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~Who am I? - The Girl Behind Illiana Dimitreu~

Posted on December 10, 2017 at 20:00 0 Comments

Hola! So the girl behind Illiana Dimitreu is.....-does a dramatic drumroll- Amber Paige - le gasp- das me! I am currently 17 years old and my birthday is on the 19th February (which I totally don't use for all my…


Journal Entry | 21st May 2017

Posted on May 21, 2016 at 14:29 0 Comments

~21st May 2017 - 21.04.2017~

Dear Diary,

Six months. That’s how long the peace treaty has been intact. That’s how long it has been since the Ambassadors of the factions in Evermore City had signed the treaty. Not many thought that it would’ve happened, that at least one or two of the ambassadors wouldn’t want peace throughout the species that…


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Baby Appointment No.1 {Draco & Illiana}

Started 11 hours ago 0 Replies

2 months. 8 weeks. 56 days...That is how long it had been since the married couple had found out the news that Illiana was pregnant with their first child. Since then, the time flew before the Nephilim's eyes and before she even knew it, her first…Continue

A Little Cousin Bonding Time {Tatiana & Illiana}

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Tatiana Ivakov on Thursday. 3 Replies

Since her marriage to Draco, returning from Italy and starting up work again, Illiana had been meaning to make more time for her family but it never seemed easy when work took up most of the Nephilim's time. She knew it was no excuse, before she…Continue

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21/989 | Melissa Benoist | Nephilim - Ailward Guard

Full Name: Illiana Amaris d'Fierro née Dimitreu
Nicknames: Illi, Ana, Liana
Place of Birth: Isle of Skye
Date of Birth: 19th February 1029
Residence #1: House in Human Faction
Residence #2: Ailward Manor
Occupation: Ailward Guard Commander
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married to Draco d'Fierro

Build: Slim, Athletic
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Blue with Purple Tints
Distinguishing Pieces of Jewellery: Wedding Ring, Engagement Ring
Distinguishing Marks: White Nephilim Scars, Ailward Guard Tattoo on Lower Back, Feather Tattoo on Neck, Angel Wings Tattoo on Left Wrist, Quote on Collarbone, 3 Birds on Right Hand, Anchor on Right Wrist, Matching Harry Potter Tattoo with Draco

The Good:
Determined - Doesn't give up easily and will continue on until she has what she wants.
Caring - Has a soft and caring side, she easily understands people and gets along with mostly anyone.
Hopeful - Sometimes sets her hopes quite high and most times it proves to be a good decision. She is always hoping for the best outcome in situations.
Adaptable - Can easily adapt to new situations, which comes useful when being an Ailward Guard and moving around so much.
Adventurous - Can be quite adventurous when she wants to be, wanting to explore and just see where life may take her.
The Bad:
Cautious - Can be very cautious at times, wanting to think the situation over as to not make any problems.
Reserved - Slow in showing her emotions when surrounded by people she doesn't know as to not give away her weaknesses.
Stubborn - Can be fairly stubborn sometimes when it comes to something not going her way.
Vague - Can be quite vague at times, not wanting to give everything away.

Born to Vladimir Dimitreu and Octavia Dimitreu-Ivakov, Illiana grew up with the Dimitreu’s and Ivakov’s as her family, as well as both the Ailward Guards and Aspects. From the moment she was born, she was surrounded by loved ones and that never changed throughout her time growing up on the Isle of Skye. Illiana took after her mother, both in looks and species. She was constantly being reminded just how much they looked alike. Illiana and her mother shared the same golden blonde hair, before Illiana's grew darker as she grew older to a shade similar to her fathers, but she kept the same deep sapphire blue eyes with the hint of purple flecks just like her mothers; an almost spitting image of a younger version of her mother which Illiana was pleased to know. She loved her mother very much and knew that no matter what happened between the two of them, it would always remain that way.

After being taught to walk and talk, Illiana was taught by her mother and many others in the Guard in how to protect herself from danger if needed when she was out in the world once she was older. She practised her skills as fighter and over time, Illiana grew well accustomed to the gifts that came along with being a Nephilim, using them in her training. She trained like the others once she was old enough to understand what the threat was and after seeing many of her family members completing missions successfully, Illiana knew she wanted to follow in their footsteps and help the world become a better place than what it was. She wanted to be part of the greater cause they were pushing to get, Illiana wanted to be an Ailward Guard; just like the family that surrounded her.

Growing up, Illiana took many lessons to learn about the world as it truly was and not what many humans believed it to be like. She grew up learning about the supernatural, taking in as many details as she possibly could from the library provided on the Isle of Skye so she could be prepared for when she came of age to provide her service to the Ailward Guard, much like her parents and the rest of her family; blood related or not seeing as both Ailward's alike had become her family through the years. Illiana was inspired to follow in their footsteps, knowing that what they were doing as well as the rest of the Guards and Aspects, was the right thing to do in an attempt to create peace in a world full of many different supernaturals.


