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"Today had been a good day, a lucrative day. Since sleep was hard to come by he spent as little time as possible at the faction house, avoiding his people and his new Wayfinder. It was still difficult for him to reconcile his new situation with the…"
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"Having only been brought back to lifeless than a month or so ago Wade’s entire world is one big confusing jumble. Being in the 21st century does not suit him at all, all of the technology perturbs him though the potential for thievery has been…"
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"This world was upside down, upside down and completely foreign to him. There was no way that even in his wildest dreams would he have been able to think of half of the contraptions and contrivances that people were running around on or with. Devices…"
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"The entire world shifted around him, suddenly he wasn't where he had been meant to be and he wasn't scattered into a million particles like he had meant to be. His breath slammed through his lungs the exact moment his feet slammed into the…"
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Rise and Rise again, until Lambs become Lions.

Celestial :||: Constellation: Vulpecula 

Nickname(s): Luca, W.D.

Sexuality: Bisexual :||: Relationship: Single

Family: None

Occupation: Unknown

Residence: Celestial Faction House

Rank: Unknown


Unknown :||: Male :||: Tanned 

 6'1'' :||: Athletic & Muscled :||: Vegetarian

Hair: Dirty Blonde :||: Eyes: Cobalt blue

Markings: Constellation marking on left shoulder blade  

FC: Taron Egerton



Tenacious :||: Hard Working :||: Laid Back :||: Charming

Health conscious :||: Mellow :||: Solitary 

Sarcastic :||: Stubborn :||: Opinionated :||: Ritualistic


There was a certain comfort in the black, a security that came with hanging high in the heavens. His life held a uniform monotony that had become familiar, the solitary existence he had been blessed with one that he couldn’t have imagined being any different. That is until fate had chosen him, some hand of destiny choosing him from among all the rest to yank from the sky and humble by plummeting his Celestial essence into a mortal-like body. His heart pounded in his chest, a terrifying weightlessness gripped him as he hurtled end over end into a dark void. His lungs burned, he might have screamed but the sounds were snatched away by the roaring of the wind that pushed and pulled at him.

It seemed like ages that he fell, plummeting through the cosmos and just when he thought he might expired he plunged into icy cold water that clogged his lungs and swept him up in its currents. Trying to suck in air he sputtered and thrashed, his body rejecting the icy water that filled his lungs. Clawing blindly, kicking furiously he somehow managed to breach through to open air, gasping as his body shook uncontrollably. It was cold, that bone chilling sink into your soul cold that limited movement and made the mind sluggish. Some buried instinct of self preservation pushed him to swim, flailing through the water blindly. By some miracle he managed to snag a low hanging branch, holding onto the slick wooden lifeline with his frozen fingertips.

Kick by exhaustive kick, inch by inch he crawled up onto the bank teeth chattering and trying desperately to ignore the stench of the fetid water that he had been swimming in. Rolling over he stared up at the dark sky, the twinkling stars overhead looking foreign and cold. After some time the male managed to gather some of his failing strength, rolling over and staggering to his feet. His sluggish mind couldn’t call up any facts about himself, nothing even so small as a name. Stumbling blindly through the woods he went towards the flickering lights that reached him through the trees, allowing him to shuffle onto an empty cobbled street.

Standing right beneath a street lamp was a young woman, her chest and shoulders heaving as if she had been running a great distance. She approached him as if he were a wild animal, her dark eyes wary as she came closer to his near frozen self and offered assistance. Somehow she seemed to know exactly what he was, that he wasn’t a normal being and that he had no idea who he was. The young woman introduced herself as Emilia, a Celestial being and explained that he had landed in the Thames river of London, England.
12th Century England was no picnic, around every turn were people who wanted to use you or take advantage of you or kill you. Sometimes all three, which made for a quick and brutal learning curve for a male just thrown to Earth. Had it not been for Emilia the Celestial would probably have ended up dead, his curiosity and slight temper often got him into trouble which means for lots of work bailing him out of dangerous situations. Within a few days the male discovered his name, like an errant thought it came to him out of nowhere and he gasped allowed as that piece of the puzzle randomly fell into place. The happiness he exuded at discovering this part of himself, that he was Wade Luca Blackwell proved a turning point that was vital for both himself and Emilia.

Through careful observation Wade found a certain fascination with the young street urchins that would wind their way through the crowds in the marketplace. When vast amounts of people gathered to listen to a preacher or to watch a street play, the skinny minxs would dart through the throng dipping their little hands into packs and pockets extracting food and gold and jewelry. The older ones had perfected the slight of hand, managing to divest individuals of bracelets, necklaces, and even rings without the victim being any the wiser. It fascinated him how quick and efficient they were, like wraiths passing among the living they were there and gone again in a flash.

It took a few tries, a couple times messing up here and there, for him to get the slight of hand down. Reaching into someone’s pocket with a touch lighter than air and lightning quick took some skill to perfect. He messed up a few times, either ending up in an all out brawl or running from the authorities, though the rush of it all had him smiling from ear to ear even through the bruising. Eventually he refined his pickpocketing savvy and moved on to bigger and more complicated jobs, he wasn’t a child after all and had much more dexterity and intelligence to pull off more complicated and far more lucrative jobs.

