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Til I Can Sing With All the Voices of the Mountains... And Paint With All the Colors of the Wind... [Solo] [Complete]

Started Sep 5, 2020 0 Replies

*Triggers; Madness, Psychedelic Nature, Death and Abuse*Something was…Continue

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Til I Can Sing With All the Voices of the Mountains... And Paint With All the Colors of the Wind... [Solo] [Complete]

*Triggers; Madness, Psychedelic Nature, Death and Abuse*Something was terribly, desperately wrong.  It was a twisting in his stomach, it was a throbbing in his head.  A dryness in his mouth, and a pain that rippled through every fiber of his being.  It had been present for the past few days... but never in such an intensity as this.  He had been lagging behind his…See More
Sep 5, 2020

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"Hi, my name is Piérre Luigi Marchonné, I get told I look a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch but I really don't see it. I am part of the Aurazin Faction and I am a very energetic, if kind of obnoxious, person. I am looking for new…"
Sep 2, 2020

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"Hi Pierre. Welcome to Evermore. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to me or any other admin/mod on site. "
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"Hello, Thank you for the accept. I hope soon we will discuss the storyline for roleplay. Kisses, Angelique Almonte"
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Aug 29, 2020

Piérre Luigi Marchonné: Jester, Red Knight, and Angel of Music...

About the Ringleader

History- (Aurazin Application, Rough Concept.  Expect More Details Soon!)

Piérre and his twin brother Romeo, born Corvus and Aquila, were the children wrought of the joining of two noble families in Renaissance Venice, Italy. However, they would not relish the love of family for longer than a few months, for a jealous uncle on the twins' father's side, a scorned noble named Scorpio, sought out his younger brother and his radiant bride, to slay and destroy the lineage so that he himself could claim power for his own. Though the family fled, and the twins were eventually safely abandoned on the outskirts of Arezzo, the parents of the ill-fortuned brothers were caught and slaughtered at the hand of Piérre's ruthless uncle, who in turn took power over the nobility. Always paranoid that somehow his brother's whelps would return to rein vengeance on his head, Scorpio reclused himself in his castle, and was then on known as the Lord of Seclusion.

As for the twins, they were eventually recovered and then raised by a travelling gypsy circus and given the names that they sported for the rest of their lives: Piérre and Romeo, respectively. Piérre became renowned as a fire-breather, court jester, and a mandolin instrumentalist, and he was renowned for having a story to tell at any point in time. Romeo, blessed and cursed with the genetic trait of gigantism, was the greatest strongman that had ever belonged to the troupe. For most of the twins' child and adolescent years, the boys had a relatively happy life. When Piérre was sixteen, his adoptive father Krystov Devon Delizia, the previous ringleader of the troupe, passed away, and Piérre became the new ringleader, leading his troupe successfully for the last seven years of his life.

On an ill-fated day in the midst of summer in Italy, Piérre was accused and convicted of belittling and insulting a high-ranking noble. Who else would it happen to be but Lord Scorpio, who was no less paranoid or sensitive than he was twenty-three years ago. Old age had made the cruel lord bitter, and the loss of his left eye did nothing to remedy it. At the sound and the sights of Piérre and his jester nature, and especially at the slights and gentle taunts that the never ill-intending lad spoke, Scorpio arrested the ringleader, had him beaten and then sentenced to Coffin Torture until he was released. Despite the heat, the shame, the agony, the hunger, the thirst, and the mockery, a bright light, a spark of hope burning deep in Piérre's heart continued to see him through. That and the company of his brother kept Piérre fighting for every bit of life that he had left to give. One day passed, and then another... for a week Piérre was kept in the cage, weakening and wasting away, yet still smiling and jesting to the best of his ability, praying in his Catholic faith for protection and deliverance, by life or death. Impressed with the ringleader's performance in this cage, Scorpio forged a bet with Romeo. If Piérre could survive another three days in the cage without food, drink, or company, he would free the captive. If not... there would be no skin off of his back. Romeo complied, and for the next three days, the troupe prayed and fasted for Piérre.

