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Didn't think i'd see you again (Elias & Elyssia)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Aiden Charles Hale Jun 16. 1 Reply

If there was anything that Elyssia wanted to see, it was beautiful buildings. Elyssia loved buildings and loved noting how much history it contained. It helped a little more when it comes to the fact…Continue

What a fight! (Elyssia & Wyatt)

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Elyssia was up for a little sport, she heard certain rumors recently that dangerous but organized fights are in the underground, and Elyssia was so ready to check out that rumor. She was a gossip…Continue

Oh my god such a cute pupper (Elyssia & Valeria)

Started Jun 2 0 Replies

“Ooh, I’ve never been here before!” A blonde woman mumbled to herself as the sunlight was shining their light on the woman's skin and hair. The river bank was a very beautiful place, Elyssia thought.…Continue

Dance like you've never danced before! (Elyssia & Adrien)

Started May 31 0 Replies

Elyssia was glad that she came into Evermore City. She didn’t think it would make such a great impact on her life, but it sure as hell did. She was starting to look into job positions as well, which……Continue

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"Name: Elyssia ChevallierSpecies: InitiaProof: Last post: 26th July, planning to reply within the week"
Aug 13

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"Debating whether to add you to my page or not already! x) bahahaahAnd I promise it won't turn out like this at work! :3"
Jul 29

✓ Elyssia Orianna Chevallier replied to ✓ Cedric Reigns's discussion Help Wanted (Elyssia and Cedric)
"Today was a bright, new day. And Elyssia was sure ready for the day ahead of her.Deciding what to do, she eventually chose the day’s activities to mostly be around the city. Maybe buying the weekly shop is a good idea, she already had a…"
Jul 26

✓ Elyssia Orianna Chevallier replied to ✓ Kyle McCartan's discussion Makeshift Beach Party (Open to Elyssia Chevallier and Kyle McCartan)
"“Wow! I thought that kinda stuff only happened in World of Warcraft and in Disney films!” The girl replied as the dude apologised and grabbed her arm successfully, of course, she was only trying to be satirical with it all, but in…"
Jul 26

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"Oh, Wow! This woman was the magister! She didn’t expect to be greeted by the magister of the area so soon! It seemed that the whole Disney idea was a good one then, especially since it honoured her the chance to be able to have a delightful…"
Jul 26

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"Here is your starter dear Red Panda Club Friend! Help Wanted"
Jul 25

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"Hearing Davis speak about the fact that he might as well have three sisters really interested the young woman, it even caused her to almost have a small giggle. “Siblings can always be either hard to easy to deal with. I have two siblings…"
Jul 24

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"Bonjour!Thanks for sending me a friend request ^^ I hope to see you around, if you want to RP with me, just send a starter my way! :D ~Elyssia"
Jul 24

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Jul 24

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"Hi Elyssia! Here's our forum that I promised to start! Makeshift Beach Party Hope it's good and looking forward to rping with you! :D - Kyle"
Jul 22

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Jul 21

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A dream is a wish your heart makes ❤

When you're fast asleep ❤

Elyssia Chevallier

Ely, Disney, Bunny


21st April

Initia - Radix

Earth (Primary), Air (Secondary)

"Dolphins Leap" by Cicada

Virginia Gardner

Elyssia Chevallier was born to two loving parents in Paris, France. The town where Disneyland is popular and the country where beautiful accents reign. Elyssia was doted on by her initia-bound family. In her family, a brother and sister enjoyed her company to the fullest, and even helped her learn both English and French, because, well, France.

France was indeed a beautiful place in the eyes of Elyssia, it is probably one of the many reasons she enjoyed staying in the French capital. Elyssia loved being educated in France as well, and was glad to be learning with all the other kids. At the weekends, her father would take her fishing, or her mother would be teaching her about the culture of their species; the Initia.

While being taught about the Initia, her eyes always gleamed. It always made her wonder about what element she would receive. She was warned however, as an Initia, she may feel that a little back pain when her element comes to fruition. This, Elyssia didn’t mind, what she was worried about though, is if she was busy doing something and then it happened out of the blue.

Nonetheless, the girl lived her life to the fullest, and if she was going to be honest, she was not so surprised it was full of Disney. She always took trips to Disneyland whenever her and her family possibly could, she adored the magic that Disneyland could offer. From the festivals to even the hotel rooms, she was always astonished. The best thing about being in Disneyland though, was when her and her siblings always stayed up late at night at the behest of their mother and father.