When Wade wasn’t out on the streets working the crowds or breaking into shops and houses, he was with Emilia learning about his people. The male had a knack for facts, completely fascinated by events from the past and how they had been documented. History became a sort of passion for the Celestial and ever the wise Wayfinder Emilia put that to good use. Their people up to then hadn’t had a dedicated historian, the accounts of the Celestials as a whole had been told by word of mouth and stories passed down from one individual to another. Emilia and Wade wanted to fix that, to document the marks that their kind had left upon the world and create a record of who had been and who currently were existing in this human domain.

When he wasn’t writing, researching, and documenting the male was out among the people, honing his trade and gathering as much wealth as he could. Some of it he kept for himself and Emilia, using the funds to help out other Celestials and just generally survive in some comfort. Most of what he stole and amassed however he gave away to those who were less fortunate. England was rife with corruption and greed, those with money often exploited or ignore those with less and the King was overtaxing everyone into starvation and poverty. Dissatisfied with the state of things Wade one to sit by and simply let things be, he was a man of action.

In order to protect himself and Emilia and his fellow Celestial Wade would go out at night, wearing a hood to cover his face and rob those families that were incredibly rich and especially cruel. It wasn’t always easy, the palace guards and local law enforcement had it out for him, though they had no idea who they were truly chasing. The King even caught wind of his antics, angry that someone was upsetting the status quo. Wade would take from the rich and give most of it back to the poor, creating more of an even playing field for all. The legend of the man of the hood was born by the antics of the restless young Celestial, though the bounty on his head forced him to get even more sly and cunning. He had to become proficient in all manner of weapons and through some rough times his body became lean and mean.

When he wasn’t Robbing Hood or Celestial Historian Wade was simply another fallen star trying to master his abilities. His friendship with Emilia grew deep and fond, the pair often sneaking off together to practice their energy manipulation. Alongside his Wayfinder the male became one of the most powerful among his kind, second only to Emilia in his mastery of the Celestial arts. Though he wasn’t wild or vain about his abilities, always willing to help teach others in order to keep them all safe.

Unfortunately safe is a relative term for a species who can manipulate time, their very death giving others the ability to go back and change one event made them prime targets. Emilia sensed a great darkness was coming for them and no matter how hard Wade tried to convince her they were safe his friend still felt the approach of their doom. The male remained unconvinced that anyone would be able to stand against them, their skills and careful planning would keep them from harm. He remained in that frame of mind until the fateful night Emilia woke him from a dead sleep, her eyes wild with fear. She could sense the danger was close, too close and she had an idea as to what the darkness was after.

Taking the fear in her eyes and laced through her voice very seriously Wade helped rouse the rest of the Celestials, urging them to disappear quickly and quietly. Like shadows dozens of their kind fled into the night, shooting off in all directions like comets running from destiny. Emilia wanted to be the last to leave, the dread in her heart growing with each passing moment but Wade wouldn’t have it. Their Wayfinder was essential and her bodyguard Thornbrook insisted she leave and together the two males managed to convince her to leave.

By the time Emilia was safely on her way to anywhere else Wade had begun to feel the darkness closing in, the hairs on the back of his neck rising as his heart rate skyrocketed. Realization hit him like a freight train, if he didn’t do something...something drastic the darkness would track down his people and undoubtedly kill them. The revelation was both sobering and freeing, as Wade knew exactly what he had to do in order to ensure the safety of his people. Sliding on his hood Wade went out to meet the darkness, unarmed of conventional weapons he mustered up all of the Celestial energy he could muster and in a single moment of self sacrifice the star imploded in a brilliant flash of light.

. . .

Suddenly and without any warning at all Wade found himself yanked through time, landing smack dab in the 21st century. Blinking rapidly, sporting one hell of a headache the male stumble through a crowd of monsters and fairies and all manner of strangely dressed creatures. Disoriented and more than a little freaked out the male ran from the ethereal woman who had shown up moments before his energy had reached critical mass, stopping him from imploding in on himself she had grabbed him and yanked him to this place with her.
Confused, angry, scared, and more than a little frustrated the woman managed to catch up with him and explain who she was. He had always been one for history and finding the truth but the more Ophelia imparted to him of the past and how she had come to have Emilia’s medallion the more heartsick the male star became. Somehow and some way his dear friend had died, and her predecessor had been drawn to the moment of his own death and prevented it. He was now in modern times, in a city called Evermore, Colorado and landed right in the middle of a All Hallow’s Eve festival. It was all too much for his mind to process and yet process it all he must.

For Wade, there is no going back, no hope of returning to find that Emilia is safe and cared for. He was now a citizen of the future and stuck making the most out of this new reality of his, one filled with technology, politics, and even more danger.


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✓ Willow Eleonora Braelynd
At 18:58 on June 2, 2018,
✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

My favorite Stag!!!! :D

Happy to see the reply, it was great x) about to start working on a reply for you. -looks up at his relationship section, realizing it would look even better with her there too- kidding ofc .. but I am however going to grace my page with your glorious face ;P



At 5:16 on May 16, 2018,
✓ Orion Valkyrie ~Admin~

The thing, as discussed.

|RP Linky Thing|

At 3:13 on May 8, 2018,
✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

*Chases behind him smirking*

I have replied wolfie, I hope the reply wasn't to crappy xP

*Hops on his back so he doesn't get to far*

At 16:17 on February 6, 2018,
✓ Siobhan Leslie

Lucky for you I am not a lawyer so I can't sue you. lol

I have replied

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