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The sun also rises(Erythreus & Serena)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Mod~ on Thursday. 7 Replies

Months had went by and Serena had as usually buried herself in work, with her now taking on a new specialty it wasn’t hard to do so. Her only friend Erythreus hadn’t texted or called either during…Continue

Star Quality(Otto and Serena)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Serena Hamilton Nov 24. 4 Replies

Fixing things is in our nature, so is striving for happiness, and while we fear that something is wrong not getting a diagnosis can be even worse. Because then we don’t know how to treat it, if it's…Continue

Missing pieces(Delmar and Serena)

Started May 28 0 Replies

Three hours had passed since Serena had begun her morning shift at the hospital, were the young surgeon normally spent most of her time, and since then 2 people, if you only counted within her…Continue

Code blue(Reign & Serena)

Started May 28 0 Replies

Not everyone had a clear vision of what their future would look like, what jobs they’d like to get and what they’d like to accomplish. Some barely knew what they wanted for dinner, Serena however had…Continue


Always and No matter what!

Working on it

Name: Serena Hamilton

Nicknames/Alias:Fangster, S, Rena, Hot Dr, Ser, Doctor Lady, blondie

Faceclaim: Candice King

Age : Appears 20 Real age 28

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Hetero

Date/place of birth: 8 of July Bell air

Current place of residence: Mansion just outside Evermore City

Species:Turned Vampire

Profession: Head of paediatric surgery, Attending supernatural doctor, Resident neurosurgeon

Titles:M.D., F.A.C.S. Double board certified about to be tripple board certified.

Rank:Head of pediatric surgery. 

Relationship:Married to work


the vampire diaries animated GIF

Build: Slender and about 178 cm tall

Hair colour: Golden blonde

Eye colour:Blue

Distinguishing marks: Heart shaped birthmark on her right shoulder

candice accola animated GIF


In Bel-Air on July 8th, 1995 the Hamilton family welcomed the birth of a beautiful baby girl whom they named Serena. A child of extreme talent ever since the moment she was able to walk and talk, Serena’s parents knew that their kid was destined for good things once she grew up. The blonde was a happy child without demands and her parent realized quickly how kind-hearted she was, as the girl always looked out for others and shared her belongings.

However, growing up in Bel-Air was a lot harder than it looked. Finding food and money, things many other families struggled with were never a problem. The social environment was icy thaw and certain things were expected already from an early age. Although Serena was able to make friends easily, she was only ever able to keep a small group around her, because none like the other kids who longed to be noticed by the captain of the football team, she on the other hand didn’t want his attention she wanted to be loved for who she was, and not for what she could possibly be with that type of guy by her side. Which was a huge disappointment for her parents who expected her beauty to lead to early marriage to a wealthy man. Or at most her becoming a model or actress. Her wish to study and get good grades were wasted according to them.

The Vampire Diaries Tvd animated GIF

Serena instead got a close bound to animals especially horses. However, that all soon changed once Serena entered her teens. Serena had had enough of being pushed around by her parents, she wanted to let her hair down for a bit and just be able to choose whoever she wanted as a friend not from wealth nor profiting. Their snobby ways and only seeing money not people did not appeal to the amiable blonde. However, her parents quickly becoming worry of their little girl as they knew what kind of shame she could possibly mark the family with. Serena had always been intelligent and ahead of her young age so skipping a few grades came naturally. It didn't help with the outsider position she already had.

After graduating a couple of year early the female who had kept her compassion and kindness throughout the rich worlds tests, and getting accepted as one of the youngest ever to med school a new journey begun. Serena kept her focus and studied hard to be able to give the best care she could to her future patients. Dating and partying nothing she took part in both due to her young age and because it didn't interest her. If she started liking someone her family would most likely either force her to marry him, if he was wealthy enough, becoming a trophy wife or scaring him away. During a break around her the age of 17th birthday while she was home visiting her parents, she received a call from a non-acceptable friend , at least according to Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, who needed help so she snuck out and went to a party to help a her friend.

Tvd Caroline Forbes animated GIF

There she found herself being cornered by a few of the guys from the senior football team, who tried to force drink down her throat. Make her loosen up a bit have some fun. Luckily she saved by a cousin who had been following her that night, by the order of Serena's parents. Serena was ashamed of not obeying her parents and quickly called them to apologize for all the trouble she had caused, all she ever wanted was making others happy. For years she had done everything they asked trying to be perfect but not treating people different because of power was nothing she could stand.

Once she got home her intuition told her something was wrong even thaw everything looked just as it had hours before. Or not exactly the same, a painting was missing a vase on the floor. Strange, what had played down while she was gone? A scream woke her from her confusion and made her run into her parents bedroom where her mother was hovering over her father's unconscious body. Her doctor instincts took over and she started CPR taking control of the situation and ordering her mother to call 911. Apparently people had broken into their home while she was away causing her father to have a heart attack. She couldn’t help but feel that all of this was her fault. Maybe if she hadn't snuck out they wouldn't have been so surprised by the thieves.

Saving her dad's life was not enough to convince them to accept her choice in career and her home visits got more and more rare. Serena then graduated from med school, she had started at John Hopkins but later transferred to the leading school in medicine, Harvard, and got her medical degree. Serena, then hearing about the high levels of death in Evermore City applied for a fellowship as a pediatric surgeon; deciding that she would try and do whatever she could possibly do to help the city, she contacted her parents to let them know where she was heading. Her parents then told her that while she was away at University that they’d decided to move back home to Italy, to resolve some family dispute, and they wanted her to come along to her away from all bad influence.

