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The Basics

Name: Samira Young
Nicknames: Sam, Mira
Birthdate | Age: May 15, 1994 | 25
Birthplace: Seongnam, South Korea
Current Residence: Evermore, Colorado
Species: Human - Knows Of Supernatural
Occupation: Organization Science & Tech Division
Relationship Status: Single - Not Looking

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 103 lbs
Hair Color: Red (dyed) Black (natural)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Marks: Yin-Yang Tattoo - Left Wrist
Face Claim: Bae Su-ji (Suzy)

Samira’s story begins in Bucheon, Korea with a different name than what she is now known as. She was born on May 16 in the year 1994 at 5:43 PM. Her parents were Yeong Su-Ji, a florist and a fantastic singer, however her mother had decided not to pursue singing as a career and kept it as a hobby. Her father was Yeong Ji-Tae, a well known chef in Korea and his food highly recommended by those who ate it. When she was born, her parents named her Yeong Ji-Hye. From the moment she was born, Ji-Hye’s parents began teaching her numbers and colors through music, of course she couldn’t understand the difference as a baby. However the more she heard the songs and saw the pictures, her memory began understanding what the songs and pictures meant. When she said her first word at five months old, the word was actually a color, and that color was PINK. By the time she was two years old (Korean Age), she was able to speak her colors and numbers somewhat clearly. From there on, her parents began to teach her more and more, and their teachings helped shape her mind into an intellectual one.

By the time she reached the age of five, Ji-Hye was already reading and writing at a second grade level. Her parents pushed her to be her best, and in turn she began to thrive off the knowledge they fed her. When she began school, Ji-Hye figured that she would be ridiculed for her intelligence, but it was thanks to her neighbour and best friend that she was able to fit in well despite her ‘nerd’ status. There were some kids however that were bullies to her, but Yu-Ri helped her to ignore them, saying they were just jealous of her. As time passed by, those bullies began to ask Ji-Hye for assistance with their school work, and she was more than happy to help them even though they had bullied her. The one who started bullying her in the first place was Ch’a Eun-Ah, and she was also the first of them to change into a friend to Ji-Hye. The more she helped with their schoolwork, the more of her bullies turned to friends. By the time she reached the age of eight, Ji-Hye was one of the most popular people in her class; and she had been noted for her attendance, her smarts, and her helpful personality on many occasions.

On September 13, 2004; Ji-Hye had her first brush with the guy named Ch'on Jae-Hwa. She had gone out to visit the restaurant her father worked at, and her father had treated her to a delicious meal. While she ate her meal, she saw Ch'on Jae-Hwa and his ‘boy band’ living it up at a table not far from where she sat. They didn’t care about anybody else in the restaurant, and nobody did anything about it because his father owned the restaurant. When she was done eating, Ji-Hye asked for a glass of water and walked over to the boys. When she reached the table she poured the water over the head of Ch'on Jae-Hwa. Everyone in the restaurant was shocked, but Ji-Hye didn’t care and told him that he should learn to respect those around him. After that she huffed out in frustration and left the restaurant. Soft music and a book was her go-to stress reliever but she didn’t have a book with her, hopefully the music alone would work. Putting her headphones on over her head, she turned on her stress relief playlist and began to walk home.

While walking home, Ji-Hye decided to change the song on her phone and so she pulled it out of her pocket and looked down at the screen. As she began scrolling through the music on her phone, she stepped off of the sidewalk without realizing it. Before she realized what was happening the music stopped and she could hear the screeching of brakes. As she turned her head, her mouth opened wide ready to scream before she felt a thud against her body sending her backwards and onto the ground. Her eyes were slammed shut and didn’t open until the screeching of the brakes stopped. It was only when the screeching stopped that she opened her eyes, and when she did, she saw HIM on top of her. Ji-Hye panicked and pushed Jae-Hwa off of her before getting to her feet. Once on her feet she turned and ran away from him without so much as a thank you. Her heart was racing a mile a minute, she had almost died and the person she dumped water on not long ago saved her.

Ji-Hye avoided Jae-Hwa as best as she could in the days that passed after the near accident, and she was quite successful in doing so for two full weeks. However one of her classmates had seen him and when they talked to him, they told him what class she was in. He showed up in her classroom and took her by the hand, basically dragging her out into the hallway. Jae-Hwa told her that it wasn’t polite to not even thank him for saving her life. Ji-Hye huffed out and said thank you before turning to go back in the classroom but he stopped her by grabbing her arm. He told her that she could thank him by letting him buy her an ice cream after school. Ji-Hye stared him down and told him that she wouldn’t let him even if he was the last guy on earth. She called him rude, and arrogant for expecting a reward for saving her life and went back into the classroom. Ji-Hye figured that would be the last she saw of him, and for quite a while it was.

