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You again. (Bexley + Evelyn)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Evelyn Stonewall Jan 6, 2021. 2 Replies

Evelyn was alone in the auto-shop. Festivities for…Continue

I was never there. (Open to Liam)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Liam Arbor Jan 4, 2021. 1 Reply

 Evermore City was the place Kiara had mentioned a lot. When Eve left and travelled around America, the one city she avoided was Evermore City. She knew about the Supernatural and she wanted to avoid…Continue


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Don't judge my crap profile pls

Evelyn Stonewall

#Shay Mitchell from Merry Christmas ya filthy animal 

Name: Evelyn Stonewall 

Nickname: Eve 

Age: 26 

Date of Birth: 1994. Unaware of specifics. 

Place Of Birth: America. Unaware of specifics. 

Residence: Apartment in the city 

Occupation: Mechanic. 

Species: Human 

Orientation: Bisexual 

Relationship status: Single  

Parents: No clue. 

Family: No clue.  

Build: Athletic 

Height: 5'8 

Scars: Multiple scars resembling lashes on her back. 

Tattoos: A small dove on her right wrist. 


#shay mitchell from Love in Vegas 

It's very hard for Eve to trust anyone. From the moment she could remember, all she knew was pain. Even when she was saved from the pain and taught to protect herself, Eve still struggled to trust, even leading her to run away from the person who only wanted to help her. Her best quality without a doubt is her determination. When she wants to get something done, you can bet she'll get it done. Even if it takes days or weeks, her ambition and determination combined always leads to positive results. She doesn't deal well with authority. In fact, she hates it. A quick way to get on her bad side is to tell her what to do. You'll quickly find her temper flaring and her being extremely rude with you. Her being abrasive with people hasn't helped her win many friends during her time roaming America. Yet, she welcomes it. It's best if people were to stay away from her because she feels she's too damaged and unworthy to have any kind of relationships. Eve is also extremely sarcasm and from the moment of meeting her, she will be distant and maybe even rude on occasion depending. 


Everything from her past before she was sold into the black market was a blur. Evelyn Stonewall was born in America but to parents she did not even know. She was never even sure if Evelyn was her name or if it was a name given to the people that held her captive from a young age. Being held captive by strangers in the black market who used her for experiments to test the human threshold and smacked her about like she was nothing but a piece of a dirt. Evelyn was often pushed to the extremes physically in performing tasks that would break young people, but she pushed through it, not allowing herself to give up to the sheer evilness of the people she would be sent to on a day-to-day basis. She saw people die and be tortured. She was forced to watch them and was even demanded to do some of the actions, but she always refused. She refused to fall under their authority every single time and in doing so, presented herself to be punished by them. All the scars that she had was all caused by what they had done to her every time he refused to follow under their orders.

They were attempting to make her fall in line, to turn her into some sort of soldier but her determination was always more than their need to make her into what they wanted. It got to the point where there were talks between the captors about possibly just ending her life but every time the idea had been put down since they needed to recoup what they had lost in their investment, so they began looking at other ways to make Evelyn do their bidding. Alas, came the day that they finally met someone who was willing to pay the price for the 18-year-old Evelyn. They had finally had enough of her. If they could, they would have killed her, but money was more important to them. Evelyn was sold, bought by someone with the name Kiara. The moment Evelyn met her; she was still cuffed. Kiara introduced herself to Evelyn and all Eve could do was spit onto the floor which her new captor stood.

#emily fields from this is an archived blog 

Evelyn did not trust her. She did not trust nobody. She had nobody. She knew no family and here she was, moving into the hands of a new captor like a piece of property. Kiara made her intentions clear from the start that she did not want to harm her, but all Evelyn ever did was look towards her with hatred. Eve would refuse to eat, refuse to drink, refuse to interact even though the new surroundings and conditions she was now in were a sign that Kiara only wanted to help.

Day after day Kiara wanted to help but Eve consistently said no. Until finally, Kiara made it clear that she had gone through a similar type of situation as she did, and no one could understand the pain she was in as much as she did. She offered Eve a new chance at life, rather than be stuck in her old one. Kiara also proceeded to reveal something that Eve had heard rumblings off when she was with her previous captors but never genuinely believed it to be true. Kiara revealing that she was a Valkyr was Eve’s first introduction to the supernatural. Eve was frightened for her life and it took her days to process this information. She constantly avoided Kiara, in fear that she would have attacked if she looked at her the wrong way now. Yet, for some reason, Evelyn felt safety around her too.

Eve accepted reluctantly, stating that she still did not trust her. Evelyn stayed under Kiara’s wing for 4 years. Learning how to attack and defend herself. Learning guns and improving her aim. She also learned how to be patient and to plan her attacks instead of rushing in like am amateur. She had become well-trained, enough to hold her own but she was nowhere near as skilful as Kiara was. Evelyn had also learnt about the various species in the supernatural world but vowed she would never become a Valkyr herself. She wanted to remain human and die a human, that way she felt she had control of at least something in her life.

What started to bother Evelyn was how close her and Kiara had become. Eve felt like she was able to trust Kiara and there laid the true problem. She did not want to trust Kiara even though she had taught Eve everything she knew. It scared her. She fought with herself, until finally, the day came where Eve wrote a note apologising for leaving, also for stealing one of Kiara’s cars. Evelyn could not allow herself to trust. Trusting was for the weak and she could not be weak. She would not allow her trust to be broken again and this was a way she could take power into her hands. 

#look at her from you. still you. 

