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Remember When.. (Eden and Felix)

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Eden had just turned in after a long night of shameful events. Lately, the Valkyr had been putting…Continue

Here We Go Again (Eden and Nate)

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He speaks to her in ways no one before him had, and that is why it's impossible for her to not listen ~ JmStorm

NICKNAMES: TBA || AGE:  Looks 27 - Real 152  ||  BIRTHDAY: October 22, 1851 
GENDER: Female (FC Madison Beer)  
HAIR: Dark Brown || EYES: Hazel ||  HEIGHT: 5'5 || WEIGHT: 126lbs || BUILD: Athletic 
 MARITAL STATUS: Knox Waylon Xavier - I'm anti everything but you
SEXUALITY: TBA  ||  Species: Valkyr
OCCUPATION: Homicide Detective - Looking into dancing or women's wrestling
BIRTHPLACE:  a place of pristine or abundant natural beauty; paradise 
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Valkyr Territory - Colorado, Evermore City; Typically in the castle near Gideon and the rest of her kind
FAMILY: James Shaw (Father) -deceased- and Margeret Shaw (Mother) -deceased- 
_______________________ ♰ 。 ℇ 。 ♰  _________________________
Pros:  Smart - Calculating - Determined - Studious - Quick Learner
Cons: ✘ Callous - Impulsive - Opionated - Dark - Insincere - Tries to do everything herself - Reckless

