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" When the time comes you will find the one you are meant to be with."

Name: Jacob Crawford

Nicknames: Jake, Give him more.

Age: looks 32 and is 38

Species: Kitsune-pure blood; Tails: five

Family: Only claims the species

Face Claim: Taylor Lautner 

Many say that your parents are a huge part of the person you become and if that’s true then Jacob Crawford managed to beat those odds however in order to understand why you first have to understand where he came from. Melissa Matthews was born the daughter of Jackson Matthews, the alpha of a Kitsune pack in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Christopher Crawford was born as a pack member to a Kitsune pack that lived outside of the city but in his teenage years had earned the respect of his pack and when he came into adulthood he challenged the alpha of his pack and took what seemed to be his true place.

Melissa was set to marry the alpha of a local Lycan pack which would bring peace to the two packs, the Lycans often picking fights with the Kitsune within her pack. Jackson Matthews was a man who always looked for the solution to problems and his daughter was the solution since she was beautiful, intelligent, and had caught the eye of Lucas Taylor, the alpha of the Lycan pack. When Lucas met with Jackson he told the old Kitsune that if he wanted peace his daughter would marry him and Jackson agreed.

The issue came from the fact that Melissa had secretly been seeing Christopher Crawford for years, the alpha of a Kitsune pack on the outskirts of the city. The pack was small but it was loyal and one Christopher was proud of. One night Melissa showed up at his house in a panic which was unusual since she often had a level head about her, very little bothering her. Melissa had taken a pregnancy test when something within her wasn’t feeling like it should and sure enough, the little pink symbol which had stared her in the face was a plus sign. Voicing this new twist to their already messed up situation, Christopher only saw one solution, and the next day they were married at the Ruidoso courthouse his pack standing with him, sadly no one was there to support Melissa.

To say Melissa’s father was furious was an understatement and Lucas was far from okay with the turn their plans had taken. The Lycan lashed out at Jackson’s pack intentionally injuring and attacking strays in a three-month time period and doing the same to Christopher’s pack. It was obvious to all involved that Lucas’s pack was stronger and larger than both of the Kitsune packs together and though they were faster and far more sly they were losing the battle. All of a sudden the attacks stopped and the Lycan pack seemed to disappear from the Ruidoso area and both Kitsune packs released a collective sigh of relief.

Jacob Crawford was born in the dead of winter to two parents who couldn’t have been happier to welcome their child into the world. The sound of his young screams music to their ears as Melissa held Kane to her as Christopher wrapped an arm around her as they laid in the hospital bed after. For the first time, Jackson actually became a part of their lives wanting to be part of his grandson’s life even if he resented the way things had worked out. The child after all was innocent and still his family. As Jacob began to grow and reach the toddler stage there was still no sign of the Lycan’s returning, the false sense of peace causing the kitsune to become lazy in their training no longer feeling like they had anything to protect themselves from.

For three years there was peace until the Lycan’s returned, it seemed that unbeknownst to anyone Melissa had made a pact with Lucas. If the Lycan gave her three years she would keep to her word, but only if he could best Christopher in a fight. Upon his return, Lucas didn’t waste a moment before challenging the other alpha and Christopher fell into the trap not realizing what his wife had done in order to buy them the years of peace. Both men painfully transformed into their animal forms, the wolf larger than the fox. As the fight began Christopher easily held the advantage and outmaneuvered the wolf but unlike Lucas, he hadn’t spent years training having any idea that this day would come. Using the kitsune’s ability to blind an opponent to his advantage he was able to keep just out of striking distance until Lucas managed to land a lucky swipe right across his face blood blinding him.

This spelled the beginning of the end for Christopher as the larger wolf grabbed him by the back leg and easily slung him around before going for his throat and pinning him to the ground. There were two options, Christopher could continue to fight and die or he could concede. His eyes met those of his son’s and the fight drained out of him since he knew it was unlike Lucas would allow his son to live should he be killed. Christopher conceded and with his submission, his pack became Lucas’ and the Lycan took his mate before banishing Christopher and his son from Ruidoso. The two male Crawfords were given twenty-four hours to vacate the city and in that way, they didn’t have time to pack much and were leaving as dusk painted the evening sky the next day.

Christopher kept driving and driving his mind on all of what he had lost instead of what he still had as his son slept unknowingly strapped into his booster seat in the back of the car. The elder Kitsune didn’t stop the car until he reached the border of New Mexico and Arizona, stopping at a motel in the tiny town of Duncan, Arizona. A few days of staying in the dot on a map turned into a few years as Christopher drank away his saving. His son, Kane, becoming the parent as he cared for his father in his drunken stupors despite his small size and young age. It was an everyday occurrence and Jacob grew up far faster than he should have in order to take care of himself and his father. At seven he was already able to cook and do laundry, he walked by himself to school and then home again. The only reason he stopped doing the grocery shopping was that the store owner was beginning to get suspicious and he didn’t want to go into a home which was what his father said would happen if anyone found out the truth.

