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Basic Info

  • Lake Avery

  • TBA

  • Looks: 27 Actual: 47

  • Dhampir

  • Bisexual

  • Evermore

  • Nina Dobrev

  • Single


Astoria Belinski - sister

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Her Story

Anna Smith was your typical high schooler who tried to get good grades to please her parents whilst trying to maintain a social life as well. Starting a relationship with one of the footballers, Kyle. When it came to them nearing the end of their senior year they had to decide where to go to college. Anna knew she wanted to go to the same or newest college as Kyle , not wanting to be apart or to do the long relationship. How she knew they never worked. His parents wanted for them to follow in their footsteps of being a lawyer so he could one day take partnership in their fume or another successful law firm. Anna went to college to study English literature wanting to one day be a teacher. Somehow in the years of going to college they were able to make it work and stay together even finding somewhere to rent. Even getting married, not long after. They were happy almost in the honeymoon part of their marriage yet it changed as Kyle decided that it would be better for her to stay at home, that she wouldn’t need to work as he’s the one with the high paying job. There’s no need to. At the beginning she didn’t mind it but the more time passed the more horrible it got. With Kyle spending long hours at work they barely saw each other, she was just the person who spent all day cleaning and making meals. Almost like a housewife, Anna hated it. She’d even suggested that she could take up tutoring students, something to keep herself busy but Kyle was against it not wanting people coming into the house whilst she wasn't there. With more time passing the more tired she was getting of it all. Finding their marriage was non existent, along with the love and romance all gone. One night she decided to go to a nightclub, Kyle was out of town on a business trip. The perfect time for her to find time to escape. 

Anna met a mysterious man Jonas, almost drawn to him. Soon finding herself doing something she would come to regret but it was too late. Spending the rest of the night with Jonas in the VIP part of the club. All being unlike her but she wanted to feel something even if it means cheating. That night she went back with Jonas to a hotel room, where it was private and just them. She was cheating on her husband with him but he was doing the same. Both wanted to feel something that they were able to get at home. For many months it carried on the same, they were sneaking around and seeing each other. Unknown to their partners. She was starting to have feelings for Jonas. One night, he had taken to some place different. All he would tell him he had to take care of some other business. Anna was too blinded to see what he was really like till that night when she witnessed something that she’d never forget. Stumbling across a building that had an underground drug lair almost, along with some other sketchy stuff happening. Anna was shocked soon finding out what the man she was having an affair was really like. Changing everything. Anna knew she wanted to get out, away from him now knowing who he truly was. That she wanted to get far away not wanting to be a part of it all. Somehow he had let her get away, Jonas told her that he was only using her these last few months that nothing was real. She was just a pawn, something that could be thrown away. 

Anna went back home pleading and promising that she wouldn’t go to the police or tell anyone what she saw or knew. With weeks past, she found herself being late for her period. Which was strange as normally she’s on time, almost like clockwise. Panicking she’d hurried to the pharmacy picking up a pregnancy, going back home. Those minutes felt like the longest after taking the test. Anna could barely bring herself to look at it, when she did she saw the word that made her feel sick to her gut. With the fact she knew was pregnant, carrying the child of a drug dealer and most likely . Anna didn’t know what to do. Panicking and worried, now she was pregnant. Still carrying on with the lies and secrets to her husband who was still none the wiser. Part of her wanted to have an abortion then other part of her new it was wrong, it took her a while to decide what she wanted to do. Choosing to carry on with the lies. That's when she did something that she knew was wrong but she didn’t know what to do. Anna pretended that the baby she was carrying was Kyle’s even though deep down she knew it wasn’t his. Kyle was happy to hear she was with a child, too blinded to see that it wasn’t his. After that moment she knew she had to carry on with the lie, choosing to make things work and start again. Kyle had promised that he would be at home more to have better working hours for when the baby comes. 

Months later she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl who they named Lake Avery, she had always loved the name. From the moment she saw her, she fell in love with Lake. None of what happened in the past mattered any more. Both her and Kyle were happy again, finding that they were able to be better people and better parents. They were young parents making many mistakes but the love and bond they had and love for their daughter is what kept them together to make things work. Lake Grew up in a loving family. A kid full of imagination and energy. She was always the light in the room, with her blonde hair. Lake Was a happy child, always going to have playdates with children from the neighbourhood. From a young age she loved to paint and draw, anyone was able to see she had the skill and talent. Able to sketch drawings that were better than adults when she was still young. Lake Loved finding herself in a world of her own, able to draw her imagination. Letting it come to life in a way. Yet her mother could see that Lake was different, she could see the darker side of her come out at times. Almost seeing Lake’s biological father in her which terrified her. Still Anna would worry if Jonas would come back one day and find out about Lake. Worried if her daughter would be taken away. 