However, Serena loved Evermore and all the people there so she refused to go with them. The young doctor decided that she’d stay in Evermore City permanently instead of moving back. But the main reason for not moving with them was that she was turned into a vampire after her first shift. She was just out to give her horses some hay when a man appeared in front of her. Before she could ask any questions he bit down her neck and started to drain her. Serena didn't scream in agony, she had heard the rumors of the towns supernatural inhabitants, her clever brain quickly puzzling the pieces even in situations like this, and felt sorry for the starving creature. So instead of begging him to spare her she closed her eyes accepting her death and let her mind slowly drift away.

A few hours later she was awakened by a feeling of being on fire while the venom rushed through her body to change it forever. When she woke up there was no sign of her creator, all alone in this new life. Her turning should´ve meant the end of her career. The blood cravings almost uncontainable as a fledgling but life's what you make it Serena decided and this wouldn't stop her from helping others. She could proudly say that she'd never killed anyone and had worked hard on her control so she could continue her work as a Dr.- later surgeon, even though it was very tempting for her.

Caroline Forbes 2x16 animated GIF

Now working alongside an wonderful medical team in Evermore City. Serena found herself on call more often and helping the people of the city that needed her, and secretly while she was helping those people she was trying to figure out how to help the supernatural species that seemed to inhabit the city too. Her dedication to the work soon paid off and she was given the trust to become the head of pediatric surgery even thaw many doubted due to her young age. Results and rumors about her success convincing them. Developing and always achieving higher to help more people was a part of who she was, which why she applied to start a new fellowship this time in neurosurgery to get a double speciality and help even more people.

In town she was known as the polite Dr. People would describe her as kind, generous, smart she's also experienced as quiet. The blonde is also known for her love for animals and her ability to get along with most people despite species. She visited the vampire faction castle every now and then, her king a very kind and experienced person.

The Vampire Diaries Tvd animated GIF

sThe Vampire Diaries Tvd animated GIF

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"Gideon nodded at her response, the thought of having to hunt her down and destroy her made his heart heavy. Doing away with Rogues was the single blackest part of his position as King, having to look his own kind in the eye as he took their lives…"

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✓ Serena Hamilton replied to ✓ Serena Hamilton's discussion Star Quality(Otto and Serena)
"Masking her feelings with a smile was something had become a master at. Even before she had become a doctor she hid her true emotions behind a smile. The expensive acting classes her parents had forced her to attend, while they still had hope of her…"
Nov 24

✓ Otto Markov replied to ✓ Serena Hamilton's discussion Star Quality(Otto and Serena)
"Running his hand across his chin as he took a seat, Otto smiled. His eyes normally said something entirely different from what he was actually feeling. Those who didn't know any better, always assumed Otto was happy go lucky and that nothing…"
Nov 23

✓ Serena Hamilton replied to ✓ Serena Hamilton's discussion The sun also rises(Erythreus & Serena)
"”Of course you did” She sighed and shook her head, causing her blonde curls to fly from her shoulder. Why was she even surprised that the aspect had no limits. Still she couldn’t be mad with him and his childish behaviour, she was…"
Nov 21

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"Hope sparked in the males eyes as she spoke, she didn’t know what had triggered it, which was unusual she was fairly good at reading people. However the ancient king had had years of practice hiding his facial expressions behind a mask of…"
Nov 19

Ailward Aspect
✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Mod~ replied to ✓ Serena Hamilton's discussion The sun also rises(Erythreus & Serena)
"The Aspect of Death showed his emotions more intensely than he ever wanted to. But, in all honesty Erythreus had been the most hopeless romantic in the Ailward manor. Even his siblings made jokes about it, not knowing that it was actually a pretty…"
Nov 13

✓ Gideon Ashworth ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Serena Hamilton's discussion Going crazy and drowning (Gideon and Serena)
"His brow furrowed at her answer, his dark hazel eyes leveling on her face as he weighed her words with the way it all made him feel. Not condemning their species or her fellow vampires was progression, those sentiments had sent a spear of hope…"
Nov 12

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"“Ery please not this again” She sighed as he heard him continue his endless ranting about his irrational love for her. A love he obviously hadn't gotten over. She was confident that his obsession would fade with time, if she…"
Oct 30

Ailward Aspect
✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Mod~ replied to ✓ Serena Hamilton's discussion The sun also rises(Erythreus & Serena)
"With furrowed brows, Ery gazed to the blonde Vampire, deciding on not asking her why she wasn't at work instead of being here where Ery had hoarded himself up and started consuming alcohol like he had before promising to cut back for the very…"
Oct 27

✓ Serena Hamilton replied to ✓ Serena Hamilton's discussion The sun also rises(Erythreus & Serena)
"Prior to arriving to the manor Serena had had to rearrange her schedule to take the day off, leaving the OR board a mess and cancelling on operations planed for months. The vampire had almost limitless vacation days as she had never taken out one…"
Oct 13

Ailward Aspect
✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Mod~ replied to ✓ Serena Hamilton's discussion The sun also rises(Erythreus & Serena)
"The pause between them was different this time. It was miserable, at least for Erythreus it was, and during his time away from his gorgeous doctor, he'd met another blonde, and at first things went well, but the longer Ery pushed and forced it,…"
Oct 13

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Hello, thank you for the request. Let me know if you'd like to try for a forum sometime. I'm open minded to all scenario's cx

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