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Sweet Tooth (Ezra x Temperance)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Ezra D’Clermont Sep 6. 3 Replies

Ever since she had opened her Bakery, Temperance had gotten quite the boom…Continue


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No one does Devious like me.


Name: Temperance Moanoke

Nicknames/Alias: Temp, Rence, Temptress (Ash Only)

Faceclaim: Ksenia Solo

Age: 22|26

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Date/place of birth: August 16, 1997 | Hawaii 

Current place of residence: Evermore, Colorado | Therian Faction

Nationality/Species: American | Kitsune (Therian)

Occupation: Baker | Owns Little Red’s Bakery

Rank: In the Faction

Relationship: Single ;) 


Build: Tall, Skinny 

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Pale Blue

Distinguishing marks: Faction Tattoo


August 16, 1997, on the main Island of Hawaii a little girl was born to her mother and her father both loved her greatly and decided Island Life was better than living in a city. Both were so overjoyed to welcome a new member to their family however what her father failed to mention was that he was a pure blooded Kitsune that had gone solo. This made little Temperance a Therian, a Kitsune in fact, her father was an arctic Fox but his mother before him along was a Red Fox though his father was an Arctic like himself. Temperance could get either trait it would only be known on her first full moon once she was of age.

Many years passed as Temperance grew older until a man attacked her father when he took her to meet his family. He was attacked simply because he crossed into the turf of another pack without permission. Temperance was forced to watch as her father was slaughtered by the head of the pack that inhabited part of Colorado in a secret location. She was only thirteen when her father was killed.

Temperance was then taken in by her father's pack in Evermore, Colorado when she arrived at 16 a comet struck Evermore knocking out Temperance but she wasn't of age yet for her first full moon, she was taught about what she was since her mother was human and her father wasn't human. She later meets her half brother and sister whom she grew deeply close too. She went through her first true full moon on her twenty second birthday with the help of her Uncle as she screamed and cried as her first full moon broke every bone in her body reforming into that of an Arctic Fox much like her father. 

Years later at what should have been her 26th since she aged two times slower than humans she had finally gotten the necessary paperwork to get a nice little parlor just inside the town for a little Bakery called Little Red's Basket.


Positive: Loyal, Determined, Trustworthy |

Negative: Vengeful, Mistrusting, Devious

RELATIONSHIPS (Only as applies)

Parents: Father| Dead ; Mother| Alive

Siblings: Half brother and Sister


Current partners:

Ex partners:



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Hello Guys and Gals! In an effort to generate some more interest in the site plot and in plotting in general, we will be starting a new feature that will hopefully tickle everyone's fancy!As some of you may know and some of you may not, Ambrose Griffin is our residence Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Evermore Daily, the newspaper that residents can count on for all of their daily news needs. To make it easier for everyone to keep up with what's going on with the site plot and perhaps some other…See More

✓ Ezra D’Clermont replied to ✓ Temperance Moanoke's discussion Sweet Tooth (Ezra x Temperance)
"Surprised not to see a middle aged woman, Ezra did its best to contain his bemusement.  Smiling he gave his order to the young lady before him "I will have a large coffee,black and whatever you have just baked.  It smells delicious,…"
Sep 6

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"I confirm I am active as Temperance Moanoke, my species is Therianthrope, Kitsune. "
Sep 5

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Sep 2

✓ Temperance Moanoke replied to ✓ Temperance Moanoke's discussion Sweet Tooth (Ezra x Temperance)
"Temperance had finished making the first batch of sweets earlier that morning since the bakery opens at 4 am since most of the people she caters to are either human or supernatural. Most of the time she is Open 24/7 to keep the customers happy…"
Sep 2

✓ Ezra D’Clermont replied to ✓ Temperance Moanoke's discussion Sweet Tooth (Ezra x Temperance)
"The shops around downtown had been closing due to lack of customers or the recent vandalism that was plaguing this area.  The Evermore PD was stretched to the max, more officers were now on the streets while paperwork piled up.  It was…"
Sep 1

✓ Temperance Moanoke posted a discussion

Sweet Tooth (Ezra x Temperance)

Ever since she had opened her Bakery, Temperance had gotten quite the boom of business from Humans to the other supernaturals in town. To any human she was a small town girl born on Hawaii that felt like an outcast cause she was raised on the large island with the native kids and she was just a pale face to them. She had a flare for dramatics so she named her Bakery,…See More
Sep 1

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