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Whenever you're ready; Can we surrender? I surrender <3 Banner Credits: Dominic Howlett

He speaks to her in ways no one before him had, and that is why it's impossible for her to not listen ~ JmStorm

Eden Shaw


Full Name: Eden Raven Shaw

Nicknames: Queen (only for Gideon) - more to come

Age: Looks 27 - Real 152

Species: Valkyr

Place Of Birth: Eden: a place of pristine or abundant natural beauty; paradise

Current Residence: Valkyr Territory - Colorado, Evermore City; Typicall in the castle near Gideon and the rest of her kind

Occupation: Homicide Detective - Looking into dancing or women's wrestling

Relationship Status: Gideon Ashworth Forever my king <3 Forever his queen

Sexual Orientation: Whatever he wants me to be ;)

Family: James Shaw (Father) -deceased- and Margeret Shaw (Mother) -deceased- and Raven Shaw, her adoptive sister that shes not met yet <3


Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Hair: Brown usually - she typically keeps it straightened and down - she other times when shes being lazy, her hair will be thrown into a messy bun - and occassionally she'll curl it if she's making an effort or going some place fancy

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 126lbs

Body Type: Slim/thick, Hourglass Figure.

Complexion: Tanned all year around

Special Markings: Various tattoo's in different spots.

Rank: Nomad - when Eden was first turned, she was a loner, and has basically learned all that she knows, by herself.

