choked, coughing once more. “I love yo--,” she said, her voice dropping before she could complete the last word. The light in her eyes faded, her body limp now in his arms. Tears fell from his cheeks, sobs sounding from his throat as he hugged his dead mother tightly. “I love you too, mummy,” he spoke, kissing her bloody forehead.

The day after, using his mother’s credit card, the young d’Fierro bought himself an air ticket to Evermore City. The plane stopped at New York first for a transit, where he found himself sitting next to a girl: Makena d’Fierro. After talking for a while, Draco discovered she too was a d’Fierro child and was looking for her mother in Evermore City. The two decided to stick together, they were probably related after all, and got a hotel room in the city for the time being through Makena. She had come from a wealthy adoptive family, so she didn’t really hesitate when it came to getting the best room.

It was right after the comet when he arrived at the d'Fierro mountain villa. The first people he encountered were a brother and sister, Leona and Leonardo, and another man, Jason Karter. Upon talking to them, he discovered that the siblings were his uncle and aunt, and the other man their bodyguard. They took him under their care immediately, and he soon met the rest of his blood-family and the clan. Currently, the clan has taken charge of teaching the young d'Fierro the art of fire craft and various sorts of weaponry and self-defence, such as swordsmanship, archery, and judo. Enjoying his time there, Draco can't imagine his life without the fire people, and he plans never to life without them again.

Illiana d'Fierro | Wife | Nepilim/Aliward Guard | #Dralliana | 22.06.2016

Amyrah Castle
Mother (Deceased)
Amyrah Castle
| Lena Headey | Necromancer


Sebastian d'Fierro
Sperm Donor Father
Sebastian d'Fierro
261 | Douglous Booth | Phoenix


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✓ Draco d'Fierro replied to ✓ Illiana d'Fierro ~Admin~'s discussion Unexpected News {Draco & Illiana d'Fierro}
"He was still wondering what was going on. Why did Illiana want him back from work earlier. It’s not like her to summon him home early. Always having had an open and honest relationship. The two never kept secrets. It's always better that…"

Ailward Guard
✓ Draco d'Fierro replied to ✓ Illiana d'Fierro ~Admin~'s discussion Unexpected News {Draco & Illiana d'Fierro}
"Time flies by quickly right in front of your eyes before you even know it. It’s been been just over 2 months since him and Illiana got married. Well more like eloped if your getting technical. Having a small ceremony only just the two of them…"

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Oct 15

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✓ Draco d'Fierro replied to ✓ Malva Ailward's discussion Family Pass (Mal and Draco)
"Life had gotten crazier over the past few months, the wedding buzz still going strong. He was a married man to the most beautiful woman in the world and couldn’t be happier. Part of the honeymoon period as people call it since they calculating…"
Oct 15

Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward left a comment for ✓ Draco d'Fierro
"Click here~ As promised ^^^  Rest assured, am just giving a family welcoming :P So don't take it 'personally' xDD With much love,  Mally"
Oct 11

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"Are you todays date? Because your 10/10 ;) "
Oct 10

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✓ Draco d'Fierro replied to ✓ Draco d'Fierro's discussion Training Sessions (Open to Draco and Cornelia)
"The two of them both finished up their drinks, sipping the rest of it before they head out for training. Draco was starting to wonder now a little that maybe cornelia have had some thought into it before. Maybe she’s been planning or more so…"
Sep 28

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"I confirm I am active in the role of Draco d'Fierro What is your preferred RP media in preference order: Forum How would you like to be approached for plots: Chat/Comments"
Sep 13

✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Draco d'Fierro's discussion Training Sessions (Open to Draco and Cornelia)
"Taking a last sip from her coffee, Cornelia placed the foam cup on her desk before heading out onto the balcony. "You're an immortal, Draco. If you wanna survive, you'll need to know how to fight against other supernatural beings,…"
Sep 9

Ailward Guard
✓ Draco d'Fierro replied to ✓ Malva Ailward's discussion How Bad Can It Be? (Malva and Draco)
"Draco almost burst into laughter watching seeing Malva scrunching up her nose in disgust almost when he mentioned Orphan Black. “Not my fault you still live in the middle ages” He shot back joking to her knowing that she wouldn’t…"
Aug 17

