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Wrong Place, Wrong Time || Zenith & Seraphina ||

Started Apr 20 0 Replies

Bullets zinged in every direction, shouting and curses echoing around the closed in street drown out by the discharging firearms. The firefight had been started quite suddenly, an uncoordinated…Continue

Digging Up Dirt || Zenith & Rowan|| ***Completed***

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“Champagne Miss?”The brunette looked up from her menu, her mocha hues warming to a smooth cocoa as she regarded the…Continue

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"Zenith hadn't failed to notice the slight purple tinge in the dark cocoa depths of the male's eyes, that mixed with the display of power he had nonchalantly exhibited told her all she needed to know about his state of mind. Whatever it was…"
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"It was a sad state of affairs when a new recruit proved to be untrustworthy. It happened very rarely as all of her people had come to be in her employ voluntarily. The perks of being a Lobo were precious and high valued, the rewards for loyalty and…"
May 6

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✓ Zenith Lobo replied to ✓ Isaiah Zuriel Bradford's discussion Psychotic Answers (Zenith and Isaiah)
"Dollface. There were many things Zenith had been called in her life that had made her more than a little angry and on edge. Being reduced to an object that was pretty and inanimate made her seethe with barely contained rage. Still, she was more…"
Apr 25

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✓ Zenith Lobo replied to ✓ Mavi Talman's discussion Overheard and Unwelcome (Maverick + Zenith)
"There was one certainty in life, an inalienable feature of the human condition that many individuals couldn’t help but indulge in: lies. No matter how much incentive a person had to be honest, to tell the truth, and remain honorable some…"
Apr 25

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Wrong Place, Wrong Time || Zenith & Seraphina ||

Bullets zinged in every direction, shouting and curses echoing around the closed in street drown out by the discharging firearms. The firefight had been started quite suddenly, an uncoordinated attack that was violent in the extreme and meant to cause as much death and bloodshed as possible. The encroaching forces sprayed ammunition towards shops and cars and anyone that might have been unlucky enough to be caught out on the streets, in a hope to catch the Lobo forces off guard and vulnerable.…See More
Apr 20

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Apr 20

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✓ Zenith Lobo replied to ✓ Baptiste "Peto" Dupuis's discussion Saints and Sinners (Baptiste and Zenith)
"Her heels tapped out a rhythmic staccato against the concrete of the sidewalk, hands buried in the pockets of the expensive leather jacket that rested over her torso. The wind tugged at the stray strands of hair that had stubbornly slipped free from…"
Apr 20

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✓ Zenith Lobo replied to ✓ Zenith Lobo's discussion Digging Up Dirt || Zenith & Rowan||
"“It is the best and only way that life should be lived. Anything else is playing it far too safe.” She shook her head with a slightly sardonic smile, knowing that many people believed in keeping to themselves, following the rules, and…"
Mar 9

✓ Rowan James McKenzie replied to ✓ Zenith Lobo's discussion Digging Up Dirt || Zenith & Rowan||
"She definitely had a point, the people who made something of themselves in this world were the unapologetic ones who reached out for what they wanted with both hands, nothing ever just came to you on a platter unless you were born a silver spoon…"
Mar 7

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✓ Zenith Lobo replied to ✓ Zenith Lobo's discussion Digging Up Dirt || Zenith & Rowan||
"Shrugging delicately while her earthy hues floated around the room, she pursed her lips into a matching amused smile. “You don't get anywhere in life by being timid or acquiescent, at least not anywhere important. Life is about seizing…"
Mar 6

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✓ Zenith Lobo replied to ✓ Isaiah Zuriel Bradford's discussion Psychotic Answers (Zenith and Isaiah)
"It didn’t take long for the intruder to show himself, the steady and almost rhythmic clapping of his hands had her jaw setting in near annoyance. Either the man was baiting her or he was genuine in his comments, either way, she wasn’t…"
Mar 5

Give No Quarter...& Take No Prisoners


: - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - :

Age: 27 (looks); 67 (actual)

Date of Birth: 1981 || Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro

Nationality: Latin American

Species: Instar Diviner || Dark

Occupation: Donna Lobo || Crime Boss of Lobo Syndicate

Residence: Silvermane Ranch

Relationship Status: Single || Approach at your own Risk

: - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - :

Height: 5' 10" || Weight: 160 lbs - Lean muscled

Hair: Honey'd Brunette || Eyes: Chocolate Brown

FC: Eiza Gonzalez

: - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - :

Intelligent || Driven

Charming || Charismatic

Sharp-Tongued || Loyal

Ruthless || Suspicious

Cynical || Cunning


: - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - : - - :

Most people have an ideal picture of what a dream home is: spacious 2 story house, wrap around porch with a large dog laying out in the sun, and a white picket fence wrapping it all up in a perfect bow. The man of the house leaves every morning to work on a sales floor or in a factory, coming home every night to a wife that stayed home to take care of the little ones. Dinner every night around a table in the dining room, talking to each other about what kind of a day each member of the family had.  After dinner the whole family goes outside to enjoy the evening air, chatting with the friendly neighbors who are doing the same thing until the streetlights come on. Once the children are washed up and in pajamas the mother and father gather around the beds to tell an educational bedtime story that lulls the children to sleep allowing the adults to have a few hours of peaceful time watching television and chatting about grown up things before they themselves head to bed.

For others the home was a brick mansion several stories high with more rooms than a person could count in a day. The porch wrapped around the large hacienda, covered by balconies overlooking a swimming pool or tennis courts or a shooting range or the gardens depending on where in the house you were. Many gigantic dogs patrolled the property, not the fluffy family variety but big cross breeds that looked more like wolves than dogs alongside armed guards who were virtual walls of muscle roving inside and out. A 7 foot tall stone wall circled the property, topped with security cameras that swiveled 360 degrees; inundated with yards of wicked barbed wire. The place was a fortress with a large army that bustled in and out of the residence like a hub, resting on the shores of Rio de Janiero where the Lobo family ruled all.

Zenith Karina Lobo was born a princess, heir to a vast and rich dynasty that was built on a foundation of deception, dishonesty and corruption; fortified by fear and loyalty, and bathed in the blood of any who would stand against the house of Lobo. Born the only child of Rafael and Katarina, she stood to gain everything that her father had worked and fought so hard for, the mafia princess of the largest crime syndicate the world has ever seen.

As a boy Rafael had been precocious and charming, intelligent like his father with far more drive and a competitive streak that pushed him ever forward. Cunning and calculating Rafael couldn't and wouldn't be satisfied with the lot his father had drawn, working long hours for little pay in a thankless job that barely afforded enough for the little brownstone that housed several branches of the family and food. Constantly burgeoned by aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents, all crammed into a space meant for only a quarter of the occupants it was little wonder Rafael found more solace and interest out on the streets.

As a little boy he learned the art of the crime trade early, his thirst for all things more drawing attention from the Crime Lord of Teresina. Compared to most cities in Brazil their little inland home was poorer than most but those who knew where the money was worked smart and hard to obtain what they had. In the Vega cartel Rafael found a family of sorts, a group of people equally as ruthless and hungry for power and prestige as beat within his breast. It didn't take long for him to rise through the ranks, gathering around him a close knit circle of people who were the best at what they did and garnered great favor from the head of their little city.

Mauricio del Toro didn't approve of the things his son was doing, the lying and cheating and violence that Rafael was involved with made the old man uncomfortable. He wanted more for his son, a legitimate trade that would have him at home taking care of his large family. The right way. Unfortunately Rafael could see too clearly what the right way got him, taking care of so many mouths on very little dime and struggling just to survive. The young man didn't want to just survive, he wanted to thrive and grow. He wanted so much more and the only avenue that afforded that future was taking what he wanted, what he felt was his due. This created a rift between father and son that forced the head of the del Toro family to disown his son, kicking him out of the house and stripping him of the only legacy that Rafael hadn't had to fight for.

Angry and hurt, Rafael went through a period of mourning. In his tender age he didn’t realize how much just having a home, a solid place that he could land if things went wrong had meant to him. Without that safety net he felt adrift and vulnerable. Before very long though he found a way to cope, using the opportunity to cut all ties with the weakness of his bloodline and start fresh. Leaving Teresina behind Rafael took the opportunity to rebrand himself, to finally become the man he was always meant to be; to emerge from the shadows of tradition as the wolf that served none and demanded all.