_______________________ ♰ 。 ℇ 。 ♰  _________________________

Eden: a place of pristine or abundant natural beauty; paradise. That’s what James and Margaret Shaw wanted to give their newborn daughter. But as the healthy baby was delivered in their rickety home with barren walls and a leaking roof, James and Margaret could hardly give her more than a name. So they named her after the fictitious paradise that would eternally bloom and flourish, as they knew she would: Eden. Growing up with barely a penny to spare was hard work, but it taught Eden strength, resilience, and determination. James taught her how to read with whatever shabby book he could add to their meager collection, and Margaret taught her basic life skills like sewing tears in fabric and making a soup out of food scraps. Eden was eager to learn everything they could afford teaching her, thirsting for knowledge. And when she was old enough, her parents surprised her by scraping together what money they could, and enrolled her into school. Eden was not popular amongst her classmates. Her clothes were shabby and ragged, her books were third rate at best, and her shoes were worn down to rags. She always arrived with a smudge of dirt on her face and some hay in her hair from helping her parents with farm chores early in the morning before school, and her lunch always consisted of stale bread and occasionally some shreds of ham. The kids made fun of her when the teacher wasn't paying attention, tossed her books in puddles, and threw mud at her clothes. It hurt her feelings and wounded her pride, but it never broke her spirit. Everyday the kids would bully her and everyday she returned to school with more determination than before. She studied hard, practiced every night, and soon was making top marks in her class.Eden graduated on to high school at the top of her class, and held on to her spot despite the bullying. Soon, Eden set up her own small business: tutoring for three dollars. In three months Eden was able to buy new books for herself, and almost a year later, she could afford new shoes. Her system was genius and manageable, still maintaining her top spot in class. The richer kids viewed her as a protege - one in a million. They credited her brains to luck and chance, but to Eden it was more fundamental than that. To her it proved that class did not determine smarts, it just dictated who could afford an education. In her spare time, Eden would tutor the children in her neighbourhood whose parents could not afford to send them to school. She taught them easy life-skills like reading, writing, and basic addition. Nearing the end of her school career, Eden vowed she would create a volunteer program to help less-fortunate kids get the education they deserve.That was, until her father fell ill. The physician diagnosed him with a rare form of brain cancer, an inoperable tumour even if they could afford treatment. There was nothing that could be done. Eden and Margaret did they best they could to care for him, but they could all but watch as James wasted away and eventually died. They buried him under the oak tree on a spot of free land just off their property, where he liked to sit and watch the cows as he ate his lunch. James’ death meant two things: losing a loved one, and losing their income.Eden had to face two horrors that night. Bidding goodbye to her beloved father, and going back on her personal vow. If Eden and Margaret were going to survive, Eden had to work. And what she was best at was tutoring, which meant leaving behind the poor children and walking into the lavish houses and mansions of rich men.The world around them began to change. Maps of Earth was losing uncharted lands, Europe’s technology was advancing at an alarming rate, and the United States tore itself in half. Families watched their fathers, brothers, and sons head off to war, and women were working more. New laws were passed and old ones were abolished, and Eden was still entering rich homes to tutor rich children to provide for her poor mother. It had been three years since James died and three years since Eden turned her back on the children in her village. No one held her to the decision she made, but Eden was still washed with guilt. She hated breaking promises.But she pressed on regardless, her mother now her only concern. Margaret was getting older, her hands showing signs of arthritis. Eden hired a farm boy to care for the cows and chickens, but that meant taking on more work. It came to the point where Eden was getting little to no sleep, traversing to town early in the morning each day and trekking back home at night. Though she tried to hide it, Eden was visibly getting worse. She was getting ready to look for another alternative for work, when a particularly wealthy client of hers offered her a guest bedroom to sleep during the nights. Their mansion was right at the edge of town, and the children were favourites of hers. As they told her, Lord and Lady Heathcliff came over from England about twenty years ago, and their twins Lily and Oliver were born ten years later.Lily and Oliver were bright little things who were always on their best behaviour and soaked up whatever text she plopped in front of them. They greeted her excitedly in the foyer, were glued to her side through the duration of the entire lesson, and waved goodbye when the session was over. When their father presented Eden with the offer of using their guest bedroom, Lily and Oliver begged over and over until she finally conceded. Though Eden hated leaving her mother, staying in the Heathcliff mansion was much more economical. The setup worked splendidly for another two years, with Eden sending most of her money home to her mother at the end of every week, and scheduling a visit home at the end of every month.Life was going well for Eden, she worked hard each and every day with little compliant and even her employers marveled at how stalwart she was in her work ethic. In her own mind she didn’t have much to complain about, with steady work came a roof over the heads of both herself and her mother along with food and medical care. They didn’t need for much else, women of their caliber had learned long ago to go without much else. The young woman took what joys from life she could, learning that there was blessings in the small victories that could be won in a good day's work and the smiles on the faces of her pupils. That was perhaps one of her favorite parts of her life, the children that she was given the privilege of teaching brought light and laughter into her world giving her not only a purpose but reminding her that life was about more than working and money. Eden didn’t consider the children her students, she considered them more as brothers and sisters; family members that were her responsibility to mold and guide into a better life.Just like an older protective sister when one of her pupils isn’t looking well she knows it right off the bat, be it in their behavior or emotionally or if they look as if they don’t feel well. Little Kalvin Heathcliff had begun looking more and more tired, falling asleep during his lessons and generally becoming pale with dark circles beneath his eyes. Both Eden and his parents were keeping a close eye on the little boy but they became seriously concerned when he collapsed in the middle of a lesson, blood slowly leaking from his nose and despite their best efforts to rouse him he remained unconscious. The doctors were in and out of the Heathcliff residence for weeks, doing tests after test in an effort to figure out what was causing Kalvin to slide further and further into the shadows. Finally a physician from India arrived and surmised that the young man had a kidney that was failing and without a replacement the Heathcliff’s would lose their baby boy.Lily and Oliver both were tested to see if they would be matches only to be turned down, then family from all corners of England were brought forth in an effort to save