Ailward Guard
✓ Illiana d'Fierro ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Draco d'Fierro's discussion Let's Get Hitched! #DrallianaWedding (Open to Draco and Illiana)
"Grinning as the priest announced them as husband and wife, Illiana looked up to Draco as he leant in and kissed her. She responded back to the kiss, her arms going around his neck for their first kiss as husband and wife. Pulling back slightly, she…"
Aug 10

Ailward Guard
✓ Draco d'Fierro replied to ✓ Draco d'Fierro's discussion Let's Get Hitched! #DrallianaWedding (Open to Draco and Illiana)
"He hoped that she liked the ring he choose for her. Finding it a while back in a vintage shop somewhere. The diamonds were real ones, he thought that it would go well with her engagement ring. Next part was Illiana’s turn with exchanging rings…"
Aug 10

Ailward Guard
✓ Illiana d'Fierro ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Draco d'Fierro's discussion Let's Get Hitched! #DrallianaWedding (Open to Draco and Illiana)
"Illiana bit her lip as he said his 'I do' before sliding the wedding band onto her finger where her engagement already sat on her left hand. She loved the ring he had picked out for her, it sitting perfectly alongside the other ring on her…"
Aug 10

Ailward Guard
✓ Draco d'Fierro replied to ✓ Draco d'Fierro's discussion Let's Get Hitched! #DrallianaWedding (Open to Draco and Illiana)
"Both of them were smiling at each other as the vows were being spoken. Each word they spoke was the truth. Sharing and confessing their love to one and another. The next part was the ring ceremony, one of the most important part. Draco looked to see…"
Aug 10

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At 9:32 on October 11, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward

Click here~

As promised ^^^ 

Rest assured, am just giving a family welcoming :P So don't take it 'personally' xDD

With much love, 


At 14:59 on July 4, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward

How Bad Can It Be?

Exactly what the title said ^_^ How bad can a trip to Marseille with Mally be, right?

I assure that you'll be returned to Illi in one piece, so don't worry. 

Let's get the trip going! Leggoo~

At 15:23 on July 3, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward

Mal should be going somewhere in Marseille, France To meet an old acquaintance to talk about something concerning the current SL I have for her with Benji at the moment. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere far without a guard now. So, she could just grab Draco and said he'd be her company because she would prefer him than others? I could see her just dragging him because while she did not like anyone else accompanying her other than the Ivakovs or Dimitreus (possibly because she knew them for a long time and was more than comfortable with them), she could use him as an excuse for a company.

I guess, in the midst of snark and sarcasm accompanying their journey, they'd be interacting xD Knowing Mal, she would just pop up a portal to get there because it's easier. Portal jumping for first timers can get nauseous ;-) That could be the start of their complaining journey. If that is okay with you, I could whip up a starter tomorrow after my class or if I haven't yet by the time you could do one, you could whip it up :3 It's not much but it's something because we both suck at ideas. 

- From, obviously your aunt's former 'stalker' as you said it (your words, not mine :P) -

At 15:58 on January 28, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Illiana d'Fierro ~Admin~

My love!

Have a starter from me! 

Surprise Visit <3

~The Best Girlfriend Fiance in the World <3 


At 19:55 on December 24, 2017,
Fluid Role
✘ Abraxas Lucifer Bradford

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Here's your presents for being good this year xx

~From Santa 

At 21:10 on December 23, 2017,
✓ Clara Carter

An Early Christmas Gift Just for you

Related image

Merry Christmas
~Clara Carter

At 20:54 on December 23, 2017,
Ailward Guard
✓ Illiana d'Fierro ~Admin~

Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy this little edit from me! <3

~Astoria <3 

At 10:40 on September 17, 2017,
✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

To celebrate the site turning 3 today! Thanks for being a member of ECRP and making this community a wonderful place!

At 3:26 on July 13, 2017,
✓ Clayton Forrester

We should RP sometime soon Draco, it's been awhile since we've written together.

At 21:12 on December 24, 2016,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

Merry Christmas!

Love, Cornelia xx


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