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"“Why young Ani the night is as young as you are, much too early to be turning it just yet.” He teased letting go of the man as he walked down the road. “I think that bar will be popular for the next month tops.” The Guard…"
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"I confirm I am active as Nathaniel Leight. My species is Dhampir Roleplay proof link one:Nate & CharlotteRoleplay proof link two: Nate & Theodor"
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"The fallen star didn’t seem to agree with his suggestion. Which could’ve been an easy prediction to do. Hikers, the kinds who just went where ever the roads lead them of course she would think that keeping things as long as they worked…"
Aug 1

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"Miss Sommers was a lady who seemed like she was used to getting her way. Her bossy tone and the way she moved like the world was her playground, almost like himself except he was  less angry, implied that so was the case. Spoiled with getting…"
Aug 1

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"Gossip had a way of spreading quicker than the most contagious  disease in Evermore. Wether it was just because it was a rather small town or because there was much to gossip about was nothing Nathaniel had speculated in but he did find it…"
Jul 31

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"She raised an eyebrow of her own, placing her hands on her hips and giving him an icy look that could’ve made a simpleton shiver and cowed by her side.  This however was not that type of male.  This was the type of male that thought…"
Jul 13

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"The Celestial rose a slight eyebrow, at the remark about her phone. Scrawling slightly at the Dhampir. “My phone is fine..it’s not even a year old.” She said stubbornly. Just because it didn’t hold signal in this particular…"
Jul 9

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"Miss Sommers could be perceived as a spoilt firework even when she wasn’t in her aggravated state as she was now. Much like himself except he rarely got angry. Being carefree, clouds of annoyance could flow by but mostly they passed and …"
Jul 3

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"He shrugged her hand off laughing. It was a first. He’d been told a thousand times to take things more serious and not just float around and hope that money solved everything. A strategy that had been working so far. His generally carefree…"
Jul 3

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The dynamic duo

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Theodor Dimitreu Aug 13. 3 Replies

There are many ways to look at life, some more abstract than others. Some follows the path that has been staked out for them while others find new paths determined to break free from all norms and…Continue

Forces of Nature(Artemitra & Nate)

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Camping was a popular activity during the spring, summer and fall, and was enjoyed in all parts of the world of all kinds of people. However living wild life wasn't something that attracted Nathaniel…Continue

Deal with the devil(Charlotte & Nate)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Nathaniel Leight Aug 1. 4 Replies

Pushing buttons was certainly one of the talents that the dhampir Nate inhabited. Not only pushing peoples buttons, even thaw he was more than skilled at that too, but with just a few clicks he could…Continue

Devil in disguise(Eden & Nate)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Eden Shaw Jun 14. 3 Replies

Actions speak louder than words, at least that is what some claim, still mankind has a tendency to mark words and hold each other to it. Nathaniel was one of few who mostly could match his banter.…Continue




Name:Nathaniel Charles William Leight 
Nicknames:Nate, N, Natie, sexy, duche, ManCandy
Faceclaim: Nathaniel Buzolic 
Age: Looks - 23 | Real 30
Sexuality: If your interested ask
Date/place of birth: England 1990
Current place of resisdence: Evermore city
Species: Dhampir
Occupation: Employed as forensic with the Police department/ working extra as patrolman
Rank : Member of the Dhampir faction
Relationship: Find out 

In the middle of September 1990 the Leight family's second son was born. The newborn boy was given the name Nathaniel after his great grandfather, a legend within his family as he had done great things to elevate the family's status. Some of the relatives gossiped that the old man still lived and was a night creature, a vampire, and that the wealth came from the people he had killed.

However Nathaniel's parents made sure such rumors never reach their progeny. During his childhood, Nate as most people came to call him, rarely saw either of his parents or his brother who was sent away to some expensive boarding school as a result of questioning the rumors, or as Nate was told bad behavior. The young man was basically raised by his nanny who gave the boy whatever he wished for. This lead to that Nate became a spoilt brat who usually got is way never thinking of consequences. The male never entered kindergarten so he never encountered other kids and never experienced how cruel children could be.


To be sharing his belongings didn't exist in the little boys world. When Nate wasn't out playing he spent most of his time sitting with his favorite item, a black Apple laptop. The nanny believed he was playing warrior games as all young boys did. Anyhow not Nate he used his computer to get information on other people and he was good at it. But the boy aged and was forced to enter school.

