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✓ Javier Cohen replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Friendship Reunited (Open to Yeonseok & Javier Only)
"The staff within the bar had many other regular customers that Javier has meant every now and then but never grew close to them as they weren’t the type of people that Javier hung around. ‘’I am sure they realize it, I am sure by…"
4 hours ago

✓ Eirik Olivier Tostain replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Castle Hangouts (Open to Eirik and Javier)
"It was a surprise to see someone that Eirik didn’t particularly recognise. Appearance wise, Javier looked like he could be a few years older than Eirik. Making note to pay more attention, if his faction had more members coming in. Last he…"

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✓ Javier Cohen replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Castle Hangouts (Open to Eirik and Javier)
"Javier was expecting himself to be alone at this hour at night, it was usually late whenever he came to the castle and most people were in their chambers and Gideon who always appeared to be busy in his office. The maid returned quickly with his…"

✓ Yeonseok Lee replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Friendship Reunited (Open to Yeonseok & Javier Only)
"“Oh believe me, they realize it” he commented in an amused tone, he had noticed the way they always tended to serve him first whenever he came in here and even if he got a little rowdy and loud when he was drunk, they were yet to throw…"

✓ Eirik Olivier Tostain replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Castle Hangouts (Open to Eirik and Javier)
"Outside of his workplace; the Valkyr castle was one of the places; where people could find Eirik. Yes it had been his home, since living with Evermore and members of the faction. But it was also where he was needed; due to his trainer rank in the…"

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✓ Javier Cohen replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Friendship Reunited (Open to Yeonseok & Javier Only)
"The bartenders continued to work around the bar as normal, many people ordering drinks and ordering food from the counter. The Evening Rose was where most days Javier spent as he talked to a few different regulars as well as spending his own time…"

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Castle Hangouts (Open to Eirik and Javier)

It was late in the evening when Javier headed out of his apartment and headed to Gideon's castle where most valkyr's visited often and rested there or even hung out with the other members within the faction. It wsa a colder evening compared to yesterday and the weather was prediciting their first snow fall for this year. He had one of his favourite…See More

✓ Javier Cohen replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Where the Friendship Begins. (Ash & Javier Only)
"If the rogue valkyr’s were up to no good in the territory, surely something was up and that Gideon would have to be notified about it. Rogue’s were always a problem though and always caused drama. The blood was strong earlier and it took…"

✓ Javier Cohen left a comment for ✓ Valentin St. Claire
"Hey Hey, stranger.  Long time no speak.  Sorry for not responding to our forum for a little while. But I finally got around to it today. Hope you enjoy :)  -Javier "
Nov 14

✓ Javier Cohen replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion ★ Chaotic Beginning's (Javier & Valentin)
"Javier spent the last 7 years here in Evermore City and have never seen so much chaos before. It was strange to see that many of the humans were passing through the territory and I am sure that other valkyr’s like himself were wandering about…"
Nov 14

✓ Yeonseok Lee replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Friendship Reunited (Open to Yeonseok & Javier Only)
"Yeon gave a mischievous smile in response to Javier’s nonchalant response to his teasing about his age “Should have gotten my audio recorder out, sure that would have been useful in the future” he gave a low rumbling chuckle.…"
Nov 11

✓ Javier Cohen replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Friendship Reunited (Open to Yeonseok & Javier Only)
"Javier always enjoyed Yeon’s company, the pair were completely different from one another but always seemed to have endless things to talk about. Especially where Javier always shared his own experiences and Yeon would as well, but he knew…"
Nov 10

✓ Ash Dunford replied to ✓ Javier Cohen's discussion Where the Friendship Begins. (Ash & Javier Only)
"Ash could handle the fact that Javier was coming off as a complete jerk right now, and even that he looked starved, just like the rogues did who had attacked him. What he couldn't handle, was the way Javier had seemed to dismiss certain…"
Nov 9

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Castle Hangouts (Open to Eirik and Javier)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Eirik Olivier Tostain yesterday. 3 Replies