Traveling far and wide across Brazil Rafael became a migrant, wandering from city to city in search of a new place to call home. Wherever he went he attracted attention, whether from his handsome looks or his brilliant talents, the reputation of Rafael Lobo began to grow. Garnering him followers who could see the ravenous and insatiable glint in the young man’s eye and know a winning bet when they beheld it, the first threads of his mafia were beginning to stitch together. The antics of the Lobo gang drew attention from the Syndicate, a conglomerate of families who joined together to pool their wealth and rule the great country of Brazil from the shadows. Anything and everything illegal was their domain, no one stole or sold anything with owing the Syndicate a cut.

Called to a meeting with the head of each of the five families, Rafael and his small group of operators were given an opportunity too good to pass up. The head of the sixth family had gotten too greedy, cutting off the Syndicate from the rich port city of Rio, claiming everything within its boundaries for himself. The Lobo gang was small, but each member was the best at their trade, hardened and gritty operators who were renowned for getting jobs done with precision and accuracy. The Syndicate made Rafael an offer he couldn't refuse, kill the traitor and root out his poisonous influence from Rio and reclaim the city in the name of the Syndicate. In exchange they would give him a seat at the table and allow him to rule the coastal goldmine.

Rafael Lobo took the chance he was given and ran with it, accepting with no little amount of enthusiasm and immediately set to work. It took a month in total, sly and conniving he used his charm and wit to undermine the Don of Rio, starting from his lowest pawns and working up from there. His small group grew as he garnered support and demanded loyalty from those who could see that a young and far more capable male was vying for position. Smart and strategic Rafael worked methodically, biding his time with the utmost patience until the time was right to strike. All that planning and hard work paid off, culminating in a single bloody night that saw all who remained loyal to the Don dead and the Don himself laid low.

Rafael himself dispatched with the old Don, sending his head to the Syndicate as proof of his deeds and sealing his position as the new Don of Rio. From there he flourished, quickly taking over the crime underground and expanding further than anyone could have expected. At the tender of 23 the young male was the most feared and respected Crime Lord Brazil had ever seen, and his reign was only just beginning. The Lobo gang had a hand in everything illegal; from drugs to gambling to cars and racing to money laundering to corrupting city officials and law enforcement and occasionally murder. Rafael wasn't completely without scruples, he had things he didn't condone and he set strict rules to govern his people. First and foremost children were off limits, either to sell to or use to sell. Anyone below the age of 21 was kept out of the crime trade, Don Rafael even took strides to ensure that Rio’s young people stay in school. After all, an educated criminal was far more valuable than a drop out. Human trafficking of any kind was strictly forbidden and there were some criminals who were eradicated because of their perverted preferences.

For all his ruthlessness his policies helped make Rio a safer place for families and children which gained Rafael the favor of the people. Sitting atop his budding empire Rafael felt that something was missing, some part of his life was lacking and yet he couldn't put a finger on what it was; his nights spent pouring over books and ledgers while his mind wandered to the things he still wanted. Companionship and family. His gang had become his family but they were like children, constantly needing to be watched and guided by his firm hand. As trustworthy as his seconds were he yearned for a partner he could truly trust.

She appeared one night when the moon was full, her fury and torment spilling across the streets of Rio in a fabulous display of feminine vengeance. Her rich russet hair floated around shoulders as if each strand were a living extension of her agony, her tall figure flowed through the blood soaked streets, clogging the gutters with the bodies of her victims. When Don Rafael had been called to the scene the reports sounded like something out of a horror story, a hauntingly beautiful woman was tearing through the favelas with glowing blood red eyes and whispering words that were unintelligible. When he arrived Don Rafael could hardly believe his eyes, it was if she were a witch, the words dripping from her rosy red lips caused fires to pop up, objects to fly at her targets, and one man who could have been her father to collapse on the ground gasping for breath.

As the old man’s life rattled free from his slack lips she looked up, her blazing red eyes meeting Rafael’s and even with tears streaming down her cheeks she was the loveliest woman he had ever seen. Her warpath had come to an end, the blood red draining from her eyes to reveal cocoa hues that reflected betrayal and pain. Don Rafael took the young woman in, providing food and shelter while waiting patiently to finally sate his starving curiosity. It took a while, her ordeal had Katarina closing herself off, the repercussions of what she had done slowly sinking in as she adjusted to being in the Don’s household. The young crime lord was too charming and handsome for her to resist long, and one night under the influence of some light spirits Katarina finally divulged to Rafael who and what she was.

