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Profile Information

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NAME: Logan Elijah Reeves
NICKNAMES: Lo, Log, Log-head
DOB: July 21st
SPECIES: Therianthrope (half-blood Lycanthrope)
OCCUPATION: Forensics Lab Employee For The ECPD
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore City, Colorado (Mansion in the Therian Woods)
HOMETOWN: Evermore City, Colorado
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
Outer Skin

BUILD: Athletic
HEIGHT: Six foot
WEIGHT: one hundred and Ninty pounds
HAIR: Black tends to do what it wishes
EYES: Green
WOLF FUR: Deep Black Fur
WOLF EYES: Glowing Blue/White
FACECLAIM: Tyler Hoechlin
TATTOOS: Therian Tattoo centre of his back, A sunflower tattoo for Tori on his side.
HANDEDNESS: Right hand.
SCENT: Musk of a wolf, and sometimes smells like chemicals cause of his job.

The Inner Howl

POSITIVE TRAITS: Driven, knowledgeable, open-minded and generous
NEGATIVE: Critical, quarrelsome, withdrawn and impulsive
HOBBIES: Working out, Training Lana, Studying science
SKILLS: Forensics Science
DEMEANOR: Logan is a secret Cinnamon roll who believes he is much smaller then he is. He often gets stuck in small places.

Howling the night away

Not just a bite
Also a smart mind

Some think your parentage is important to the person you’ll become. That couldn’t be farther than true when it comes to Logan Reeves, the Lycan boy who wasn’t wanted. Logan’s biological mother was a high school student who got in too deep with her English teacher and got into a situation neither wanted. She didn’t even know she had been pregnant, maybe she just ignored the signs or was hoping it wasn’t true, no one can say for sure. What can be said is she ended up going into labour in the bathroom at prom, not wanting the child or the responsibilities and questions which would come with him. At the moment his mother was trying to figure out exactly what to do with him another girl walked into the bathroom.

The girl in question was named Aubrey Reeves and her face drained of colour as she looked over the scene before her. Logan’s mother was going to find a way to get rid of him but Aubrey wouldn’t allow that to happen and said she would take responsibility for the baby. For a teenager, it was a huge responsibility to take on and a heavy secret to hold but when Aubrey held the baby in her arms it was a price she was willing to pay. No matter what scrutiny might befall her she wanted to do the right thing.

Everyone began to judge Aubrey harshly and even her parents kicked her out saying if she thought she was enough of an adult to have a child she was enough of one to provide for herself. With no choice, she dropped out of high school to work full time at a convenience store and provide for herself and her son whom she named Logan. From the moment she first held him she knew that anything she needed to do in life for him she would. Logan would have a life where his mother accepted and supported him even if that took everything she had.

As Logan grew he was always enveloped in the warmth of his mother’s love, however, he wasn’t always warm. His mother worked three jobs but she couldn’t always keep the lights on and the power going no matter how hard she tried. There were nights when Logan and his mother would sit in the living room with only candlelight as she would make up stories to tell him. They would play little games and often step out in the city walking around and seeing things they couldn’t afford making promises that one day they would be able to afford such things. The luxuries in life for Logan consisted of hot showers more than ten minutes and meals that consisted of meat more than cheap ground beef and borderline mouldy bread.

When Logan started school the teachers seemed to be afraid of his living situation since they could tell he was slightly undernourished and there were some days he wore the same clothes his mom not always able to get to the laundromat. At first, his teachers were worried until they began to fully realized and understand the situation. Some judged Aubrey but others wanted to help and offered what they could some buying Logan lunch or offering a place to do laundry with no charge.

The neighbourhood they lived in became rougher with each passing year and it became harder for Aubrey to keep her son from knowing exactly what was done in the neighbourhood. There were many who made or dealt drugs, people offering them to her young son when he was in middle school. To most “Say no to drugs,” was just some lame saying but it was words Logan had learned and learned well over the years having kept his grades up despite his home situation. Even as a middle schooler Logan knew he wanted more from life than the run-down place he and his mom called home and he wanted her to be able to stop working so many jobs.

When Logan was fifteen on the stipulation that his grades didn’t suffer he was allowed to get a part-time job after school at a local fast food joint. The pay wasn’t all that great and the hours were questionable but he was a hard worker and began to make more than many who worked there before him because he had no problem putting in the time and work. Many began to come in just to see him instead of eating the greasy food and to give him words of encouragement as far as school went. He was always kind and tried to help others when he could, his kindness was used against him one night when a man came in to rob the restaurant and shot and killed the owner and put a bullet in his leg.

Logan would have bled out if not for the fact that an EMS worker stopped in nightly for her coffee and found him on the floor, face pale and breathing shallow. Logan woke up in the hospital many hours later his mother sleeping the chair next to him holding his hand in hers. Giving it a gentle squeeze he watched as she began to stir, as she looked at him she wiped away the trail of tears rolling down her cheeks and wrapped her arms around him. After a few days in the hospital, he was released and attended physical therapy, if he had any hopes of being an athlete before those dreams would have been crushed but that wasn’t him. What Logan loved was science and the pursuit of knowledge. Even though his time in the hospital and mental and physical therapy sessions he maintained a solid 4.0-grade average.

Everything in Logan’s life was going great, his grades were where they should be, he got another job at a clothing store and was dating Tori Lackey who was equally enthralled with science. His mother only had to work two jobs which were a first in a long time. Even as a junior in high school he was already offered a scholarship to Caltech which made it so there wasn’t a lot of stress in saving money. The scholarship would only cover so much but it would be enough and Logan refused to let his mom work herself to the bone for his future when he could earn the money himself he just needed to keep his grades up so he kept his scholarship heading into his senior year.