Lake Was popular in school, always being in one of the popular groups. One of the people who everyone wanted to hang around with. She was carefree, happy and always at the top of her classes too. Moving into high school, Lake Took up different extracurricular classes and groups, cheerleading, dancing, art of course. Lake Was like any typical teenager, happy and carefree and excited for what the future would hold. She’s always dreamed of going to college, to be accepted in an art program. Whether it would be New York, Paris, Rome. With many teachers commenting with the artistic skills she has, she could go anywhere. That she had potential to do anything. Her parents were always so proud of her, wanting her to have the life and future that they never had. For Lake to do and be better than them, that she wasn’t wrapped up in any boys or high school crushes like they were. 

One day Lake Was walking back from the coffee shop. They had one of the late opening nights where a band was playing and one of her friends was in it. Finding herself walking down the empty streets in Brooklyn, with nobody really nearby. Only the drunks and homeless people. It was quite quiet. Lake waited at one of the crosswalks till the light turned green, when it was safe for her to walk across. When she was in the middle of the road, a car suddenly appeared out of nowhere and wanted to drive through. He was nearly driving her over. Lake found herself angry with the car stopping just in  front of her. Finding herself stopping and shouting at the stranger saying that it was a red light and for him having to stop. She could tell she’s pissed him off but he angered her. Lake Chose to finish crossing the road, she’s always hated when cars tried going when they shouldn’t. Another week had passed since the incident. Lake had been sending out for the last few months her portfolios for different colleges and art programs to different cities and places. She’d gotten a letter from one of the places she’d really wanted to go. Lake was too nervous to open it at home so she waited till she was at the coffee shop to open it with one of her best friends. 

Lake was so nervous to open the letter, her hands were shaking in anticipation. All her worries went away when she saw at the top Congratulations you have been accepted. Lake couldn’t wait till she told everyone and her parents of course. Soon hurrying back home, she was nearly back till someone stepped out in front of her. Lake tried to step away from the stranger but each time she did her following in suit making her more annoyed. Looking up she could see it was the man from the other week, then she felt his hands grab onto both of her arms stopping her from being able to get away. The man started threatening her, saying how she pissed him off the other week and wasn’t one to forget or take things likely. The man Caious took Lakehostage, kidnapping her. Caius was a Valkyr,  who took Lake as revenge to an underground lair in some place. Where other Valkyr’s kept their hostages. Caius started to feed from Lake using his hypnosis powers so she was obvious to it all, a lost soul who was treated almost as a slave. Just a walking blood bag. He was addicted to Lilah’s blood as it was so memorising, different from all the blood he’s tasted before. 

This carried on for years, Lake being out of it all of the time. Her parents were devastated finding that she went missing, putting up flyers and having her put on the missing people list. That she just disappeared in thin air all unknown she was kidnapped and held against her will. Now Lake Wasn't a teenager anymore, a young adult. The Valkyr kept her under his mind control so she wouldn’t fight or run away as they were too addicted to her blood to let her go. Then one night they decided they had enough of her and other others they kept hostage, wanting to find fresher blood. Along with them they knew the police or someone was near to tracking their underground place down. Lake was left all chained up for days, she was very weak. Suddenly she could hear someone coming to her, she was barely able to lift up her head to see who it was. Lake could hear someone calling her name, they knew her but she didn’t. All unknown to her that her long lost half sister Astoria had been able to find out about her and save her. Finally after years she was saved away from captivity. 

Astoria had managed to rush her to hospital in time, she had lost a lot of blood and was weak from malnutrition. Astoria was shocked to find out that she was kept locked up for years, kept in years of captivity without remembering a thing. The hospital was just about to contact her parents but she decided against it not wanting to go back home after all she’s been through. It would be just as bad. Lake didn’t know the stranger who saved her until she told her who she was and how they were related. She was shocked when she learned the truth. Living a lie all her life, not knowing that her mother had an affair and she did wasn’t her real dad. It was a lot to take in but Astoria had offered that she could go and live with her if she wanted. It took Lake a long time to come to terms with what happened or what she piece together not really knowing what happened to her. She was lost and confused with years of her life all being a blur to her. 

Being locked up for years was not the only news she had to deal with. Learning that there were more secrets and parts of her she never had before Astoria had told her how she was more like her than she thought that their father was a Valkyr just like the people who locked her up. That she wasn’t normal, wasn’t human, that she was a Dhampir. All of it was a lot to take in all at once but somehow Lake took it in her stride. Going on with starting her Dhampir training later than most followed by her weapon ceremony. Luckily Astoria Helped her along the way. Lake too had chosen to not go to art school; she spent a few years training within the police force as well as taking a few med courses at college. Being qualified in both fields, Lake was always bright and top of her grades at school. Lake and Astoria soon became close, relying on each other. Both of them have not had a sibling before till now. Lake and Astoria Followed each other wherever the other went. Finding themselves in Evermore city with Astoria Being the Dhampir ambassador, she stood at her side. Lake promised that she would stand by her sister, owing her life to her as she saved hers.

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