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Ice Cold Dreams (Baptiste & Rachel)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Rachel Morrison ~Mod~ on Saturday. 6 Replies

Rachel had been laying on the ground outside of her house for the past three hours. The clouds covered the sun and so she laid there waiting for some sign of snow. “Come on,” She whispered. All she…Continue

New Year, New Housemate (Dyllann & Rachel)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Dyllann Schuster ~Mod~ Jan 31. 1 Reply

The New Year hadn’t exactly started off the way Rachel had wanted it too. She’d meant to host a party, yet hadn’t never gotten around to making any sort of invitation or announcement. Sighing, she…Continue

What is life without pizza? (Open to Dominic and Rachel)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Rachel Morrison ~Mod~ on Saturday. 8 Replies

The wind ruffled Rachel’s brown waves as she made her way through the streets of Evermore, Colorado. The streets weren’t as busy as usual, but that was probably due to the change in weather and due…Continue


The hardest thing in the world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.



Nicknames: Rach, Rae, Rose, Little Dhampir (Logan), Little One (Logan), Cookie Monster (Baptiste), Sweets (Queenie), & Thorina (Loki and the avengers)

Age: 50 (Looks to be 29)

Faceclaim: Zoey Deutch

Gender: Female, at least the last I checked xD

Species: Canadian Dhampir

D.O.B: October 31st, 1967

Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec ~ Canada

Located: Evermore City, Colorado

Sexuality: Does it matter

Relationship: Who needs heart when heart can be broken?

Occupation: Hunter (I am a queen)

Rank: I own NASA....

Build: Slender & Slight
Distinguishing marks: Runes

Positive: Honest, Determined, Intelligent

Negative:  Quiet, Untrusting,  Manipulative

Likes: Socks, cats, lotions

Dislikes: Annoying noises


Rachel's mother and father met in a small town in Alaska. Her father was the town sheriff who was off-duty at the bar one night with some friends. He was a young, handsome man and despite being slightly cocky and a bit of an ass sometimes, he was quite popular with the women of the town. It was that night at the bar that a woman he didn’t know, a newcomer to town, approached him. She was beautiful and exotic, unlike anything he had even seen in the small Alaskan town before. They flirted, played pool and darts, and drank together all night. They left together and he never looked back.

A year passed and she became pregnant with his child, a daughter they found out. It was then that she revealed what she was and what their child would be. She told him she was leaving and that it would be better for him if he forgot they had ever met, that he even had a child somewhere. He protested and got angry when she revealed that this was what she did, what she had been doing for a long time. She told him she had another child, a son and he said he never wanted to see her again or ever lay eyes on the child she was carrying. Barely giving the man a second glance she left.

She had the baby, a beautiful little raven-haired girl in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She remained in the city, raising the child until she was about 10 before informing her daughter of what she was and leaving her. Rachel spent the next 8 years moving from foster home to foster home. She struggled through school, also trying to work a full time job to save money for herself. Rachel grew up with a rougher crowd and not really having any close friends she could trust or really get close with, she grew into a quiet young adult. She managed to graduate high school and move out of town and down to New York City. It was here that her mother found her.

Rachel was living in a small studio apartment, arriving home after work one night only to find her mother in her home, looking the same as when she had left her daughter. The pair made their way to the nearest community of Dhampirs and Rachel performed her Weapon Choosing Ceremony. A pair of daggers glowed brightly as her hand hovered over them and nearly immediately her training began. Rachel spent years training at the dojo. Her mother left again but not before revealing to the girl that she had a brother somewhere. A powerful resentment and hatred towards her disgusting mother built up in Rachel. It was then that she decided she would use her new abilities to hunt down creatures like her mother. Creatures who ruined the lives of innocent people simply out of boredom or for their own gains had no place in this world.

Rachel put her entire body and mind into her training and goals. She wanted to forget her mother and her past but no matter how hard she tried, the fact that she had an older brother out there somewhere was always on her mind. Thoughts of even attempting to find her father occasionally consumed her. She had nothing to go on though. Her mother had given her no names, no hints or clues as to where her brother and father might be so she did her best to forget it all, leaving the dojo and travelling, looking for rogue supernatural creatures to hunt. The creature she really wanted to find and end, however, was her mother.

Several more years passed and Rachel hunted. Finding monsters that preyed on unknowing humans for sport and others who simply risked revealing that they, and others like them, existed to the whole world. Rachel was in Washington state when the comet hit. She barely remembered anything; one moment she had been chasing a Lycan and the next she was waking up alone on the forest floor. Panic filled her but she had nowhere to go and no one to talk to. Camping out alone in the woods that night and while sitting by the fire, Rachel read through an old journal she had received from one of her temporary hunting partners. In it he spoke of a town in Colorado that was like a sanctuary for all supernatural species. Where all factions lived peacefully with humans.

She had no idea what she would find there but something in her heart told her there was a good chance that she would find her brother there and possibly even some leads on her mother. With all that in mind the hunter turned towards Evermore City, Colorado….


The Fiery Sun || Baptiste Dupuis || Stephen James || Vampire

Baps... ^.^ Waking one night to find a male watching her sleep is not creepy at all. Then again... she had taken to sleeping on the sidewalk in front of her house. She’s find’s the male extremely intriguing and can’t wait to find out more about him.

The Protector/Complication || Logan Reeves || Greyston Holt || -

Logan is one of her favorite people to talk to. She can turn to him for advice on anything. He’s always been there and remains her most trust friend. 

The Troublemaker || Erythreus Ailward || Alexander Ludwig || Ailward Aspect

Ery likes to bite her...he’s her bestie<3

The Other Half || Dyllann Schuster || Emeraude Toubia ||Dhampir

Dyl-Pickle is so amazing. I could go on and on about her. The day we met was the day we became bestfriends. 

The Alpha || Orion Valkyrie || Ian Bowen || Therian

Constellation has always been there for her. He’s an amazing person and a great friend. He always has an important piece of advice.

The Moon || Dominic Howlett || Jason Momoa || Ailward Guard

He is the most tolerant person in my life. He can put up with my crazy moments better than most people. He’s seen all of my moods and knows how to react to them. He’s one of my favorite people. 

The Almighty Leader || Valeria Aldridge || Amber Heard || Dhampir

Val is the most dedicated person I’ve ever met. She absolutely amazing. No matter what, I can always go to her for anything. 

The Mayor Of Crazy || Samira Young || Ji-Eun Lee || Human

She hates me. We get along greatly but if our conversations were ever heard... we’d both get locked up. I have a knack of making her angry but she likes to make me angry so it’s fine. I love her to death. 

 The Playwright || Carter Nichols || David Guintoli || Human

Carter is one of the most reliable people out there. He’s also one of the most random goofballs ever. He can be serious if needed or he can be utterly hilarious. He’s been one of my closest friends since the day I met him. 

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At 22:09 on February 23, 2018,
✓ Dyllann Schuster ~Mod~

I bought a new filter for the vacuum
'cause all the cat hair clogged and broke our old one. x-x

(There I left you a comment, happy? :p)

At 5:47 on February 14, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Dominic Howlett

Happy Valentine's, Rach

At 15:20 on February 12, 2018,
✓ Logan Reeves

Alright Little one I have finally managed to get our starter together, I hope it is the adventure you were hoping for Darlin'. Till later try not to blow up to much stuff Little one.


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