The 22-year-old at the time had no idea where she was going but she was going to make a name for herself. All she was driven to do was make money working in illegal activities and taking jobs when people needed her for something.

For 2 years, all Evelyn did was travel around America, doing simple jobs. Such as repo jobs and theft. She tried to avoid any jobs that involved murder due to all Kiara had taught her. Evelyn did this as a way of respect, not because she feared doing the actual deed. Until one day, a contract landed for her. A job which involved her murdering for more money than she had ever gotten offered for this kind of work. This was life-changing money. She did not bother asking questions. She had all that she needed. The location and who the target was. Equipped with a pistol, she headed over to the location, apartment blocks south of Chicago. She could sense something was off. When she arrived in the apartment, the target was already dead. She thought that perhaps something had gone wrong. Someone else was given a contract or this guy was a big target in general. She got onto her knees, to examine where the bullet had struck, and it was clear who ever had executed this job was a professional. As she stood to her feet, ready to leave the crime scene, that is when her life changed forever. Two police officers had burst through the door and were pointing guns at her, demanding she drop her weapon. Without a moment’s thought, she sprinted towards the nearest window and jumped out, whilst the two police officers demanded she stop and shot warning rounds at her.

The moment she landed on the floor; she had clearly twisted her foot. She had become a suspect in a crime she was going to commit but did not. She quickly made it to her car and drove from the scene. She was smart enough to switch cars halfway out of the city so she could not be tracked but even then, she knew she was screwed.

The 24-year-old had gotten back to her ‘safe house’ and it had begun. Her face was on TV. A prime suspect in the murder. She knew what she had to do. She had to run.

On the run, she found it hard to talk to anyone. She began to hear a specific voice in her head who told her how much of a screw-up she was. The voice demanded control of the body and claimed they would go out in a blaze of glory, but she always fought the voice. Always. The voice was her own, but it was from the depths of her darkest nature. Always demanding control.

2 years later, Eve is 26 but she has finally arrived in a city she may be able to hide in for awhile should she not be made. Evermore City. 

#shay mitchell from zendayes 


She enjoys fixing up cars. When she wasn't taking up jobs with gangs, she found stress relief in finding cars and just fixing them up. Now that she wanted, she still needs to find a way to make money so she found an auto-shop that allows her to work there and doesn't recognise her. 

Eve loves dancing. Just hearing music and being able to forget everything through dancing is something she finds herself doing more times than not. 


Drinking - This has developed only recently but she has grown a like for the taste of bourbon. She's not an alcoholic, but given the current circumstances, a good glass of bourbon goes down easy. 

Smoking - This isn't often. She rarely touches a cigarette, but once in a while, you may find her smoking. It's not a need for her, she just does it because sometimes one needs to just relax. 



I'm open to anything in terms of plotting and threads! I love some good ol' drama so hit me with the drama pls. I'm open for threads atm so hit me up!! 

I was never there / Liam / Replied

When things get ugly / Sirius / Replied

You again./ Bexley / Started

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"She had remembered Bexley from their previous meeting. Truth be told, people that she met nowadays, Evelyn would just forget them soon after. The female before her had a face that the human could not forget. It wasn't often that she found…"
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"Bexley moved out of her home to Crane’s car. The only thing she had left of the Dhampir she formally loved, She had missed him deeply since he died but having something he loved as much as her. Helped fill a void. The problem is, she knew…"
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✓ Liam Arbor replied to ✓ Evelyn Stonewall's discussion I was never there. (Open to Liam)
"Liam didn't make it a point to get to know most people. He considered socialising with others to be a necessary evil of life, so those people that he frequently talked to were more like allies than anything else. All apart from his younger…"
Jan 4, 2021

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✓ Evelyn Stonewall replied to ✓ Sirius Othello Iordanou's discussion When Things Get Ugly. (Evelyn + Sirius)
"It was clear that her comment had set off the Celestial. Her hues were locked on the desk as he explained the dangers of his job. She sucked in her cheeks as he continued but once it was clear he had calmed down from the rant, she finally moved her…"
Jan 2, 2021

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You again. (Bexley + Evelyn)

Evelyn was alone in the auto-shop. Festivities for Christmas were in full force so there were hardly any customers that week. They were not the most popular auto-shop either because before Eve had begun working there, the reputation for the shop was not the best due to Ray’s laziness and unwillingness to do work. Hearing this made Evelyn surprised…See More
Dec 25, 2020

✓ Evelyn Stonewall replied to ✓ Sirius Othello Iordanou's discussion When Things Get Ugly. (Evelyn + Sirius)
"He was right. It was her operation and duty to make sure the package had reached its destination. Yet she got this feeling that someone had set her up. As much as she and Siri argued with each other every time they saw each other because of her…"
Dec 23, 2020

✓ Evelyn Stonewall replied to ✓ Sirius Othello Iordanou's discussion When Things Get Ugly. (Evelyn + Sirius)
" Evelyn was confident that she had been set up. How could something go so wrong so quickly? The ambush came out of nowhere and it had been perfectly set up. Her ambushers had struck as quickly as a snake. Evelyn had to leave behind the car that…"
Dec 22, 2020

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I was never there. (Open to Liam)

 Evermore City was the place Kiara had mentioned a lot. When Eve left and travelled around America, the one city she avoided was Evermore City. She knew about the Supernatural and she wanted to avoid them at all costs. Times have changed for her though. Being on the run constantly from the police had led her to Evermore City and even though she knew of the dangers that lurked around each corner in the city, she ironically felt a sense of safety from the police in the city. Her settling in the…See More
Dec 20, 2020

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