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✓ David Budsworth replied to ✓ Giselle Stark's discussion Helping Hand? (David and Giselle)
"Budsworth sat down and listened with the best attempt of a smile he could make while she told her story. Of course. she knew nothing of him before his amnesia, he only knew the fine details. Since then his most vivid memory was finding his dead wife…"
10 hours ago

✓ David Budsworth replied to ✓ Giselle Stark's discussion Helping Hand? (David and Giselle)
"David Budsworth felt the wind of the door being slammed in his face. He stepped out of the front door of the building and pulled out his phone. He dialed a number and brought it up to his ear. "Who is it?" A voice asked on the other…"

✓ David Budsworth replied to ✓ Giselle Stark's discussion Helping Hand? (David and Giselle)
"Budsworth's smile dissipated at her accusation. He saw her reaching under her desk, presumably for a weapon. Budsworth moved his suit over coat back, revealing his holstered pistol in clear sight. She was scared, he could tell. Did she think…"
Jul 13

✓ David Budsworth replied to ✓ Holland Emery's discussion Who would kill a human? ( Holland and David. )
"Budsworth followed the women through the isolated hallways of the science department. Constant thoughts coursing through his mind. Who could've done this and way? Could it be connected to his wife's killer. Not a solve other soul occupied…"
Jul 13

✓ David Budsworth replied to ✓ Holland Emery's discussion Who would kill a human? ( Holland and David. )
"“Come on Queens, stop waiting time,” Budsworth ordered into the midnight colored Samsung cell phone. He paced back and forth on a walkway. A view of the river stretched the railing behind him. “I want to know more on the crackpot…"
Jul 12

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"Here is that thing I owed you.Who would kill a human?"
Jul 12

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Hidden Danger (Budsworth prequel story #1)

Due to my sensational love of writing, and in the absence of anything better to do, I decided to write a short story surrounding my OC, David Budsworth. Originally, David is based on the main character of a book series in the making called Foxvalley, this series of short stories tell of the mysteries taking place between the end of the book series and his time at Evermore.March 21, 14:45Davis's Cafe, Colorado Springs."Did you hear about that couple that disappeared on Gabriel Drive last night,…See More
Jul 11

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✓ David Budsworth replied to ✓ Giselle Stark's discussion Helping Hand? (David and Giselle)
"David Budsworth stood in front of a mirror, fixing his tie. A fluorescent light bulb shined into his eyes from above the mirror.  He hid his Native American necklace under his white dress shirt. He pulled a black overcoat over his shoulders and…"
Jul 6

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"Helping Hand? I hope you enjoy it -Giselle"
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There's a man who stood up on a mountain a hundred years ago, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is what you'll do about it now...

David Budsworth


Name: David Budsworth

Nicknames/Alias: Dave/ Buds by some he is only referred to as Fox

Faceclaim: Edward Norton

Age: 46 years old/ looks 30

Gender: Male

Sexuality: heterosexual

Date/place of birth: Unknown

Current place of residence: Evermore City, Colorado

Nationality/Species: Therianthrope Kitsune

Occupation: Currently unemployed; ex-FBI agent

Rank: Lone fox

Relationship: Rachael Budsworth (deceased)


Build: Average height; mediocre muscle build

Hair color: brown

Eye color: dark green, orange in fox form

Distinguishing marks: A permanent fox tattoo on the right side of his chest.

Personality Traits

Positive: Determined, Clever, Alert

Negative: Insecure, Suspicious, aloof


There’s still much mystery when it comes to the birth and early years of the life of David Budsworth. What is known is that he came to America known by a different name that he was given at birth, restless he sought a place to settle and came upon a town called Foxvalley, Colorado. Ironically the town was the home of many Lycanthrope packs which didn’t always take kindly to strangers, let alone those of a different nature. Despite his fox nature and of being a kitsune instead of a Lycanthrope, one of the packs kept a close eye on him only allowing him in after he saved the life of a pack member who was trapped in a burning building. After all wolves and foxes don’t always get along.

Unfortunately, the wolves knew nothing of what the sly kitsune had in store for them, becoming seduced by the power an alpha was able to wield David began to formulate a plan. Soon be began whispering to other pack members, filling their heads with lies and half truths. After all, the best way to get someone to believe you it to tell them bits of truth mixed in with your lies and so many began to believe him and fall prey to his trap. The pack began to become divided and soon a new pack was form, one he had assumed he would be the leader of but that came crashing down on him as another was named as Alpha. Over his time within the pack he gathered countless items of the original alpha including molds of paw prints and the likes. So with those tools in his belt he quietly snuck in the home of the lycan who had been named alpha above him and killed him in his bed leaving the tuffs of fur and wolf prints to incriminate the other alpha.

Once all of that was done those of the pack voted him in to take the place as alpha which was all he had wanted all along. The corrupt and twisted need inside of him finally satisfied with the position he held, at least for the time being. Through all of this he had created a trusted ally who became his beta, though as his second in command. The fast task David took on was taking out the competition and be one more snuck into the home of an alpha this time, it being the original alpha who had taken him in. This kill was easy since all he had to do was make it look like the actions of a human hunter, his scent being the only thing that was a bit harder to mask so he used ammonia. This one act put the packs on edge and turning many against the humans, but the harsh war David was trying to stir up put his beta, Hackshaw on edge.

