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First Encounter {Lixue Hu & Justice Lovett}

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Lixue Hu Jun 29. 2 Replies

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Aug 18

✓ Lixue Hu replied to ✓ Yu-Ri Song's discussion Lunch Date!? (Yuri & OPEN 1-3 spots)
"Lixue had the day off work. Both at the flower shop and at the theater. Lately he had pulled extra shifts to make up for the week he took off a few months back. Now he was slowly making up for it. Luckily he had the day off and didn’t have to…"
Aug 5

✓ Lixue Hu replied to ✓ Lixue Hu's discussion First Encounter {Lixue Hu & Justice Lovett}
"When the scent didn't appear to move closer Lixue grew even more curious about what was happening. Gracefully letting himself fall from the tree he landed almost silently. A feat in itself, what with the small twigs and foliage surrounding the…"
Jun 29

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Jun 11

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May 26

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May 25

✓ Lixue Hu replied to ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~'s discussion Random RP Finder Opt In in the group RP Partner Finder
"Character Name: Lixue HuRP Comfort Level: 3 - 5 pars Taking new threads: Yes "
May 24

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May 23

✓ Lixue Hu posted a discussion

First Encounter {Lixue Hu & Open to 1 other.}

RP ScenarioLixue Hu is sleeping in a tree within Therianthrope Territory {The Woods} Everything is quiet and peaceful until the scent of fresh blood wakes him from his afternoon nap among the tree tops.  // I have no idea if this sounds okay or not. I figured I would try and see if I could make him some friends/ acquaintances. //           The gentle breeze that…See More
May 23

✓ Lixue Hu replied to ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~'s discussion Introduce Yourself *NEW*
"Greetings, my name is Lixue Hu, pronounced Lee-Shwey Hu. Yes I know it is technically a girls name, take it up with my mom. I get told I look a lot like Xiao Zhan, but I really don't see it. I am played by IceDragon. I am part of the…"
May 23

✓ Lucien Davenport ~Admin~ left a comment for ✓ Lixue Hu
"Hey IceDragon. Welcome to Evermore! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or anyone else on the mod/admin team. "
May 21

✓ Lixue Hu's Page

Name.Lixue Hu
Pronunciation.{lee-shwey; meaning 'beautiful snow'}
Nicknames.Lee, Lix, Lex, Lexy or Snow
Age.25 looks early 20's
Date of Birth.December 17th
Dating Status.Single
Dating History.None
Occupation.Florist/ Part Time Theater Costuming Assistant.
Hometown.Chongqing, China
Residence.Evermore City, Colorado
Parents.Human Mother & Omega | Ailuranthrope Father
Weight.142 lbs
Hair.Dark Brown/ Black
Eyes.Dark Brown/ Black
Scars.Faction Brand Tattoo
Tattoos/Marks.Faction Brand located on ?
Character Species.Therianthrope; Ailuranthrope
Star Sign.Sagittarius
Animal Form.White Tiger
Tiger Fur.White with Black Stripes
Tiger Eyes.Dark Brown/Black, Pale Blue when on a Full Moon or in, Intense Pain.
Clothes.Hanfu{Chinese} Styles, Modern and Traditional.
Face Claim.Xiao Zhan
— sayer, source.
Positive Traits: Empathetic | Gentle | Passionate | Caring | Loyal | Creative | Intelligent.

Negative Traits: Introverted | Distant | Temperamental | Lazy | Anxious | Stubborn | Submissive.

Likes: Quiet Serene Places | Nature | Gardening | Sweets | Soft Blankets | Sleeping | K-Pop

Loves: Animals | Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Iris's | Instant Ramen

Enjoys: Cooking/ Baking | Gardening | Sleeping Outdoors | Warmth

Skilled at: Sewing | Prop Design | Gardening

Dislikes: Crowds | Deep Water | Violence | Loud Noises | Being Woken Up | The Extreme Heat/ Cold | Asparagus

Hates: Being Randomly Touched/ Hugged | Spicy Food | Homophobia

Hobbies: Costume Design | Gardening | Baking | Reading | Theater

Habits/Quirks: Introverted | Hand-Fidgeting | Lip Biting | Subconsciously Purrs "Chuffs"

Addiction(s): Asian Drama's | Romantic Comedies | Sweets

Phobias(s): Drowning | Heights over 20 Feet | Small, Dark, Enclosed Spaces
Species Strengths:

Extended Life | All therianthropes have an extended life span usually around 2x that of a human.

