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Distinguishing Marks:

Roman Jackson Snow
BIRTH LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden
CURRENT LOCATION: Evermore City, Colorado
STATUS: Immortal
RANK: Right hand to Anivia Frostbourne
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Icy Blue Phoenix On His Shoulder FACE CLAIM: Lee Pace
Positive: Loyal, Determined, Protective | Negative: Revengeful, Impatient, Bluntly Honest


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Roman was born to a mother who had no idea what her child would be. She had no plans to stick around after his birth. Dropping him off at the closest orphanage without looking back. This was the first act in young Roman life that set him down his path. The newborn was left to be a human problem. Growing up Roman was teased mercilessly by the other children because he was the smallest among them.

The old he got the larger her grew and what was once just words turned to physical assaults. The abuse only worsened when the red veins on his skin made him vastly different from the other children. What should have caused fear in the other children only brought more beatings. One day they began to beat him to the point of death. Roman felt what he could only explain to be pure rage and then darkness took hold.

When he awoke next he was covered in ash and the orphanage that had been his home for so man years had been burnt to the ground. Looking to his hands he realized quickly he had been the cause as his hands were still blazing. He was quick to his feet looking to the rubble and death around him before he took off. Roman knew he couldn’t risk being caught so he began living his life on the streets.

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Roman grew up on the streets learning how to survive in one way or another weather it be racing cars or running drugs the phoenix had his hands in everything. He quickly was taken in by the wrong crowd and it became his place in life. He learned to fight in ways that didn’t involve his abilities over fire. His phoenix side was something suppressed as much as he could until it became to much for him to control. He would sneak off to a location he could explode in secret from his fellow gang members. Part of him feared they would attack him if they knew what he was, just like the children he grew up with.

This had been his life for years earning a high rank in the gang quickly becoming Luke's second in command. He did well for himself, until Esmeralda entered his life. She was the green eyed beauty who was the girl of the gang leader. Roman tried his best to stay away from Esmeralda but he couldn’t get her off his mind. Soon he was doing anything to have a few moments alone with her even if it was just driving her home for Luke. Soon Luke placed him to keep Esmeralda safe when he wasn’t in town. The more time Roman and Esmeralda  spent the closer they got and what was a friendship turned into a forbidden love with passion that burned brighter than the fire within himself.

The problem with forbidden love is that it ends, and when it ends it tends to be bitter or tragic. Roman and  Esmeralda were no different to this kind of ending. Roman was to meet her one night after she could slip away from Luke. When the Phoenix arrived to her apartment all he found was her body laying in the floor bloody and bruised with Luke standing over her.

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Once again all the Phoenix could see was red and as the rage and hurt took over him he let out a scream only to be met with a sharp whack to the head causing him to pass out. When he awoke next he was being pushed into the harbor with cement in casing his feet. Luke was the last face he saw as he sunk to the harbor floor. Gasping for air as he tried to free himself but it was no use, the water filled his lungs and his life fade from him. The last thought he had while his life was taken from him is that being re-birthed over and over again in the water would be a torture like no other.

Dying in the water seem to have a completely different effect over him as when the Phoenix awoke he was able to breathe in the water. He was still trapped by his heavy feet though, he knew he needed to get free before he couldn’t breathe again. Slamming his hand to the concrete around his feet until rage took over, he expected a flame to come from his hand and then fade but what happened was ice. Confused as he watched the ice over his feet he quickly acted and slammed his feet down breaking the cement.

He noticed that he was swimming quicker, letting his wings unfold from his back he noticed they were blue and cold to the touch. He chose not to question it taking off towards shore to safety. Roman found himself in Russia, no longer affected by the cold. He was so confused in what he was and how it happened but he was thankful it did because it saved him from dying meaning he could enact his revenge on Luke for taking the woman that he loved.

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While plotting his revenge a group of people came to him they showed him they were like him. He was intrigued never had he met a phoenix let alone someone who was like him now. They explained they called themselves Niveis and that a tribe of them where located on an isle known as Unyak. Out of curiosity Roman followed Caspian back to Unyak.

For a few weeks he just observed the tribe before he spoke to Anivia on everything she was doing was wrong if she wanted to move the tribe into the real world. The chief of the tribe looked to Roman with a look of gratitude it was that evening that she invited him to her tent. She asked him to be her second in command. She stated that the elders were stuck in their ways of staying on the isle in secret that it would keep them safe.

Anivia believed that the tribe needed to make themselves know to the world. Show that they were not like their Phoenix counterparts and could coexist in the world with all other species. With an outsider helping her and the tribe she believed that she would be able to achieve this goal. Not only because they would have an understanding of the world outside of the isle but someone who was not afraid to challenge her to make sure the tribes needs were met before her own. She told him that she liked his straight forward mentality.

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With reluctance he agreed on the condition that he could leave at anytime. He had his own pat in life but being among the tribe he knew he could learn things he would never have known otherwise. So he learned the ways of the tribe, was even trained by Anivia herself which only a handful of Niveis had the pleasure of stating.

When the time came the tribe began their journey through the lands Roman began to understand their need for him keeping the tribe in one piece without pissing someone off was a task and a half. It made him admire Anivia for even being the Chief of the tribe. The tribe was good as a collective and protective over one another but they were social challenged outside of their tundra home. Roman began to work with them to help them learn to fit in when he wasn’t around.

Soon Roman learned that maybe he could be part of a family something he had never really had. He admired Anivia and respected her unlike anyone he had ever met in his life before. They shared some of the darkest parts of themselves with the other. While he came to consider the tribe home to him, he still had a thirst for revenge that would be there till he had Luke blood on his hands. One day… One day.


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