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Him & I (Dominic and Siobhan)

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One Touch Is All You Need To Feel Heavenly

NAME: Siobhan Xapham Leslie
NICKNAMES:Wáptasyi (Dom), Nani (Dom), Spidey (Dom), Parker (Dom), Little Red (Dom), Han Solo (Sappy), Kimmy Gibbler (Sierra and Illiana), Lil Sio (Rissa), Siobeany-Bean(Ben), Bean(Ben), Bo(Ery), Sio, Shivy
AGE:Looks: 20 | Real: 23
DOB: July 22nd
SPECIES: Pure Nephilim
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore City, Colorado (Can be found at Dom's Cabin or Her apartment in the Nephilim part of the city)
HOMETOWN: Nomatic Life (Birth Parents were from Evermore City)
OCCUPATION/RANK: Nephilim Second in Command/Creator and Pioneer in the Nephilim Community
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:My heart is his; It complicated

BUILD: Five foot Two inches, One hundred and twenty-one pounds, hourglass figure
HAIR: Golden Blonde
EYES:Normal: Bluish Green | Nephilim: Vibrant Purple Tint
FACECLAIM: Lili Reinhart
WINGS: Pure White
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Cresent shape scars on her inner palms, Wing scars on her back, Scar along her right collarbone from a diviner name Lucifer, and a knife scar in her lower left abdomen from Lucifer.
TATTOOS: Rose (under her elbow on her right forearm), an Earth Symbol (hidden, shh), Daisy Moon -Special Meaning for a Specific person- (Left inner Arm), A Cross (right pinky), and an Arrow (left forearm)

THE GOOD: Patient, Realistic, Affectionate, Mature, Reliable
THE BAD: Technology Challenged, Clumsy, Reserved, Stubborn, Devious
THE UGLY: Siobhan is known for being light-hearted with a smile on her face, but she has a darkness in her that only shows once she is provoked.
HABITS: Drinking, Eating, Racing, Gambling, shutting out everyone she loves, digging fingernails into her palms.
HOBBIES: Baking, Cooking, Rebuilding anything mechanical, reading and learning, Construction and building things.
SKILLED AT: Knife throwing, Archery, Flying
TRAINING AT: Nephilim abilities, Flying, hand to hand combat.

Siobhan story began differently then her unknown siblings. Ezekiel Kenelm was a well respected Nephilim in the community, on the outside people thought he had the perfect family, but his wife Beatrice and him couldn’t work out the issues they had. Ezekiel found himself spending his nights at a nearby bar, the Bartender Isabo Xavier. Ezekiel began to confide in Isabo about his marital issues the best he could. Isabo began to fall for Ezekiel and soon he began to go to her apartment sharing drinks to sleeping together.

It didn’t take long for Isabo to become pregnant and the night she was going to tell Ezekiel about the child she was carrying he came into the bar angry, he told her he was done and he was leaving and she didn’t stop him. She never told him about the child and learning of his wife losing her mind. Isabo backed up her things and ran.

When she was about to give birth to her baby she found herself in a hospital scream as she gave birth. The moment she was left alone with the child she picked up her daughter and rushed from the hospital. She found herself standing outside of a fire house but she couldn’t bring herself to leave her daughter there. She looked around and saw a farm down the road. She walked down and sat her daughter on the porch and knocked on the door running off.

Steven Leslie opened the door and looked down to the crying infant on his porch. He reached down picking her up in his arms calling out to his wife Sophia. The Leslies were unable to have more children after their son and they always wanted a daughter and here was one placed on their porch they saw it as a signed.

In fear that the infant would be taken away from them they up rooted their life and moved to a city known as Evermore Colorado living on the outskirts of the town starting a new farm. They named the little girl Siobhan and raised her as their own but even at a young age they knew that Siobhan was different. Sophia would say that Siobhan had to be perfect in every way. Where Steven wanted her to be a child and have fun. Even with different views on how Siobhan should be raised they both loved her.


“You see, Siobhan?”
“That, daddy?”
“Indeed. It will all be yours some day..”
“All of it?”
“All of it”

“Sweetheart, if you are to be apart of this family you need to work for your food and your shelter, as I have done and my father before me and his father before him. It is simply the way we thrive, you understand?”, her father explained, ending with a question that no one could expect an 8 year old to answer. “I understand”, Siobhan responded simply, her small child eyes gazing over the field, “I want to help anyway I can daddy”. Her maturity for a young girl was surprising to anyone she met, however it was simply a side affect of being brought up the way she had.

Before their home on the edge of Evermore city, the Leslie family traveled across the country, living off the land and off the grid, never once turning to the modernization of the world for assistance in their own lives. Their family had done so for generations, choosing to distance themselves from the progression of the world and it’s newly found technological wonders over the past centuries. However, living like this was not without it’s downfalls.

