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Hae-Ri Hwang
Angel of Justice
NAME.Hae-Ri Hwang
CODENAME.Angel of Justice
OCCUPATION.Seeking Employment
AGE.Looks: 25 / Actual: 28
DATE OF BIRTH.October 10, 1991
DATING HISTORY.Dated A Co-Star For 4 Months
FAMILY.Ji-Yoon Hwang
Min-Ho Hwang
EYES.Dark Brown (Purple Tinge)
“Gather Round! Gather Round!” the Mystical Min-Ho shouted to the crowd as he was preparing for his magic show. Hwang Min-Ho was a supernatural being known as an Initia, and after discovering his abilities he trained in various elements for 60 years; before deciding to use his abilities to make other people smile. He played his abilities off as magic, and became a magician performing Elemental Magic. After performing his latest magic show however, he was followed backstage by a female who wanted to talk to him. “You have to stop this facade” she told him. “I know what you are, and it’s only a matter of time before someone else discovers the truth as well.” she explained to the male in hopes of him quitting his magic act. Min-Ho thanked the woman for her concern, but told her that he enjoyed putting smiles on people’s faces, and he would continue to do so as long as he was alive.

The woman continued going to Min-Ho’s shows for two years, trying to convince him to stop using his powers as Magic for his shows. What she hadn’t expected to happen, was to fall for the man. She finally gave the man her name after two years, which made him smile. After they talked for a while the woman, Kang Ji-Yoon, asked Min-Ho if he’d like to get dinner with her some time. They had gone on a few dates over the next few weeks, each time their love for each other grew. She told him that she was a major shareholder for the hospital, that she invested heavily in plastic surgery areas, and finally revealed to him that she was a Nephilim. Ji-Yoon had grown quite the wealth in the 73 years she had been alive, yet she never once considered herself to be the relationship type, thinking of relationships as nothing more than distractions from her work. She had gone through the trouble of killing a Dragonkin when she was 33 to gain immortality, and while she had been successful in her mission, she had nearly died in the process. Together they spent three years together, before getting married in the summer of 1989

Two years after they had gotten married, Hwang Min-Ho and Hwang Ji-Yoon were at the hospital where she was currently giving birth to her first child. After some time, she gave birth to a baby girl, and as they looked at her; they called her Hae-Ri. Hwang Hae-Ri was born on October 10, 1991, and she became her parents’ pride and joy from there forward. Min-Ho had finally given up his magic act, and became a stay-at-home dad for his daughter; while Ji-Yoon opened a small flower shop, along with her income from the investments she made in the hospital. Her parents had both hoped that the child would be born of the Initia species, however when Hae-Ri was born, the scars on her shoulder blades made it obvious she was born a Nephilim. When she was old enough to make comprehensible sentences, Hae-Ri asked her parents about the scars on her shoulder blades. Her mother told her that the scars were normal for her, and explained to her that it meant she was born a Nephilim. Ji-Yoon didn’t want to overwhelm her daughter so early, so she told her that they would talk more about it when she turned eight.

On the day before her eighth birthday, Hae-Ri and her mother had a talk about the Nephilim species, and she was informed that tomorrow she would receive the runic mark of the Nephilim. The next day the young girl had received the runic mark that marked her as one of the Nephilim species. When she told her mother about the runic mark, she was told that today also marked the first day of her training. The Nephilim weren’t without their enemies, and now that their daughter had gained the runic mark, she had to be prepared to handle herself should her parents not be around. Rather than train her herself, Ji-Yoon hired another Nephilim to train her daughter. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to give her daughter the full force of the training, so she needed someone that wouldn’t hold back. Hae-Ri was told that this training would be the most difficult thing she’s faced so far, but it was necessary for her to get the training. Hae-Ri would often get bruises and cuts during their training, which her trainer would then train her to use her healing abilities. Everyday, after her training, her father would take her out to get ice cream, and always told her how proud of her he was.

