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Second Chances (Cecilia and Atticus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Cecilia Laterza Sep 7. 1 Reply

Nothing has been so straight forward as he had first…Continue

Flame rekindled (Cecilia and Atticus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Cecilia Laterza May 30. 9 Replies

There’s been many mistakes that he’s made in his…Continue

Meeting of The Guardian and Wayfinder (Ophelia and Atticus) COMPLETED

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There’s so many things that he should have done…Continue

Finding My Way Back (Aurelia and Atticus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook Nov 19. 13 Replies

Loneliness was something he knew a lot of. Spending…Continue



Atticus Kieran Thornbrook

Age of Appearance: 40 | Date of Birth: November, 9th  | Actual Age: 930

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal | Fell in: Russia (930 years ago)

Family: Tatiana Ivokav, Wade Thornbrook (Unknown),  Aurelia Ivakov (Mother of his child)

Species: Celestial | Rank: The Guardian

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of Ursus Minor on left peck

Faceclaim: Skeet Ulrich


Atticus fell from the sky from Ursus Minor much like the Wayfinder only one fallen star from Ursus Minor can exist at a time. The star that falls from Ursus Minor is known as the Guardian and is meant to fall and seek out the Wayfinder and provide them with protection, laying down their life for the Wayfinder if it comes to that.

Though like all other Celestials when Atticus fell from the sky crashing into the ground somewhere in Russia, when he awoke in the ground everything hurt and he had no memory. Atticus pulled himself from the ground to find a young girl standing not far from him. She told him, that she saw him fall from the sky the night before.

She gave him he wrap she wore as the snow was thick on the ground and he was shivering. She took him back to her home that turned out to be a kingdom. The young girl was rushed by knights causing Atticus to take a step back and when she reassured them she was fine, she stated that he was ill and needed a place to stay while he healed.

The young girl who he learned to be Queen Anastasia of the Botus Kingdom, She had taken over the Kingdom after her father had been taken by the Dragonkin. She took in Atticus and after a short time Atticus remembered his name “Atticus Kieran Thornbrook” In his excitement at remembering his name Anastasia made him an offer, she felt safe with him by her side so she requested they be married.

Atticus agreed as he had felt protective over Anastasia. For a few years he ruled beside Anastasia supporting her claim to the throne, till one night a burn in his chest began to grow into a roaring pain. He jumped from the bed  patting on his chest at the burning feeling when a tattoo had formed over his left peck of Ursus Minor on his chest, confused by the mark when he suddenly felt a realization wash over him.

He was to be The Guardian to The Wayfinder, it was as if he was washed over with knowledge of a woman he had to find. He left that night the pull to strong for him, while he cared for Anastasia he never loved her, so as mysteriously as he came into her life he was gone, like a breeze in the wind.

He traveled for about a year when he finally found Emilia Dreyvalian, it was like the moment the two united they became an unstoppable force, their light grew brighter and their energy feed off each other. The brighter they glowed the more people were drawn to them, enemies and friends alike. Their community grew until that one fateful night that  Atticus began to wonder what happened to Anastasia wanting to ride and check on her he would be back he promised Emilia.

So he rode back to Anastasia kingdom to find that she had remarried and had a few children with her new husband and and heir. Anastasia and him caught up in secret so not to alert the court about him being there. She explained that she knew he was meant to be much more than her husband that one didn’t fall out of the sky for no reason. After a day of catching up something began to grow in his chest a fear for Emilia.

Atticus began to ride back when he came upon the celestial camp ripped apart, he found Emilia body laying there. He fell to the ground next to her and took the amulet from around her neck seeing the light that use to be there once upon a time was fading quickly. With tears he placed it around his neck as a reminder of his failure.

That night he left and traveled the world waiting for the call of the next Wayfinder to find him just as Emilia’s did. Through his travels he learned he had a talent for painting and found himself in England selling paintings. That is where he meet a beautiful lady in the night name Aurelia Ivakov. She was an unearthly beauty to him and he was drawn to her, her darkness made him want to sooth away the pain she clearly had.

Aurelia and Atticus began to spend many nights together, their long talks leading to a friendship, to them both wanting more they both shared so much with each other. Aurelia confided in Atticus about her family, she told him her whole sad tale about how she was once an Nephilim and full of life and love, to be transformed into a vampire in an act of mercy. She told Atticus she had given up and wanted to give into the darkness that plagued her mind.

Atticus told her she was far greater than her species that he would help her gain her light again and gave her a coin. The coin was a symbol of light and was given to him by Anastasia the night he fell. Atticus had fallen in love with Aurelia even if he would never admit it outloud to her. He painted many pictures of her in the moonlight. As the two grew closer to each other one night they gave into the desires that were clearly there. Atticus promised her the world knowing her abandonment issues.

The two spent a few days locked away with each other before Atticus was called away to paint for a church. Atticus promised to return to Aurelia and they could get married and have a life together, unknown to Atticus, Aurelia became pregnant with his child after their time together. Atticus planned on returning to Aurelia but in a cruel twist of faith as he was riding to the church he found a cart attacked on the side of the road. He stopped to offer aid to the patrons of the cart where he was attacked, a blade plunged into his heart and then darkness.