During her teenage years, it finally happened. Her back started to burn a lot while she was in bed, it started as an itch and it just got really bad. Because she knew it wasn’t going to end anytime soon, she decided to distract herself and went for a shower. If anything, the shower helped her a lot, it gave her something to think about too. What element was she going to use?? If she had to pick… it would be either air like her mother, or earth like her father! They both had pretty powers, and it would be an honour to be able to have one of them elements. Soon after she found that she was gifted with the element of earth, just like her dad. Elyssia was happy that she had an element that she shared with one of her parents. So she wouldn’t be all alone.

Nothing wrong was apparent in her life until her family sat their three children down and decided to talk to them… nothing was good for them right now, while her parents didn’t want to do this, they needed to send the kids away to live their own lives. The parents are getting caught up with debt and they didn’t want their children to live that life. They wanted their children to live their lives at the fullest. They decided to let their kids move to somewhere where they know they will be safe however, or as safe as they can be however. Knowing their kids had Scottish blood in them, they decided to let the kids move to Scotland due to their nationality. While their children were saddened by this, they were reminded that they were no longer children, two of them were functioning adults, while the youngest one was in her late teens.

The three of them didn’t have much time, but it went much smoother than they expected, and within a month or so, the three siblings moved over to Edinburgh. During this time, Elyssia went to secondary school and even spent a few years in college. The subject she chose for college was illustration, but it… was boring, so boring to the point that was beginning to get depressed. She wanted to do something fun, exciting! Then… she remembered she was graduating from college in a month or so, then she was sure that everything was going to be over.

But it wasn’t… far from it. She was just doing the same boring thing all the time, her job was extremely… life-lacking too.

Depression finally hit at 24, she was just so sick of everything. She wanted to go back to how everything was with her family, back to when everything was carefree, back to them times when Disney dominated their lives. Then it hit her… she didn’t want to live in Scotland anymore, as much as she loved the countryside that Scotland had to offer, she wanted to go somewhere completely different. Something that was more… her. It had to have that oomph.

Then it hit her. She wanted to go to America. She wanted to experience new things for herself. So it was decided. If Elyssia wanted to go to America, then she will go to America. She will start fresh there, and try to do new and exciting things. She will try not make her life boring, because that is what caused her to be depressed in the first place.

So with this, the girl packed her bags at 25, and started to journey to Evermore City, by plane, of course.

Good: Logical, Intelligent, Understanding
Bad: Easily Depressed, Secretive, Gossip Lover

Davis Costa
Davis seems like a pretty decent guy. I was looking around for a certain place, but then some hooligans decided to make that nightmare fuel. Thanks to Davis though, I felt very much safe, and he accompanied me for the rest of the time I was in the area.

Aviana Evanhart
This lass is rather special, I regretted heading into town once, and this girl decided to come to me and help me, he became my tour guide of sort, and I am so very thankful for that.

Sierra Reigns
Where do I begin with this lassie?? She caught me while I was watching Disney films, outside, with a battery operated TV. Yes, she caught me with them.

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At 17:51 on July 25, 2018,
✓ Cedric Reigns

Here is your starter dear Red Panda Club Friend!

Help Wanted

At 1:17 on July 22, 2018,
✓ Kyle McCartan

Hi Elyssia!

Here's our forum that I promised to start!

Makeshift Beach Party

Hope it's good and looking forward to rping with you! :D

- Kyle

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At 19:47 on July 19, 2018,
✓ Katrina O'Sullivan

If you are ever up for a roleplay let me know ;) 

At 0:47 on July 12, 2018,
✓ Holland Emery

Hehe, anytime. Would you like a storyline? c:

At 22:54 on July 10, 2018,
✓ Holland Emery

Thank you so much for the banners & nicknames. I'm honestly in awe over the fact that your nickname is Disney. That is literally the best nickname by far on this site. I wanna be a Princess! :'3

At 19:20 on July 5, 2018,
✓ Cedric Reigns

Red Panda club...

At 20:51 on June 7, 2018,
✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~


At 20:29 on June 6, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Aiden Charles Hale

No worries, love. - take your time! <3

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