At the age of 16, Hae-Ri had been approached by a company looking for a model for their newest product, and wanted her to be their model. Of course she wanted to accept it on the spot, but she had to discuss everything with her parents. They understood of course given her young age, and said that they would reach out to her parents. Her parents were more than a little hesitant to let their daughter be a model, especially given her supernatural status, yet it was her father that convinced her mother to let her do it. He said that if they didn’t give her this opportunity, then she would most likely resent them, and Ji-Yoon knew that he was right. Her modelling career started out slow, especially with her Nephilim scars limiting her modelling choices, but eventually she got recognized by the right people, and Hae-Ri became a model for one of the big companies. Her Nephilim scars were difficult to cover up for some of the modelling shoots that she did, but the make-up team worked their magic to make her look ‘normal’ when it mattered. Although she was hiding part of herself, she enjoyed her career in modelling. Her path to fame was now set, and it could only expand from there, or crash and burn.

Hae-Ri also auditioned for a chance to become a singer when she was 16, knowing it would be a difficult path, but it was something she wanted to do. Her voice did need a little coaching, but she was a hard worker and knew what she wanted. Her parents weren’t overly happy with their daughter’s rising fame, because they knew if the wrong people saw her Nephilim scars or her runic mark, she would most likely be a target for attack. Hae-Ri’s first audition failed, but rather than be broken up about it, she practiced hard so that she could try again. In 2008, she was recruited to become a trainee for one of the big companies in Korea, and Hae-Ri was over the moon with happiness. That year proved to be a difficult year for the young Hae-Ri. She was now juggling her modelling career, singing training, school and Nephilim training at the same time; and she found it difficult to do starting out. She was often exhausted to the point of passing out during her Nephilim training, and her mother was concerned for her daughter’s well-being. She promised her mother she could do it, and that it was just going to take some getting used to with the schedules of everything.

Hae-Ri’s training continued in all of her endeavors, right up to the point of her high school graduation. Her highschool graduation was a wonderful day for her, as it meant that it was one less thing in her schedule to juggle. The popularity that ensued after her debut as a model was a little overwhelming at school, but she made it through and graduated with honors, given her outstanding grades. Her eighteenth birthday was definitely a special occasion, Hae-Ri had finally made her debut as a singer, and despite her parents’ initial protests, they were proud of everything their daughter had accomplished. Given her career choice, Hae-Ri chose not to attend college for the time being, so that she could focus on what mattered to her; her Nephilim training, her modelling, and her singing. Her mother wasn’t pleased with the choice Hae-Ri made regarding college, but she promised Hae-Ri she would support her in her life endeavors; even if it wasn’t the life she had initially planned for her. Her father also wasn’t pleased about her choice to not go to college, yet he hugged her and told her that he would always be by her side, no matter what choices she made in life.

The following year, when she turned 19, marked another big moment for Hae-Ri. The agency she was with had gotten Hae-Ri her first acting job, and she was both thrilled and scared at the same time. Her Nephilim training was already starting to take a backseat due to scheduling issues, so adding acting on top, she was worried that she may have no time at all for her Nephilim training. To say that her schedule was hectic would be an understatement, but the trainer her mother had hired was quite patient with her, and worked with her whenever she was free. Her Nephilim skills weren’t lacking, and her trainer didn’t seem too worried about the shortage of time. They still trained everyday, but some days her training only lasted a couple of hours, while other days she trained the entire day. Hae-Ri loved acting as well, she got to meet some wonderful people, and make new friends. The young brunette loved her life, and wouldn’t change any aspect of it. She rarely had any time to herself, but that didn’t bother her one bit. She was happy with her career choices, and she was happy with where she was with her Nephilim training. Things had gotten easier for her the more time that passed, and she was showing real promise in her Nephilim training.