Status: Immortal

Face Claim: Madison Beer


Eden: a place of pristine or abundant natural beauty; paradise. That’s what James and Margaret Shaw wanted to give their newborn daughter. But as the healthy baby was delivered in their rickety home with barren walls and a leaking roof, James and Margaret could hardly give her more than a name. So they named her after the fictitious paradise that would eternally bloom and flourish, as they knew she would: Eden. Growing up with barely a penny to spare was hard work, but it taught Eden strength, resilience, and determination. James taught her how to read with whatever shabby book he could add to their meager collection, and Margaret taught her basic life skills like sewing tears in fabric and making a soup out of food scraps. Eden was eager to learn everything they could afford teaching her, thirsting for knowledge. And when she was old enough, her parents surprised her by scraping together what money they could, and enrolled her into school.Eden was not popular amongst her classmates. Her clothes were shabby and ragged, her books were third rate at best, and her shoes were worn down to rags. She always arrived with a smudge of dirt on her face and some hay in her hair from helping her parents with farm chores early in the morning before school, and her lunch always consisted of stale bread and occasionally some shreds of ham. The kids made fun of her when the teacher wasn't paying attention, tossed her books in puddles, and threw mud at her clothes. It hurt her feelings and wounded her pride, but it never broke her spirit. Everyday the kids would bully her and everyday she returned to school with more determination than before. She studied hard, practiced every night, and soon was making top marks in her class.Eden graduated on to high school at the top of her class, and held on to her spot despite the bullying. Soon, Eden set up her own small business: tutoring for three dollars. In three months Eden was able to buy new books for herself, and almost a year later, she could afford new shoes. Her system was genius and manageable, still maintaining her top spot in class. The richer kids viewed her as a protege - one in a million. They credited her brains to luck and chance, but to Eden is was more fundamental than that. To her it proved that class did not determine smarts, it just dictated who could afford an education. In her spare time, Eden would tutor the children in her neighbourhood whose parents could not afford to send them to school. She taught them easy life-skills like reading, writing, and basic addition. Nearing the end of her school career, Eden vowed she would create a volunteer program to help less-fortunate kids get the education they deserve.That was, until her father fell ill. The physician diagnosed him with a rare form of brain cancer, an inoperable tumour even if they could afford treatment. There was nothing that could be done. Eden and Margaret did the best they could to care for him, but they could all but watch as James wasted away and eventually died. They buried him under the oak tree on a spot of free land just off their property, where he liked to sit and watch the cows as he ate his lunch. James’ death meant two things: losing a loved one, and losing their income. Eden had to face two horrors that night. Bidding goodbye to her beloved father, and going back on her personal vow. If Eden and Margaret were going to survive, Eden had to work. And what she was best at was tutoring, which meant leaving behind the poor children and walking into the lavish houses and mansions of rich men.The world around them began to change. Maps of Earth was losing uncharted lands, Europe’s technology was advancing at an alarming rate, and the United States tore itself in half. Families watched their fathers, brothers, and son head off to war, and woman were working more. New laws were passed and old ones were abolished, and Eden was still entering rich homes to tutor rich children to provide for her poor mother. It had been three years since James died and three years since Eden turned her back on the children in her village. No one held her to the decision she made, but Eden was still washed with guilt. She hated breaking promises.But she pressed on regardless, her mother now her only concern. Margaret was getting older, her hands showing signs of arthritis. Eden hired a farm boy to care for the cows and chickens, but that meant taking on more work. It came to the point where Eden was getting little to no sleep, traversing to town early in the morning each day and trekking back home at night. Though she tried to hide it, Eden was visibly getting worse. She was getting ready to look for other alternative of work, when a particularly wealthy client of hers offered her a guest bedroom to sleep during the nights. Their mansion was right at the edge of town, and the children were favourites of hers. As they told her, Lord and Lady Heathcliff came over from England about twenty years ago, and their twins Lily and Oliver were born ten years later. Eden always thought the couple looked younger than thirty, but she chalked that up to being rich and in good health.Lily and Oliver were bright little things who were always on their best behaviour and soaked up whatever text she plopped in front of them. They greeted her excitedly in the foyer, were glued to her side through the duration of the entire lesson, and waved goodbye when the session was over. When their father presented Eden with the offer of using their guest bedroom, Lily and Oliver begged over and over until she finally conceded. Though Eden hated leaving her mother, staying in the Heathcliff mansion was much more economical. The setup worked splendidly for another two years, with Eden sending her mother money at the end of every week, and