The darkness felt like it last forever he was just floating there lost until one day he felt as if he was yanked into a new world. He opened his eyes taking in a shaky breath and found himself standing in a field his eyes watching a battle take place, He saw who he thought was Emilia fighting for the life of the celestial around her and yet the clothing was all wrong, but that Guardian in him felt alive again. So he was there beside her scooping her up after the man attacked her and taking her to the closest city in search for help for the woman who he now got a closer look at realizing she wasn’t Emilia but she was clearly the next Wayfinder.

He noticed the Amulet around her neck matched the one on his that belonged to Emilia but glowed blue when Emilia glowed a soft yellow. It seemed that each Wayfinder had a different light. Being near Ophelia her glowing began to grow brighter, the fear of the past crept into his mind as he remembered how bright he and Emilia glowed. He clutched the amulet around his neck and knew that he need to leave to keep her safe is how he logic everything.

He told the woman who had taken them in to clean her wounds to heal her and make sure she stayed safe. With that he left the Wayfinder and felt the glowing slowly die the more space he place between them. He felt weaker the further he got away from Ophelia, he had no idea that in her traumatic moment she manage to pull him through time to save her since her Guardian never fell.

Atticus found his way to a coven of Diviners and begged them to hide him, he didn’t want to be found after so much lost in his life he just wished to murn in solitude. They agreed as long as he would give them celestial energy when they wished. He agreed and found a small place deep in the woods ignoring the pull to Ophelia for a long time. He knew even though they were stronger together it was best to be apart. He was convinced that he was the reason Emilia died, he couldn’t risk the life of the next Wayfinder.

In his solitude his mind drifted to Aurelia he wondered if she was even alive it had been hundreds of years since they had been together. He chose to assume she was dead unaware that she and his daughter Tatiana lived with and guarded the very species that chose to take the celestial hostage. The rumors got back to him that the Celestial were held hostage that the Wayfinder was missing but he could still feel her life force alive.

After the fall of skye the pull to Ophelia grew too strong it was as if he could no longer ignore it so he found his way slowly to Evermore. Following the invisible force that guided him to her, he showed up on her doorstep one evening and began to explain to her that he was Emilia Dreyvalian guardian and that he believed that now he was to be her guardian as the pull to her had grown to a point he could no longer fight.

Personality Traits

Good: Confident, Forceful, Inspiring

Bad: Flighty, Aloof, Implosive


Aurelia Ivakov 

~ Ex lover and Mother of his Child ~

Tatiana Ivakov 

~ Daughter ~

Wade Thornbrook 

~ Brother (Unknown to him ) ~

Current RP's

- Finding My Way Back (Atticus and Aurelia)

- Meeting of The Guardian and Wayfinder (Atticus and Ophelia)

- Memories of The Past (Atticus and Cecilia)

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✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook replied to ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook's discussion Finding My Way Back (Aurelia and Atticus)
"Atticus knew he couldn’t go back to change things for happening. Knowing that he had to accept that he’s missed seeing his own daughter growing up. All the little things. All he could hope was that he would have a chance of being in her…"
Nov 19

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Ailward Guard
✓ Aurelia Ivakov replied to ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook's discussion Finding My Way Back (Aurelia and Atticus)
"Aurelia knew it was a lot to take in. A whole life he didn’t know happened when he had passed. She never thought she would be here explaining to him the life his daughter and her had. “It was difficult to begin with. Me a mother, you…"
Oct 10

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"I confirm I am active as Atticus Thornbrook. My species is Celestial.  Finding My Way back"
Oct 7

✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook replied to ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook's discussion Finding My Way Back (Aurelia and Atticus)
"Atticus was still in disbelief by this all. All happening so fast, all at once. Not even having any time to process and take it all in. With how it’s not everyday you get reunited with your ex who’d you not seen since dying and all. To…"
Oct 7

✓ Cecilia Laterza replied to ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook's discussion Second Chances (Cecilia and Atticus)
"Celia wouldn't lie and say she's forgotten him, because let's be real, she will never be able to forget him. Ever. The volakiri bond only gave further evidence that it's a string aligning the two of them together, that can never…"
Sep 7

✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook's discussion Meeting of The Guardian and Wayfinder (Ophelia and Atticus)
"His advice wasn’t the first time she’d been told to stop worrying about what others thought so much, it was easy to say and agree with, much harder to actually follow the advice and not let it get to you “I try my best” she…"
Sep 7

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Second Chances (Cecilia and Atticus)

Nothing has been so straight forward as he had first thought it would be. He was a guardian again to his new Wayfinder Ophelia. Trying to make amends, gaining her trust and the trust of all other Celestials. Atticus knew it wouldn’t be so simple that it’ll be a long road with all that their species have gone through. A part of him still felt that it…See More
Sep 6

✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook replied to ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook's discussion Meeting of The Guardian and Wayfinder (Ophelia and Atticus)
"Atticus could tell that she was an overthinker something that is a common fault for any leader with all the responsibilities put on their shoulders. Constantly worrying and thinking everything through. “There’s something that I’ve…"
Sep 6

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