Due to never meeting any resistance Nate was rather confident and that worked in the school world as well. People didn't question him, the teachers did so because they were afraid of to be sued, and the kids didn't dare. It was something about him that told their instincts that it was best to lay low. This also resulted that Nathaniel didn't have many friends, most people respected and obeyed but none took time to really get to know him.


It continued on through our all Nate's school years. School was Nate's kingdom, he was both popular, rich and good looking. The girls built a line which he quickly went through leaving lots of shattered hearts behind him. Never being with one girl more than a month as he was afraid to get to attached and heartbroken if she left, just as his brother and parents had. He had never spoken of it, that he missed his brother and parents and felt very lonely living alone in the enormous house. Mostly he pretended as he couldn't care less.

Nate was faster and stronger than most kids and sometimes heard things others didn't but he never gave that much thought and was only grateful that this made him captain of the football team. Beside the girls and sports Nate had continued his interest in computers and showed talent for hacking and tracking devices which the professors encouraged and advised him to work for the police. One night when Nate had felt extra lonely, after dumping another girl who had gotten too clingy, he had used those skills to track down his sibling. Apparently he had moved away to the states and settled down in a town called Evermore. It made Nathaniel furious that his brothers had the guts to just move away without even a goodbye card or a call.


After that the heartbroken male promised himself to never give his brother another thought. His school years went by and he kept his promise he continued being a popular profile but never got close to anyone.

Anyhow his brother contacted him a few days before his 18th birthday and told him the truth about who he really was. According to his brother their father was a Vampire and so was their great grandfather, the rumor was true. He also explained that their mother was a human which made them some kind of hybrid a dhampir to be exact. In Nate's opinion it sounded freaky but it explained why he was stronger and faster than most. The older sibling told Nate everything about their kind and The younger dhampir listened patiently, happy to see his long lost brother again he couldn't even pretend to be mad with him for leaving.


After hearing all about the limits and strengths about his new found species Nate promised to come with his sibling and complete his Weapon Ceremony. The whole thing was long and Nate thought that it was going to take more than the day to find a weapon, there was so many laid out that even he didn’t know what to do with half of them. However following his brothers instruction Nate started to handle all the weapon until he was claimed by one. Finally he was claimed by a slim blade dagger, it was light to hold and fit easily into his hand. There was a feeling inside of him which felt connected to the weapon and when he did handle it Runes appeared on the blade and glowed Gold. 

After the Ceremony Nate agreed to stay in the city and on work on the training which followed, if he had known what he was before all of this, when he was a child then he would have begin his training at an early age and now he would only be learning how to handle his chosen weapon. However Nate had to start with the basics of self defence before learning how to control his new power.  There was never any to the dhampir training, you were always learning and always moving on.  Nathaniel decided to settle down in Evermore, it would mean that he would get to spend more time with his family, but also training at the Dojo. He got employed with the police force in their  forensic department. 


Nate had been in the for a long time when everything started to change, the life he had been building was put on hold when destruction hit in the form of a comet. The Dhampirs were tasked to help the people of the city, no matter who they were, it wasn’t up to them to judge. However they tended to focus more on the humans who had learned the hard way what filled their city and that things that went ‘bump’ in the night really were real. After everything had died down Nate took a moment to evaluate the situation, he had learned all the species had developed something new about them and after speaking with the other Dhampirs he learned that they had gained the ability to turn their mortality on and off. At this time Nate had no desire to do as such, but he knew that could change one day.

Positive Traits: Brave, Charming, Confident, 
Negative Traits: Manipulative, Reckless, Womaniser

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Good Job Sierra! Good Job xD

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I shared a few ideas for a thread.

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~ Mitri

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I lost 8 paragraphs... but i'd say you're happy to know it's 8 para's shorter xD  <.< but you have a reply :P hopefully the whole hallucination thing makes sense xD feel free to ask if you have any questions though, or if i may need to revise and edit my reply a bit .. otherwise, enjoy x)


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Look what I found!! Aren't they adorable?

Just perfect for you I reckon xp

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Merry Belated Christmas!! 

I got you the best gift of all, one that you deserve so much!

A ball of nothing! 

What a great gift I know

Jks, thats not your gifts don't worry I'm not that mean as you think I am. I'll have you so

I didn't know what to get you so I just found random crap 

- Sia <3

And lastlyyyy


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