Siobhan spent her life being home schooled, when she was not studying the set work criteria from her parents she would be learning from and helping her father with foraging food for dinner and constructing shelters for the family to utilize. It may sound like a dull, boring way of life, but to Siobhan and her family, it was just their way of seeing the world. Even though their family had these outlooks Siobhan's mother expected her daughter to be perfect, Siobhan took this to heart and would punish herself when she was not perfect, she would dig her nails into her palms resulting in scars now. They were not extremists, never using their dislike for technology to attack or degrade others, merely choosing to live their lives as they choose fit.

After living the first decade of her life moving around, her father finally found the suitable location beside Evermore to settle down, a place that wasn’t too close to society and just far enough away for them to build their own home and farm their own land. This gave her brother, who had been born five years prior to herself, and Siobhan the opportunity to grow as individuals, rather than dedicating all their time to study, food scavenging and building new shelters everyday; Now they used this new found time for developing their own set of skills, each choosing to delve deeper into particular areas of their family's ideals.

Siobhan chose to practise her construction, using the method of trial and error to self teach herself when her father was too busy farming or tending to their home. She became quite good at it rather quickly, learning new skills such as proper build planning, how to assess an area for it’s quality as a foundation for new builds, strong frame construction and much, much more in terms of carpentry. By her mid teenage years Siobhan had become something of a prodigy within her family, not only for her work in construction but also due to the fact that she was something of a boyish rogue.

Siobhan often enjoyed spending time outside in her childhood or reading the comic books her brother brought back from the city when he snuck off, most would assume a girl of her age to be inside playing dress up or brushing a doll's hair, but not Siobhan; She prefered the mud on her clothes and the wind through her hair. She would often waste away the afternoons with her brother, chasing one another through the nearby woods, building tree forts and having ‘sword’ fights with sticks from the forest bed. Siobhan was happier here in Evermore than she had ever been, but being at your highest point in life meant there was only one way for you to go.

One fateful afternoon while Siobhan had grudgingly agreed to stay home and help her mother cook dinner, her brother and father went out hunting for tomorrow's meals. It was like any other day for the Leslie family, only this time neither brother nor father returned home that night, causing both Siobhan and her mother to worry, yet her mother insisted that they would return sooner or later, that they were probably having trouble tracking a skittish prey. But being the rebellious lass she is, Siobhan refused to just sit down and wait for the men to come; So while her mother was busy doing this or that, she slung her bow and quiver over her shoulder and left out the back exit and using her own tracking skills to follow the path her family had left on their way out to hunt.

It was not a long walk, only taking her to the edge of the woods close to home. The scene she found would be carved into her memories forevermore; Her brother and father’s bodies lay before her, mauled by what appeared to be an animal of sorts. Siobhan could feel the walls of her emotions crashing down like cinder blocks inside of her, with every passing moment she looked upon them felt like a crash of lightning against the side of her skull. After several moments of shock, the tears came, gushing down her cheeks as she dropped to her hands and knees, fingers digging into the soft earth beneath her touch.

Twigs crackling amongst the treeline caused her head to twitch upwards at the sign of something close, as if the predator that had attacked her family was stalking the scene of its crime. Siobhans eyes scanned the darkness through her matted tears, seeking any sign of physical danger, simply daring the threat to come out and face her. The challenge sent a bolt of excitement through her. Though that excitement swiftly turned to fear as she spotted the source of the nearby presence. A pair of white iris’ hung at eye level to herself just beyond the trees, glowing against the moonlight.

In a flash, Siobhans instincts reacted and her dominant hand had already drawn her bow, arrow pulled back with the bowstring; The eyes blinked and vanished the second she had done so. Without hesitation she let the arrow fly to its target, hearing the yelp of an animal as she surely at least scathed the beast. Jumping to her feet, Siobhan rushed forward and quickly found drops of blood besides a set of paw tracks, although these tracks were far too large to belong to your average wolf… It had to be something more than that.

Siobhan ran after the tracks and trail of blood droplets, she could hear the pounding of the creature running from her just meters ahead of her in the darkness. All sense had left her, it didn’t matter if she died, it didn’t matter if she would never see home again, all that she could think of was killing it. A hot fiery rage fueled her actions like the animal she was in pursuit of. After a few minutes of sprinting the creature had seemingly lost interest in the chase, turning on it’s heels Siobhan was suddenly faced with the piercing gaze of it’s white Iris, as well as a better view of what it actually was.

It was huge, at least when compared to a regular wolf; It appeared to a black shaggy wolf the size of a small bear. Without giving Siobhan any time to stop, the creature had already pounced at her, without having enough time to plan a counter attack she simply kept her forward momentum and dropped to her knees to slide underneath the wolf’s lunge. As she slid Siobhan drew another arrow, arching her back as she closed one eye, her breathing slowing somewhat as she aimed up her shot at the beast while it leapt through the air; She released her grip on the arrows’ fletching.

