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Stalking Sisters || Knox & Siobhan ||

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Knox Waylon Xavier Mar 30. 8 Replies

The day was a hot one, not a single cloud in the sky to mar the sunshine with only a slight breeze that made the temperatures manageable and yet the park was packed. The wide concrete walkways the…Continue

Home Is Where The Heart Is....Maybe || Slade & Elle-Mae ||

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The few days had been non-stop rain, alternating between pouring in thick sheets to a steady drizzle that made everything shimmer with moisture. It was typical spring in Colorado, rain then sleet…Continue

Coming Home In Ruins || Slade & Dom ||

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“BLASTED...STUPID...OF ALL THE IDIOTIC…”His voice carried, loud expletives and grumbles echoing off the buildings as the male stumbled down the street. His normally smooth gate was hindered, the…Continue

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✓ Knox Waylon Xavier replied to ✓ Knox Waylon Xavier's discussion Stalking Sisters || Knox & Siobhan ||
"Time the rest of the day seemed to creep by, each second stretching into eternity. He had been working towards this meeting for months and now at the culmination, he found himself oddly self-conscious. Meeting his sister made him feel exposed and…"
Mar 30

✓ Knox Waylon Xavier replied to ✓ Eden Shaw's discussion After A Long Day (Eden and Knox)
"She was crazy, plain and simple. There was nothing in what she had said or what she was suggesting that was viable. Even with the pair of them the house, he was dreaming of would take a considerable amount of work. Not to mention the funds they…"
Mar 30

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"Siobhan looked at the man for a long moment as he took the photo back from her hand and let her hand fall beside her. She would hate to admit it out loud she was a mirror image of the woman in the photo. She studied his face for a moment and could…"
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"Maybe learning her habits was a bit creepy but when you had been in the occupation he had chosen taking risks wasn’t in a person's nature. Shrugging unapologetically the male didn’t much care if he looked like a creep in the pursuit…"
Jan 25

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"He couldn't look at her, couldn't watch the way her body moved as she placed a sassy hand on her hip. Each time she got flirtatious or stern the Male had to keep himself from leaning over and kissing her senseless. Chuckling at her…"
Jan 22

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"2019 was a year of change of Knox, as once his family passed away he discovered that he had a biological sister. Leaving his job and the military had been an easy choice in order to turn his attention to finding this wayward family member. Find her…"
Jan 9

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"Siobhan looked at him with her blue hues for a moment as she raised a brow to him. “Learn my habits? You do realize how creepy that sounds right?” She said as she moved from one foot to the other. “What suspicions was that?”…"
Jan 4

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"Mr amazing. So, I know it's not much. But, I hope you like the things ive gotten you for Christmas. So, the first thing. I made this sign myself, I thought it would be a lovely addition when we move out of that stupid hotel, and finally grab…"
Dec 25, 2019

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"Merry Christmas long lost Brother from the same Mother, Custom made arrows from a Nephy weapons master Brother sister bows so we can go shooting sometime Brother sisters bracelets I hope you enjoy them all, Xena"
Dec 25, 2019

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appearance :||: personality
FC: Jeremy Renner || Looks: 36 HEIGHT: 6’0’’
BUILD: Lean Muscled
HAIR: Dirty Blonde
EYES: Cerulean Blue
Scars (everywhere)
Tribal Tattoo (shoulder)

Compassionate :||: Dedicated
Intelligent :||: Perceptive
Realist :||: Smooth
Mellow :||: Competitive
Obsessive :||: Pessimistic
Sarcastic :||: Crass
Likes: TBD


Thick tears of pure panic and unadulterated fear rolled down Isabo's cheeks, a never ending flood of despair her young and inexperienced teenage mind couldn't even begin to stem. The stale scent of urine, hairspray, used feminine products, or cheap perfume could persuade her from her spot curled up in the corner of the bathroom floor. Instead of begin in class with her peers the 16 year old had taken a pass and thrown up a hail Mary, hoping against hope that her missed period and mood swings were just a symptom of her angst and the exercise from her training. Instead the little blue plus sign had mocked her into tears and forced her into hiding from the world. Isabo knew however that she couldn't hide forever, her absence from class would go noticed.

It all seemed so trivial now, all the things that she had been worried about not 30 minutes ago meant very little now in the face of her pregnancy. Sometime around lunch the 16 year old had managed to peel herself up off the floor and slip out of school unnoticed, her only hope for police and comfort in the arms of her lover. A 19 year old drop out her was the Romeo to her Juliette in the eyes of the law and as soon as he managed to work up enough money they were going to get a place together and all would be right in Isabo's small world. Even her mother couldn't disapprove of her wayward wild child if she wasn't beneath her roof, there was nothing she could say or do. Isabo would be free.

