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✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio replied to ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio's discussion A Tour Around the City for the Lost Niveis (Open to Christian & Baekhyun)
"The warmth of the cafe was delightful as it was quite cold outside in the city today and he was glad to have a great coffee; even if he was Niveis, he still enjoyed the warm side of things sometimes. Sipping his caramel latte as he wandered over to…"
Mar 14

✓ Christian Abdiel Jeon replied to ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio's discussion A Tour Around the City for the Lost Niveis (Open to Christian & Baekhyun)
"Christian regretted that he let his brother Xiumin drag him out into the city last night and go to a club and get drunk. His whole body hurt and the lights in the house were not helping his hangover as they were actually making it worse and his eyes…"
Mar 12

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Mar 7

✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio posted a discussion

Turmoil of Emotions (Cameron & Baekhyun)

Evermore City, the warmer days were slowly coming as Spring was definitely on the way. It lead the elder Niveis to avoid the city as he much preferred the colder climate on the mountains but he has been missing Cameron and not only that his emotions were a mess. He wasn’t sure on his feelings towards Cameron and after several weeks of not seeing him since their encounter in the woods,…See More
Mar 7

✓ Kane Logan Crawford and ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio are now friends
Mar 7

✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio left a comment for ✓ Mirae Stormwind
"Hello Mirae!  Awfully sorry for not doing our starter. I will be getting around it in the next couple of days. Just had a bit on my plate.  ~Baekhyun "
Mar 5

✓ Daehyun Stormwind replied to ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio's discussion Morning Hunts (Open to Daehyun & Baekhyun)
"Daehyun didn't mean to come across as someone that is unapproachable. To him, seeing is believing and he wished there were a few who could see past this exterior he's holding up in front of him and come clean to it. He wasn't asking…"
Mar 4

✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio posted a discussion

A Tour Around the City for the Lost Niveis (Open to Christian & Baekhyun)

The elder Niveis decided to take an adventure to the city today as he hasn’t been able to have a chance of exploring the whole town. Most of the Niveis particularly stayed closer to the mountain tops to be more weary of other species who may strike an attack if they feel threatened by the newer species but in the end not everyone knows about them. The…See More
Mar 4

✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio replied to ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio's discussion Morning Hunts (Open to Daehyun & Baekhyun)
"Baekhyun once again nodded at the others words saying that it was just him being uptight like usual, but apologizing was something that he did often if he ever did cross a boundary but he knew what rank he laid at and didn’t want to intrude in…"
Mar 2

✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio replied to ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio's discussion Disastrous Shopping Trip (Anivia & Baekhyun)
"The night of the attack between the Initia’s and the Phoenix’s took place when he was younger and he couldn’t shake the memories away from that night even after so many centuries have long past. It was still fresh in his head, he…"
Mar 2

✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio and ✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon are now friends
Mar 1

✓ Daehyun Stormwind replied to ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio's discussion Morning Hunts (Open to Daehyun & Baekhyun)
"It wasn’t that Daehyun didn’t want to confide in anyone else but himself and limited few like Anivia and Rhydian, but the circumstances simply did not allow him to do so. He’s never been a rule breaker, believe it or not. That was…"
Feb 13

✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio left a comment for ✓ Cameron Cullen
"I miss you too. Sorry for being so inactive lately. Just been busy as study has picked up again. Inbox me if you wanna plot some more.  ~Baekhyun "
Feb 12

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Turmoil of Emotions (Cameron & Baekhyun)

Started Mar 7 0 Replies

Evermore City, the warmer days were slowly coming as Spring was definitely on the way.…Continue

A Tour Around the City for the Lost Niveis (Open to Christian & Baekhyun)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio Mar 14. 2 Replies

The elder Niveis decided to take an adventure to the city…Continue

Disastrous Shopping Trip (Anivia & Baekhyun)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Baekhyun Jin Yukio Mar 2. 2 Replies

Baekhyun was lucky enough to survive that night in the war, he could have easily been killed if it weren't for his anger that killed both of the initia's in place. The sudden loss of his mother's…Continue

Morning Hunts (Open to Daehyun & Baekhyun)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Daehyun Stormwind Mar 4. 13 Replies

It had only been a matter of a few days that the tribe decided to move to Evermore City, a town that…Continue

Profile Information

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❄Full Name: Baekhyun Jin Yukio❄
❄Nicknames: Baek or Jin❄
❄Real Age: 185 years old | Looks: 22 years old❄
❄Gender: Male | Sexuality: Bisexual❄
❄Date of Birth: December 15th❄
❄Species/Nationality: Niveis | Part Korean and Chinese❄
❄Face claim: Lee Ji-Hoon❄
❄Occupation: None as of yet❄
❄Residence: In the Mountain Tops with the Tribe❄
❄Rank: Member in the Niveis faction❄

❄Good Traits: Clever, Loyal & Understanding.❄

❄Bad Traits: Emotional, Opinionated & Possessive.❄

❄Build: Slender and fit❄
Hair Colour: Black❄
❄Eye Colour: Brown❄
❄Distinguishing marks: Icy marks on his wrists and the Icy Blue Phoenix ❄tattoo on his lower back, icy blue pattern on his shoulders where his wings grow out from❄

It was December 15th when the mother of an unborn child was having severe cramps in her pregnant belly, he water was broken and she screamed her husband Lang awake as well as the others there were in the household. Lang and Kyong were part of a tribe where they cared for one another; a group of phoenix’s that held powers that were strong enough to hold, the fire element was one of them. Kyong was panicked as she wasn’t sure how they pregnancy was going to go with having a baby phoenix in her belly. Coldren who was the leader of their tribe came inside to assist the child being born.