As he started his senior year life was perfect, well as perfect as it could be since he still lived in a crappy neighbourhood where people thought being a drug dealer was a reputable occupation. It was something that still tempted Logan from time to time but he knew the life he promised his mother and himself and this wasn’t it. So he continued working hard to get what he wanted only stepping away from work and study on rare occasions to have the social life he was sorely lacking, Tori often teasing him over the subject.

It was one such night when Tori had talked him into attending a party near the woods that everything changed. The party itself was fine even if Logan was a bit socially awkward and his conversations tended to end with the other person walking away he still tried. Tori at least kept him company from time to time since she was the more social of the two fluttering her social butterfly wings as she worked the crowd. Instead of drinking alcohol he just drank soda allowing Tori to enjoy the night and drink to her heart's content. As the night ended Logan was pouring Tori into his car and chuckling slightly at her drunken off the wall comments before she finally drifted off to sleep in the passenger seat as he drove her back towards her parent’s place.

Partway home a large animal ran out into the road and Logan jerked the wheel hard to miss the beast but in the process lost control the car flipping and sliding across the asphalt. Both were wearing their seat belts but Tori was killed on impact when her head slammed against the passenger window. Logan was knocked unconscious from his head colliding with the airbag, his leg broken and glass littering his skin like dangerous confetti having cut him up bad. The animal he had avoided was an on the run Lycan, upon seeing the crash he made a judgement call and ran back digging his teeth into Logan’s arm before dragging him out of the vehicle and into the light of the full moon.

When Logan awoke he was in the hospital handcuffed to the bed, the room empty. The longer he laid in the bed in the quiet room the more he began to remember about the night of the party and swerving to miss something but that was all. Looking down at the cast surrounding his leg he reached up with his free hand and touched his face feeling how sore it was one of his eyes nearly swollen shut. When the door opened he expected Tori, his mother or a nurse, he didn’t expect it to be an ECPD officer. Through his drugged up state he was forced to answer questions about the accident which he didn’t understand, they asked if he had been drinking and what caused the accident and he answered honestly. What he didn’t expect to be told was that Tori hadn’t survived and he broke down the officer being forced to continue the questioning later.

After a week in the hospital, he was put on house arrest pending trial for manslaughter. During this time he didn’t even try to come up with a defence and his mom couldn’t afford a lawyer. While Logan was forced to stay at home his mom did something she had never done, she went to meet with his biological mother who was now married to a powerful lawyer in the city. She reminded his biological mother what she had done for her all those years ago and asked for nothing then and now all she wanted was someone to represent her son. An agreement was made and when Logan stepped foot into the courtroom he said nothing allowing his lawyer to take control. The jury could tell he was a broken man and had truly cared about Tori and in the end, they found him not guilty.

When the trial ended Logan returned home but he still held no motivation to do anything and wouldn’t even leave the house. When the next full moon came around he felt a pull within him and left the house for the first time in months, when the moonlight touched his skin pain radiated from him and spread through his body. Every bone felt like it was breaking and he almost blacked out before it was over and stood on padded paws in the same form as the animal he had nearly hit a month prior. Not sure what to do he allowed instinct to take over and ran through the woods finding other creatures such as himself running free as well. The others were playful and nudged or bowled him over the three playings back and forth as the night wore on.

Awaking the next morning he was greeted with a new pair of clothes and those before him began to explain what he now was. It would have seemed impossible if he hadn’t felt the transformation himself the night before. Logan felt as if he were part of something greater as he spent the day with the pack and learned a lot about what he now was and it gave him something new to focus on. Returning home his mom was surprised to see the lighter mood in her son having no idea of the change which had occurred within him. A change had also occurred in Logan’s biological mother but neither was aware of it at the time.

Many viewed Logan differently after what happened and school became a hard thing to complete but he managed since the school board understood the things which had kept him from school. Caltech, however, was not as understanding and his scholarship was revoked leaving him no way to pay for college. Graduating with the rest of his class he was accepted to the local University which was better than nothing and trained with the Lycan pack and became part of the community. Starting work as a pharmacy tech part-time he was able to work with a bit of science and help people as well. College went by pretty fast for Logan, the young Lycan grateful for the fact that it kept his brain occupied.

After graduating college he went to work for ECPD in the forensics lab surprised that they would take him, unaware of his biological mother’s pull and influence. That was something he didn’t notice for years until an estate lawyer came to see him, it seemed that his biological mother and her husband had been killed in a car accident and though Logan had no direct connection they left him everything with the stipulation that he becomes the legal guardian of his half-sister Lana whom he had never met. It seemed a small price to pay for the keys to the castle so to speak and he filled out all the necessary paperwork and moved himself and his mother into their new home.

At first, Lana was incredibly cold towards him but he couldn’t fault her for since they had never met and now he was going to be living there and be her guardian. The first few months were rough and he caught a strange scent off her which was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. It wasn’t until one of the lycan pack came over that he understood what it was, Lana was a born kitsune her father having been a kitsune. Though the branches of the species were different Logan began to prepare her for the things to come when she reached maturity. Lana finally began to open up and he took on a more brotherly role than parental role only bring that out when necessary.

Both Logan and Lana remained as part of the community, Lana being taught by the kitsune and kept out of the infighting in the city. When the Peace Treaty was signed things calmed down including work but both Lana and Logan continued their training unsure of when the city might take a turn again.


Lana Jepson | Therian | Half-sister
After the death of his mother and Lana's father. Logan was sought out to take care of his half-sister he never knew he had. He agreed and gained a life he never thought he would have.
Nadiya Delca| Valkyr | Best Friend
Story to come.

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