scheduling a visit home at the end of every month.Life was going well for Eden until the morning she woke with a splitting headache. The pain was so intense, Eden almost immediately passed out upon waking. It felt as if her skull was slowly being wedged in two with the broad axe her father used to chop wood. Her nose felt warm and wet, and when Eden touched and pulled away, there was blood on her fingers. Eden cursed herself and gritted her teeth. She could not be sick. For the sake of her mother, she needed to press on.After cleaning up, Eden felt marginally better, and went along her normal day. The headache never ceased, however, and when she returned to the Heathcliff mansion, Eden collapsed on the marbled foyer floor. When she woke, she was lying in her bed, Lord Heathcliff sitting beside her. With a somber face, he informed her that Eden was in the early stages of a rare form of inoperable brain cancer. Eden’s world tilted. Incurable cancer; just like her father. To be sure, Eden asked to speak with the doctor who diagnosed her.If Eden thought life had just handed her the wrong end of the stick, it was about to toss her a curveball she never saw coming.Lord Heathcliff revealed to her that a doctor did not diagnose her. Eden thought perhaps he was a doctor himself, but that wasn’t the case either. No, the Lord claimed he could “smell” the disease on her, and knew it was incurable, except for one “unconventional” way.“Unconventional” was as understatement. Eden prided herself in being an observant person. She saw details most couldn’t, read facial expression as easily as textbooks, and noticed changes in the weather based on a cat’s behaviour. So how Eden could miss that her favourite customers, and most hospitable patrons of whom she lived with for two years were an entire family of Valkyr's was lost to her. Eden didn’t believe the Lord at first, of course. Though it caused her great pain, she laughed until she could not breathe. Valkyr's were myths, they were urban legends. When Eden first began residing with the HEathcliff family, Lord Heathcliff himself had told these stories to Eden about twins who had created the first ever Valkyr; and while Eden's inquisitive mind enjoyed hearing those stories, she never thought they would prove to be true. But, to prove his claims, Lord Heathcliff flashed his fangs, and Eden fainted once more.When she arose, Eden surprised herself in immediately making a decision. It was not to run or call the police, but to accept Lord Heathcliff’s offer. Why? Eden asked herself that many times. Mostly so that she could keep providing for her mother, who seemed to be aging more everyday. Partly because of her pride. She had been gifted with such a great mind, she was not going to allow it be destroyed. And if this was truly the only way - so be it. Eden Shaw agreed to become a Valkyr, a being of the shadows.It took several long, painful, miserable months for Eden to drift away from the same brain cancer that killed her father. The Heathcliff family had been extra considerate during that time, making Eden breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed; Lord Heathcliff's wife helping her bath, then during the night time before Oliver and Lilly's bed time, Eden had continued tutoring the children, no matter how sick she was, it was the small price the family had asked for in order to bring her back once she died. It was a late rainy night where Eden remembered specifically that the Heathcliff family had all joined by her bed side to watch her die, and the expression on their faces being that of happiness and cheerfulness, which in Eden's eyes was more than disturbing but perhaps it was the fact that they knew she would return to tutoring the children. Lord Heathcliff had always told Eden there was no one quite like her, and that he and his wife could have never found someone better to tutor their children.As Eden Shaw took her very last breath, when the cancer finally killed her, Lord Heathcliff dismissed the rest of his family to proceed with the turning ritual. After the room was cleared of all but him and Eden's lifeless form, Heathcliff made a small slash in his wrist, and pryed Eden's mouth open, giving her his blood and infusing it with shadow energy. The rest would come naturally, or as naturally as one could see things from the supernatural point of view. Earlier that night, before Lord Heathcliff dismissed his family, he had instructed his wife on exactly what to do for when Eden arose. It hadn't been but 24 hours when Eden finally did return back to the living, gasping loudly as her lungs filled with air and her lifeless form jolting from the slab of concrete they had laid her on in their basement.Eden was panicked and frightened, she remembered taking her very last breath in the guest bedroom they had given her to stay in, but why she woke up in a basement was beyond her. But, that too was about to be answered as Lord Heathcliff returned to her side, placing a hand on her shoulder and glaring into her eyes as though he was staring right into her soul. "I'm happy to see that you're back, but we have a few things to do. First things first" those words seemed to have rolled off the Lord's tongue in a bitter sweet tone, he had a wicked glimmer in his eyes.Eden was free of pain, for the first time in a long time, remembering how many months she had suffered from the cancer. Filled with ravenous hunger. She felt out of her body, her mind unhinged, and when a human carcass was dropped in front of her, Eden didn’t care who it was or how it got there. She lept on the body, new fangs piercing the flesh and drinking every drop of crimson blood as if it were succulent wine.Thinking back to that moment always terrified Eden. The way she acted like a starved animal, morality thrown out the window. As Eden