the future of the Heathcliff family legacy. All the while Eden was there, helping out when needed and keeping up with both Kalvin and Rose’s education even in the midst of the dire circumstances surrounding the situation. Unfortunately the more of the Heathcliff family that were tested and the more that came back negative for a match the more the family the more desperate Lady Lily became, watching the life of her little boy slowly ebbing from his little body was driving her to madness and heartbreak. One evening both she and Eden were sitting with the children, listening as Kalvin and Rose were speaking in fluent French with Eden giving little corrections when needed and it struck Lily that the answer to her prayers may have been under her nose all this time.That night she begged Eden to undergo the test, though she didn’t really have to beg very hard. Eden agreed almost immediately thought in truth the young woman didn’t hold out much hope that she would be a match, which is why it proved to be such a surprise when Eden turned out to be a perfect match. Heathcliff's prayers were answered and while Eden was happy her enter world seemed to come to a grinding halt. Lady Lily caught on to the problem, giving up a kidney meant certain death for the young woman and her entire life was centered around taking care of the children and her mother. Never let it be said that a mother’s love couldn’t move mountains and when the Heathcliff’s needed something done, they brought the full length of their connections to bear.Lily took Eden to meet a very old family friend in an obscure part of town, a section of the city that usually wasn’t frequented by ladies of breeding let alone in the dark of night. Lord Caldwell was an imposing man even if he was of short stature, with even more wealth than the Heathcliff’s could boast though there was something about the man that set Eden on edge. Lady Lily and Lord Caldwell conversed for a while about inane things, items of little consequences but the rules of civility had to be observed but the real conversation could be had. Finally the truth behind their visit became the topic and Eden was shocked to learn that Lord Caldwell wasn’t as young as he looked, in fact he wasn’t even human. Lord Caldwell had been friends with Heathcliff's for a very long time and owed the family a very big favor, a favor they were going to make good on: in Eden.What Lady Lily was offering Eden was a life of immortality, in exchange for giving her kidney to little Kalvin the Heathcliff family would take in Eden’s mother and ensure that she lived in wealth and luxury for the rest of her days. Eden would no doubt pass away following the procedure and in anticipation of her reticence with the idea of dying Lady Lily would call in her favor with Lord Caldwell. Lord Caldwell was a Valkyr, an immortal species who had the ability to turn a person who was dead and bring them back as one of his own. Eden would be like Lord Caldwell, able to live a new life while her mother benefited from the exchange and Kalvin would live as well. Everyone would walk away a winner.Eden thought about Lady Lily’s offer for a few days, swearing not to tell a soul about Lord Caldwell, and weighing the consequences of what she would be giving up if she chose this path. Then again how could she refuse? Little Kalvin would surely die, the Heathcliff’s would fire her and most likely ensure she never worked in England again which would result in both herself and her mother eventually dying as well. So in the end she didn’t really have a choice, in order for everyone to live she would have to die. Eden agreed and Lady Lily made all the arrangements, contacting the surgeons and also bringing both Eden’s mother into the Heathcliff house and calling upon Lord Caldwell to be nearby when the time was right.The surgery took a total of 12 hours but went off beautifully, Kalvin immediately began to perk up and while the little boy began to improve Eden slowly slipped away. Upon her death her body was moved into a dark room where Lord Caldwell was waiting, eager to have his obligation the Lady Heathcliff fulfill so that he could forever leave the cursed shores of England forever. When Eden awoke the world seemed so different, both more alive and yet darker in some ways than she could have imagined. It was strange, being alive and yet not. Lord Caldwell took some time to educate the newborn Valkyr on her new lifestyle before bidding her farewell and disappearing into the night.Elated Eden rushed out of the room and was met with a bevy of men brandishing weapons that were all trained upon her. Confused the young women searched for a familiar face, her eyes jumping from Lady Lily to her mother in an effort to understand what was going on. The more she tried to move into the room the more aggressively the men began pushing her out of the residence, cursing her for a demon and an undead spawn of the devil. Even her mother spit curses at her, holding the Heathcliff children protective to her as if Eden would lunge at the young ones she loved so much and try to harm them.Out on the street Lady Lily looked down upon Eden with an imperious expression, explaining that the young woman should be thanking her. Eden was no longer human, she was a creature of the darkness and thus didn’t belong among the living. The Heathcliff’s would care for her mother for once a Heathcliff gave their word they kept it, but Lady Lily would not abide a creature of blood and shadow to live within her house. Heartbroken Eden found herself cast out, with nothing but the light shift upon her body she was once more cast out on the streets. It was her sire Lord Caldwell that came to her rescue, or at least some semblance of a rescue.He appeared from out of the night, having had some idea what might happen to the newborn Valkyr it was his responsibility to ensure she didn’t become a crazed rogue else the Valkyrie would have both their heads. So he took Eden off the streets, clothed her, bought her a plane ticket out of England, and gave her just enough money to give her something of a fresh start. The rest was up to her. Lord Caldwell was not in the business of raising newborns nor had he ever wanted one, but getting out of his blasted debt to Lady Heathcliff had been imperative. Thus Eden found herself leaving her homeland, shunned and forever changed.Eden never struck it big, everything that she ever had or wanted to have she worked for. That first plane ticket sent her to France, though she spoke the language the city of love wasn't very kind of loving to someone like her. It took a few years of living on the streets for her to find a good job and a solid place to live, her humility and determination were never stronger than in those first few years. Unfortunately in her new life she found she had a few dietary restrictions that lead to a few mistakes she couldn’t take back. After causing a few accidental deaths in the process of learning how to feed Eden had to pick up and leave or risk being discovered.Everything she loved in the world fit inside a backpack, she traveled to Spain and then to Morocco; doing odd jobs and never staying in any one place for too long. Thur was her life of humble living and traveling, using her street smarts and work ethic to get her from place to place through the years as the world around her progressed and changed. Now, in the 21st century, she has come to Evermore, a city teeming with both Valkyr and species of all kinds.She traveled Europe and South America with the money saved over the last hundred years or so, enjoying life and learning new and exciting cultures. Out of everything that Vampirism changed, her desire to learn never left.And when Eden finally returned to the United States, she found her sights set on Colorado. A famous city called Evermore was based there, but Eden never had any interest in visiting until now. Apparently, after two thousand years the Vampire King had finally returned.