Increased Senses | Increased strength, semi heightened hearing, increased healing speed ( Not fast enough to survive a fatal injury like decapitation), increased speed and increased agility.

Tracking | Using their increased sense of smell Therians are able to track people by their scent and can locate people within a large radius.

Strength In Numbers | Therianthropes are stronger when in a pack or around other therianthropes, same as they are stronger when working alongside an alpha and stronger when working alongside another subspecies. An alpha’s strength comes from the members of the pack and increases their alpha abilities.

Turning | A therianthrope can turn at will on any night but a new moon, on a full moon all therianthropes are forced to turn for the entire night. A therians's bite is only venomous on a full moon. All SLs involving a turning will have to be approved by Orion Valkyrie.

Ailuranthrope Strengths:

Shadowed Form | Ailuranthropes are able to take on a shadowed form where their form becomes translucent much like the appearance of a shadow, this helps them to move undetected through the night. However this form cannot be used for combat since it's a stealth technique.

Balance | Ailuranthropes are naturally gifted in balance and can balance across small surfaces with little hindrance allowing them to escape through routes others would not be able to follow.

Climbing | Ailuranthropes have a naturally enhanced grip, allowing them to climb vertical surfaces without losing grip and falling, while climbing Ailuranthropes are capable of moving at enhanced speeds too.

Retractable Claws | In their human form Ailuranthropes are able to grow and retract the same claws available to them in animal form, such claws can be used as a weapon or to enhance their grip when climbing.

Species Weaknesses:

Magic | All therianthropes regardless of their current form are affected and weak to any form of magic.

Mortality | Although therianthropes have increased healing they still feel pain and decapitation of the head will result in death. They can also be killed by old age, terminal illnesses and fatal wounds to the chest and head. Despite their prolonged life they aren’t immortal by any means.

Silver | Therianthropes are naturally weak to silver and having silver in their system will cause the therianthrope to be unable to heal properly, injecting silver into the bloodstream is considered agonizing and has in the past been a popular torture method.

Wolfs-Bane | the herb plant can make them physically weak over time and burns to physical touch, Therianthropes who have wolfs-bane in their system will not die however they will lose their ability to use their abilities and it will also have physical toll.
Lixue Hu was born 25 years ago on a crisp December morning to a single mother. Lixue never knew whom his dad was and he stopped asking once he saw how much it hurt his mother to talk about the man. His mother was a young human woman who had just started collage when she fell in love with a young man who just so happened to be passing by. A lone cat among the Ailuranthrope. The two had grown very close, very quickly which ended up with his birth nine months later. His father was present for the first nine months of his life, but than he left. Saying that he just couldn't stay in one place for long. He did disclose what he was to Lixue's mother because of the fact that Lixue would have inherited his Ailuranthrope genes.

Lixue didn't have an incomplete childhood though. It was actually quite warm and loving. His mother spoiled him and loved him with all her heart and he felt that. Sure he was curious about his father, what kid wouldn't be, but he didn't need to know. It wasn't a pressing matter for Lixue. At least that was what he thought until his first change. It was the most painful and terrifying experience of his young life. Luckily his mother had known a bit about him earlier on and had the time to research and get in contact with the appropriate people. She was not equipped to handle him when he turned, but she would try to make everything as smooth and painless as possible for him. Thankfully during her years of research she was able to find the faction.

With the help of others like Lixue he was able to feel and grow into himself a lot more. Not that his mothers love wasn't enough but it was a tough go. Being a single mother was hard, being a single mother with a were-cat child was probably impossible. The branding was scary for Lixue, he didn't have a good tolerance for pain and wasn't overly aggressive about anything. Being mostly a mild, laid back and quiet individual. His Beta status was not easy to understand either. Especially since his father had been an Omega. School was also interesting growing up, he never had many friends because of his quiet nature. He was teased but never bullied. When he ended up going to collage he started to shyly reach out more in order to form friendships. Understanding that it wasn't normal to hermit himself away in a den somewhere.

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Hey IceDragon. Welcome to Evermore! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or anyone else on the mod/admin team. 

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Welcome to site! I’m Caleb, and I am a mod here. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or you would like to write. 


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