With those thoughts in mind the young teen ran to her lovers home, bouncing up the steps with tears in her eyes and desperation in her heart. Yanking the door open she walked into the dark apartment, calling out his name. The sound of muffled thumps and the sound of something heavy hitting the floor made her pause for a moment but she kept moving forward. Walking into the back bedroom, a room she had entered a million times before and yet the scene that met her eyes made it all feel foreign and somehow strange. Her heart jumped into her throat, the Male that had always held her so tenderly held another but not in a lovers embrace, his arms were wrapped around her like iron and despite her valiant struggles she couldn't hope to break free. The worst of it was, his teeth were sunk deep into the woman's neck and with each pull from his mouth her pallor turned more pale by the second and her limbs grew ever more weak right before her eyes. At long last he seemed to drain the last of her life from her body, dropping her husk to the floor and shattering what had held Isabo spellbound.

With a palm clutched to her lower belly the young Nephilim turned and fled, screaming at the tip of her lungs she put on the impossible speed of her people and fled from her former lover and escaped his evil clutches with both her and the life of her child in tact. It wasn’t until she arrived home and spilled the whole sordid tale out to her mother and uncle that they realized what was Isabo’s boyfriend was and what the child she was carrying was most likely going to be born to be. Isabo’s mother was furious, though she was relieved that her daughter was safe the idea of a half breed grandchild and the responsibility that came with it didn’t appeal much to her. Even less so given how young her daughter was and the brands that would come with being a teenage mother, thankfully her brother came to the rescue.

Felix and Wanda Xavier had been trying for years without success to have a child. In the face of her own mother's disdain and cold acceptance of her condition Isabo leaned heavily on her Aunt and Uncle, the only two people willing to take her to appointments and assist her in school work while she was dealing with all the changes. It was Felix and Wanda who took her to the hospital when her water broke and the three of them heard the first cries of her son when he came into the world. Overwhelmed and heartsick at the idea of her mother's disapproval Isabo did the hardest and single most brave act a mother could do, she handed her son to people she knew would give him the life he deserved. Felix and Wanda had every intention of including Isabo in her son’s life, to make sure that the pair knew everything of one another, and yet Isabo disappear a few days after the birth never to be seen or heard from again.

Knox Waylon Xavier was a beautiful baby, quiet for a newborn yet he was observant. Wanda noted that he always seemed to be watching, his little cobalt blue eyes alway moving from doorways and windows tracking movements and people. Whenever she mentioned to her husband that she felt like he might be searching for someone Felix would grunt and shake his head, a little grin upon his lips for it seemed ridiculous that a newborn could see anything with that much clarity. The baby persisted with this behaviour however, from birth through to his toddler years Knox was an unusually calm baby with far more perception than most adults could boast and an intelligence that kept his parents on their toes.

Being an only child Knox wanted for nothing and knew nothing but love and devotion. He knew from a very early age that he was his parents miracle child, that for years they had tried for a child and finally the fates had seen fit to bless them with him. For that reason he wanted for nothing, anything he might ask for or want to try he was given an opportunity to do so and those instances were many. Knox was a child of infinite curiosity, constantly delving into cultures and sports and arts and languages he absorbed it all like a voracious sponge. The boy knew he was different, he couldn't quite tell why or how and each time would ask his parents if they knew they simply told him that some people were more gifted than others. He was quick to pick up on things, agile of mind and body, disciplined beyond what he should have been and sharp in all aspects of his life. He didn’t coast through his academic years, he tore through them like a raging wildfire, brighter than the burning sun and all consuming.

Knox's teachers adored him, he asked questions and answered them when called upon, he did all of his assignments on time and with everything he had. His peers either like him or they didn't, depending upon if they wanted the cliques that normally kept teenagers apart to exist. He was a coach's dream, able to rally even the most stubborn of team member to fall into line and work as one entity. Clubs were begging him to join and more often than not he would find time, some way somehow to slot them all in. After school he was just as act, his parents putting him in gyms to learn all manner of fighting styles begin taught by countless teachers with an endless amount of weapons. While he trained he learned languages and cultures, he visited museums and zoos and generally any place that would exercise both his mind and his soul.

Many people thought he was just another typical spoiled rich kid, the run-of-the mill only child that was never told no and was given everything on a silver platter. While that characterisation often bothered him Knox knew the truth, his parents worked their asses off to give him everything that he had. His father worked long hours and often overtime while his mother did side jobs to give him the opportunities that he had. In turn Knox worked just as hard to be the best in everything that he was involved in, never accepting low grades always taking high ranking positions in clubs and on teams. He pushed himself to his physical limits mastering every weapon and martial art he studied, never settling for less than perfection. Most nights his mother would find him either passed out at the kitchen table over some school book or out on the back porch with homework in his lap. He never wasted a moment, never took for granted the time and effort his parents gave to his future.

It was on his 18th birthday that his father took him to his favorite dojo, meeting with the dojo master who took the pair of them into the main workout floor where a variety of weapons were laid put on tables as if an exhibition were about to take place. Felix and Master Kogi left Knox alone to talk some business and in their absence he became curious. Approaching the tables the male slowly perused the selection running his fingers over a variety of weapons he had trained meticulously with. Towards the end of the table was a modified compound bow that drew his eye and as he laid his hand upon it the weapon jumped into his hand, strange symbols painted all along the weapon began to glow a snowy arctic blue. Somehow Knox felt as if this weapon belonged to him, , as if it had been waiting years for him to come and claim it.