Not much changed for Hae-Ri over the next couple years of her life, with the exception of getting her first boyfriend at the age of 21. He was an actor that she worked with, and they began dating not long after the project was over. Their relationship only lasted about four months though, as both of their busy schedules didn’t allow for much time together. At the age of 22 however, Hae-Ri’s was performing on stage for one of her concerts, when her manager received some terrible news. He waited until the end of the concert, then he told her that he received word that her father had been killed while visiting a friend in America. Hae-Ri’s heart felt like it shattered when she found out, and she fell to her knees crying. Hae-Ri spent the next month at her mother’s house, while taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry. She had no projects going at the time, other than her concert tour, which she postponed to be with her mother. After a month of taking care of her mother, Ji-Yoon told her that she needed to continue her concert tour, and that it was what her father would have wanted. Hae-Ri contacted her manager and said that she was ready to continue her tour, and that she didn’t feel ready yet to take on any new projects. Her manager was surprisingly understanding, and said that she could take a break after the concert to prepare herself for her comeback.

By February of 2015, Hae-Ri had finished her tour, and was back at her mother’s house resting and preparing to make her comeback in the entertainment industry. One night while home alone, Hae-Ri had been on the balcony of her mother’s house, when she saw something shooting across the sky. Not long after, Hae-Ri felt a daggering pain resonating from her shoulder blade scars. Screaming ensued for nearly three minutes, before she passed out on the floor of the balcony. Her mother found her passed out on the floor, with a pair of white wings spread out from her shoulder blades. Ji-Yoon knew what it meant, but she wasn’t sure how it happened. She knew that Hae-Ri had not killed a Dragonkin to earn that right, so she didn’t know what to think. Hae-Ri had blacked out for nearly three hours before waking up to a pair of Nephilim wings outstretched from her scars. Given that she didn’t know how to control the wings or anything, as she turned, she began knocking over lamps, stuffed animals, and anything else at level with her wings. That was when she heard her mother’s voice telling her to calm down. Together with her mother’s help, Hae-Ri managed to retract her wings into the scars, which had changed color from black to white. Ji-Yoon told her that she didn’t know how this happened to her, but now that she had her wings, she was going to need special training to gain full control over them. Rather than hiring someone to train her daughter about the wings, Ji-Yoon took on that responsibility herself.

Hae-Ri spent the next year completing her contract, before leaving the entertainment industry at the age of 25. Once her contract was finished, she applied to the police training academy. At first the training academy thought it was some kind of joke, because of her previous career choice, however Hae-Ri set them straight and was enrolled in the academy. She spent a year in training before being promoted to a police officer, and after a year as a police officer, the NIS in Korea recruited her. By the time she reached the age of 28, Hae-Ri had been with the NIS for nearly a year, when her boss had told her she was being relocated to America for a mission. It was uncertain how long they would be gone for, so they both would be provided with legit American citizenships, and after the mission was a success, they would regain their Korean citizenship. Together with the partner assigned by her boss, she moved to America for the mission, uncertain of what would happen. Their mission was to find a particular individual that had stolen sensitive information, and return them to Korea alive to face justice.

Their mission had lasted until the end of January, and they had finally gotten their man. As they prepared to return to Korea, the man informed Hae-Ri of something she hadn’t been expecting. He told her that he had information for her, and that he knew what happened to her in 2015. The male told her about the city of Evermore, and that she could find the answers to her questions there. Hae-Ri didn’t even know that she had those questions until he had spoken to her. So Hae-Ri called her boss at the NIS and informed him that she wouldn’t be returning to Korea with her partner. When he asked why, she told him that there was something very important in America that she had to do. Her boss knew about her supernatural status from the day she joined, because he too was supernatural. When she told him that she could possibly find answers in a place called Evermore; he understood and said that he expected her resignation letter to be sent back with her partner. After saying goodbye to her partner and giving him her resignation letter, Hae-Ri began the journey to Evermore City in Colorado.
Positive: Admirable | Hardworking | Patient

Negative: Impulsive | Messy | Strong-willed
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