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Name: Aaliyah Cole

Nicknames/Alias: Al - Ali - Liyah - Ally

Faceclaim: Emily Didonato

Age : Looks - 31

Actually: 70

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Date/place of birth: England somewhere

Nationality/Species: Instar Diviner - Dark

Current place of residence:  Evermore




Build: Petite but muscled and toned||

Hair colour: Brunette||

 Eye colour: Ice Blue and Green - bright Amber when using magic||

Distinguishing marks: none|| 

Height: 5'7||

Negative: Stubborn, Impulsive, and Moody||

Positive: Feisty, Forceful, and Determined||



Aaliyah was born in exile. She was born without a coven, without the big families her parents always spoke off, born without her brother by her side as she grew up. It affected her, there was no way to deny that it didn’t effect the person she was today. It hardened her heart, and unlike most Fae who others first, she put herself first; maybe that was why she was claimed by the Necromancer line at 18?

Aaliyah was born into exile and she had no elder brother to grow up along side was because when the Phoenix species attacked her parents coven twelve years ago her father killed one of them to defend his people; and retaliation the Phoenix’s burnt the coven and took her elder brother as payment. It angered her that she was being deprived of a childhood a Fae child should have, that she never got to know her elder brother, but her parents spoke of him often, showing her pictures, the last one they had of him was on his 12th birthday. Aaliyah was strong, she was feisty and had a temper on her that could damage a small town.

The years passed and days after her 12th birthday nor her or her parents were expecting happened. The Ambassador of the Phoenix’s was stood on their doorstep waiting to take Aaliyah, she was back ready to claim Aaliyah as another payment for a death of one of her own. Aaliyah put up a fight she fought the leader with everything she could, but the Phoenix was stronger and knocked her unconscious as she dragged her from her family home. When Aaliyah awoke she was in a strange house with a man stood over her. He looked familiar to her, he reminded her of her brother, just a lot after. After they spoke it turned out the man was her brother, he was now twenty, eight years older than the pictures Aaliyah had seen.

Aaliyah couldn’t believe that Caiden was still alive, her parents had assumed they would kill him for what her father done when protecting the Fae, but no, he had been locked up in their house for eight years and none of them had known. Wanting to ask him everything she could think of Aaliyah started with one, why was he still alive. He didn’t know, but in the process of him tell her the last eight years of his life she found out something which shattered the bond she had with her parents, especially her father. Aaliyah has always believed her father had killed a Phoenix while he was protecting the Fae from their attack, but that had only been a story. Her’s and Caiden’s father had lured the Phoenix’s to the Fae Coven and then attacked them, killing one and injuring another who survived. Then in retaliation for killing one of them, they had Caiden and now Aaliyah.

Caiden was a lot more docile than she would have believed for someone who had been with the Phoenix’s for so long, he spent a lot of time reading or flirting with the d’Fierro girls much to Leona’s disgust. Aaliyah had been raised to fight, so she was always looking for a way out or winding up the Phoenix’s until they locked her in her room; though Caiden always managed to get her out again afterwards, how she didn’t know. The years passed slowly, Aaliyah didn’t fit as easily in the house as Caiden did, she wanted to explore and be able to venture into whatever country they were in. However, they weren’t allowed, she was stuck in the house and gardens. When Caiden had told her he spent the first few years in his room and not allowed anywhere else, she was shocked and knew she would have gone stir crazy if it had been her locked in that room.

Her 18th birthday finally came around and there was no celebrations or gatherings of her people, just Caiden in her bedroom watching the midday sun waiting to see what would happen. The sky had started to darken and Aaliyah could feel the change starting to happen with in her. She had been claimed by the Necromancer line, she was now longer Fae. She could also feel how weak being in such close proximity to Caiden was making her feel. It was so surreal being able to practise magic she had only ever dreamed about. Now she wanted to read the books in the library, learn about the Necromancer species and what it could offer her, maybe a way of escape.

However no luck came to Aaliyah and like her brother she was stuck in the house until they either released her or they died, as morbid as it was, that was all the options they had. They didn’t know where in the world they were, as they kept being moved around and Aaliyah was pretty sure Phoenix’s actually had some sort of plan for them, what she didn’t know.

The years in comparison to the 6 that went by between her kidnapping and her birthday went surprisingly quick, her and her brother were allowed to move more freely especially when they landed in the city of Evermore. It was place full of the supernatural including people like her and her brother. The Phoenix’s took them out into the city, being sure to keep them close and away from their own kind. They saw glimpses of freedom, it was teasing. After living in the city for about a year something none of them expected happened a comet hit Evermore.

Both Aaliyah and her brother were knocked unconscious after agonizing pain and when they awoke they were different. Usually when in the company of each other they felt weaker, but now they felt stronger together and they felt different on the inside, nothing like they had felt before. Not only were they different upon waking they were alone in the house alone. Knowing they wouldn’t get another chance like this they made a break for it, trying to escape. Caiden had managed to get free, but Aaliyah got caught a Phoenix that had stayed behind. She put up a fight and tried to break free, but she wasn’t strong enough against Phoenix and was still feeling weak from whatever had happened to her.

She taken back to her room and the door was locked, this time there would be no Caiden to free her. She was stuck there and her only thoughts were, did Caiden manage to get out? Did he get into city? Would he bring help?

With her brother gone there was no one there to keep Aaliyah's fiery temper in check. It wasn't long before Leona had her locked in her room. A few weeks went by and suddenly there Quinn was, rescuing Al.Since being free Al has learned to use her powers thanks to the help of Joseph Vatacus. She had a natural talent and proved to be very strong with her magic. She also found a small fortune left to her by her father. She assumed it was an attempt by him to be able to contact her sometime in the future if she ever escaped. Knowing the truth about her father she wanted nothing to do with him. Al had the account closed and the money transferred elsewhere so she could do as she wished with it.

