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A wrong way to camp ( open to Edward and 3- 4 others )

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Evalyn Martin on Saturday. 1 Reply

it is a thread  where five people go camping, but everything goes  wrong  ( disasters up to  people involved in the thread )The sun dawned on a clear day as Edward arrived back at the manor to find…Continue

Sparring Partners ( open to Edward and Gia

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Edward Starhawk Apr 25. 2 Replies

Edward rolled over as he pushed his arm against the alarm clock. Still, as perusal, it was a glug glug then dead he looked up to see that he had pushed alarm clock into his jug of water as he got up…Continue

Frenemies. (open to Edward and Nevet

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Edward Starhawk Apr 23. 4 Replies

Edward opened his eyes as he looked up to the cloudy sky as raindrops began to hit his face as he looked towards the water fountain on the opposite side of the road as he made his way towards the…Continue

Catching up With times ( Open to Edward and Sapphire)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli 3 hours ago. 27 Replies

Edward switched off the tv as he sighed a little as he rubbed his eyes as he rose out of his seat as he looked down at the things others had called a Cell phone the small device had been buzzing and…Continue


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Edward Starhawk

Faction: Ailward Guard | Rank: In the community

Species: Valkyr | Age: Looks - 30 Real 477 | Faceclaim: Richard Madden

Edward Stormhawlk was born in England  1533 to a noble family in Cornwall England his childhood  was like most nobles of the time what he wanted he got, but he also looked up at  his father a veteran of many battles and defender of England, but his father didn't have much time for his  as he was frequently away, but the love he was missing was very much given by his mother who was very quick to  explain it wasn't his fault why his father was the way he was 

On his. 7th birthday  Edward. Presented with a teacher for all things he needs in life from combat to reading and writing and what he would generally need for everyday life.on the first-day of hos training, Edward  thought it would be straight to practice, but  now he was greeted by his teacher who called himself Matthius and was  presented with a stick each time he grew his weapon at this point Matthius began to  rattle off words at the time he did not understand, but every time he did not repeat he was struck with that stick 


To fear God and maintain His Church

To serve the liege lord in valour and faith

To protect the weak and defenceless

To give succour to widows and orphans

To refrain from the wanton giving of offence

To live by honour and for glory

To despise pecuniary reward

To fight for the welfare of all

To obey those placed in authority

To guard the honour of fellow knights

To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit

To keep faith

At all times to speak the truth

To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun

To respect the honour of women

Never to refuse a challenge from an equal

Never to turn the back upon a foe

Edward trained for many years in archery sword and shield training and axe, but during the training, Matthius kept running over the knight's code as they blocked and parried each other's attacks.  but all of a sudden he was blindfolded and bundled into a cart several hours later Edward found himself surrounded by men in white cloaks and helmets as he heard his name being called Edward saw his father brandishing his  sword and asked him to recite the code after he resited the oath he was told to rise, Knight Templar, as Edward rose matchups patted his shoulder as he praised "I will follow you into battle even death brother."

Edward and Matthias spent many years charging into battle with his sworn brothers and their chapter of the templar order until 1565  and the defence of Malta On the night of the first skirmish at Malta Edward was over watching some peasants bring in the harvest as he noticed what he thought was shooting stars fell before him hitting wounding also killing peasants as  Edward moved forward he realised that they were arrows as he yelled to a. fleeing villager to sound the alarm screams disrupted the night sky as soldiers of the Otterman empire ran at him Edward placed on his helmet as he raised his battle-axe knocking an opponent to the ground with a  swift swing. 

The adrenaline ran through his body to the point he did not know if it was his or his enemies as he heads the familiar cries of his brethren charging into battle  Edward fell to his as the pain tore through his body he saw blood patterns as he fell backwards he spent many days in and out of consciousness. One night Edward awoke in fever as he looked down, he saw what he believed to be an angel, and she offered him salvation and the strength and courage to protect the ones he cared about.Edward awoke a day, or so later as he heard a sermon being held by the vicar he knew that it only happened when a knight died in his mind he wondered until he saw Matthias stand giving a youlagy about Edward looked down and patted himself realising his injuries were healed as he saw a note saying to be at a location on this map.  