Katarina Araya came from a long line of Light Diviners, beings who could speak words of magic and influence the arcane arts. The youngest of three everyone expected her to join the family when she had turned 18 but fate had been cruel to her, the moon forever branding her a Dark Diviner. Being a Necromancer in the midst of a family of Fae put her on the outside, relatives that had once treated her so kindly suddenly shunned her. Even her dear older sisters, women she looked up and went to for advice and solace gave her the cold shoulder and refused to be in the same room with her. Invitations to dinners and events left her off the list, and even her father began leaving her out of important coven business.

Katarina struggled to reconcile the loving family she had been raised by with the bitter and spiteful people that she lived with. On the night of 21st birthday things took a turn for the worse, instead of festivities and celebration she came home from work to find her things gathered neatly by the door and her father waiting in the hall. Behind him stood her family: her mother, both her sisters, all of her aunts and their family, and a few cousins who were barely old enough to be included in coven business. It took a moment for the young woman to figure out what was going on, for her mind to come up with the realization that the Fae Coven had come together to eradicate the taint of darkness among them.

Tears stung her eyes, her heart pounding in her chest as she took a step towards the man who had been her hero. “Papa?” Instead of love and tenderness the look in his eyes was disgust and disappointment. Together the entire coven began casting a spell, forcing her out of the only home she had ever known. Their rejection and loathing could be felt through the layers of the spell that worked to banish her from the premises, the whole ordeal snapping the last bits of her sanity. As the sun set and moon rose her power swelled with her outrage, disrupting the spell that the Fae were conjuring against her. From there her natural instincts took over, her power flowing from her like water to sweep away all the scum who had ever done her wrong.

Rafael gathered her close, listening as she poured her heart to him. He vowed to protect her always, to show her that there were still people in the world that cared for her. Two short years later the pair were married, surrounded by the entire Lobo Cartel as they paid homage to their King and Queen. From there things improved even more, the power of the Lobo family making them the most powerful and prevalent presence in the whole country of Brazil. Their love culminated in a daughter, Zenith Karina Lobo, effectively completing the picturesque family that Don Rafael had been yearning for.

Zenith grew up surrounded by love, support, and protection. Every member of the Lobo Cartel that came and went doted on her, her smile and laughter contagious. The precocious little girl never went anywhere with an armed escort though she never knew any different, watching and learning things that were far advanced for her age. Her father insisted his little girl learn how to defend herself, starting her in weapons training and hand to hand combat shortly after she learned to walk. As she grew older he taught her the tools of the trade, molding her into a capable and confident woman. Hard as they tired Katarina and Rafael were unable to have another child, so all of Rafael’s legacy would be passed to his one and only daughter.

Zenith soaked everything in, her thirst for knowledge only outweighing her love of physical exertion which made her education challenging. She was bright and intelligent, cunning and sly like her father as well as graceful and charismatic like her mother. By 5 years old she could con even the toughest of his enforcers into just about anything, by 10 she could pick pock and out run the best of his thieves, and by 15 she was fast and deadly. Rafael couldn’t have been more proud of his daughter, the thirst that had driven him to become the most successful Don in the Syndicate was the same drive he sensed in Zenith.

Katarina secretly prayed that her daughter would also inherit her legacy. The couple waited with barely bated breath until Zenith’s 18th birthday, the morning and afternoon passing with the usual festivities as the young woman went about her big day oblivious of the ever watchful stares of her parents. That night as the party was in full swing the moon burst out from the clouds, wreathing Zenith in it’s light and claiming her for the darkness. Ecstatic Katarina threw herself into training her daughter, teaching Zenith everything she knew about being a Diviner.

Along with her step into true womanhood Zenith began accompanying her father everywhere, helping him out with the family business and managing things right alongside him. It quickly became apparent that she was just as capable and driven as her father, garnering the respect of all within their network and even gathering more as she lead the Lobo Cartel into new business ventures. Opening several legitimate businesses alongside all the illegal trades they were able to move more product and money. Under her skilled hand and influence the Lobo’s expanded into Uruguay and Argentina offering even more opportunities and growth.