Roxy Halloran became (surprisingly since she's a Phoenix) a close friend. The weeks after being set free went by so quickly. Al was quickly becoming worried about her brother. She hadn't found him yet and apparently no one else had heard of him. He had escaped weeks before her and yet he was nowhere to be found. Then suddenly one day a few weeks before she took possession of her new condo there he was. Al also met Mason, who she started to fall for not long after meeting him. The relationship was not meant to be however. Aaliyah, who had grown up away from civilization and then as a prisoner with the phoenix had never really known a normal life or had normal relationships before. As much as she loved Mason, she was constantly fighting with herself inside, unsure of what to do with her life and whether she was making the right choices. Finally, after dating for several months she had to end things to take the time to work on herself....

It is truly incredible how fast things can change for people in such a short time. The young Dark Instar Diviner went from angry, volatile, confused, and torn up inside to a strong woman in the course of year. So many things happened to encourage the rapid change in Aaliyah but the main key was being thrown into a position of power. It started with becoming the Assistant Ambassador to Quinn. It seemed like she had barely even taken up that role when Quinn approached her about wanting to step down and offering her the position of Ambassador. It had completely taken her by surprise but something about it also felt right. She had known for a while that Quinn was very unhappy and, even though the thought of leading was terrifying, she knew this was a step in the right direction.

So, Aaliyah Cole took up the role of Ambassador. Before taken over the running of the Instar Diviner faction she had also made the huge decision to sell her inner-city condo. The views were breathtaking, the condo modern and elegant, but the young ex-prisoner had felt so smothered and closed in that she couldn't stay there any longer. She ended up not selling the condo, but instead renting it out. She gave faction members the option if they didn't want to live within the faction house so it got filled very quickly. She bought a house on the outskirts of the city with a small acreage and room for her to take up a new hobby with horses. The affects of moving out of the crowded city were immediate. Running the faction became easier and even though she had a small suite within the faction house, she made it a goal to come home to her house every night.

Time seemed to fly by. Roxanne, her best friend, became pregnant, Aaliyah dated and dumped, and she finally found a sense of stability and was content. Months flew by in the blink of an eye and suddenly a face that she had nearly forgotten came back into her life. As much as she tried to keep her interactions with the d'Fierro's to a minimum, it seemed fate was against her. Leonardo d'Fierro was an egotistical ass who suddenly decided, after meeting her and trying to force her back to meet with Leona again (he quickly changed his tune when he realized that wouldn't happen) and then not seeing or speaking to her for months, he wanted to be a part of her life. Aaliyah pushed him away at first until a kiss and punch made her realize the feelings she had for him weren't necessarily a bad or dangerous thing. This wasn't like her previous flings, he was different. And so, they began dating and she knew he was her future. Then he disappeared.....

It was a dark time for the new Ambassador. Her lover had been taken, it was obvious who had done but it wasn't clear where he was or how long they would keep him alive for, and her best friend lost the baby. She was so lost, anger and the dark side of her natural abilities consuming her. She wanted revenge, she wanted to hurt those that hurt her. So she helped Leona d'Fierro when the time came to rescue Leon and she took pleasure in the pain she caused the Initia. The mission left its own set of scars the magic wielder when she was struck by metal shards, but her conscience was finally clear and her lover returned...or so she thought.

Leonardo wasn't well. His psyche was broken, he was shattered and there was nothing she could do to make things better. A year passed like this until this finally came to a head. They fought and he hurt her, resulting in another rebirth on Leonardo's end. He awoke almost entirely his old self. Things returned to normal, and Al was finally able to be happy again, Roxanne got engaged. And then the barrier went up. It seemed like things could never be peaceful in the city of Evermore. All the Ambassadors struggled, working hard to figure out who had created the barrier and what the barrier was but nothing came to light. The city continued on as normally as it could and Aaliyah's life settled into a false sense of normalcy.

It was over a year and half into their relationship when, on a casual evening in together, Leonardo asked Aaliyah to move in with him. And she said yes. Despite all the fears she had about the firelord at first she knew without a doubt this was where she was meant to be. She moved in with him. Their lives seemed to fall together perfectly. Despite the loom of the ominous barrier, the pair were happy and just when Aaliyah thought she couldn't be any happier with her relationship and Leonardo, he surprised her again. It was a casual, normal night in for the pair of them when, out of the blue, he gave her a ring. It wasn't an engagement ring; Leonardo didn't believe in that and, honestly, she didn't really either. It was a promise ring and Leonardo's promise meant more to her than any diamonds he might ever give her. She happily wore the promise ring on her ring finger for all the world to see.

From the moment that her and Leonardo had gotten together, the fire lord had made his feelings about marriage perfectly clear to her. He didn't want marriage, the ceremony, the party, any form of huge, ridiculous ceremony. And Aaliyah understood that and felt the same way. It worked and she was happier than she had ever been without even knowing her and Leonardo would never be married. Apparently at some point, though, something changed for Leonardo. One day, out of the blue, he was dropping down onto his knee before her on the privacy of their back deck. And so Aaliyah got engaged to the love of her life.

She thought that would be the end of it and that she finally had her happy ending. She was wrong. Weeks away from their wedding she woke up one day to find Leonardo gone. The life they had just barely begun to build together was shattered. She was the leader of a faction, however so she could not allow herself to crumble. Holding the pieces of herself together, Aaliyah was able to put on a strong face every day and do her job as a leader. More time passed and eventually the Ambassador found a routine and was able to return to her day to day life as it had been before. She moved back into her own house and was finally finding happiness again.


~~Credit to Saskiah the box codes <3~~

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