Ji-Hye had become well known throughout her school by the age of fourteen. She was a tutor to students who needed assistance, she joined after school sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball; and even included herself in other extracurricular activities such as drama club, and music club. However maintaining the extracurricular activities were difficult starting off, but it did get easier with each passing week. She was smart enough to choose activities that occurred on separate days, but her teachers, friends and family worried that she might be taking on too much at one time. Ji-Hye reassured them that if she didn’t think she’d be able to maintain them, she would drop some of the activities, but she was determined to prove she could handle all of the things she wanted to do.

On August 27, 2008; Ji-Hye reached out to her friends to spend the day together in Bucheon Park, however almost of her friends were busy. The only friend that wasn’t busy at that time was Ha-Na, who swiftly agreed to spending the day in the park together. While they were in the park, Ha-Na asked Ji-Hye if she had ever kissed anyone before. This caught Ji-Hye by surprise causing her to blush before responding no to her question. It was no surprise that Ha-Na had already kissed someone before, in fact it would have been a surprise if she hadn’t. Ha-Na responded by asking her if she wanted her to teach her how to kiss. Hearing this question shocked Ji-Hye, and she had to look around the park to see if anyone had heard her. Surprisingly the park was empty that day, and although she was shy about it, Samira agreed. The two girls spent about five minutes practicing their kissing before Ji-Hye heard her name being shouted across the park. Her friends had finished what they were doing and had come to join them in the park. Both Ha-Na and Ji-Hye agreed to keep what happened in the park between them and went to enjoy the rest of the day with their friends. As they went to join up with their friends, Ha-Na told her she was a great kisser before running ahead of her to their friends.

Two weeks after her sixteenth birthday, Ji-Hye’s mother had fallen very ill. She collapsed in her florist boutique and a customer there at the time called the ambulance. She was rushed to the hospital and the doctors ran many tests on her, only to reveal that her mother needed a major surgery if she was going to make it through. While the doctors talked with her father, Ji-Hye remained at her mother’s bedside, holding her hand and praying for her mother’s health. Her father found out that the surgery was going to cost much more than they had. They were barely able to afford the hospital bills now as it was, and Ji-Tae didn’t know what he was going to do. Then he remembered about his childhood friend Ch'on Jung-Nam who had become a successful businessman and raised in wealth since their childhood. Ji-Tae hated asking for money, especially from an old friend, but he reached out to Jung-Nam regardless in order to save the life of his wife. While her father went to visit him and see about the money for the surgery, Ji-Hye stayed at her mother’s side and held her hand tight, tears streaming down her face.

When Ji-Tae approached Jung-Nam to ask for his help, Jung-Nam responded with a counter offer. He told him that his son was turning eighteen in August, and that his son had his eye on Ji-Tae’s daughter for many years now. Jung-Nam proposed that he would make sure Ji-Tae’s wife was taken care of, on the agreement that Ji-Hye would marry his son in the month of August on his eighteenth birthday. Ji-Tae begged for him to reconsider. Ji-Hye was their only child and she was only sixteen, there was no way he could make her marry his son. Jung-Nam told him that he could take his time and talk the proposal over with his family before making a decision, but the only way he would receive his money is for their daughter and his son to marry. With that Ji-Tae returned to the hospital with a heavy heart to discuss the terms with his wife and daughter. As much as he hated the idea, he didn’t know any other way to obtain that much money in such a short time.

As soon as he told Su-Ji about the proposal Jung-Nam gave him, she declined immediately saying she would not let her daughter marry that tyrant’s son. She got so upset with him for even considering it, that she began to cough and in turn coughed up blood. Worried about his her, Ji-Tae went and got the doctor, and her mother told her that no matter what happens she can’t accept that offer. Su-Ji made her promise that she wouldn’t accept it, and she did but when the doctors came in, her mother had faded out of consciousness and the monitor was flatlined. The doctor had to get her father to drag Ji-Hye from the room so they could try and save his wife. While they were outside, Ji-Hye told him to take her to see Jung-Nam. Despite the promise she had made to her mother, she wasn’t going to just sit and watch her die if she could save her life. She told her father that she would agree to the marriage if he can save her mother. Ji-Tae didn’t want to go behind his wife’s back and make the agreement, but Ji-Hye begged him to help her save her mother. When they went back to see his friend, Ji-Hye signed a contract stating that as long as her family were taken care of, and her mother regained her health, she would marry his son Ch'on Jae-Hwa in the month of August.