Master Kogi and his father returned to explain that he wasn’t an ordinary human, or a human at all. Knox was a supernatural, a Dhampir, half human and half Valkyr which made him unique and extremely powerful. Graduation was just around the corner and now that he had been through his weapon claiming ceremony he had the choice to either complete his training and join the Dhampir community or walk away. The weeks leading up to finals he talked long and hard with his parents, discussed options with Master Kogi, and took some time to mull over things in his own mind. Upon his graduation, the culmination of all their hard work, Knox accepted his diploma as valedictorian of his class and signed a contract with the US Navy and went into officer training school with a specialized Dhampir unit.

Traveling the world his rise in the ranks was natural, his hard work rewarded and camaraderie with his fellow warriors natural. He became well known for being fluent in multiple languages, wielding his runed weapon with his special operations team they were sent into hostile situations, always with the intentions of extracting sensitive information or rescuing hostages from high risk situations. They worked alongside humans without their knowledge, adding in their unique skills and abilities to save and protect lives. In between deployment and assignments Knox always flew home, spending as much time with his folks as his career would allow though it was an unplanned and tragic accident that would make him take a nice long look at him life and change his entire perspective on the world as he knew it.

While on assignment in the jungle he received a call that his parents had been in an ugly car crash, his mother had been killed on impact and his father was struggling to hold on. His extraction was swift and the entire flight home he worried he would be too late, thankfully he made it to his father’s side. With his last dying breath his father dropped a bomb that would shatter Knox’s entire reality, revealing that he had been adopted by Felix and Wanda Xavier and giving him the real name of his true birth mother. He didn’t know how long he sat and stared at the body of the man who had raised him, tears streaming down his cheeks and a heart filled with nothing but questions and uncertainty. The burial and services for his parents seemed to pass in a blurr and yet all his mind was consumed with was questions surrounding his adoptions and true parentage.

A week later a lawyer arrived with a variety of paperwork involving a will that had been left to him and letter that had been written by his parents. Inside the letter his parents had written the full story about his mother, Isabo Xavier, and how she had become pregnant as a teenager and was unable to raise a son with a cold mother who disapproved. She had disappeared the night of his birth and after being unable to find her his mother and father had taken it upon themselves to raise him as their own. They wrote their reasons for keeping the information from him, for hiding the truth, and asked for his forgiveness. In his heart he found understanding but at the moment he couldn’t find forgiveness, but he did take the money they left him and used it to go on a hunt for his true mother.

Retiring from the military he put his skills to use, tracking down leads that lead him from one place to another. He had found some stray information on the Valkyr that had been his father, the trail going cold somewhere in Arizona though it was his belief the male had been put down by his own people. Branded a rogue after he had gone on a killing spree that had in Nevada. His mother had run far and long though much to his disappointment he couldn’t seem to locate her for the life of him, everytime he thought he had gotten close it lead to another dead end. He did however find a clue that lead to a revelation, during his fact finding mission he was floored to find that he wasn’t the only child she had borne. Somewhere along the way Isabo had hooked up with another male, and had another child. A girl.

This female had been given to a family, the Leslie’s though she hadn’t stayed with them. Knox tracked her to a city in Colorado that he was surprised to find was infested with all kinds of supernatural creatures. Determined to make contact with the only family he has left Knox picks up his meager belongings and relocates to Evermore, letting the local Dhampir leader Valeria know of his intentions to stick around. As soon as he is settled with a place he plans on making contact with Ms. Leslie and perhaps establish himself a little family unit once more.

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At 1:33 on December 25, 2019,
✓ Eden Shaw

Mr amazing. So, I know it's not much. But, I hope you like the things ive gotten you for Christmas.

  • So, the first thing. I made this sign myself, I thought it would be a lovely addition when we move out of that stupid hotel, and finally grab us a fixxer up to make our forever home <3
  • Then, because I know you love it.. lots of Jager to drink ;P
  • And what better way to drink it, than in this flask?
  • Next, the top two on the right.. decorated for movie night whenever you're ready for that :)
  • Then the last one, Polo cologne.. not that you don't already smell edible.. sometimes I find it hard to keep my tongue in my mouth :P

Last but certainly not least.  Life is pretty harsh for people like us, but when we're together, it seems a little bearable. So. here are you some sweets, to sweeten the bitter moments <3 ;)

With love,

Eden <3

At 1:20 on December 25, 2019,
✓ Siobhan Leslie

Merry Christmas long lost Brother from the same Mother,

Custom made arrows from a Nephy weapons master

Brother sister bows so we can go shooting sometime

Brother sisters bracelets

I hope you enjoy them all,


At 6:28 on December 19, 2019,
✓ Eden Shaw

Hey there gorgeous man. 

Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know I was thinking about you. I hope all is well with you, and hope to see you soon. 



At 6:12 on October 4, 2019,
✓ Eden Shaw

Just stopping by to grace your page with my face 



Also .. *casually leaves him some goodies* all these snacks will go well with the night I have planned .. remind me to tell you about it sometime or another -- I have some ideas for these two <3 


At 2:43 on August 25, 2019,
✓ Eden Shaw

Finally got it up. Hope you like it, let me know what you think! Click Here

Xo, Eden


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