Throughout elementary school, Jacob absorbed as much information as he could and was very outgoing and social since the only person he had to talk to at home was his father who was normally either drunk or passed out. Often times Jacob would come home to his father crying over memories of a mother that Jacob could barely remember. The young kitsune thought of her often and though he couldn’t see a face there was a feeling of warmth and love. Every time Jacob thought of his father though there was a cold disconnect despite the fact that he was closer to his father than anyone but even at a young age he resented his father. Where his mother happened to be was something he often wondered but his father never gave him an answer the elder Kitsune just looking at Jacob with a sad expression.

None of the teachers at Jacob's school had ever seen his father and everyone was beginning to get far too curious for the young kid’s liking. Thankfully for a short time, his father was able to sober up and things were great for about a month until they weren’t anymore. Jacob had barely gotten used to his father being more than a drunk when he fell off the wagon again spilling the secret of what caused his mother to no longer be a part of his life. The young kitsune was so broken when he found out that his mother had betrayed his father and chose not to be a part of his life. From that point on Jacob no longer felt like he was worth anything, his mother had a new life and his father refused to be a father and fully be here with him. The young kitsune’s grades began to drop since he no longer paid very much attention in class nor to anyone else for that matter, after all, he was just going to turn into his father, right?

The school noticed his grades slipping and called his father many times to try and discuss the issue however his father would get angry and hang up every time. Falling in with the wrong crowd was easy for Kane since they seemed to accept and understand him. The young kitsune began to get into a lot of things he shouldn’t, taking on a quick temper and violent tendencies and getting into a lot of fights. The rumors spreading through the small town like wildfire since Kane was only sixteen at the time. All of that changed however when Kadrin moved into town, her family was from California and she was used to a faster-paced life. The young woman was human but she had a strong spirit about her not allowing anyone to make her feel like less than she was, including Jacob.

Kadrin became the first person in a long time to see past the facade Jacob lived behind. Having come from a big city she was used to seeing people like Kane who ran from their past and the life they had. For that first time, someone was willing to sit down with him and just listened and allow him to vent. There was so much that Jacob hated about his life including the care he had to take with a father who seemed to hate him, Jacob being the lone reminded of a marriage that ended in disaster. The main thought he had was the fact that his mother hadn’t wanted him and thought he couldn’t explain everything to Kadrin she seemed to understand the general idea of it all. For the first time, someone told him he was wanted and Jacob found himself falling for her hard. The two were able to find a safe place in one another which was far from the messed up lives they truly lead. Drugs and alcohol became a thing of the past and Jacob even began to get into fewer fights which was a surprise to everyone in town.

When the pair graduated they remained together, Kadrin commuting to the community college a few towns over every day while Jacob worked at the local grocery store. Given how hard school had been for him he couldn’t see paying to go back, it just wasn’t for him despite how Kadrin tried to talk him into it. His job was enough to support himself but not his father’s habit which leads them to many fights but at the end of the day he could lay in the bed of his truck bed with the girl he loved and look up at the stars. The only time Kane wouldn’t be close to Kadrin was the full moon unsure of when his first transformation would come. It seemed that the gene may have skipped him until one night when he was driving home from the store he was hit with such an intense pain he had to pull over.

The moment he was out of the truck he could feel it taking over and he had no control over his body as he stumbled towards the small crop of trees by the road. The kitsune didn’t get very far before he doubles over and released an agonizing screaming which slowly began to morph into a yelping howl as his bone began to painfully break and reform. Despite knowing what he was his entire life he could never have prepared himself for the reality of his first transformation. It seemed to last for hours but he was sure it was only a matter of minutes. As he rose on all fours with his first tail he felt a freedom he had never experienced before in life and went running through the lands feeling truly alive. How had he ever lived without this sensation before? It was better than anything he had tried in life, drugs and alcohol included. As the moon descended his body began to reform to a human and given how to relax he was it didn’t hurt nearly as bad but it still painful.

Entering his house without any clothing his father knew what had happened but had said nothing. The only thing Jacob could think of for the amount of time it took for his first transformation to occur was the simple fact that he had mentally matured long before his time and emotionally he was blocked until that year but he had filled out and gained muscle hitting his physical maturity and everything finally clicked. Instead of being proud of his son, his father came at him swinging asking if he thought he was a big man now. Given how intoxicated his father was it was easy to duck and block the swings coming at him until he caught his dad just right in the jaw causing him to fall back on the couch. As Kane looked at the man who used to be a great alpha he realized something, he didn’t want to become the man laid out on the couch, and if he stayed the likelihood of that happening increased drastically.