Pack rules had always protected humans keeping violence from them and killing them was strictly prohibited. This was something that really bothered Hackshaw as he watched his friend and alpha drift deeper and deeper into what seemed to be insanity as he added fuel to an unnecessary conflict. Hackshaw began to have dreams of what might come from what Budsworth was trying to cause, nightmares really and his loyalty began to be questioned and he knew that if given enough reason that Budsworth would kill him as he had previous alphas. So he had to be careful as he tried to find away to save not only his pack, but Budsworth from his own apparent mental break.

Budsworth and Hackshaw got into a huge fight over the direction the former was leading the pack along with the harm which was befalling the humans in the town. It was a hard fought battle between the two and in the end Hackshaw had managed to crack Budsworth’s skull with a rock rendering him unconscious. Given Hackshaw didn’t want to kill the Kitsune he took Budsworth to a hospital a few towns over and left him there. When Budsworth awoke he had no idea who he was and there was nothing on him to identify him, a hacker having completely erased Budsworth from all systems. He was listed as a John Doe before selecting his own name his past unknown and something he sorely tried to piece together but all he had were odd dreams which made no sense.

The first full moon after his hospitalization was traumatic to say the least and he had  no idea what was happening as he laid their in his kitsune form panting from the pain of his transformation. It was a startling revelation and one he did his best to hide as he relocated to New York and tried to have a normal life. The most important part of that was a woman he met and fell in love with, she was the light of his life but he still hid one part of himself from her. Once a month the Kitsune was allowed out on the full moon but one of those nights he didn’t return home, staying out all night and only returning home in the morning. The door was cracked open and David could smell blood and it held an all too familiar scent, walking into the house as if in a daze he would never forget the sight of his bloody and mutilated wife. He didn’t remember calling the police but soon they were on the scene questioning him as the EMTs told him he was in shock. Vaguely he remembered seeing both foot and paw prints but at the time he hadn’t questioned them, too caught up in the scene before him and loss of his wife.

As the case went cold David began to grow frustrated since it seemed as if no one was doing anything, so he decided to do something. He went through the police and the FBI academy to become a full time agent hoping to help others and also use the FBI’s resources in order to break the cold case on his wife. After years of working countless cases he was assigned a new partner and was still no closer to find his wife’s killer. David had been close to his partner Agent Higgins who had been assisting David on his mission to find anything that might finally bring justice or a resolution to his wife’s death, however it seemed any who got close to him suffered a terrible fate as Higgins was shot and killed by a serial killer on one of their cases leaving David shaken and without a partner.

Instead of taking time off David focused his whole self on work and soon he was given a case in Foxvalley the Sheriff calling in an assist from the FBI in a case of disappearances. Some might be hit with countless memories when returning home but David felt nothing for the town when he reached it, just a need to solve his current case. A case which was not so easy to solve, especially when the locals didn’t seem to want him there, in particular a man known as Hackshaw. The man later came into question as a suspect in the investigation which was apparently a ploy to try and kill David not believing that the man had really changed and afraid of those old memories resurfacing.

So soon David was being pulled in multiple directions with his investigation and Hackshaw made more attempts on David’s life before falling into hiding, he didn’t seem to be the man that David was looking for. His dreams began to get worse as bloody and brutal nightmares plagued him, nightmares he didn’t realize were repressed memories, memories that Hackshaw’s murder attempts and kidnap attempts had awoken. Every night it seemed as if the man he battled was the man he had been and it became harder to wake up from his nightmares until the mental stress of it put him into a coma.

It was months before he was able to open his eyes once more and he fought his internal demons awaking when he made peace with the past and made an oath to himself to cling to the man he was now, not the one he had been. Upon awakening he found that he had been assigned a new partner, Rebecca Fabian and the two did  their best to finish what they had started. However with it taking a supernatural turn there was no way to give a full report back to Quantico and the FBI was beginning to lose faith in both of their abilities. In an ironic turn Hackshaw actually ended up being the one to help the two Agents find a lead on the killer who was a Therian in the community. One who much like Budsworth had begun to go insane and lose himself. For the first time he transformed in front of his partner in order to save her life as she had rushed the creature knowing little about getting bitten and clawed at. The thought of losing another partner or person that he knew flipped a switched in David and he brought the other Therian down, ending it’s life.

Hackshaw stayed in Foxvalley after all was said and done and Fabian became the Sheriff but something in David told him it was time to be moving on. Especially when the FBI left him go for running the same case for two years with little information being sent back to them and then communication just ending for a time. That was fine with David though since he would find another way to gain the truth on his wife’s murder and when he heard of a city only a few hours away called Evermore City, otherwise known as the Eternal City, he felt drawn to it and left Foxvalley for the next chapter of his life.


As of currently Budsworth has met very few of the city residents.


Helping Hand; David and Giselle (ongoing) -replied

Who would kill a human?; Holland and David (ongoing) -replied

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At 0:43 on July 12, 2018,
✓ Holland Emery

Here is that thing I owed you.
Who would kill a human?

At 20:37 on July 5, 2018,
✓ Giselle Stark

Helping Hand?

I hope you enjoy it


At 10:59 on July 1, 2018,
✓ Reign Danielle Michaels

Welcome to ECRP!

Would be lovely to discuss something soon

- Reign Michaels

✓ David Budsworth's Blog

Hidden Danger (Budsworth prequel story #1)

Posted on July 11, 2018 at 3:00 0 Comments

Due to my sensational love of writing, and in the absence of anything better to do, I decided to write a short story surrounding my OC, David Budsworth. Originally, David is based on the main character of a book series in the making called Foxvalley, this series of short stories tell of the mysteries taking place between the end of the book series and his time at Evermore.

March 21, 14:45

Davis's Cafe, Colorado Springs.

"Did you hear about that couple that disappeared on…


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