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Think You Had It Bad? Guess Again

Personality: Curious, Creative & Intuitive ~ Paranoid, Anxious & Impatient.

Elodie Knight was born into wealth and privilege, with both parents benefactors of immense fortunes she might have been dubbed a pampered princess like most others with similar stories. Yet Elodie was raised differently, with a solid work ethic and the knowledge that both of her parents worked tirelessly to maintain their way of life.

Maxwell Knight gained his wealth and fame through architecture, his keen mind able to concoct designs for buildings and bridges from a young age. He was charming and energetic, his positive personality never failed to win over even the most hard of hearts. During his time in London while building the headquarters of New Scotland Yard the chipper architect met a lovely young wine flower who turned his world upside down. Annabelle Hart was heiress to the Hart Winery and plantation, a woman of impeccable breeding and education she had been helping her widower father with the family business since she was 10. In opposition to Knight’s charm and charisma Hart was enigmatic and quiet, soft spoken yet highly observant. She had a head for numbers and a way with people that was unparalleled.

Many people tried to warn Knight off of the Wine Princess, insisting that he could do so much better, and yet Maxwell was enraptured and would not be deterred. It took a whole year to woo Ms. Hart, a whole year and a carriage accident after a ball they both attended, but woo her and win her he did. Their marriage was a small event, yet the moment the Knight’s came out to society they took the world by storm. Hart Wines met with some innovations that made their grapes grow bigger and sweeter than any of the competition. The bottom line of each bottle was low enough that anyone from any walk of life could afford a bottle of Hart Wine making the profit margins soar.

Meanwhile, Maxwell landed several large building jobs with the help of his smart and witty wife. With her by his side the pair landed some high end clients opening up Maxwell Architecture to both the private and the public setting, thus adding even more to the Knight fortunes. By the time the couple had their beautiful baby girl, there wasn’t a family in all of Europe that didn’t know of the Knight family. The one thing that was missing for the young couple was children, despite their jet setting travels Annabelle began to long for more. Maxwell knew what it was she longed for and stopped at nothing to give her what her heart most desired, a child.

Elodie Anastasia Knight wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, rather a silver spoon gilded in gold with a matching bowl and china tea set. Dubbed by high society as the Knight Princess, the little girl was rumored to be pale as fine porcelain with hair that looked to be wreathed from the shadows themselves. As with all children born of affluence many believed that little Elodie would be a monster to handle, for with advantage their came entitlement. Fortunately for everyone Maxwell and Annabelle didn’t much care for that sort of upbringing, instilling in their daughter the value of hard-work and discipline from a very young age.

Elodie wasn’t surrounded by staff nor did she enjoy the benefits of a nanny, instead her parents taught her the normal household chores of a young lady. When she performed the way she was supposed to she was rewarded and when she didn’t she endured small punishments. Once she came of school age the young raven haired beauty was placed under the instruction of a Governess, one who taught her charges all the subjects that a person of breeding was meant to learn. Instead of sticking with just the subjects of a Lady, Elodie was taught arithmetic, languages, politics, and writing. As she grew up the young Knight was encouraged to sit in on business meetings, taking notes and gaining a better understanding of what her mother and father did.

By the time she was 12 Elodie began traveling with her parents, giving small responsibilities in both the Wine and Architecture business. Maxwell was infinitely patient with his daughter, answering all of her many questions as thoroughly as he was able. Annabelle on the other hand taught by example, letting her precocious and sharp daughter watch how she handled situations. Elodie had the best of each of her parents in spades, from her father’s attention to detail and memory to her mother’s observation skills and quiet demeanor.

The young lady was handling aspects of her parents business by the time she was 15, earning money for the family fortunes and garnering a name for herself. It was around that time Elodie pitched to her parents the idea of expanding their enterprise into the new world. Gaining a foothold while America was still young would give them a cornerstone in the market, not to mention allow them all to learn a new way of life. It took a few years for the Knight family to prepare themselves for such a venture, setting things up for their business in England while shoring up enough funds for what they had planned.