Thanks to the funding of Mr. Ch'on, her mother received the surgery and had made a full recovery, but she was disappointed in her daughter and her husband. After that there was a tension in the family that neither she, nor her father, knew how to overcome. Her mother was really good at holding onto grudges, even when it came to her own family. When the month of August came, Ji-Hye followed through on the agreement and went through with the wedding. She was hoping her mother would put aside the grudge she had so that she would attend, but given the reason behind the marriage, her mother continuously refused to attend. Her father made sure to attend because he didn’t want her to go through with it alone, and walked her down the aisle. She had tears in her eyes due to her mother’s absence, but she did everything that was expected of her even when it came to the part where she said “I do”. She made sure there was no hesitation because she was unsure of what would come from it. Despite that she was only sixteen at the time, the wedding went through unhitched and by the end of it, she had become Ch'on Ji-Hye. Upon the ending ceremonies, when she was about to return home with her father, Jae-Hwa told her that she would be living with him now that they were married.

Ji-Hye nodded in agreement but asked to go home with her father to collect her belongings. Jae-Hwa agreed and said that he would follow to bring her home with him. The drive home was a sad one, she had known that she would have to live with him, but she didn’t expect him to want it right away. Sure she could visit home whenever she wanted to, but her home would now be with Jae-Hwa for the foreseeable future, and the thought of leaving home scared her. When they arrived at the house, Su-Ji wouldn’t let Jae-Hwa step one foot into the house for what he had done. The tension in the house that day was so thick that you could cut it with a knife, but Ji-Hye collected her belongings and said her goodbyes, even if she didn’t want to leave. When she was leaving, her mother gave her a necklace that was given to her by her mother. As she put it around her neck, she told her to be careful and come visit often. Ji-Hye promised to visit as often as she could and maintain her school life as well. She wanted her mother to feel somewhat at ease when she left, even if it was just a little. When Ji-Hye arrived at the house that was going to be her home, Jae-Hwa informed her that she wouldn’t have to worry about him forcing her to do anything intimate. While the statement came out blunt, she thanked him for respecting both her and her age.

Jae-Hwa had kept his promise about respecting her throughout the two years of their marriage. Even though she was of age before their two year anniversary, he wasn’t going to force her into being intimate with him. When their marriage began, he didn’t even expect her to sleep in the same bed with him and gave her a bedroom of her own. After one year though, she had gotten more comfortable and began sleeping in the same bed as him, but still refused to be intimate with him. Just as she had kept her promise to marry him, Ji-Hye kept her promise to her mother and visited often. She didn’t even let the drastic change affect her school life, other than the occasional visit from her husband during lunch. She had now graduated school and was wondering what she would do with the rest of her life. In the past two years, she had learned multiple languages, and she now knew how to read, write, and speak; Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, French and Spanish. When asked why she learned all these languages, she told those who asked, “just to prove I could”.

While she decided on what she wanted to do with her life, Ji-Hye went to work with her mother at the florist shop. All the flowers, as well as being with her mother made her happy. Her husband was busy at work all day anyways, so she wanted to do something to keep herself busy during the day. However on December 5, 2012; Ji-Hye was working at the florist boutique with her mother, when she heard a thud behind her. As she turned around, her mother was laying on the ground not breathing. She immediately called the ambulance and then called her father while she waited for the ambulance, but by the time the ambulance arrived, her mother was already dead; and Ji-Hye was a wreck. She went home with her father, and from there he called Jae-Hwa and told him what happened. Her father also told him that Ji-Hye wanted to spend the night at her parents’ house. He said that he’d come by to check on her after work, but it was fine for her to spend the night there. Despite the fact that she didn’t truly love him, he was in love with her and worried about her now that her mother had passed.