The screams continued as she proceeded to push the child out of her, the baby boy was stubborn to say the least. After 2 hours of labour, Baekhyun arrived into the mother’s arms and he was a healthy baby boy. The baby phoenix cooed and cried when he arrived and from that day Baekhyun was loved every single day and the tribe adored the little boy. The group of Phoenix’s were very protective when new arrivals came into the tribe, keeping them safe and making sure they were kept healthy. Coldren was pleased for Kyong and Lang and praised for their little baby boy.

Growing up for Baekhyun his parents were quite proud of him, he loved learning new things and communicating with the other kids that were in the tribe. One of his many favourite hobbies was reading and listening to music; he wanted to learn how to play the piano as he dreamed of being a pianist. The phoenix’s taught him about their species and how they can use their powers and the history of the phoenix’s; he was very intrigued by the phoenix’s and with that, he began to be taught on how to fight at a young age along with a few other kids. Coldren was impressed how far Baekhyun had came with his fighting skills, he was learning at a faster pace and was eager to know more and more when each day arrived.

At ten years old, he was able to use his fire powers and his wings; he began to take combat fighting seriously as he wanted to be able to control his fire elements. Inspired to become a great warrior, he followed Coldren’s orders and ways to fight. With lots of practice, he became better at it and Coldren was quite proud of the effort he was putting into the fighting. Unfortunately, the peace had broken out between their tribe as the Initia’s began to attack one another; as war spread out the young phoenix wanted to help out as he couldn’t keep still and he knew he was good at the fighting however the leader strictly told them to stay put as the young ones had to survive.

His mother and father gave him a kiss on the cheek before they fled to help the others, fighting the Initia’s off their land. He never understood why their species were being attacked, disobeying the rules and entering outside, he saw blood everywhere as well as dead phoenix’s. Anger boiled inside the 10 year old boy, his eyes narrowed when he saw his mother being attacked by one of the Initia’s; Kyong was trying to fight back but since she wasn’t a great fighter. Baekhyun didn’t see his father anywhere so with that, he ran over to them and used his fire element to push away the Initia but only then, the Initia had the water element and it distinguished his fireball. Growling, he made sure to put himself in front of his mother and began to attack the man himself. ‘’Get away from her, she’s my mother!’’ He screamed as he continued to attack him, using all of his strength that the young boy had.

It was in that moment when he was distracted by the Initia, another Initia from behind had killed Baekhyun’s mother. Pausing his actions and turned to see his mother that took her last breath, tears welled up in his eyes. Anger remained inside of him and he let out a piercing scream before he let his powers unleash themselves; killing both of the Initia’s in an instance. Once the two Initia’s went away and he immediately went over to his mother’s dead body, sobbing into her as he cradled her. ‘’Mummy,’’ he continued to cry over her before Coldren realized that one of the children was out of the house but saw that the kid had killed both of the Initia’s. Surprised, he made sure that Baekhyun was safely back inside the house.

After many hours of bloodshed and tears, the war was pulled to a stop and the group of Phoenix’s followed Coldren to Unyak where they were safe away from civilisation on an isle. He assumed that his father was dead as he didn’t return from the war, the tribe kept an eye on Baekhyun for some days before he realized that he was going to be okay although losing his parents was bad and not long after the nightmares started to begin when they started to live on the isle. After some years of living on the isle, he began to like the cold and the peacefulness.

When he was eighteen years old, the tribe leader Coldren rebirthed and was a completely new specie. Most of the tribe were surprised by this, hunger and power went through Coldren and changed all of his members including Baekhyun.  The rules of their tribe were changing slowly as Coldren’s personality began to change; many of the members couldn’t believe Coldren’s insanity that he was possessing and even Coldren’s daughter Anivia was distancing herself from the tribe and Baekhyun had noticed this.

Words came across to him that Anivia, the chief’s daughter was fighting against the Leader and although when he was a little kid he respected the chief but with his insanity, he began to hate him along with a few others of the tribe. He was ready to fight alongside with Anivia no matter if the man had taught him on how to use his combat skillfully. His warrior skills fought off Coldren’s men when Anivia began to attack him, letting the two sought out each other, screams left him when he fought off harder as the men were stronger than him but he made sure that they weren’t going to intrude either of them. Anivia had won successfully while Coldren was stabbed in the heart; the men that were on Coldren’s side fled without a trace.

Now that Coldren was no longer their tribe leader, he was curious to see how things were going to turn out.  Keeping close to the tribe and some other members parted ways as they wanted their own life. He wanted to keep close to the tribe as they were like family to him as he had no one else to run to and living with Anivia could be his guidance in the end. The tribe moved to a city named Evermore in Colorado; he wanted to still have a strong connection to the tribe as he didn’t want to be away from them. He wanted to be helpful in the tribe and sticking by them was one of them; he was able to live his own life without anymore chaos.

Morning Hunts (Daehyun & Baekhyun - Daehyun 4/03/2019) 

Disastrous Shopping Trip (Baekhyun & Anivia - Replied 2/03/2019)

A Tour Around The City For the Lost Niveis (Baekhyun & Christian - Started 4/03/2019)

Turmoil of Emotions (Cameron & Baekhyun - Started 7/03/2019)

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At 6:09 on February 9, 2019,
✓ Cameron Cullen

Miss you dearly Baek. Can't wait to see you again.



At 11:10 on January 17, 2019,
✓ Cameron Cullen

Why are you so surprised by the fact I stopped by? 

At 10:10 on January 17, 2019,
✓ Cameron Cullen

Thought I would stop by for a visit.

At 21:46 on January 8, 2019,
✓ Christian Abdiel Jeon

Hello, handsome! Nice profile!


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