The sound of a something heavy could be heard hitting the ground behind her as she straightened back up in her slide, coming to a stop after just a few feet. Her senses had kicked into overdrive, unbeknownst to herself this entire ordeal had awakened the Nephilim abilities she always had sleeping inside of her since birth. Without getting to her feet, Siobhan drew another arrow into the bowstring, her torso rotating 90° to point the arrow tip in the direction of the beast. But what she saw was somewhat shocking. Her previous arrow had pierced the underside of its jaw line, going right up through the apex of its skull; It had died before it had even hit the ground.

Siobhan slowly got to her feet, keeping her bow drawn and ready to fire just in case it stirred, she began to creep over towards the motionless body, using a foot to nudge its side. The young woman was about to lower her draw when she felt a flash of anger, remembering what this thing had done to her; In rapid succession she unloaded the remaining dozen arrows she had in her quiver right into its limp body, simply for the satisfaction.

Her hot breathe rose in puffs of vapor from her lips, the anger and rage finally seeping away and slowly being replaced with an inkling of guilt for the harm she had caused on this creature for killing her family; But that fact is exactly what allowed Siobhan to brush away the guilt with ease. A flash of light suddenly swept over the area of a very short moment, Siobhan reacted by ducking behind a tree and peering out from behind it, her eyes looking in the direction from which it had came, the same direction she had been running after the wolf.
A moment later, another flash of light illuminated the area from beyond the treeline ahead of her. What kind of magic could be causing such a phenomenon? She thought to herself. Curious to find out, keeping her bow at the ready of course, Siobhan crept onwards, hearing what sounded like the rumbling of a dozen growling lions fading in and out of earshot. It was most unusual for her, hearing what most would immediately identify as cars traveling down a road.

She soon found the edge of the treeline, before her was something of wonder to someone like herself, who had spent her life away from the the ever developing technological wonders of the world. Siobhan had emerged from the woods to cast her gaze upon the skyline of Evermore, the lights and sounds of the bustling city could be heard even from her current position. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before, she knew immediately that she wanted more.

Siobhan ventured into the city, her eyes sparkling from the reflections that the countless beamed down upon her; It was beautiful. She had always had a curiosity for the modern world, although she had never dared to go against her family's beliefs, but that didn’t matter all that much anymore. The young Nephilim wandered for almost an hour, her jaw dropping at every turn. A lot of the people she passed in the streets gave her a funny look, as she was walking through the city without bothering with the dangers of crossing the road at random intervals as well as the absence of footwear, which was apparently something the average Joe frowned upon.

After a while, Siobhan began to start looking from the magnificent skyscrapers to the people down on the ground; Their fashion sense was something of marvel to her. With her eyes now jumping from face to face, a rather tall man passed her and as she laid her eyes on this man Siobhan felt.. Something. It was a warm feeling, her instincts told her that she could trust him. The girl slowed her pace before coming to a stop, glancing over her shoulder at the curious male, her eyes narrowed inquisitively.

She let her eyes follow the man while he walked, noticing now that he was not sporting the same type of fashion as majority of the populous around her had been; He wore a long white lab coat eclipsing his frame. Without contemplating further Siobhan spun on her bare heels and followed him back down the street, keeping her distance as to not raise suspicion.

A few minutes later the man had arrived at his destination; An apartment building. Siobhan saw the man swipe a card through some sort of device attached to the glass door, quickly figuring that this was some sort of lock she sped up and stuck her foot in between the door and the frame just before it slammed shut. Slipping inside she kept her gaze upon the man, following his steps as he stopped short of the elevator door, “You’re not one for stealth, are you?”, came the man's voice, a rich british accent in his words. “What are you?”, Siobhan blurted out, before she could stop herself.

Siobhan Leslie had met Isaac Albert, a Creator for the Nephilim faction of Evermore. If Siobhan expected a journey of discovery when she decided to venture out into the world after her deadly encounter earlier, but she could never have anticipated this level of discovery. Isaac invited the young Nephilim upstairs to his loft where he showed her what he had been working on; As a mad scientist, he had many projects in the works. The wonders inside of his laboratory simply astounded Siobhan, there were magnificent to the eyes a normal person but beyond that for her, who had never laid eyes on technology.

Siobhan was not sure why this man simply let her inside of his home, showing her all these amazing things. Halfway through his little ‘tour’ she realized he had no idea WHY she found all of this so outstanding. And so she began the long story of her life, consisting of about 4.5 pages in Google Docs. The two Nephilims bonded rather fast, resulting in Isaac offering her a job as her assistant; She graciously accepted. However, she informed him that she needed to at least visit her mother first, considering everything that had happened that night.