Throughout the rest of her childhood life, Illiana would be taken with her parents or her older step-brother Josh when they went around the world to complete tasks given to them by the Commander of the Guard or just in general when her parents decided to get away from the Isle. Every time she left the protections the Isle offered and ventured further out into the world, Illiana would always find herself completely fascinated with the world outside of the Isle of Skye and what it was truly like instead of what she’d been told or what she’d seen in books from illustrations at the Isle's library. To her, everything was so much better once she’d seen it with her own eyes; the colours more vibrant, the detail ever so accurate. Illiana was able to remember every detail perfectly and it always put a smile on her face when she remembered.

From the many places she'd been to throughout her childhood, Illiana would always request to visit back years later to see the differences. Being an immortal had its perks. She was able to see the buildings change and the countries to grow, more people to come along and for new things to be created. Illiana loved it all and it was no secret to the rest of her family that she loved to travel and see the world; to have a adventure full of everything she ever dreamed off - love, danger and happiness. It was her most wanted desire from the age where she knew she wanted to fulfill her dreams and she hoped that one day, whether it be soon or centuries into the future, that it would happen.

Illiana soon turned to sketching and reading during her free time once she was old enough, the two hobbies becoming important to her over time as she progressed on her drawings and art work. She took the time to add every detail down to the last spot in her drawings, making the pictures come to life with her careful strokes of the charcoal and every so often, colour paints she'd collect during her time away from the Isle. When she wasn’t drawing, Illiana could be found with a book in hand in the library and when she wasn’t doing either of those things, she was doing anything she could to help the Guards and Aspects in their mission.


Continuing on through the years, Illiana did the same as she always would. She'd train with the older Guard members or with her family before switching it up and reading for a while in the library, tucked away in a corner with a blanket on one of the armchairs. After a while of reading, she'd go to her drawings or painting. She'd grown to drawing people and would often draw her family members or the Ailwards, sometimes sitting away from the inside of the castle they lived in and changing it to the outside, where'd she draw the old building and the nature surrounding it. This would repeat day to day, either in the same order or mixing it up a bit with a few extra activities.

It was after Illiana turned 21 that she decided to join the Guard. She'd trained for many years beforehand and decided to join when she believed she was ready for the sudden change in her life which she was. The young Nephilim was ready for what was to happen, knowing that no matter what, she would stick to the code the Aspects embodied for as long as she lived until their goal of peace was reached. Illiana was proud to take the tattoo of the dragon on her body, deciding to have the permanent black ink placed on her back where not only would she represent the Ailward Guard but also the person she had become by having the dragon tattoo below her Nephilim scars; both representing who she was in different ways: the Guard for who she had become and the dark scars for who she had always been.

For many years after, Illiana took on every mission she could in attempt to reach their goal and though there were some failures, the successes easily took over. Illiana always had hope that they would achieve what they were aiming for and that hope never faltered over the years, instead giving other people hope too that they would reach their target. It was her hope and her reassurance that earnt Illiana her immortality amulet, which she received many years after she first joined her family in the Guard.

Draco d'Fierro | Phoenix - Ailward Guard
Husband | 22 | Chris Wood
DRALLIANA SINCE 22.06.2016 & 10.08.2018
Illiana and Draco first met in a coffee shop a few years ago when Draco had first moved to Evermore City to be with his family. They quickly grew closer and soon enough Draco asked Illiana to be his girlfriend. Within a few months, the pair was living together before Draco then proposed a year after they first got together to which Illiana said yes. Another year further down the line, and instead of a big wedding like they had originally planned, the two eloped to Italy to get married. On the 10th August 2018, Illiana and Draco were married in Rome, Italy. Over two months after their marriage, Illiana revealed to Draco that she was pregnant and a month along. The two were overjoyed by the news, excited to become parents to a little d'Fierro.

Octavia Ivakov-Dimitreu | Nephilim - Ailward Guard
Mother | 25/1145 | Jennifer Morrison
Illiana has always been close to her mother ever since she was a young child. She looked up to her, especially with knowing everything she had been through when she was younger as well as being an Ailward Guard. They continued to stay close as Illiana grew up and joined the Guard herself. ~More to be added~

Vladimir Dimitreu | Phoenix - Ailward Guard
Father | 35/1043 | Ryan Reynolds
~To be added~

Gabriel Dimitreu | Instar Diviner - Ailward Guard
Brother | ??? | Grant Gustin
~To be added~

Aurelia Ivakov | Vampire - Ailward Guard
Aunt | ??? | Laura Vandervoort
~To be added~

Tatiana Ivakov | Dhampir - Ailward Guard
Cousin | ??? | Caity Lotz
~To be added~

Valentine Dimitreu | Lycanthrope - Ailward Guard
Cousin | ??? | Meghan Ory
~To be added~

Theodor Dimitreu | Initia - Ailward Guard
Uncle | ??? | Daniel Gillies
~To be added~

Sierra Reigns aka Stephanie Tanner | Initia
Friend | ??? | Josefine Frida Petterson
~To be added~

Siobhan Leslie aka Kimmy Gibbler | Nephilim
Friend | ??? | Lili Reinhart
~To be added~

~To be added~

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