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Hello, My name is Elenyel and this is my story...


Age: looks 26, real: 45

Species: Dhampir

Weapon Affinity: Throwing Knives

Colour Affinity: Muted Purpled

Faceclaim: Kate Upton

The Linwoods had always been a very influential and wealthy family in England. They were strict in their rules and all members had to follow proper codes of conduct and etiquette if they had to stay in the family. Vendetta Linwood was the star child of the family, beautiful and poised and perfect in everyway. She represented the family in many galas and the various fund-raiser, her style of clothing often talked about. In the eyes of the family she could do no wrong and so when she told them the news that she was pregnant, that they flew off the handle.

Most family members demanded that she have an abortion and Vendetta refused firmly, wanting to raise the child on her own. She didn’t tell anyone who the baby’s father. It was like a black mark on the family and in order to not let the public know of this scandal, they arranged her to marry a man of their choice. It was either that or be thrown into the streets. Vendetta wouldn’t have minded running away, tired of the stiff emotionless way her family lived but for the sake of her child she agreed.

The pregnancy was a tough one and many complications ensued but finally a healthy baby girl was born after nine months, her mother naming her as Elenyel. Vendetta wanting to show her tough side, on how her baby girl had been a fighter from the very beginning. Elenyel was a sweet but curious child and though the family was all kind towards the baby, they still kept their distance from her.

From a very young age, she was physically fit and enjoyed outdoor sports. This trend continued right up to her boarding school years where she participated in most of the sporting activities. Most of her classmates would ask her for her secret on how she was so good at it for she used to win most of the events from running to swimming each year. Elenyel was very close to her mother and they would spend a lot of time together. Some would even go so far as to say that she was spoiled by the mother as she was never refused anything but Elenyel’s sweet and kind nature never allowed her wealth or status to get to her head.

It was her relationship with her father that was complicated. He would support her, but he never really connected with her. He would always maintain his distance and even though Elenyel tried many times to get close to him, he would rebuff every attempt. It would hurt her but she mostly held her silence. It was only when he didn’t show up at a major sporting event that she confronted him about it, demanding to know why he was so aloof, why he couldn’t be a dad like the others During this heated match, it one secret inevitably slipped out “I am not your Dad”

It tormented her waking moments and she demanded from her mother to know who her real father was. It was then that her mother revealed her journey through America where she had gone to study for sometime and how she had met this really wonderful guy called Marcus. What should have been a summer fling resulted in her being pregnant and she assured Elenyel that she couldn’t have asked for a better gift in life.

The whole news sent Elenyel into a crisis of her own identity. She had lived for all these years thinking she belonged somewhere, but this new piece of information made her restless. She wanted to meet her father, she wanted to know who he was and after discussing with her mother, who though extremely reluctant, gave her permission and thus at the age of 20, Elenyel packed her bags and began her journey to America.

Her mom had given her few possible contacts and the first thing that she did when she landed there was to seek those people out. They had been his old friends, someone who had introduced Vendetta to him. They welcomed her, made her feel at home and then began explaining about who they all were...a species called the Dhampirs. At first Elenyel couldn’t make much sense of it all, but slowly she began understanding the secret of her physical abilities.

They took her to their dojo and told her to simple try handling the weapons kept there. Elenyel couldn’t understand what was going on but she did as she was told. It was when she picked the knives that a purple light emitted from it and she felt a strange sort of connection with the weapon. They explained to her that all Dhampirs had a particular weapon on which runes could be invoked. Elenyel stayed with them for quite some time, learning about the runes and about who she really was. Now more than ever, she wanted to find her father, who according to her new friends was a Dhampir too. It was then that they pointed her towards Evermore, especially towards a woman called Valeria Aldridge. Marcus and her had been good friends and maybe she would be able to tell her more about her father.

With a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness, Elenyel left them, promising to keep in touch and now began her journey towards Evermore. Would she finally find out who her father was and be reunited with him? It was all left to be seen.

~Personality Traits~

Positive:Optimistic, Skillful,Curious

Negative: Impulsive,Confused, Cautious

Roleplaying Threads:

1. Sinister Intent - Dominic Howlett

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At 7:19 on November 27, 2019,
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Heya, Elenyel. Sliding in to drop off the starter.

Sinister Intent

At 21:10 on November 10, 2019,
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✓ Dominic Howlett ~Mod~

I'm so sorry, Elenyel. I was afk when you messaged me. Hopefully I'll catch you soon.

At 16:58 on October 9, 2019,
✓ Valentin St. Claire

Hi, hi Violet, sweetheart. Welcome to Evermore! We are all welcoming and friendly here, and I hope that I can help you if you need it! I look forward to seeing what character you bring to the site!

-Valentin St. Claire, Ace Kang, and Joshua Byun

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