About a week after the funeral, Ji-Hye asked Jae-Hwa if she could talk to him about something, and he told her that she could come to him about anything. With that, Ji-Hye bluntly asked him for a divorce. Just as the words left her mouth, she felt a searing pain on the right cheek of her face and she stumbled sideways until she fell to the floor. Jae-Hwa had just struck her without warning, and all because she asked him for a divorce. He told her that she was his wife, and the death of her mother wasn’t going to change that. She might not love him but he did love her and he wasn’t going to let her go just like that. Ji-Hye felt frightened of him in that moment and shuffled backwards from him. He apologized for striking her, and told her that he wasn’t going to let her go now that he finally had her. After that night Jae-Hwa became more abusive towards Ji-Hye, striking her whenever she done something wrong or something he didn’t like. She stopped visiting her father so often due to the bruises she was receiving, and became frightened whenever people touched her without asking.
On her nineteenth birthday Ji-Hye received a phone call from Ha-Na asking to meet her in the park because she wanted to talk to her. After they had graduated school, Ha-Na returned home to America where she studied drama as a profession in hopes of becoming an actress. Ji-Hye had made it to the park before her friend, and when Ha-Na showed up, she placed her hand on Ji-Hye’s shoulder only to watch her pull away in pain and fear. Ha-Na knew that something wasn’t right and when she asked her what was going on, Ji-Hye broke down in tears and told her what was happening between her and Jae-Hwa. Ha-Na promised to help her escape from him, and brought her to the Korean Embassy. While there, she told Ji-Hye to apply for citizenship in America and that she would stay in Korea until the citizenship was approved. Ji-Hye was worried that Jae-Hwa would find out, but Ha-Na reassured her that he wouldn’t and when it came time for her to give contact information, Ha-Na used her own contact information to receive the final word on her citizenship.

Ji-Hye had finally gotten approval for her American citizenship, two weeks before the four year anniversary of her marriage, and it was time to get out of Korea. Although she wasn’t able to get the divorce she wanted so badly, she decided that running away from him would be just as good, even if it meant leaving her father alone in Korea. While her husband was at work, she gathered her belongings and left for the airport with Ha-Na, together the two girls went to America; and Ha-Na promised to help her out until she felt comfortable enough to go out on her own. Now that she was living in America, she had an American name to get used to, when asked what her American name would be, Ha-Na helped her choose the name Samira; and as a tribute to her mother, she chose the last name Young instead of her married name. The last thing she wanted to be reminded of was her marriage to that abusive jerk. It seemed as though learning the English language back when she did was a stroke of luck considering that it was the dominant language in America. When she got in America, Samira decided that she was going to cut her hair. Back in Korea, Jae-Hwa wouldn’t let her cut her hair because he liked it long, but now she didn’t have him stopping her.

After settling into America, Ha-Na learned more and more about Samira, including the fact she had a great voice for singing. So on Samira’s twentieth birthday, the two girls went to a Karaoke Bar to celebrate after Samira had received her haircut, she wanted to show off her new hair style proudly. Ha-Na chose a Karaoke Bar that was surprisingly frequented by some big name music producers, and Ha-Na knew that if one of these producers heard Samira; they would want to sign her for a music career for sure. When it was Samira’s turn to sing, she chose a korean song by Bae Suzy because it made her feel more comfortable. She wasn’t worried about people not understanding her, she just loved music, and korean music made her feel more at home in America. After the song was over and she returned to her friend, a male approached the two girls and told them that he was a music producer from Los Angeles and that he wanted to sign Samira to a two year trial contract. If things went well, she could be looking at a full time music career. Samira didn’t hesitate and quickly agreed, telling him that she’d love to at least give a music career a shot.

Samira had become a big hit in the music charts within such a short time. The trial period was a huge success and before the contract was even over, the music producer offered her a full time music career. Unlike before however, Samira didn’t jump at the chance. Instead she asked if it was okay to wait until the end of her current contract to discuss a new one, and the producer agreed to let her finish her current contract first. The week before her contract was about to end, Samira was met with an all too familiar face. The publicity of her becoming a musician allowed her husband to find her in America, however he didn’t spot her and she got away from him as fast as possible. She was able to avoid Jae-Hwa for the rest of her contract, and she informed the music producer that she would have to decline his offer of extending her music career. When he asked why, she told him she liked the music but wasn’t fond of the popularity it brought. It was of course a lie, but it was better than the truth. Even though he was disappointed, he accepted her answer and told her that they would have a final concert to end her career at the end of her contract. She agreed to it, but requested that there be no backstage passes for anyone, saying she didn’t want to make the fans or herself upset about her decision to stop singing. She didn’t want anyone other than the people who belonged backstage to be there, especially not Jae-Hwa.

After ending her music career, Samira has once again gone into hiding from her abusive husband. This time however she went into hiding alone, not telling anyone where she went to, not even Ha-Na. She did still communicate with Ha-Na, but she never once told her where she was living. Samira had found her new home in the city of Evermore, Colorado. A place that was like no other, especially since it was running rampant with supernatural beings. How did Samira find out about the supernatural world? It happened when she applied for a job at the ‘Unnatural Taste’ cafe, the owner of the cafe explained to her about the title and how the staff were supernatural beings. If she was going to work there, she needed to know what she was getting into. Of course she was sceptical at first until the manager revealed to her his supernatural status. Once he did that, her eyes were opened to a whole new world. However she wasn’t scared by this new world, in fact she was fascinated by it and wanted to learn as much as she could about the supernatural.

