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Imposing eyes. (Blaize and Nate only.)

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In the past…Blaize walked through the door, smelling blood that instantly shot up through her nostrils; an alarming scent that sent a chill of dread through every fibre of the dhampir’s being.…Continue


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✓ Nathaniel Leight replied to ✓ Blaize Vervante's discussion Imposing eyes. (Blaize and Nate only.)
"Everyone knew that the vain dhampir Nathaniel was a health freak. He worked out more than necessary only ate ecologically produced crops, and excluded caffein, carbs and other substances that could harm your body long term. Alcohol had been…"

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Imposing eyes. (Blaize and Nate only.)

In the past…Blaize walked through the door, smelling blood that instantly shot up through her nostrils; an alarming scent that sent a chill of dread through every fibre of the dhampir’s being. Everything happened so fast, Three Therians standing over her parent’s bloodied corpses which hit like a hammer to the ribcage; the fight that ended with those bastards dead in the ground. For hours, she had rocked and cried over their bodies; praying for a miracle that never damn came. Why did they have…See More
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My demons, can never break me.

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Name: Blaize Vervante


Nicknames/Alias: V or Blay.


Faceclaim: Chloe Mortez


Age (Age you look & real age. Only if it applies):  Looks: 21 Real age: 27


Gender: Female


Sexuality: Gay


Date/place of birth: January 3rd 1992, California.


Current place of resisdence: Dhampir Faction, Evermore.


Nationality/Species: American and Italian/Dhampir.


Occupation (Only if applies): Security Guard For City Clubs.


Rank (Only if applies):


Relationship: Single



Build: Curvy/Athletic.


Hair colour: Blonde but is likely to change.


Eye colour: Evergreen.


Distinguishing marks: Tattooed names of her parents along the ribcage.





lead.. On a warm start to January 3rd 1992, Blaize was eventually born. Her Dhampir parents Christina and Marcus Vervante were the best anyone could ask for, providing foundations of support, love and guidance that would help greatly in years to come. Being half Italian also made things exciting, coming from quite a large family that often visited throughout the more festive seasons. As an only child, her parents completely devoted their time on helping her walk, speak, read to advance the child at a comfortable pace. It was a blessed childhood with no threats in sight, full of sunny days that seemed like a paradise that would never end

When Blaize began growing up steadily becoming three, Marcus began teaching her about the different runes and their history of how they came to be. Most of the time, it was told in an almost fairy-tale manner that often made her sleep contently at night. As time grew on though, her father thought it would be best to teach more about fighting styles to prepare her for the ceremony. Despite that being a while away, they were both enthusiastic to make sure she would be protected in the future. Everything perfectly fit into place with going to school, home lessons and generally being around members of their family kept her very busy.

Things were going smoothly when she was six, her father starting doing one on one training sessions regarding mixed martial arts, different disciplines etc. Blaize became a sponge whilst soaking up information, learning quickly as their species picked up fighting skills naturally like it was second nature. Eventually, a childhood love came upon the horizion…in the form of another girl. Everything became confusing, especially since she often looked upon girls kissing guys. A myriad of questions circled in the little ones brain, wondering if it was normal to want to kiss another girl. Thankfully, both parents were understanding upon broaching the conversation with her; advising her that it was okay if that was what she wanted. Secretly they assumed it would be a phase, but their words got eaten up as time went by.

Image result for chloe moretz child gif

Bella was a human that she studied with in class, immediately catching her eye. Blaize became quick friends with her through mutual interests such as painting, violin and drawing too. A bond was formed between the two with each passing day, going out to play, games of hide and seek and sitting in her tree house in the back garden whilst idling about gossip. In some cases, they were opposites of each other, where Bella was girly; Blaize wasn’t at all. However, it was like a ying/yang balance of nature that always seemed to level them both out.

Years flew by with Blaize coming into her own with strength, independence and finesse. Upon her tenth birthday, a very special moment happened. After all of the birthday celebrations, Bella and Blaize snuck off up to the tree house to watch a scene of stars in the night sky. They shared a kiss which illuminated her spirit, staying within every fibre of her being that was sacred. Inseparable, people at school would always see them together, sporting together, spending lunches laughing at bad jokes and simply enjoying life to it’s fullest. Yet, All good things once cherished never last.