adjusted to her new life, she retired from her tutoring position from all families except for the Heathcliffs, who taught her Valkyr life in exchange for homeschooling Lily and Oliver. The Lord assured Margaret would continue to get her money, but Eden could not visit her until she was completely comfortable as a Valkyr.It took three months to fully adjust, but even then, while Eden didn't look different psychically, she seemed to be changed entirely on the inside. Something much darker and twisted resided in the inquisitve young Valkyr, something she couldn't quite put her finger on, and while it scared her, Lord Heathcliff told her it was completely normal to feel different internally. The timing seemed to have been just right as Eden returned to her mother on her deathbed. But when Eden returned home, she didn't expect what'd happened next. Eden's skin felt as though it was crawling off of her body, she didn't know what had came over her all of a sudden but whatever it was, made her feel crazy.Adjusting to her new life was far beyond anything she could wrap her head around. Now as a supernatural being, who couldn't even bid farewell to her mother, or anyone for that matter that knew of Eden's existence before she had died,gave Eden a new mission in life; to make those who'd forgotten her, to remember her. Especially her mother. She didn't want her mother to die before she could say she loved her. Eden was merely just a shadow to her loved ones. As a Valkyr, Eden's personality had shifted, but instead of her compassion magnifying, anger and resentment burned within her, changing her entirely. The longer she stayed in her hometown, the colder and more distant she grew from the young selfless female she once was. She could barely recognize herself when she looked in the mirror.Margret's last day on earth had been spent with Eden sobbing at her bedside, but to her mother, it was some stranger who'd taken time out of their day to watch her die, she unfortunately never saw her as her daughter again. When Eden's mother drew her last breath, Eden gave her mother a kiss upon her forehead, and buried her mother right beside her father before dousing her family home in gasoline and watching it burn until there was nothing left of it but ash. With her savings, Eden decided to pay for a school house to be built on her family property where her home used to be, fulfullin her promise to the poor village kids she had once tutored; making sure it was equipped and staffed with people willing to give poor children an education.Days after residing in rinky dink hotel room with leaking ceilings and toilets that didn't flush, the Valkyr decided she had to come up with a better plan than this, she had burnt her family home, and now had no where to stay. On top of all of that, Eden had began to lose her mind. She'd turned into a vicious predator; labeled a monster by those in her hometown. This was when things had finally hit rock bottom for Eden. The mortals began hunting her, wanting to kill the creature of the night; 'Woman of Shadows' was the name the city locals had given her. With that, Eden ran as far and as fast as she could. Her feet landed her right on the doorstep of her maker; and vengance loomed in her empty heart. Lord Heathcliff had been out and about the night Eden arrived to their mansion,begging Lady Heathcliff for help, and for a place to stay hid for a while. Much to Eden's surprise, Lady Heathcliff denied her of that, telling her to leave right away.Lady Heathcliff went on with explaining her responce. She could tell by the look in Eden's eyes, and well the fact that she was standing here, that she hadn't left, and the Heathcliff's knew what effect that had on a Valkyr. It effected them all differently, but sadly for Eden, it made her a monster. One by one, Eden hunted the Heathcliff's down, murdering them in cold blood, and when Lord returned; there sat Eden rocking back and fourth in an old wooden rocking chair his wife once used to knit quilts and sweaters, covered in his family's blood.Eden knew how far gone she was. She even knew she had been effected by not leaving her hometown when she first had the urge to. The more intense that urge got, the worse off she became mentally, and now she sat there as a shell of a person, and her humanity only a thing of the past. Lord Heathcliff flashed over to her with the speed of lightning, Eden struggled to breathe with his strong hand wrapped around her throat as he sobbed and screamed in her face asking 'why' over and over again. After nearly strangling Eden to death, Lord Heathcliff dropped her, watching as she crumpled to the floor, with a blank puzzled look on her face; coughing and holding her neck nonetheless. "It would appear that i'm in need of some help" were the only words she could conjure up. "It started several months ago and it's only getting worse. I'm not who I used to be. And you never told me this would happen to me!" she shouted at him, and raised herself from the floor.Pressing herself against Lord Heathcliff's body, staring into his eyes, Eden fixated for what seemed like hours. But, their gaze parted when he looked to the puddle of blood and where it lead to;After burying his family, and grieving for hours, Lord Heathcliff brought his attention back to the very woman who'd taken everything from the family that gave her everything. The irony was unreal. Deciding it would be far more of a risk to send Eden out into a city that was currently hunting her, he decided to let her stay hidden in the mansion. The following day, Lord Heathcliff told Eden her presence was too much for him, and gave her directions to a city where she could receive the help she would need. Colorado; Evermore City. A place where an ambassador of the Valkyr' supposedly lived. At first, Eden didn't believe