Later that night  Edward dressed in simple robes as he  made his ways down the back streets as he made his way  to the keep as a sudden " halt who goes there "bellowed from  a familiar voice of Matthias as Edward tried to hide his identity  Edwards hood was removed as he saw his friend step back in disbelieve seeing his   brother alive yet also watching him die without warning his former friend cried out " demon  as he drew his sword in quick succession Edward stood over him his eyes in pure shock as he stood above his friend  bleeding out he dropped his dagger and began to run avoiding the known paths soldier took meeting the who he thought was an angel  but then found out she was a Valkyr

The Valkyr introduced her self as Esme. And she promised to teach him everything he needed to know over 100 years  Esme trained Edward in everything he needed to see as they travelled the world eventually returning to his home in England where they come across there home town was now in a dier state murder and crime and the castle he called home destroyed his heart sank that night deep in the woods an argument broke out over intervening and cleaning up the town the next morning he was gone during that night Edward realised that his and esmes path had grown apart. He began to roam the lands by his self, helping those who cannot help people but keeping his identity unknown.Edward spent many years keeping himself to his self but aiding people who could not help them selfs, but he would often hear the name Evermore and one night he snuck. Onto a ship stowing away in a cargo hold of a merchant ship many days passed on rocky seas before he finally arriving in New York where he was met by a lone figure who knew exactly who Edward was and what he had done in the past. They were there to take him to a location to meet some people as he was lead to a car Edward cautiously stepped inside as last time he was taken anywhere he was knocked out. 

For years after being turned into a Valkyr he was still looking for his true purpose having left all his past dreams and ambitions with his human life. Still looking for what's out there for him, until one day he came across a group of people who were looking for people like him, supernaturals all looking for a second chance. Soon learning and finding out about the Ailward Guard and all that they stand for. Liking all about it, taking on wanting to be a recruit. Where he spent a few weeks proving himself that it was what he wanted and he was ready before swearing an oath of allegiance to put his life for the Aspects and organization. Edward went on spending his life with the guard going out on missions and tasks, following them all to Evermore City where he carries on his duties with others like him. 

Positive traits: Honorable, brave loyal. observant and caring

Negative: Quiet quick-tempered

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✓ Sapphire Rizzoli replied to ✓ Edward Starhawk's discussion Catching up With times ( Open to Edward and Sapphire)
"Sapphire smiled as she followed him outside with Nala as she lead the way to town. She smiled as he talked to Akira as she barked happily at him. The phoenix locked her door as she listened to Edward talk as she looked at him. As the two walked,…"
3 hours ago

Ailward Guard
✓ Edward Starhawk replied to ✓ Edward Starhawk's discussion Catching up With times ( Open to Edward and Sapphire)
"Edward smiled as he held Akira’s leash “ well if you would like to lead the way and I insist that you have anything you like as a thank you for helping me “ he knelt down as he patted  Akira before he made his way outside…"
22 hours ago

Ailward Guard
✓ Edward Starhawk replied to ✓ Felix Morris's discussion Midnight Inquiries (Felix and Edward)
"Edward followed the investigator as he looked back at the now illuminated crime scene as he turned his bed back to the investigator “I followed the blood trail from the new club that was opened 3 nights ago the private booth through to private…"
22 hours ago

Ailward Guard
✓ Edward Starhawk replied to ✓ Miles Evans's discussion Keeping Up Training (Open to Miles and Edward)
"Edward chuckled as  he moved  a swift motion  aiming to disarm his opponent  as  he heard the  connecting metal  hit his  bottom as he  followed  with a  right-handed punch hoping to make…"
23 hours ago

Ailward Guard
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✓ Evalyn Martin replied to ✓ Edward Starhawk's discussion A wrong way to camp ( open to Edward and 3- 4 others )
"Evalyn had spent the past few days bored so decided to go see what was happening around the city. As she walked down a hallway she saw a note on the table with map coordinates on. "Hmmmm..." Evalyn thinks to herself wondering if she should…"

Ailward Guard
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✓ Sapphire Rizzoli replied to ✓ Edward Starhawk's discussion Catching up With times ( Open to Edward and Sapphire)
"Sapphire smiled as she looked at him. "Yea me too." She said when he mentioned going to battle. She listened to him as she smiled alittle. "Yea it is kinda nice to not in battles currently." She said as she looked at her pups as…"
Jul 25

Ailward Guard
✓ Edward Starhawk replied to ✓ Edward Starhawk's discussion Catching up With times ( Open to Edward and Sapphire)
"Edward chuckled a little as he smiled “ please i Insist  as I don’t see us going into battle soon “ he chuckled “  when I was human tanking someone when they reached the battlefield was not stabbing  them I the…"
Jul 23

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"Thanks for adding me."
Jul 23

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Jul 23

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✓ Edward Starhawk replied to ✓ Miles Evans's discussion Keeping Up Training (Open to Miles and Edward)
"Edward fell backwards as he felt a blow to the back of his leg as he fell his mentor’s words   “even if your falling you can be just as dangerous “ as he fell  Edward struck hard at the back of Miles’s legs hoping…"
Jul 15

Ailward Guard
✓ Edward Starhawk replied to ✓ Felix Morris's discussion Midnight Inquiries (Felix and Edward)
"Edward leant against the wall as he watched the sunset fall as he began to notice his abilities came back to full power as he pushed himself off the wall he began to make his way to a club which he had on his radar for some time due to a number of…"
Jul 10

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