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Justice Lovett
Texas Boy
Other Details
Name.Justice Wayne Lovett
Nicknames.Cowboy, JJ, J.W.
Actual Age.26
DOB.December 12, 1993
Hometown.Dallas, Texas
Residence.Evermore City, CO
Dating hist.None
Build.Masculine Athletic, Tall
Weight.220 Lbs
Hair Color.Black
Eye Color.Green
Tattoos.Left Arm - Heartbreak Tattoo, Back - Celtic Cross, Back Right Arm - IX Lives
PB.Jesse Metcalfe


First Encounters




"Blame it all on my Roots, I showed up in Boots”
— Friends in Low Places Garth Brooks.

Positive Traits: Protective, Selfless, & Empathetic

Negative Traits: Sarcastic, Risk Taker, & Temperamental

Hobbies: Ranching, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Rodeos,
Father: Clifford Lovett, Deceased

Mother: Louanna Lovett, Deceased

Siblings. Tucker "Phoenix" Nikolai, Half Brother, Elle-Mae Lovett, Sister

Elle-Mae V. Lovett | Therianthrope | Sister
Elle-Mae -- I love you dearly, We've had our little ups and downs as siblings would have. You've been the rock that has kept me stable all these years even when mother passed. Even as angry I was with you for leaving me alone. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always protect you
Tucker P. Nikolai | Valkyr | Half-Brother
Tucker -- Unfortunately you are my blood sucking half brother. Our brotherly relationship is rather rocky, of course you cockily know that. If you must know that, I do love you to a point, but I am not proud to call you my family.

During one of the modest winters Texas had ever seen before; Clifford Lovett rushed his overly pregnant wife Louanna to the nearest emergency room with his eldest step child and soon to be middle child panicking in the backseat. Louanna screamed in pain as her contractions worsened as the family 4x4 Chevy farm truck came to a halt by the emergency room entrance. Clifford settled his step son and daughter into the waiting room, while nurses helped his wife settle into a delivery room. The hospital became the family’s home for thirty-six hours while Louanna struggled to give birth to youngest Lovett to join the family. Eventually as Louanna approached almost forty hours of being in labor; the doctors suggested they deliver the youngest by cesarean section. Clifford hadn’t left his wife’s side the entire time she’d been in labor, but for this procedure he was sent to pace the living room while Elle-Mae attempted to sooth her father’s anxiety. Meanwhile Clifford’s step child who Clifford called Tucker waited quietly keeping to himself.

Soon the doctor burst through the doors leading to the waiting room and an excited smile draped his features as he congratulated Clifford and the two siblings. The doctor had shown the little family back in the recovery room where Louanna held a blanket wrapped newborn. The newborn cries resonated through the entire room as Clifford, Elle-Mae and Tucker entered the room. At first glance Clifford was unsure if the child was male or female as the newborn had a gender neutral beanie that covered its head. Louanna realized her husband’s curiosity of the gender of their newborn; she then informed Clifford that the newborn was a boy. The joy covered his features as Clifford cuddled his wife, daughter and newborn close to him, leaving Tucker outcast to the side as he curiously looked over his new half brother.

With a newborn around the ranch made it quite difficult for the Lovett’s lives to return back to normal. Of course Clifford went back to working the ranch from the crack of dawn til night fall, while Louanna tended to the needs of their children along with cooking, cleaning, laundry and all other mother duties life threw her way. Clifford expected the two older children to part-take in chores every morning before they went to school or were able to lounge for the day. Clifford was a hard-working man and wanted his children to understand what hard work was about. However Clifford’s relationship with Tucker suffered as Tucker wasn’t Clifford’s child and was told almost daily about how he’d never fully be a part of the Lovett family. Louanna absolutely hated hearing Clifford spat such hatred words to her first born son; She loved all their children equally whether they were full-blooded siblings or not. The mother wanted their family to be one big happy family, but Clifford refused to adopt Tucker for reasons unknown.

As a child Justice found his father taking him quickly under his wing to teach him about being a rancher. He was indeed the now favored child of Clifford’s Clifford often spoke about Justice taking over the ranch once Clifford had died. Justice enjoyed all the attention his father showered over him; however he began treating his step brother just how Clifford had treated him. The father and son duo treated Tucker as just a ranch hand. Bossing him around and making him do all the tasks they themselves should have part-took in as well. This went on for many years until Tucker moved away from the ranch he once called home. Clifford enraged that his step son abandoned the ranch and no longer had his ranch hand to shmuck around. Emotions were running wild though as Elle-Mae; the only daughter of Clifford and Louanna packed her belongings away into boxes and prepared to move away for college.