Samira had soon found herself joining a top secret organization, hidden in the city of Evermore. The Organization's role is to keep peace in the city, as well as keep the supernatural world secret from those who are oblivious. Samira had been recruited by the Organization’s recruiter Sebastian, and had even met the head of the Organization, Sariah. After a while in training, Samira had passed the test to become a full-fledged member of the Organization. She had finally gotten the strength that she had been after, however her life would still be one of hiding until she dealt with her husband back in Korea. Although it was hard to do, she contacted the head of the Organization and told her that she had to leave the country for a while and wasn’t sure how long she’d be gone. As she was about to say that she was thankful for everything they had done for her, she heard Sariah ask if she was requesting a leave of absence. Samira admitted to not knowing that was a possibility in her case, and requested a leave of absence, promising to return someday.

With all of her affairs taken care of in Evermore, she began the trip home to Korea once again. Knowing that she would be back, she spoke to her landlord about the apartment, and they were surprisingly lenient with her. They told her that as long as they were receiving payments for the apartment, despite her absence, she could keep the apartment. Before she left, she made a phone call to her father, and told him that she was coming home. When she arrived back in Korea, her father was at the airport waiting for her, and she gave him the biggest hug ever; apologizing for leaving home the way she did. He told her that she didn’t have to apologize, and that she was already forgiven. Before going home, her father took her to get some of her favorite ice-cream from when she was a little girl. When they finally got home, Samira explained everything to her father; everything that happened which led up to her leaving Korea. Then she explained to him why she came back home, and how she would not be taking no for an answer this time.

Jae-Hwa had not changed in the time she had been away, he still thought he could control her through power, but when he made a smack at her she grabbed his wrist and flipped him over. When he was on his back, she twisted his wrist and told him that he was going to sign the divorce papers, or she would treat him like he treated her all those years ago. Jae-Hwa, being the arrogant jerk he was, told her he wouldn’t do it, and that she had too much of a kind heart to do anything aggressive. So she moved in with Jae-Hwa, and after two weeks of treating him as poorly as he treated her, he finally submitted and agreed to getting a divorce. She hated using her newfound strength for such purposes, but she would do whatever it took to be free of him forever. Once he agreed to the divorce, she went back to her father’s house to tell him the good news. Ji-Tae was happy that his daughter was finally free of that man, and told her that he regretted making the deal. She placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him, telling him that she wouldn’t have done anything different, because she was able to save her mother, even if it didn’t last forever.

It didn’t take her long to get everything straightened out with the divorce. She didn’t want, nor did she need anything from him; but when he tried to make her pay back the money for her mother’s operation, she told him that she wouldn’t. He could consider it compensation for all the bruises and emotional trauma that he had put her through. When she had everything taken care of, she was going to head back to America and return to her life in Evermore, but her father became sick. They both knew that he was dying, and he held her hand as firmly as he could, saying that he could pass on happy, now that she had gotten out of her marriage. Samira was a wreck beside her father, she had just gotten him back, and now she had to say goodbye to him again. She remained by her father’s side, even as the ambulance brought him to the hospital, not wanting to leave his side. When the doctor told them that he could be treated, but the procedure would be expensive; he smiled to his daughter and told her to keep her money.

When she asked him why he wouldn’t let her pay for the treatment, he told her that he wanted to go out this way, the same way her mother wanted to go. They had taken that decision from her, and he believed that this was karma for making a bad decision. He told her that it was his time to go, and that her mother was waiting for him. Despite his gentle words, Samira was still broken-hearted about losing her father. After he passed away, Samira sat in the darkness of her father’s house and cried. She didn’t bother turning on any lights, because she felt more comfortable in the darkness. Once the lights came on, she would be reminded of all the memories that she shared with her parents in that house. She didn’t eat or drink anything that day, as if she had forgotten to do so; and she knew that she had to get everything in order here now before she could even think about returning to Evermore.

By the time she was ready to make the return trip to America, nearly a year had passed from when she left, and although she was sad to leave her childhood home; there was no longer anything keeping her there. Samira made the trip home alone, and hadn’t called anyone to come pick her up either. Right now she felt as though she would just be bothersome to anybody she called. After landing in the airport, Samira took a taxi back to her apartment, and didn’t go outside at all that day. She didn’t know if she’d be ready to face the people she left behind. Given how long she was gone, Samira wasn’t even sure if her employment with the Organization was still valid. “One day at a time” she said to herself and prepared to re-enter the city of Evermore.

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