Being in the supernatural community, Blaize started to understand that sometimes conflict wouldn’t avoided. After being pulled out of classes. She began to question her parents as to what was going on. Normal humans at fifteen didn’t have to worry about conflicts, fighting but she was already accustomed to certain environments. Soon approached heartbreak when her parents sat her down to tell her they had to move away since it wasn’t safe anymore. A pack Therian’s was out for revenge after Marcus killed one of them in self-defence, despite Blaize not wanting to leave Bella there was simply no choice. Both shared a heartfelt goodbye since they had been through so much together, a lot of firsts for the two of them. Every fibre of her being hoped that her lost love would find happiness in life, even if she didn’t think it would happen for herself.

Going completely out of California, they became off the grid deep into redwood forest. Blaize struggled with not having much of a social life, training towards the ceremony became her life instead. A whole lot of home schooling, training, weapons handling completely took over everything, distracting her thoughts away from yearning for love, company and the warmth of companion ship. Their house was a private log house, tailored with an armoury in the basement which was necessary for dhampirs in event of attack. Since her father was an architect in the human world, Christina also had a couple of own galleries in the city for promoting all kinds of art; Money wasn’t an issue so living off the grid was doable until the dust settled enough for them to go back. In time, the forest was kind of like a sanctuary becoming a vast beauty to be adored, treasured and respected.


Finally, The ceremony had finally come. Blaize was so filled with happiness that she thought her entire being would burst. For someone who wasn’t really girly, it was a BIG first. Both her parents lead her down to the armoury for the ceremony, where the right weapon would choose Blaize in a certain, coloured glow. All different ranges of weaponry were everywhere the eyes could see, glistening in their magnitude and beauty. However, only one had a red glow that illuminated such precious, strong steel. A samurai sword with a black hilt, white sheath and Japanese inscriptions along the blade, it was a thing of beauty. Picking up the chosen weapon, she twirled it around flawlessly before setting her sword back into the white sheath. Celebrations for Blaize’s birthday carried out into the night, which led to the horrors that would soon come.

Two years later, Blaize had entirely risen to the occasion with great leaps. Mixed Marital Arts, Various Martial Arts, Weapon Handling and Rune working were going well, thanks to the on-going support of her family. They had moved to a different house within the city, after it seemed the threat was over. For doing well, her cousins took her away for a trip in San Francisco for a weekend of revelry which was fine considering they were all the same species. Considering there was safety in numbers, her parents agreed. She had no idea that her world was about to come tumbling down, in one foul swoop.

After an amazing trip, Blaize finally returned home only to realise that something was terribly wrong. The door was left open, which she proceeded to take out her blade that was in a duffel silently. Drawing a specific rune of soundlessness, every fibre of her being charged into the place without making a noise. Spotting the ones she loved above everyone else laying in a pool of blood, completely tore her in two. Tears stung those evergreen hues as pure rage challenged through her veins, stabbing the first intruder through his heart without a second’s hesitation. Therians, it had to be them that had hunted her parents before. Two more of them charged, which she dodged, blocked and swiftly executed her own attacks viciously. A dismembered head and another body drop later, Blaize sat on her knees begging for her parents not to be dead. Their wounds had been to fatal, which completely switched something off in the dhampirs brain.

As the soon rose over the trees, Blaize buried her parents bodies before completely disappearing without a trace to anyone. Her parents always spoke of a sanctuary in Evermore that housed people like them, so with bitterness and anger in her heart; she ventured to the next place. Nothing really mattered anymore, everything that should have affected her, didn’t. Upon reaching the city, Blaize immediately went onto a self-destructive streak, especially when she obtained her own apartment. One night stands, getting drunk, getting into fights seemed like her own vicious cycle. Someone offered her a job as a security guard for a club, which she accepted since it would involve tossing people on their ass.

For years, it went on until the leader of her kind approached her. Valeria coaxed her to come to the faction, where people wouldn’t judge and she would be accepted. Blaize was apprehensive and cynical at first yet eventually she found herself moving into the faction house, quickly warming up to the environment. Nothing could take the pain away, despite their leaders kind heart. So now she tried each day to do something better, to get over the pain and horror of the past. Fearing those that wanted to get close, there was no room for any more pain. She made a couple of friends but kept herself a distance, training, drinking and simply trying to move on at her own pace. For now, a new journey had begun and she had no idea where it would lead..


Positive - Passionate - Loyal - Intelligent - Honest

Negative - Short Tempered - Blunt - Cynical

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At 16:31 on January 16, 2019,
✓ Kaldre 'Kal' Frostbourne

Hey Blaize!

Here's that starter I promised, looking forward to RPing with you! LINK


At 14:28 on January 12, 2019,
✓ Christian "Mindae" Jeon

Hello there, Matt! Welcome to ERCP! It's nice to see another new face! Hopefully, we can plot when you get your character and page set up. Hope you love it here!

-Christian Jeon


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