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"It had been a long time since camping out in the woods, she had spent the night away from the city into the mountains scenery, somewhere that she could think to herself and get away from society. Nature was where she felt comfortable and it gave her…"
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"Soon after the woman spoke to her, she sat down onto a chair, tying her hair back with her elastic band. She sat back into the chair as she began to get comfortable, she wondered how long it would be and if she needed to speak at the podium. As she…"
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"Sunlight filtered through pink curtains and brung out the golden highlights in the sleeping boy's hair. The curtains had never been pulled back in this room ever since the boy who the room belonged to lost his boyfriend. The golden-haired boy…"
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"Shortage of breath is the first sign. Trying to breathe in the air, but it just wont happen...Like metal bands around the lungs. Then, comes the panic, the dizzy feeling and the need to get back to lower ground. Sweat, pooling upon the palms making…"
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"It had only been a couple of weeks since arriving into Evermore and moving into her new apartment in the Instar Diviner territory. She was glad that she moved here despite the fact that she hasn’t made any friends yet. She was still glad she…"
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Challenging Obstacles [Fallon + Florian]

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Focus. She thought to herself as her hand gripped tightly along the rocks on her wall, balancing herself properly as her mind continued to focus on the obstacle course in front of her. She has been…Continue

Seeking Help [Ace + Florian]

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Florian was sprawled out in her queen sized bed in…Continue

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Florian Krüger
The darkness is what matters.
Rank: A member in the Instar Diviner Territory.
Basic Details
name:Florian Krüger
nickname:Flora, Flow.
Real age:74 years old
Apperance age:33 years old
date of birth:May 13th, 1944
dating status.Single
Dating history/Past Ex Partners:Karael Mügller (Divorced husband) 
occupation.Elderly Aged Carer
species.Instar Diviner - Dark 
hometown.Berlin, Germany
residence.Living within the Instar Diviner Territory
physical appearance:
faceclaim.Emmy Rossum
height.Five foot Eight
weight.How rude.
body.Slender, curvy
hair.Dark Brown
tattoos/marks.A small tatoo on her inner wrist with her mothers name.
Personality Traits:
The Good.Courteous, Modest, Protective.
The Bad.Blunt, Irritable & Stubborn
Habits:Smoking on occasions.
Hobbies:She loves hiking, walking, outdoor activities, rock climbing and more.
"Nothing is impossible."
— sayer, Unknown.
Florian's backstory:

On May 13th, 1944, a woman that was heavily pregnant was rushed to the nearest hospital in Berlin, Germany. Her name was Marian Krüger, unfortunately a divorced mother who was facing this alone. A few intensive hours later, she gave birth to her first child, Florian Krüger. Florian Krüger was a healthy baby girl who weighed about 5.8 pounds with a few strands of dark brown hair on her head. She was a small baby but was a healthy little girl. Marian was proud to call her own daughter as she was happy that there were no complications through her birth. Just as a precaution, nurses made sure that the two were healthy enough to go back home in a couple of hours.After releasing the mother and her baby girl, the two set back home to their small cottage in the midst of the busy city of Berlin. Arriving safely at their cottage and placing her things down on the counter, she walked across to the living room with Florian in her arms, flicking on the television to watch the news. As the program flicked up onto the television, the news program that aired in the morning was on, headlines that Germany was going to be under attack by war at any moment and people were urged to get into safety. With that being said, panic rose within Marian and she softly gripped her little girl in her arms, within an instance, she began to grab her suitcase, shoving as much clothes and other necessary items for her daughter into it, she rushed around the house like a mad woman.After grabbing what she could, she headed outside to her neighbours place, knowing they had a basement and they always welcomed her to stay. She ran over to next door with her bag and her daughter in her arms, she rushed inside and saw that the small family was heading towards the basement as she expected. Of course, they let her inside with her baby girl. The small family was known as the Walter family, a couple who had been married for a few years along with two sons. Heading into the safety, the door was locked behind them and they all huddled together and prayed that the war was going to be over soon. It had been 2 weeks since the Walter family, Marian and Florian were still in the basement. Bombs and gunshots were heard outside through the time they were spent in the basement, thankful that she was safe with her baby and her neighbours. Day after day, it was dreadful, they were lucky to have a basement where others weren’t as lucky as them, food was scarce and Marian had to continue to feed her baby so she wouldn’t starve her child.After about a month, the war was announced that it was over once the siren rang through the whole town. Heading out of the basement, she saw that most homes were destroyed by bombs and debris was everywhere. Her house was still standing and she was thankful that her prayers worked through the time