Elodie was 19 years old when she and her parents set off for Southampton with a caravan of their personal possessions in tow. Maxwell had made a friend with one of the ship builders employed by White Star Line, who had snagged the Knight family passage on their newest vessel. The RMS Titanic was headed out of Southampton and would call in New York City, where the Knights intended to expand their empire and perhaps embark on a new adventure. The Raven Haired Heiress secretly hoped to find love as she boarded the massive and beautiful ship. Love and companionship the likes of which she hadn’t been able to find in her London home.

The following 4 days were pure bliss for Elodie, she met all sorts of new people including a few young men who didn’t seem to mind engaging in intellectual conversations with a young woman. The captain showed her around the ship and answered all of her questions and the food each night was second to none. Unfortunately her blissful state wasn’t to last and the future she had been meant for was yanked out from underneath her as surely as one yanked a rug out from under a thief.

Maxwell shortly after dinner on April 14 wanted to pay his effects a visit, employing both his daughter and his wife in the venture. With the help of a shipmate the family went down to ensure that their things were truly secure and to have a moment alone without prying eyes. As they were rounding the carriage that contained Maxwell’s building materials cracking a joke about one thing or another, the entire ship shuddered. Little rips and tears opened in the lower hull allowing freezing cold water to spill into the cargo deck. Maxwell acted as quickly as he could, fighting against the frigid waters to drag his daughter and wife along towards one of the porthole doors.

One of the sailors, acting on instinct began to close the only way out, wanting to stem the flow of water from reaching any of the other compartments. Maxwell had only enough time to help one of his girls through the water, only one could he attempt to save before the way out was shut permanently. With a single look from his darling wife Maxwell grabbed Elodie and with more than a little roughness he managed to shove her beneath the door only moments before it sealed shut. The young woman was devastated, tears rolling freely down her face as her body shivered uncontrollably.

Another sailor came by and took her in hand, pushing her away from the sealed cargo deck and towards the upper decks where people were beginning to panic. The pair only made it a couple of decks up, the water spilling through the innards of the ship faster than anyone could have imagined. The drive to survive and pure havoc had the sailor abandoning his distraught charge before they could make it to a place where Elodie knew where she was. The water caught up to her, the rush and power pushed her into a room just as the lights began to flicker. Shear instinct had her climbing onto one of the bunk beds, desperate to escape the water and gain a little moment of respite.

Within the span of 10 minutes the water had risen up to where she was, the freezing temps sent her body into melt down mode. Shivering, lips blue and tears frozen on her face, the female took a few last breaths as the water filled up the last spaces of air. Drowning was both terrifying and painful, as every muscle in her body seized up the air in her lungs eventually ran out forcing her to take a breath. The frigid waters rushed into her lungs and ripped them apart, the darkness washing over her as the body she had relied on gave in to the unnatural conditions and sealed her death.

As the ship went down, bearing hundreds of bodies and souls with her, a bright figure appeared to Elodie taking her by the hand and pulling her soul into a place of warmth and light. Once she was settled the person explained that her fate was not supposed to be, that she had been meant for so much more. The news devastated her and yet the life they offered her seemed to make up for all of that. Despite having been ripped prematurely from the life she had been meant to live, Elodie was given a chance to help others that were in pain.

At first Elodie didn’t quite know where she fit in with the Aurazin, each had a special talent that they used to bring comfort to those in pain. She on the other hand didn’t have any particular talents, though she excelled in the training portions. One night however she came upon a young boy, heartbroken and distraught after having lost both of his parents. Drawn to him in a way she hadn’t experienced, Elodie sat down and talked with him. Before she knew it the young man was laughing and reminiscing about all of the good times he had been through with his mother and father.

Elodie had found her niche, the specific people she would be able to help as just before she had passed her parents had been painfully ripped from her. The orphans were her specialty and helping those who thought they were alone in the world brought a special joy in her life. Empathy came naturally to her, allowing her to take on that role among her new people.As the rift to her world was slammed shut Elodie became one of the few stuck in the real world. True to herself the young woman stayed observant and vigilant as Lucien led them to a new place of safety within the city known as Evermore. Elodie hasn’t spent this much time in the real world since she was last alive and though the experience is novel the entire thing terrifies her to no end.

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