The Lovett family nest dwindled one by one as Tucker departed and Elle-mae went on to pursue her dreams. Justice was left to hold down the fort and now take on several responsibilities in which his siblings now left for him in their absence. A month after Justice’s sixteenth birthday, Louanna was diagnosed with Ischaemic heart disease. Louanna’s heart disease was severe and without a transplant she would die within a few months. Doctors basically told the family it was a waiting game for them to find a proper donor heart for Louanna. Clifford couldn’t take the stress knowing his wife was dying and he couldn’t help her. The rage grew deep within him burning a hole in his soul as the night she was diagnosed he’d cracked open several bottles of whiskey. Louanna was forced to stay in the hospital where they could keep an eye on her dwindling health. The father and son duo were left to fend for themselves at the ranch.

The house was quiet and dark as the full moon shone above Justice slept plagued with horrid dreams about losing his mother. Those dreams were soon interrupted by a horrible snapping noise coming from his body, Justice screamed out in pain as he doubled over on his bed. The moon was at its highest peak, in the distance he could hear the sounds of wolves howling together. His bones began snapping, readjusting themselves in different forms. Justice’s screams soon became howls as he stood on all fours, his skin now covered in a dirty white coat. He could hear his heart beating rapidly in his ears, his vision was now level with the floor as he gazed confused around the room. Within an instant he heard the howls once more, he jumped from his second story bedroom window and proceeded to join his pack. Justice’s father welcomed his son to the pack with a greeting of howls.

Successfully Justice transformed for the first time and his father couldn’t have been more proud of how instinctively Justice found his place within their pack. Everything seemed great; Louanna was thriving and healthy, Clifford and Justice were getting along fine at the ranch with a couple hired help. The father and son duo would visit Louanna every evening to have dinner together as a family. Justice made sure to inform his siblings about their mother’s health, but both seemed rather busy leading their own lives away from them. Justice was growing angry about his half sibling and his sister not responding. A month went passed and things took a turn for the worse; Justice had been taking a break for a moment when the home phone rang. Justice and Clifford quickly drove to the hospital as the ranch day came to a halt; upon entering his mother’s room. The room was quiet, a doctor and nurse stood solemnly aside. The tears slid down Justice’s features as he watched his father crumble in the bed next to his deceased wife.

Funeral arrangements were made no less than two weeks later; Family, friends and extended family showed up to say their last goodbyes to Louanna. Two faces soon greated Justice at the door where he was welcoming everyone. Tucker and Elle-mae had come back to Texas to say their final goodbyes to their mother. Justice enraged with anger refused to speak to the pair of them; as they went to live out their dreams leaving him to take care of the ranch, Clifford and their mother. Even though Justice had loads to say to his siblings he bit his tongue, because this wasn’t the time nor the place to create family drama. After the funeral Elle-mae and Tucker didn’t stick around long. Justice was left alone once again and was forced to take on more than he bargained for. After Louanna’s death Clifford began drinking all day, every day. He had told Justice he wanted to join his mother; He was over living this life. Justice did the best he could managing the last year of his schooling career and looking on to where life was going to take him.

Justice successfully walked across the stage as an honor student; the moment was exciting, but Justice’s father wasn’t even present for his graduation. Justice soon found himself in a panic once after everyone had received their diplomas. A loud siren sped past the highschool in the direction of Justice’s family ranch. Distressed, Justice ran towards his 93’ Ford F-150 and sped in the direction of the fire engine. Coming down the gravel driveway of his home; he saw the flames over the horizon. The fire department had been spraying the house. Crumbling pieces of the house came down; Justice prayed his father wasn’t inside, but the fire fighters proved his worst fears. His father was inside of the house while it had been burning. Justice received some of the insurance money for the ranch house burning to the ground as he was one of the surviving children. Justice couldn’t find it in himself to rebuild the house as too many painful memories resonated from that home. Relocating was the biggest thing for twenty-year old Justice as he packed up what he had left after the fire and relocated to Evermore City Colorado.

He spent the next six years of his life attempting to settle himself in Evermore City, He soon found himself reuniting with his siblings. The reuniting wasn’t exactly the greatest between himself and his half brother Tucker. Elle-mae was thrilled to have her little brother back in her life, but she hated how much hatred there was between her two brothers.. Not long after getting settled into his own place on the Ranch where he’d been hired. Working the ranch took most of his time away from his family members and he hadn’t seen them in months especially during the prime times of fouling seasons for the horses. Justice was on standby 24/7 everyday, seven days a week. He seemed to have vanished for months without a trace and he hadn’t contacted his family.

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