they were held in the basement as well as the Walter’s family. What people didn’t know was that Marian had powers, those were magical powers where she could produce spells and so forth, she was a light diviner although she has never met another like her, she was lucky enough that Florian was born and she could teach her about the species.As Florian grew up, Marian didn’t use her powers around her little girl due to safety reasons and possible death of witchcraft, by law, she didn’t want that future for her little girl but she gave her history lessons of what an Instar Diviner was and when her powers would come to her later in her life. As time went on, Florian went to school like any other child, she had friends here and there, but never seemed to keep them close by and much rather animals over people. She spent most of her time at school alone in the art rooms or in the library where she felt more comfortable reading literature or doing art work. Her grades were average in primary school but once she went into high school, things started to change for her. Of course she never spilled to anyone of what she truly was as she swore to her mother about their species. Knowing the consequences of what could happen. One day after she left school to go home, her mother was passed out on the sofa in the living room, she saw that she had a drink bottle in her hand.She frowned slightly as she walked over to her mother in the lounge room, shaking her softly to see if she would wake up. But no response, she heard a knock on the front door of their cottage before she headed over to the front door to answer it. Unexpectedly, she noticed two officers in front of her, unknown as to why they were here, of course she asked. ‘’Hallo Offiziere, was kann ich für Sie tun?’’ (Hello officers, what can I do for you?’’) The officers responded in a gruff voice where her mother was going to be taken away into prison for using her magic also known as witchcraft. Enraged by it all, her eyes instantly widened, tears began to fall over her soft cheeks. ‘’But she’s my mother!’’ She stated in English this time and hoping they would understand however, the officers looked at each other and shook their head, the other officer showed handcuffs towards Florian, instincts kicked in and her eyes widened. Quickly, she slammed the door on the officers, heading over to her mother to try and wake her up, with a loud bang, the door was opened and the officers trailing closely behind her.One of the officers tackled her down to the floor almost handcuffing her as well in the process but she quickly kicked him in the crotch. The officer screamed out in pain and she looked towards her mother’s limp body, lying there on the couch passed out. The other officer was going to try and tackle her down too but before that was going to happen, she quickly got back up to her feet and ran towards her room, forgetting about her mother in the end. She grabbed her backpack and shoved some clothes in it, as well as a few other things before she heard footsteps running and a walkie talkie in the background. She panicked and grabbed the last thing that was precious to her, her mother's necklace and a picture frame of her. She grabbed both of them before she escaped through the window, running across the many roofs of her neighbours.Her shoes slapped against the roof tiling as she ran, panic rose in her as she didn’t know how to react to those officers, wondering how and why her mother would ever do such a thing unless she was reported for doing so. Climbing down from the rooftops on a ladder, she continued to run just in case the officers were going to chase after her, she dodged one person after the other through the busy streets of Berlin. She didn’t know how long she was going to run for but she made sure to run as fast as possible and never turn back. Escaping the city of Berlin, she continued along the main road for a couple of hours before she made a turn in the direction of the countryside through the grassy lands where cows and other livestock were grazing along the grass of each property.Her breathing was heavy after sprinting for what seemed to be forever, she sprinted for a few hours, unable to sprint due to her legs aching, her heart racing and sweat pouring over her forehead. It was beginning to get dark and she knew that darkness was something that she was afraid of. All she could see was grasslands, mountains and no civilisation in sight. Heading down to a swampy land area, she found a hollow to sleep in for the night, and the next day she’ll set off to find somewhere else to stay in.A few days had passed and her mind was thinking of her mother and how much she was going to miss her if she didn’t even say goodbye to her due to her being drunk. Her stomach rumbled and she knew she had to find somewhere to stay and not just in the bushes in the middle of nowhere. Grabbing her bag and raking her fingers through her wavy brunette hair, she was on her way again, continuing on her long journey ahead. She had no one else to run to and not even her neighbours because she was sure that the police would start looking or asking around if they had seen her. So, going back home wasn’t an option. She was only fifteen years old, she didn’t know where to go. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she continued to walk through the isolated grassy pathways, trees surrounding the road, that never seemed to end.A couple more days have passed and her feet were blistered from her shoes rubbing against the soles of her feet, her hair tangled and messy from the rain and the warmth of the weather through the day. She was dirty, way dirtier than she had ever been. As if faith was slowly slinking down in her mind, she saw smoke in the distance and she immediately started to head that way, her pace quickened and within a few minutes, there was a small village on the outskirts of Berlin, something she has never seen before nor don’t know what its called. She had no idea where she was. She saw in the distance that people were attending to their crops, patches of crops everywhere, like sunflowers and vegetables and other plants. Small cottages littered the place, as she looked around, she saw there were some onlookers over towards her that didn’t seem so friendly but she was confident to head into the place, but before she could, a couple of guards stepped in front of her, a sign that read above them indicated the name of the village: ‘’Carcalè’’. She has never heard of this place before, she has never travelled this far out of Berlin.The guards were armed with weapons and they asked who she was and where she came from, but they noticed that she looked malnourished and almost homeless. She begged them to stay with them but it wasn’t their decision so she was taken to the chief of the village that was living in a small cottage with his wife, his name was Heiko, a tall fellow that was dressed in simple clothes like the rest of the time. Heiko asked what her name was and she told him her name and why she was here as well as not having somewhere else to go to. Heiko agreed to let her stay and she was so grateful because her feet were aching. One of the women took her to the bathing room and began to help her wash off the dirty and everything else.‘’So, sweetie, do you know where your mother went?’’ The woman asked, her name was Isevana, a very nice lady and that had a gentle voice to her which she absolutely loved. ‘’I know that the officers took her to prison but I’m not sure if she will be killed,’’ she murmured before she thought that her mother would be truly gone by now if it was true. ‘’Is it nice here?’’ She asked before Isevana responded, ‘’it is lovely, it’s great here. Heiko is a lovely man and treats everyone and every woman with respect, plus he has a son too.’’ Florian raised her eyebrows slightly before she shrugged her shoulders, ‘’I’m only fifteen,’’ she responded as Isevana washed her hair and began to help was her body, ‘’it seems that you haven’t eaten in days, when was the last time you ate?’’ Isevana asked, ‘’I haven’t eaten since I left home which would be almost a week and a half.’’ She said sheepishly, she was finally clean which she felt so relieved for before she hopped out of the bath and Isevana gave her some new clothes to wear. Thanking her in advance.After being washed and cleaned, Isevana gave her something to eat, a bowl of soup and some bread which was freshly made. Something gave her a feeling that these people weren’t humans, in fact that it felt like they were instar diviners but she never wanted to ask just in case she was reported too. She scoffed down her food within a few minutes before she was taken on a tour by Heiko’s son Karael, he was rather friendly and formal with everything. She was guided towards the crops and everything that was being done, everyone did their own chores and that there was schedules for everything. She felt welcomed here and she hoped that she could stay here for a long time. At her age, she didn’t know what they did. ‘’So what do kids like us do?’’ She asked Karael before Karael responded, ‘’well, we typically do the dishes after dinner, we rotate everyone in our age group and then we do our homework that the teacher gives us, since we also do homeschooling and there’s other things that need to be done.’’ Karael said with a smile at the end, ending the tour in the living room of the Chief’s cottage, she was feeling tired and she was sent to a small room that she was going to share with Karael.That night, she slept in a small bed bunk with Karael, cuddling into the blankets as she thought about her mother, wondering if she should tell the Chief about her and if they took action into saving her. But she knew it was a risky thing to do if they were all magical beings. She didn’t want to ruin what she had with them so far.It had been a week since she stayed within the small village, she gained a couple of friends and became rather close with Karael. Karael was a lovely young man who she started to like a lot and so she began to do everything with him if she was allowed to. She picked up on a few more skills she didn’t have before hand. She was also getting close with the Chief, Heiko and she was very much liking having a father figure in her life that she didn’t have before. She was finally feeling like she had a family and someone she could talk to freely. But one day, after she finished her homework, Karael took her to her father since Heiko needed to speak with Florian. Florian was officially joined by Karael’s father and Heiko wanted them to be married once they turned 18 years old, Karael was only a year older than Florian, since Florian was 15 and Karael was 16 years old. She was beyond thrilled that she was going to be betrothed to Karael, even if she had only known them for a short amount of time.Karael and Florian were very happy with the decision made by the Chief and the announcement was made to everyone, since it was a celebration, a dinner was going to be made as well as a camp fire to celebrate the occasion. The evening approached quickly and everyone had a lovely meal as well as celebrating the occasion for Karael and Florian, she hoped that everything was going to run smoothly with them for the next few years. She was on top of the world with Karael and the two felt so happy together. Karael took her towards the creek that was near their village and had to tell her something very important that he wasn’t like everyone else, but in fact, that he is an Instar Diviner just like herself, her whole world lit up and she shrieked softly, before tackling him to the ground. ‘’I am one too!’’ She spoke gently as she hugged Karael tightly, before she quickly added on, ‘’My mother was one but she was reported for doing magic in Berlin, that’s why I escaped from there because the officers were after me and they would have killed me for sure.’’ She admitted and Karael frowned, hugging her tightly and apologizing to her about her mother. ‘’I’m so sorry to hear that, I had no idea that’s why you were running or escaping your family.’’It had been 3 years since their celebration for their betrothed/marriage announcement, it was a time where the two had to choose either a dark or light side of the Instar Diviners which is what she was told by her mother when she was younger. The village gathered around when it was nearing Twilight, the two seperating as they were being decided which side they were on or which they desired more. For Florian, the Twilight sky turned darker than ever then Karael was a light Instar Diviner. No arguments were made but the two remained stronger than ever and married that night by their Chief, Heiko. They were happily married in the end, spending all the time together as much as they could.A couple of days later, an evening where everything was going smoothly within the village, one of the guards alerted the Chief, Heiko that a crowd of people were on the way with tortures and forks, as if something out of a movie, but it was real. Karael and Florian planned to make an escape route with the children within the village but it was too late, police officers and other men were attacking their way through the village, one after the other, their close friends and loved ones being killed one by one, Karael protecting his father as he was unable to fight back by one of the officers, his father was killed in the process leading Karael getting angry and using his powers to protect his wife, Florian, to make sure that she was safe. Florian was fighting with Karael but their numbers were dropping and the two had to flee at any moment, so with that, they grabbed their bag and ran away from the village together, the two mourning over the death of Karael’s parents.They didn’t stop running, hand in hand, they ran together far from the village where they wouldn’t be found. Karael knew another village a day or so away from their own village, so they made their journey on the way there. Karael was angry due to the fact that someone had reported their village, he wasn’t sure why or who it was but he was in shock. Florian was also mad that the whole village was basically killed and the two were the only survivors. The two finally reached the next village that Karael knew about, staying with them for only a couple of days before they went back on their feet and began to make their way to Amsterdam where they were going to migrate to London to start their new journey together. Exhausted by their trips and emotional stress, the two boarded a ship and headed to London, England.After a year, the two lived in a small cottage in London, one of the busiest cities in the world. Florian gained a job as a waitress and her husband, Karael was working as a businessman in a bank. The two carried on with their lives before deciding that they were ready to have children, Florian fell pregnant at 23 years old. The two were so happy that they decided to buy a bigger home. Finally, purchasing a 2 bedroom home with a large lounge room and kitchen, the two settled in just fine in London. On the 20th week of pregnancy, she felt extreme pain in her lower abdomen and she started to bleed heavily before Karael, took her to emergency in the London hospital, she had unfortunately miscarried her first unborn child. The process of her thinking that she miscarried their child, was something that her heart shriveled up into pieces. Both of them felt deepest sympathy for their child, it was something that she wouldn’t forget.The next couple of weeks, she was in immense depression that she wanted to end her life because of it. She wanted to have children so bad but due to the miscarriage, Karael was concerned for Florian and the two had arguments frequently after it had happened. But even with the miscarriage, the two tried to remain calm and Karael decided that the two should migrate to a new country, he suggested America and so with that, they decided to sell their house and set off to another new journey but in America. They moved to Illinois, Chicago and the two rented a small 2 bedroom apartment and started to rebuild their lives. Within the ten years, the two tried for another baby but miscarried again with their second child. Florian was crushed and due to this, Karael couldn’t take it and decided to end their marriage, divorcing her within the next few weeks of the miscarriage.Florian moved out of their apartment and found something of her own in Aurora, Chicago. For the next 20 years, she felt at home but part of her still missed Karael and how much they loved each other was something that Florian wouldn’t forget. Nowadays, Florian decided that she wanted to be a carer, got a degree in Elderly care and after graduation, she found a job in Denver, Colorado. She began to set her journey there, booking a plane ticket and heading over there for her new career. She arrived in Denver, Colorado and booked a small hotel room to rent in before she started to search for a new apartment close by, but seeing as she saw something advertised in Evermore City, she had heard that it was a Supernatural City and she decided to pick a nice 2 bedroom home before packing her things once more, she moved again to Evermore City, her new journey awaits in Evermore City.

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