him but it was better than staying in a city that'd labeled her a monster. Eden wasn't quite ready for the help though.Leaving a family broken; She decided to travel. For ten long years Eden traveled from one city to another, often spending her time tutoring children where she could without exposing herself. HEr stay never lasted long anywhere before people realized how much she hated the sun, or how dark her inner being was. Eden always moved on before she ended up scaring people into hunting her down, not wanting to re-live the past. But it didn't stop her from indulging in killing. She had began killing those who went out of their way to terrorize innoncents, becoming a spy and making major cash to be a sniper. She was damn good at what she did, but the killing spree's continued on with her lack of sanity, making Eden gain an apatite for it. It was no longer just a job to her, she simply loved doing what she did because she got to continue killing, and not be hunted for it.Eden, frozen at twenty-four, was ready to travel elsewhere, and do other things. The goodbye to her current life was bittersweet, watching the city of Baltimore pass her by as she traveled out by train. Eden's next stop was a city just outside of Colorado. Leland Grove was where Eden decided to settle down for a short while, long enough to get some college time in. It was a new city, and she was doing something new with her life; it was in Leland Grove where Eden met a young man by the name of Javier. Javier was a brilliant young man, but he had a humbleness to him that would eventually collide with Eden's dark soul. The next four years of Eden's life flew by, leaving her to question where time had went, and she hadn't been a complete saint during those four years either, and like any place else she had stayed for too long, she earned her title, being known as a monster by everyone except for Javier. Javier had turned out to be a Diviner who told her all about the Eternal City.Eden and Jav developed a toxic relationship though during her time in college where she had completed her courses to become a homicide detective. Death just compelled her. Her job was enough of a hint to say that she simply couldn't get enough.The Valkyr followed a similar path along the years, moving from city to city and state to state as a private tutor for rich Valkyr children, not hearing a woord from Gene the entire time. Eden watched in awe as the world changed and developed around her. When the turn of the century hit, Eden realized there was less and less need for tutors, so she decided to take a well deserved vacation, with hopes of returning with a swing.She traveled Europe and South America with the money saved over the last hundred years or so, enjoying life and learning new and exciting cultures, among other things. Out of everything that Valkyr changed, her desire to learn never left. And when Eden finally returned to the United States, she found her sights set on Colorado, a place she had been told to go to many times before now. A famous city called Evermore was based there, but Eden never had any interest in visiting until now. Apparently, after two thousand years the Valkyr King had finally returned.Eden settling nicely into the city, finally found her calling on top of everything else that had seemed to fit it's self together, she had majored in both Law and Medicine, therefor giving her two open careers to dive into. Simply tired of tutoring, and feeling like it was a chunk of her past that needed to stay behind her, Eden decided to go into Law; where the training took a toll on her both psychically and mentally. But, after the four solid years she spent in Leland Grove, she was more than ready. Eden had ranked top spot as a homicide detective and finally landed a life changing job, one that granted her the power to solve crimes and protect people from unfortunate endings.However, another unfortunate ending was about to come her way and the Valkyr didn't even know it before it was too late. On a late stormy night after leaving the scene of a murder, that the killer had vanished from, Eden heard high pitched screams from what sounded like a child and after bringing her car to a screeching halt, she found the source of sound; the little girl she had heard screaming was bound against a brick wall within a dark alley being molested, causing Eden to take action immediately. Her way of course had caused her to turn back to old habits. She was already in need of some help from the Valkyr ambassaodr for staying in her home town and losing her mind, but what was to come next, would mean Eden's biggest downfall. Eden pryed the predator off of the little girl, telling her to stay put. And as she came face to face with the man responsible for ruining an innocent child's life, Eden revealed a sharp pair of fangs before plunging them into his neck, getting a taste of what would ultimately be destruction for the young Valkyr.Eden then wrapped the girl up in her jacket and took her to the presinct; and after calling child protective services, she made her way home. Days had drug on for Eden as she hoarded herself up, she was simply a wreck after what she saw. But the taste for blood became stronger than it ever had. She felt as though she was simply starving. Unsure of what to do. Each night left work, she picked a human up on the way. Blood lust began to consume her to the point of addiction. Not only had she lost her sanity because of her hometown, but now she couldn't get enough blood, and had began ripping right through Evermore as well. It wouldn't be long at this rate, but she turned the wrong set of eyes on her in this city too, and with that, she knew she'd become hunted again. Eden decided that a trip to see Gideon Ashworth was in order after all, and it couldn't wait any longer.


