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Grimm Situations (Annona Orsino & Priscilla Brone)

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With her tattooing internship under her wing and on the uprise; Priscilla began going back to her…Continue

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Priscilla Brone
Other Details
Name.Priscilla Luna Brone
Nicknames.Cilla, P, Pris Lil Bat
Looks Age.30
Actual Age.24
DOB.March 9, 1989
Occupation.Tattoo Artist Intern
Hometown.Evermore City CO,
Residence.Evermore City, CO
Places Traveled.Stuttgart,DE


Dating hist.None
Build.Feminine, Athletic, Petite
Weight.140 Lbs
Hair Color.Black
Eye Color.Dark Brown, Purple Tinted
Scars.Shoulder Blades (Wings)
Tattoos.Angelic Rune, Multiple Tatoos
PB.Kat Von Drachenberg


Tattoo Artist in Evermore
Grimm Situations




“My Body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”
— Electra Linda, Pinterest.

Positive Traits: Compassionate, Observant, & Sensitive

Negative Traits: Anxious, Insecure, & Sarcastic

Hobbies: Blogging, Graphic Design, Sketching,
Father: Hades Brone, Deceased

Mother: Helena Brone, Unknown

Siblings. None

Other Family: None

Pets: Rusty, German Shepherd and Daisy, Basset Hound

Arken Hazard - Mentor - Intia

Our friendship is a beautiful mentor-ship that blossomed from our love for art and tattooing. Arken is definitely one of a kind and his ideas are just beautiful. Together I believe we can create something even more beautiful.


Lightning pierced through the clouds; thunder crackling in the distance, deep within a hospital ward were the screams of a young woman giving birth to a child she’d never see again. The infant entered the world around midnight; the deranged mother clutched her child as she soothed her cries, only to be told by social workers the father would be coming to take the infant home as soon as the infant was cleared by doctors to be released. Priscilla’s mother was a patient of a mental ward as she claimed she saw her now ex-husband was not of the human species.

Helena went public with her beliefs about her husband, Hades; His denial about not being of the human species drove Helena insane. Once Helena’s insanity was beginning to cause marital issues, Hades found out she was with child. Nine months later while being in the mental ward Priscilla Brone was born.Taking Priscilla his muscular arms he cooed over the infant as Helena screamed out in rage. Hades shook his head in disbelief as she accused him yet again of being non-human; in his eyes nothing had changed and she wasn’t fit to mother a child. Nurses along with a social worker escorted Hades from the room with little Priscilla safely buckled into her carrier.

The father and daughter duo resided in Evermore City, Colorado in a large two bedroom penthouse near the center of the city. Evermore City, Colorado may have been where their home was, but due to Hades being a journalist his job took Priscilla and himself all over the world. For awhile Stuttgart, Germany became the father and daughter duo’s second home. Around when Priscilla turned eight her runic marking formed on her left collar bone; her father was thrilled to see the beautiful marking on his daughter.  In little to no time Hades began teaching his daughter in combat, only Priscilla didn’t understand why her father was training her. Hades would only mention that she needed to learn how to defend herself for possible future reasons. 

Priscilla showed creative tendencies while being homeschooled by her nanny while her father was out journaling about the world’s issues.  Her nanny was a mother figure for Priscilla as Hades went out of his way to make sure his daughter never learned the truth about her birth mother. Hades couldn’t allow his daughter to learn that her mother went psychotic over the fact that she had suspicions her husband wasn’t of the human race.  Of course Hades knew that his daughter would be exactly like him as she carried more of his DNA than her mothers. Priscilla was his pride and joy and he couldn’t believe how fast she was growing up. He realized he was missing parts of her life that were considered achievements. 

Hades was growing much older and traveling was starting to become harder and harder with age.  He decided to return home from overseas with his daughter; where she was enrolled in the public high school of Evermore City. He knew Pris’ had missed out on a lot of social interactions with other people her own age. Around 2008 Priscilla graduated at the top of her class surrounded by the rest of her classmates; Hades watched his daughter walk across the stage and receive her diploma. In High school Priscilla shined through her art classes and some of her work was even posted in a gallery. Hades couldn’t have been prouder of his daughter’s accomplishments. However Hades Priscilla’s beloved father was slowly dying from incurable cancer.  He’d been diagnosed while the duo was living in Germany. A year later Priscilla lost her father to his incurable cancer. The two shared a bittersweet moment together when her father passed. He shared how proud of her he was, and how he hoped she would keep shining on. 

Seven years later a comet pummeled the earth and gave a whole new meaning to Priscilla’s kind. While asleep one night Priscilla felt burning on her shoulder blades. Soon Priscilla woke screaming in agony as her shoulder blades burned. As soon as the comet impacted the earth, beautiful white wings tore from the slits that were burned into her back.  Her optics brightly lit with a tinge of purple as she starred in the mirror noticing the beautiful wings that sprung from her shoulder blades. Fear lingered in her optics as she was unsure of what this meant for her. Doing some research after the comet through her father’s journals that he kept. After reading through the journals Priscilla found out that she was a nephilim, and that if she had any questions if her father was deceased to go looking for a Cornelia or Clarissa Bradford. 

Priscilla sought out one of these two women, Pris’ found Clarissa whom she’d seeked training from in their newly found immortality and learned how to fly with the beautiful wings. This woman became a mentor to the young nephilim. Once being mentored Priscilla went on to undergo undergraduate school as an art major, where she became her own mural of creations. Her lifelong dream was to apply her beautiful drawings to those who admired them. The beautiful Nephilim was later given the name the Angel of illusion as she could make the illusion with tattoos. She, herself was a blessing in disguise

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