It was in those intervening years that the Lobo Cartel far outpaced that of the other five families within the Syndicate, producing far more profit than any of them had ever seen and flourishing with each passing day. The prosperity of the Lobo’s made the other Don’s nervous, the knowledge that should Don Lobo set his sights on taking over he could accomplish the task with no problems and not a single one of them could stand in his way. It made them all consider his position within the Syndicate, the power of influence he wielded so easily coupled with the rumors of his wife and daughter who could bewitch a man out of his soul, led to the hatching of a plot. It took several years to bring to fruition, careful planning and only trusting a couple highly skilled individuals who would carry out the grisly task. The plan was kept close to the vest, the knowledge that one wrong step or rumor might bring the wrath of Don Lobo down on them was very real.

It was the 30th wedding anniversary of Don Lobo and his Queen, drawing together a big celebration that involved the who city of Rio de Janeiro. Bright lights adorned every street corner, colorful streamers hung from every house and floated in the breeze that blew in from the ocean. Music permeated the air, flowing through the bloodstream of every citizen that celebrated with the happy couple. Following a parade in their honor the party spilled into the streets and continued on past sunset, the liquor flowed heavily second only to the copious amounts of food. A haze of love and adoration surrounded the happy couple, the pair of them so absorbed with one another that an elephant stampede wouldn’t have drawn their gazes away from one another.

Zenith took care of a few business details, dealing with a couple small fires to allow her parents to enjoy their day. She left at the height of the dinner festivities, called away to deal with a small matter across town. In her absence the plan the Syndicate had put into place spurred into action, the assassins taking full advantage of the party chaos to dispatch with Don Lobo and his Queen. Shots rang out, screams punctuated the air, and bedlam was unleashed. A series of explosions followed the murder of Rafael and Katarina, targeting the heart of their organization in an attempt to wipe out those who were loyal to the Don.

The Earth itself shook from the force of the explosions, Zenith turned to watch as fire filled the sky. Heart dropping into her stomach she and her guards raced across town and plunged headlong into the turmoil. Everywhere she looked death prevailed, men and women she had been raised with cut down by bullets or massacred by c-4. At the very center of it all lay her parents, her loving and vibrant parents, both shot clean through the head clutching to one another even in death. A profound grief filled her to the point of bursting, her normal rich brown eyes flooding with a red so dark they were almost black. The only thing that kept her from lashing out was the agony on those who survived gathering about her, her own grief reflected in their eyes.

For a week the city mourned, black covering the whole of the port as the echoes of the deaths they had suffered resonated and settled with the hearts of those left behind. During all the services Zenith and those most loyal to her were busy, tracking down leads that might guide them to who had killed so many of their loved ones. On the last day they had a break through, capturing a spy within the city who took no time at all for the furious young Lobo to break. From his lips spilled the plot the Syndicate had hatched, all those involved named and the realization that she was still at risk. The very next day the Syndicate swept into Rio, intent on taking advantage of the assumed power vacuum, and grasp hold of the prosperous port city.

The one mistake they made was letting Zenith Lobo slip between their fingers, leaving such a strong leader alive proved to be their biggest downfall. Fueled by anger and the thirst for vengeance the young woman set out to destroy everyone that had a hand in the deaths of her parents. She swept across the country like the grim reaper himself, her wrath like nothing they had ever anticipated. She was ruthless and unapologetic, mowing through the whole of the Syndicate until she had bathed in the blood of the Five Dons. By the end of the year the death toll in Brazil was unheard of, forever marking that year the year of the Wolf.

In the wake of it all Zenith stood along at the top of the chain, having wiped out all those involved in the murder of her parents was a scattered and flailing network of crime and revenue. Seizing the opportunity the dark Diviner took over, giving rise to the Lobo Syndicate. All of Brazil fell under her rule, those who didn’t respect her feared her and all others fell beneath her and into oblivion. The loss of her family hardened her heart but solidified her resolve as she took over and grew the Lobo Syndicate far beyond anything anyone had ever seen. It wasn’t long before South America itself was in her firm grasp, and like the wolf she was her territory expanded into North America.

Rio de Janiero had always been her home, the place of her birth, and yet the memories on every street corner made her heart ache. Making the decision to leave Zenith traveled through her territories she roved for years, never staying in one place for very long though keeping a firm hold on all of her ventures. Rumors reached her of a city that catered to the Supernatural, the idea of meeting with more of her own kind drawing her to a large city in the middle of Colorado.

Arriving in Evermore she has found more opportunities for expansion and plans on finally establishing a home base after years of wandering.

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