Virtues † Smart - Calculating - Determined - Studious - Quick Learner

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Vices ✘ Callous - Impulsive - Opionated - Dark - Insincere - Tries to do everything herself - Reckless

  • Strengths ~ During the night Valkyr senses are sharp and enhanced to an extreme degree. Taste, sight, smell, touch; all are enhanced to a degree far above that of humans and most supernatural beings. Valkyr have the ability to use Superspeed, to dart from one point to another in the blink of an eye though the distance is limited to a mile or two at a time. Along with speed, Valkyr have the agility to match that of a Therian. Shadow Energy: Valkyr can summon the shadows to do their bidding, the energy of darkness manifesting into masses of matter that can be used in long whip-like tendrils or hurled in bolts of dark energy or solidified into a shield. As this energy is dependent upon the presence of shadows this ability cannot be used in the daylight. Shadowmelding: As Valkyr are born from shadows they are able to meld into the darkness becoming apart of the night itself, effectively disappearing from sight. Shadowmelding does take some time to master and the older Valkyr have even been known to command the shadows to such a degree that they can mask not only themselves but one or two people from sight. Volakiri: Due to the Yin and Yang nature of Valkyr and Celestials a very special connection can be formed between the pair. If a Valkyr and a Celestial exchange blood a bond is created, a link between the two that is forever unbreakable and comes with many benefits for both. Though the Valkyr are weakened by Celestial energy a hit of blood from their Volakiri can strengthen the Valkyr and vise versa. A bonding will only be embarked on when both parties are in complete agreement and a connection is palpable between the pair. Teleporting: With the arrival of the second Gemini comet the Valkyr gained another ability much like all of the other species, the ability to use the shadows in another capacity. Valkyr can now use the shadows as portals, transferring themselves across great distances in the blink of an eye. Stronger and older Valkyr have found they are able to teleport at least 3 to 4 other individuals along with themselves.
  • Weaknesses ~ Sunlight: Valkyr are weakened greatly by the light of the sun, reducing them to almost human standards with the exception of their enhanced hearing. Valkyr cannot use either their ability to manipulate shadows, their superspeed, or shadowmelding during the hours of the day. Therian bites can severely debilitate a Valkyr, the venom entering their systems can weaken a Valkyr for days until their bodies purge the venom from their systems. Daystar: This little known plant can be found all around the globe and is commonly mistaken for a weed. It thrives in direct sunlight and if kept in a warm environment can be grown year round. Unbeknownst to many the leaves of this plant can be used to create a liquid agent that can poison, weaken, and contain a vampire. If ingested the vampire will become weak as the poison works through it’s system, any point of contact with Daystar will cause burning whether inside or out, and objects soaked with Daystar can be used to restrain a vampire. Hawthorn: The wood of the hawthorn tree is extremely potent to a vampire, the properties contained within can cause great harm and in some cases even death with little to no effort from the person wielding the weapons. Hawthorn wood can be used to contain a vampire successfully, preventing any sort of escape as long as the wood is intact. A stake hewn from a hawthorn tree can be used to pierce the heart or decapitate a vampire, pushing through the flesh like a knife through butter. Celestial Energy: The Celestials are the light to the Valkyr’s dark, therefore the energy commanded by Celestials are dangerous and in some cases even deadly. When around Celestial energy a Valkyr will become weak and abilities limited. The only way a Valkyr can become immune or safe from the pure, light energy of a Celestial is to take one as Volakiri. With a Volakiri Valkyr gain a stars favor, saving them from the possibility of death from Celestial energy.
  • Traits ~ Valkyr are creatures of shadow, born from the darkness they are as much apart of it as it is of them. During the night Valkyr can essentially disappear from sight, melding with the shadows at will. Elder Valkyr have even been known to command the shadows with such mastery they can also hide up to two other individuals along with themselves. Valkyr senses depend greatly on the time of day. During the hours of night the senses of smell, sight, and hearing are enhanced. Their sight is far better than a raptor’s and can switch between normal and infrared at will, they can identify a supernatural by scent and are able to catch scents within a couple of miles, and hearing is even more acute. In addition the Valkyr have superspeed that they can utilize during the hour of the night, enabling them to traverse a mile in the blink of an eye. During the day when the sun is out however Valkyr sight drops to human levels and superspeed is unable to be used. Valkyr do need blood in order to survive, though the amount is a minimal pint a month. Most Valkyr only take from willing donors; donors may include Humans, Nephilim, Initia, and other Valkyr. Like anything blood must be taken in moderation, too much can cause a sort of drunken state that may lead to an addiction. Valkyr who become addicted to blood often lose their ability to see reason and become much like the vampires of legend. In some cases a Valkyr can be rehabilitated and in other cases the Valkyr would need to be put down for the protection of all. Valkyr are immortal, from the moment they are brought back they take on new life. As long as something does not destroy it a Valkyr can live for as long as he or she wishes. Valkyr are immune to any and all diseases. The leader of the Valkyr, commonly referred to as Valkyrie, can sense each member of his species. He can sense where any member of his species are in the world, and knows the exact moment a member dies. Likewise he is aware of when a new Valkyr is created and by whom. All other Valkyr feel a pull towards the Valkyrie. Turning: Creating a new Valkyr can only be done on an individual who is medically deceased, having died from either natural or unnatural means. The process begins with the Valkyr giving the deceased blood from a vein, most often the wrist and infusing the blood with Shadow Energy. This process is done on instinct for the Valkyr, once a decision is made to convert an individual the rest comes naturally. The conversion is painless for the turned individual, despite the physiology of the body changing completely. Once awakened a fledgling should feed within the first 24 hours and be monitored closely for the following year. Another side effect of the turning includes an instinct to preserve the secret of the supernatural. Most Valkyr feel an intense urge to leave their old life behind, to the point of feeling extreme sadness that can lead to sickness within the Valkyr that is only treatable with distance. Valkyr with supernatural family members do not feel this urge, as all supernatural's are charged with keeping the secret.