At the end of three days, Piérre was still breathing, albeit barely, and he was loosed from his cage. Just as he was offered freedom, however, Piérre's body could sustain him no longer, and with a single sip of freedom, Piérre relinquished his spirit...

For days after his departure from the mortal world, Piérre travelled with his troupe, still thinking himself living and recovered from his ordeal. It was not until a blinding spirit of rainbow light found him, broke the news gently, and then guided Piérre, a rainbow spirit like it, back to others of his kind... a race that Piérre came to know as the Aurazin.

For the next six centuries, Piérre watched the mortal world inquisitively and curiously, with the mind of a child and the kindness of the Catholic God that he always sought to emulate. Though he was told that it was Zeus that created them, Piérre always believes that it is the One True God that permitted him life and the ability to guide and counsel the living and guide the passed spirits who were like himself. Love and empathy are Piérre's most powerful traits and he always uses them. Agape. Love is what will save the world.


Full Name * Piérre Luigi Marchonné

Alias * Jongleur, The Fool

External Age * 23 Years

Spirit Age * 636 Years

Nationality * Italian

Birthday * February 29, 1384

Sign * Pisces, Year of the Fire Rat

Handedness * Leftie

Birthplace * Venice, raised in Arezzo

Religion * Catholic Christian

Gender * Male

Sexuality * Aromantic

Eyes * Emerald

Hair * Mocha Brown

Weight * 132 lbs

Height 5’8”

Occupation * Aurazin Empath


Languages * English, Italian, German, French

Items * Mandolin, Ocarina, Baton, Rapier, Knives

Skills * Tumbling, Instrumentalism, Fire-Eating, Storytelling, Satire, Silks, Jongleur

Aurazin Experiences-

It's odd, you know?  The fact that the Aurazin kind's responsibility is to protect and guide the souls of mortals, and yet are not permitted to live among them full time or stay in touch with the loved ones that they departed from.  I can't say that I know the feeling... Or... at least I haven't felt that feeling for a little over five centuries.  My brother was lucky enough to have avoided this limbo, having died peacefully with three children to his name: two boys and a girl.  One of the boys he named after me; Piérre Venuchi Marchonné.

I miss my brother desperately.  I almost wish that he could have stayed with me, or could have been someone to talk to.  I had tried, once, to stay in contact with him under the guise of passing entertainers... Oddities, Contortionists, Freaks... All so that I could stay somewhat close to my family and watch how their lives moved on after I departed.  Romeo became the ringleader in my stead, and after that, his little girl; Dia, became the inheritor of the troupe...  I never could stop watching the trees of my members growing and spreading their branches... even when I was placed on other assignments to other places and other people... I always gravitated back to my first family, discreetly watching them bloom  and blossom in their own beautiful ways.  Eventually, as I expected, the troupe broke up... It was about the time of the American Revolution... 1776, when the numerous descendants of my twin joined the American Revolutionaries, having travelled across the sea years earlier.

My God, how much bloodshed can mankind permit?  Brother slaying brother, meaningless violence.  Certainly independence is worth fighting for, but how can one turn a blind eye to this?  I had my work cut out for me, I assure you, counselling others in the guise of soldier and spy, scoundrel and skald, and I watched many good men fall, some no doubt to be received by other Shepherds, beyond my influence, and an occupation that I never had a heart for, and others fortunate enough to circumvent the prolonged and eternal existence that I belonged to.  Let there be no confusion, I love this eternal life, but I grow weary watching the world age and die around me.  Sometimes I wish that God himself would explain why he placed me here, but I know that eventually it would all be explained, in one way or another.

More to Come...

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At 23:23 on August 29, 2020,
✓ Lucien Davenport ~Admin~

Hi Pierre. Welcome to Evermore. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to me or any other admin/mod on site. 

At 18:39 on August 29, 2020,
✓ Angelique Montserrat Almonte


Thank you for the accept.

I hope soon we will discuss the storyline for roleplay.


Angelique Almonte


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