"Sometimes I wonder why am not dead. I guess it's my charm"
- Lucius Wright

  • Strengths ~ During the night Valkyr senses are sharp and enhanced to an extreme degree. Taste, sight, smell, touch; all are enhanced to a degree far above that of humans and most supernatural beings. Valkyr have the ability to use Superspeed, to dart from one point to another in the blink of an eye though the distance is limited to a mile or two at a time. Along with speed, Valkyr have the agility to match that of a Therian. Shadow Energy: Valkyr can summon the shadows to do their bidding, the energy of darkness manifesting into masses of matter that can be used in long whip-like tendrils or hurled in bolts of dark energy or solidified into a shield. As this energy is dependent upon the presence of shadows this ability cannot be used in the daylight. Shadowmelding: As Valkyr are born from shadows they are able to meld into the darkness becoming apart of the night itself, effectively disappearing from sight. Shadowmelding does take some time to master and the older Valkyr have even been known to command the shadows to such a degree that they can mask not only themselves but one or two people from sight. Volakiri: Due to the Yin and Yang nature of Valkyr and Celestials a very special connection can be formed between the pair. If a Valkyr and a Celestial exchange blood a bond is created, a link between the two that is forever unbreakable and comes with many benefits for both. Though the Valkyr are weakened by Celestial energy a hit of blood from their Volakiri can strengthen the Valkyr and vise versa. A bonding will only be embarked on when both parties are in complete agreement and a connection is palpable between the pair. Teleporting: With the arrival of the second Gemini comet the Valkyr gained another ability much like all of the other species, the ability to use the shadows in another capacity. Valkyr can now use the shadows as portals, transferring themselves across great distances in the blink of an eye. Stronger and older Valkyr have found they are able to teleport at least 3 to 4 other individuals along with themselves.

  • Weaknesses ~ Sunlight: Valkyr are weakened greatly by the light of the sun, reducing them to almost human standards with the exception of their enhanced hearing. Valkyr cannot use either their ability to manipulate shadows, their superspeed, or shadowmelding during the hours of the day. Therian bites can severely debilitate a Valkyr, the venom entering their systems can weaken a Valkyr for days until their bodies purge the venom from their systems. Daystar: This little known plant can be found all around the globe and is commonly mistaken for a weed. It thrives in direct sunlight and if kept in a warm environment can be grown year round. Unbeknownst to many the leaves of this plant can be used to create a liquid agent that can poison, weaken, and contain a vampire. If ingested the vampire will become weak as the poison works through it’s system, any point of contact with Daystar will cause burning whether inside or out, and objects soaked with Daystar can be used to restrain a vampire. Hawthorn: The wood of the hawthorn tree is extremely potent to a vampire, the properties contained within can cause great harm and in some cases even death with little to no effort from the person wielding the weapons. Hawthorn wood can be used to contain a vampire successfully, preventing any sort of escape as long as the wood is intact. A stake hewn from a hawthorn tree can be used to pierce the heart or decapitate a vampire, pushing through the flesh like a knife through butter. Celestial Energy: The Celestials are the light to the Valkyr’s dark, therefore the energy commanded by Celestials are dangerous and in some cases even deadly. When around Celestial energy a Valkyr will become weak and abilities limited. The only way a Valkyr can become immune or safe from the pure, light energy of a Celestial is to take one as Volakiri. With a Volakiri Valkyr gain a stars favor, saving them from the possibility of death from Celestial energy.