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"I confirm I am active as Eden Shaw. My species is Valkyr.  Link One Link Two"
Aug 12

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August Official Active List

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Aug 12

✓ Eden Shaw posted a discussion

Breaking News & Hearts (Carmen and Eden)

Eden had began to slowly slip away from humanity; her own had went out the window the moment she'd consumed just a little too much blood. Ever since she'd…See More
Aug 11

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Aug 10

✓ Eden Shaw replied to ✓ Eden Shaw's discussion Slow Me Down (Gideon and Eden)
"This had all started some time ago; one a particular night where Eden had went to the city's hottest dance club, to unwind a little; where she'd met this redhead. The way she swayed and moved her hips to the music drew Eden right…"
Jul 16

✓ Eden Shaw is now friends with ✓ Seniah Rose and ✓ Elias Braelynd
Jul 16

✓ Gideon Ashworth ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Eden Shaw's discussion Slow Me Down (Gideon and Eden)
"The night was dark, the sun had set several hours ago and given that it was a new moon the stars provided only a paltry amount of light with which to see. At least for the human eye, for a Valkyr the darkness was alive with different scents and…"
Jul 11

✓ Eden Shaw replied to ✓ Nathaniel Leight's discussion Devil in disguise(Eden & Nate)
"Eden was humiliated when he said congratulations was in order. Folding her arms under her best, the detective glared a hole through the Dhampir. "Now that you mention it.." she stated before finishing through flared nostrils and gritted…"
Jun 14

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At 17:11 on May 21, 2019,
✓ Nathaniel Leight

Click Me

Look who made a starter within a month xD

Hope your fiancé doesn't get mad at me :P

At 17:43 on March 7, 2019,
✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

Hi, Eden. Jump into my inbox and we can plot.

It's nice to meet you.

At 17:11 on December 25, 2018,
✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~

Merry Christmas Raven!


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