Throwing some clothes into a duffel bag, along with his few key possessions and what little money he had saved he left his house for the last time. Heading out to his truck he threw the duffel bag behind the seat and headed to Kadrin’s house to pick her up as planned, he had no idea what was going to be the outcome when he told her what he was doing but he hoped for the best. As they sat on his tailgate outside of town he explained a bit of what happened with his Dad and that he couldn’t stay here anymore, the town itself was like a big cage, and if he stayed the door was going to close and lock him in forever. Kane explained he had nothing to offer Kadrin and it was best if she just let him go, at first she argued that he was the best part of her life even though no one thought he was any good for her. Kadrin’s father hated him, Jacob knew that and he didn’t want to divide her family.

Pressing a callused finger against her lips he silenced her explaining she had college, she had a good home, a great family, and a bright future, one which was worth more than he was. Jacob watched as Kadrin became conflicted and began to think over what he had said. Looking at him with a small smile she tried one more time telling him that he was everything she needed and he was her future. There was a nagging voice in the back of his mind, if he took Kadrin with him now she would never be happy and just like his mother, she would leave. Jacob showed her the rust bucket of a truck and the hundred dollars he had to his name which wasn’t much at all, he couldn’t provide for her, he couldn’t even provide for himself, and had no idea where he was going. Tears began to fill her eyes as she thought over everything her father had said about him and decided to let him go.

Leaving Kadrin was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life but they both knew it was for the best. There wasn’t much Jacob was good at but he had an idea of how to increase his hundred dollars and headed towards Las Vegas. It was a long drive and he nearly broke down but the poor old truck made it to the city, Jacob parked far from the strip and started at one of the smaller casinos. Craps and poker were his games and though he had come to the city with little, the first casino paid him out five hundred by the time he left, more than enough to get a room for the night. At least a room away from the strip in the cheaper section of the city.

After a shower and good night’s sleep he was at it again, he didn’t manipulate the game or count cards but he was damn good at gambling and making money off it. At one of the casinos, security picked him up on the game floor and brought him to see the casino owner since he was doing so well. It became obvious Jacob wasn’t cheating and the owner was intrigued by the man and his devil may care attitude so he offered him a job. The casino owner was part of a council of casino owners of sorts, they would give people loans and time to pay off their debts and if they didn’t, well that was when they started to send in people like Kane to collect. It wasn’t something Jacob enjoyed but it was a paying job, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas wasn’t just a slogan after all.

The kitsune wasn’t just a knee breaker though, he was also a bartender at one of the casinos which was a job he enjoyed a lot more than the violent one. Things came crumbling down though when he was giving a job he couldn’t follow through with. Jacob was supposed to threaten the daughter of a man who owed his boss money, the man had been threatened before but hadn’t paid, his daughter, however, was only ten, and Jacob couldn’t bring himself to do it. When his bosses found out they sent men after him and they nearly killed him in a Vegas back alley until another man inserted himself into the situation. The man in question was Aries Valkyrie, the elder brother to Orion Valkyrie and alpha to the family at the time. Aries saved his life and told him to pack up and get out of Vegas as fast as he possibly could, the younger kitsune took the words to heart and did as Aries instructed unsure of where to go, though this time when he ran he actually had enough money to do it right.

Hearing of a town in Colorado which welcomed the supernatural he decided that was his best and safest bet. Aries had told him to try making an honest living and when he reached Evermore he decided to do just that. Going to college he was able to get his degree in business and shortly after opened a country bar on the edge of the woods called The Pure Country Den. The business had been going well for a few years when he began to hear a name he hadn’t thought to ever hear again. Valkyrie, though it was Orion Valkyrie people spoke of and the remained of his family which had come to Evermore. Orion ended up taking over for Ivory as the kitsune alpha of the city and Jacob had no problem following the man since he knew the kindness and ferocity his family held.

Jacob explained to Orion what his brother had done for him and that if the Valkyrie family ever need anything he would also be at their back. Jacob quickly became a trusted friend and ally of Orion’s since the younger kitsune had no problem speaking his mind but always did so in a respectful manner and held his species in mind. With the peace treaty in effect Jacob knows Orion doesn’t need his protection nor did the man ever need it but their friendship remains intact and Orion will often times listen to Jacob above others both finding a brother figure in the other.

Positive: Loyal, brave, fair

Negative: Self-deprecating, sarcastic, impatient

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