  • Traits ~ Valkyr are creatures of shadow, born from the darkness they are as much apart of it as it is of them. During the night Valkyr can essentially disappear from sight, melding with the shadows at will. Elder Valkyr have even been known to command the shadows with such mastery they can also hide up to two other individuals along with themselves. Valkyr senses depend greatly on the time of day. During the hours of night the senses of smell, sight, and hearing are enhanced. Their sight is far better than a raptor’s and can switch between normal and infrared at will, they can identify a supernatural by scent and are able to catch scents within a couple of miles, and hearing is even more acute. In addition the Valkyr have superspeed that they can utilize during the hour of the night, enabling them to traverse a mile in the blink of an eye. During the day when the sun is out however Valkyr sight drops to human levels and superspeed is unable to be used. Valkyr do need blood in order to survive, though the amount is a minimal pint a month. Most Valkyr only take from willing donors; donors may include Humans, Nephilim, Initia, and other Valkyr. Like anything blood must be taken in moderation, too much can cause a sort of drunken state that may lead to an addiction. Valkyr who become addicted to blood often lose their ability to see reason and become much like the vampires of legend. In some cases a Valkyr can be rehabilitated and in other cases the Valkyr would need to be put down for the protection of all. Valkyr are immortal, from the moment they are brought back they take on new life. As long as something does not destroy it a Valkyr can live for as long as he or she wishes. Valkyr are immune to any and all diseases. The leader of the Valkyr, commonly referred to as Valkyrie, can sense each member of his species. He can sense where any member of his species are in the world, and knows the exact moment a member dies. Likewise he is aware of when a new Valkyr is created and by whom. All other Valkyr feel a pull towards the Valkyrie. Turning: Creating a new Valkyr can only be done on an individual who is medically deceased, having died from either natural or unnatural means. The process begins with the Valkyr giving the deceased blood from a vein, most often the wrist and infusing the blood with Shadow Energy. This process is done on instinct for the Valkyr, once a decision is made to convert an individual the rest comes naturally. The conversion is painless for the turned individual, despite the physiology of the body changing completely. Once awakened a fledgling should feed within the first 24 hours and be monitored closely for the following year. Another side effect of the turning includes an instinct to preserve the secret of the supernatural. Most Valkyr feel an intense urge to leave their old life behind, to the point of feeling extreme sadness that can lead to sickness within the Valkyr that is only treatable with distance. Valkyr with supernatural family members do not feel this urge, as all supernatural's are charged with keeping the secret.

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Knox and Eden have known one another since her arrival in Evermore. Eden came to the city without a penny to spare aside from the cash her sire sent with her, which she used to pay for a motel room. Knox happens to be her next door negihbor What started out as small talk in the hallway as they passed one another, turned into them inviting each other over when they splurged on fast food. Eden recetly asked for his help with some plumbing work, and it seems that the more she's around him, the more she wants to be. Due to Eden's way of paying for her room, along with anything any she needs though, she's simply terrified it'll ruin her chances with him. But, Eden also knows she can't keeping dangling on the line she drew between them. Eventually she'll cross it, and with any luck, he'll feel the same when the time comes. But for now, Knox is the one person Eden has learned to trust, and feels a true connection with.

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Eden met Argent at the park, where Eden had been hopelessly tossing coins into a fountain, and cursing at it for not granting her any wishes. Argent noticed how sad Eden seemed, and invited her to sit with her so they could watch the sunset, surprisingly something they both love doing everyday. Eden and Argent ended up in a deep conversation, where Eden was finally able to get everything she'd been holding back, off of her chest. Argent is a beacon of light in Eden's dark world, a breath of fresh air. Eden has boldly asked Argent for a girls night. The Valkyr loves the redheads company, and hoopes this will become a close friendship between them. They surprisngly had more in common than Eden would have ever imagined.
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Relationship information coming soon
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Remember When.. (Eden and Felix)

Eden had just turned in after a long night of shameful events. Lately, the Valkyr had been putting in more effort than usual to get an honest job. Eden never imagined for a second that she'd become who and what she is today. It pained a woman who at once, had such a love for learning and teaching, to be a woman who now relied on rich men to pay attention to her body to make it through life. Every…See More
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✓ Timothy Dash Owen

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Thanks for the comment. I'd love to plot with you. What do you have in mind?

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✓ Zandra Smoke

Hey there Eden!
Here is the starter we talked about
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At 19:56 on October 27, 2019,
✓ Scott Alexander Parrish

As Promised, I have our starter up already.

Helping Hands

Hope you enjoy. I look forward to seeing how this one goes :)

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Hi, Eden. Jump into my inbox and we can plot.

It's nice to meet you.

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Merry Christmas Raven!


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