It was late in the evening when Javier headed out of…Continue

★ Chaotic Beginning's (Javier & Valentin)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Javier Cohen Nov 14. 2 Replies

Time was ticking by and he…Continue

Friendship Reunited (Open to Yeonseok & Javier Only)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Javier Cohen 4 hours ago. 14 Replies

Javier had moved to the city 6 years ago where he had to find some comfort without…Continue

You are alive? (Open to Bexley and Javier Only)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Javier Cohen Oct 5. 2 Replies

Every now and then, Javier always thought back to when he had a small crush on a woman he dearly cared about.  Many years ago, the two once hung out with each other but since Javier was travelling…Continue


We're More Ghosts Than people.

i gave you all i had.
Rank: Nomad within the Valkyr Community.
name:Javier Sylvester Cohen
nickname:Sylvester, Javi, Jav.
Real age:One Hundred and Fifty Eight
Apperance age:Fourty-Seven
date of birth:March 15th, 1861
dating status.Single
Dating history/Past Ex Partners:Been alone for more than 158 years.
occupation.Unemployed for now, volunteers at a local horse shelter.
hometown.Yellowstone, Wyoming.
residence.Residing within the Valkyr territory
physical appearance:
faceclaim.Johnthan Rhys Meyers
height.Five foot Nine
weight.Why do you need to know?
body.Athletic and muscular
hair.Dark brown
eyes.Blue with a slight tinge of hazel in them. Dark when hungry.
scars.Unhealed gun wounds.
Personality Attributes:
The Good.Compassionate, Genuine and Wise.
The Bad.Observant, Tough and Stubborn.
Habits:Smoking and drinking on more than one occassion can lead to bad habits.
Hobbies:He loves to draw, write, cook, horse riding, hunting and fishing.
Weapons:He has an old pistol he has kept for many years.
"Be Loyal To What Matters."
— sayer, Unknown.
javier's backstory:

On March 15th 1861, on a warm Spring day, a wooden cabin situated in the Yellowstone forest, was a mother expecting her baby to arrive at any moment. A nurse had traveled from the city to assist the family in order that they were no complications through Mrs Cohen’s birth. Her husband was in the room with her to calm and soothe his wife as Mrs Cohen struggled to push out her baby, after a couple of hours of being in labour, the baby’s cries were heard and the baby was named Javier Cohen. The young couple were proud that their baby boy was confirmed to be healthy and well. From there, the nurse made sure to take its measurements, wiping off any blood that came from the mother then cradling the baby before handing the small baby boy over to the younger couple. From there, their family grew into a loving family and took care to raise their little child in the yellowstone forest. Amongst the wilderness, there were plenty of trees and animals that the father could hunt and feed his family. Their property was rather large and pleasant to be in, the baby was going to be spoiled. However, this family wasn’t an ordinary family, his father was part of a gang that did horrible things to people and took on missions that needed to be assisted. His father made sure there was always food for his wife and his little boy, assisting where possible before he took on the mission he needed to do. Slowly, Javier was becoming more familiar with the world, beginning to walk, talk and eat his favorite foods. Being an only child, he had his perks and was able to bribe his mother and father to buy him lovely things which his father managed to get for him. As winter came, snow fell over the forest and it became quite cold for the family, and so with that, they would manage to find somewhere else for the colder months and away from any danger zones within the forest. As the family climbed into their carriage with their belongings and set off onto another adventure in the town, away from the cold forest. A small village called Banston was where they were staying which was about two days ride away from their house in the Yellowstone forest. Banston was a small village that provided with necessities that town people needed, a grocery store, a small doctor's office, gun supplies, a hotel, a barber, a butch and medical supplies. Everyone helped each other and the Cohen family was known to always come by in the winter months, which was usually a 3 months stay. Winter was always the harsher few months of the year as scavenging for food and supplies was harder for everyone especially for hunting as most animals would be hiding away to keep out of the cold. Javier, however, did like the colder months as he loved to play in the snow with some kids in the village. Jaiver grew up quickly and matured into a young teenager, they were now back in their home and in the cabin he was raised in. It was summer now, his father had been going on more duties with the gang and he had to do more chores around the house. His mother was able to help him of course but by all means, Jaiver wanted to be more responsible and be able to hunt with his father at the end of the day. During the warmer months, Jaiver would go swimming in the lake not far from the cabin as well as practicing his archery however his father wouldn’t allow him to take gun lessons yet as he was too young, he wouldn’t be able to do so until he was an adult. His father came back from a trip with the gang one evening, with dripping wet with blood all over him. Claw marks were shown along his stomach as his father stumbled into the kitchen breathless, it looked like he had been attacked by a bear. Jaiver panicked in the state of his father and quickly got out of the medical supplies and his mother helped him too, they quickly got to work and began to clean him up and his mother began to do stitches in his stomach where thick blood was pouring from, his mother was brave and he was proud of her for not panicking. ‘’Mother should be a nurse, don’t you think?’’ He said as he calmed his father as his mother worked on his stomach, his father agreed. His mother, however, made sure that in the morning they were stocked up for food and water as she was going to take him to the hospital in the morning in town and Jaiver would need to mind the cabin whilst they were away. He was old enough to be able to cook and clean by himself but he was also worried about his father’s health as they didn’t have much medicine but it was a good idea to send his father to the hospital that his mother would be able to relax whilst he was being checked over. So with the next morning, his father was in the carriage and his mother controlling the horses in front, farewelling Jaiver as she would be back in the next week. As Jaiver was now alone in the woods, he made sure to lock the house up at night and during the day so no one would steal anything. With that, he managed to find himself to be entertained by archery before one night, when Jaiver was cooking, the leader from the gang had arrived to their cabin and even though he was a teenager, he was afraid that he was going to harm him in any means but instead, he had delivered bad news to him that his father passed away in the hospital and his mother was in an accident on the way back home with their carriage. Shocked by the news, he wasn’t sure what to do now. Carson, which was the leaders name, took him into his care and was now part of the gang’s group. The group welcomed him, there was about 13 others within the group who committed crimes and the like although Javier was the good kind and would never do anything criminal. With that, others seemed to leave him alone and let him do his own thing. He was mourning in his own time about his parents death and couldn’t believe they were gone, it took him a few months for him to slowly get over their death even though it heavily weighed upon his heart. He was rather quiet within the gang and only really spoke to Carson whenever needed or when he needed him to do something. It had been a couple years since he had been the gang now, raiding towns and shooting guns whenever he could however lawmen were always after them and he was always on the move. In the end, Javier was following the way the gang’s behaviour and eventually turning bad, breaking the law even more whenever he could. One afternoon, Carson, their leader, was infuriated due the fact that another group on the southern side of the state and murdered one of his best friends. Gathering around a campfire, some members of Carson’s gang was shocked where Jaiver wasn’t all that surprised due to the fact that