It did not take Siobhan long to find her way back home once she had reached the forest, the hardest part was navigating the new concept of roads and footpaths that she struggled with. Once home, she found her mother awake in the living room and absolutely worried sick. However, this worry quickly turned to anger as she began berating Siobhan for leaving the way she did. Slowly but surely the berating escalated into something of a screaming match between the two, during which Siobhan spilled everything she had learnt and seen that night, including the deaths of her brother and father.

On top of everything she had already drilled into her mother, Siobhan added the fact that she had decided to live in Evermore, that she would be Isaacs assistant and work towards helping those in need. It is safe to say that the relationship between mother and daughter had diminished greatly throughout the fight, as it ended with Siobhan leaving all of her belongings behind except her fathers necklace and her brothers ring she placed on the necklace. She slamming the door in her mother's face, choosing to go back to Isaac’s home slash laboratory and begin her life in the world of today.

"Never one without the other."

Dominic Howlett Ailward Guard - Therian (Lycan) - Omega
Nicknames/Titles: Dommy, Big guy, Wolfy, The Big Bad Wolf, Howly, Beast, and Beasty
Relationship: My Heart Is His; It's Complicated
Tale: Their story began with an angel being hunted in the wrong place, and A Therian with the right timing. Dominic saved her, and She saved him in return, there seems to be a never-ending cycle of each of them protecting each other. Siobhan was guarded, but Dominic has chipped away at that pain and hurt slowly. He caught her off guard taking her under his wing when he hadn't the first clue on training a Nephilim, but it didn't stop him from making her stronger, he pushes the past things she thought would break her. They have gone throw things others couldn't even imagine, causing their bond to only grow. Dominic has made a way into her heart. She knows that no matter what she will be there for him. She is his Nani and that is all she will ever need to know.

Clarissa Bradford Pure Nephilim
Nicknames/Titles: Rissa, Auntie Rissa, Dark Angel
Relationship: Best Friend
Tale: Clarissa and Sio meet when Sio was trying to move past something that happened to her and she wanted to give up her light outlook on life, So she reached out to a Nephilim who had been rumored to be a Dark Angel Child. Clarissa agreed to show her to embrace her dark side. In the end, it turned into Sio showing her own light. The two have grown close even though Clarissa knew they should have kept their space with her father a looming memory that doesn't seem to escape. At a Christmas party held for the city of Evermore. Siobhan took it upon herself to look after a very drunk Clarissa. Following her outside ended up with Siobhan on the end of an attack by one of Abraxas men leaving Clarissa and Cornelia with a lot of explaining to do.

Cornelia BradfordPure Nephilim - Nephilim Ambassador
Nicknames/Titles:Commander Buzz, Buzz, Uni, Unicorn, Corny, Corn
Relationship:Leader and Friend
Tale:Cornelia is the ambassador to the Nephilim's in Evermore. Siobhan respects Cornelia for what she has done for their kind, but the secrets the Bradford family has which has lead to Siobhan getting hurt at the hand of her fathers' man. Cause her to fear for the safety of Cornelia and Clarissa. Siobhan wants nothing more than to be helpful, but she isn't sure what the cost will be for that.

WeuWeu Storm "Fluffy Storm" - Tibetan Mastiff - Given to her by Dominic, he loves to sleep everywhere and is rather lazy.

Kiyaya "Howling Wolf"  - Gray Wolf - Dominic's wolf that doesn't have a pack much like Dominic himself, he enjoys to sneak in to the cabin and eat their bacon.

Baldemar Kenelm


Elysium Kenelm


Ezekiel Kenelm

Birth-Father (NPC)

Isabo Xavier

Birth-Mother (NPC)

Sophia Leslie

Adoptive Mother (NPC)

Steven Leslie

Adoptive Father (NPC)

Stephan Leslie

Adoptive Brother (NPC)

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✓ Dominic Howlett

*Sits down with his newly obtained rum bottle in one hand and lifting the spyglass to his eye with the other, eyeing her slowly up and down with a smirk* Okay, okay... I'm behaving now. Thank you for my presents, Love.

Since the cabin is far too occupied, I thought we could get away for a weekend and basically all I wanna do is stay in bed and watch movies and sleep and whatever else you do in bed. >_>

Probably asking yourself, "Wow, that's a lot of popcorn." But I told you I would get you a mountain's worth. With a bunch of sweet junk to mix with it because why not?

The others are pretty self explanatory. *makes the angel kitty toy kiss the wolfy toy*

Happy Valentine's Day, baby girl.

At 0:21 on January 29, 2019,
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✓ Dominic Howlett

At 19:38 on January 28, 2019,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford

At 10:08 on January 19, 2019,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford

13 more days, which with my great maths skills, tells me we have less than two weeks to go!

At 6:33 on January 19, 2019,
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✓ Dominic Howlett

I thought I should remind you..


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