Carson also committed something awful. This in fact was just a revenge act. Soon followed anger and ambush, riding across to the southern side of the state, raiding the town that the group were living in, killing every living human that they could get their hands on, even lawmen. Due to Carson’s rage, the leader of that particular group was finally shot down, Jaiver was coming around the corner to see what had happened within seconds, a gunshot was heard and the bullet had pierced through his chest by another member that was right behind him, pausing his movements and feeling the burn to his back, he turned around to grab his pistol from his belt to aim at the guy who shot at him. Instead, he turned to see that it was one of the members he absolutely hated within their group, his name was Khan, Khan was an individual that was self-centered, selfish, and never cared for anyone but his own self. Feeling hurt and betrayed, struggling to breathe due to the pain he was in, he took his pistol out and aimed at him. Everyone watched from the side as they had killed all the southern group members, seething through his teeth, Javier spoke out. ‘’Khan, this is a god damn sin if you ever were to kill me, Carson will fully take you out.’’ He threatened before Khan chuckled and came closer to Javier with his own pistol pointing at Jaiver. ‘’Oh, I never did anything, ask anyone who was watching,’’ Khan responded with a small twinkle in his eye, their relationship has always been hateful, because Carson always saw the good in Javier more than Khan. His knees buckled to the ground but his hand gripped onto the pistol. ‘’Aww, it looks like he’s so weak! He can’t even get up.’’ Khan chuckled as he circled him before his foot slammed into Javier’s backside of the head, he screamed out in pain before he aimed to shoot at Khan, ‘’you evil son of a bitch! I knew you were a snake! Just like others have told me! You just want to take over this gang and become the powerful man you want to be!’’ Javier shouted at, his chest laboured in uneven breathes. Khan placed his finger on the trigger and shot at Javier’s chest, Javier’s eyes widened before he fell onto the ground, groaning in pain, his eyes locked with Carson, stunned to see that he was letting Khan do this. ‘’Well...Aren’t you going to god damn stop him!?’’ Javier grunted out as he held his hand to his chest, the pain searing through. ‘’Khan, drop it and let’s leave him. He’s useless now,’’ Carson spoke out, something that Javier felt hurt and backstabbed by his own best mate. ‘’I can’t...believe you…’’ He coughed, the gang gathered up and simply mounted their horses before riding off, leaving Javier behind. He knew for a fact that he was going to die; struggling to breathe, his blood soaking through his shirt. Within a few minutes, he saw the sun setting in the horizon, his eyes going blurry and slowly closing them. Watching from a distance was a man who saw Javier was dying, he was waiting until he was no longer breathing. The man was a supernatural being who was able to turn others to save their lives for a second chance at life. He saw Javier taking his last breath, stepping out from the shadows, the man came to Javier’s side and began the transformation. Lifting his wrist, he bit into the wrist before allowing his shadow energy go into Javier, once the shadow energy was over and the conversion was taking place, the man disappeared within seconds and allowed Javier to figure it out on his own but he was going to make sure he was being monitored for the following year. Javier woke up in a state of shock, thinking he was dead but instead, he was alive. His wounds were gone and he felt...Different. Different was an underestimate. It was late in the evening and Javier stood up, the blood had disappeared from sight. Shocked and surprised, unknown to what really happened, Javier continued to do what he normally did but he wasn’t planning to go back to Carson’s group as he was betrayed. Climbing onto his horse, he began to ride south of the country before stopping along the way, feeling a sense of urge that he needed to eat but he didn’t want food, no, he wanted blood. Along the trail was a small cabin near the lake, he approached it and saw a person on their porch. ‘’Uh, hey, I got lost and I’m not sure where I am.’’ He said, the man nodded before explaining where they were and that he could spend the night there. Javier didn’t know what was going on with him but a sudden urge came over him and he quickly sunk his teeth into the stranger, feeding off him before draining the rest of the blood. Feeling refreshed but also surprised of what he did, he felt entirely different, he knew that he wasn’t a human anymore and he was going to embrace that he wasn’t. Centuries have passed since the night he was turned, in some cases, he thought that he was a vampire but in fact, they were called Valkyr’s and after many years of practice, he was able to use his abilities with perfection. He ended up moving into another city named Evermore after exploring a few other states before moving to Evermore. From there, he was able to make some new friends and find a meaning to belong to the city, something Javier wanted to find within himself and how he could improve his skills, Evermore was his new home now.

Ash Dunford | Human | TBD
Info to goes here
Joshua Byun | Celestial | TBD
Here info goes.
Yeonsoek Lee | Valkyr | TBD
Here info goes.
Bexley Dumont | Ailward Guard | TBD
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Valentin St. Claire| Dhampir | TBD
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Name | Species | Relation
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If One Night Stands Were A Good Thing

At 12:06 on September 17, 2019,
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Well he is a Valkyr and Celestials and Valkyr's are usually very friendly. Joshua works at a bar? Maybe he could come there, and they could talk? Josh has been alone for 114 years. Something about loneliness maybe.



At 1:58 on September 17, 2019,
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Thank you! It took me forever to do it haha, even longer than Ace. But, I am always on. Well most of the time. PC me and we can talk about some ideas.



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I see you got your role! Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a lovely FC. I read through your bio as well, and you did a great job! Let me know if you ever want to plot with my caring Celestial!


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Hi John!

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