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Kitchen Confessions || Aurantia & Octavia ||

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Text:Babe, I'm stopping by the mansion. I should be home in time for dinner.XOXOHitting the send button Aurantia waited a few moments, watching the grey bubble at the bottom of the screen the…Continue

No Reins || Aurantia & Sapphire ||

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6:00 am in the middle of March meant chilly temps in the mid 30's and darkness for at least another hour. The forecast predicted that by midday it would be almost in the 60's with plenty of sunshine.…Continue

A Favor Between Sisters || Aurantia and Malva ||

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“Thank ya ma’am.”Long tanned fingers wrapped around the tall paper cup, steam slowly rising from the small opening at the top as the container passed from one hand to the other. Reaching into the…Continue

Moving Day || Aurantia & Clay ||

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The sound of the truck bed shutting echoed across the yard, mingling with the sound of the farm animals as they went about their business. A cool summer breeze blew across the fields, a literal…Continue

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SPECIES: Ailward Aspect
RANK: Aspect of Elements
AGE: 1,242

HOMETOWN:Isle of Skye

QUIRKS: Southern AF
LIKES: Outdoors, Horses, Animals, Food
DISLIKES: Grudges, Fake People


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THREAD STATUS: Open for Plotting
RP Type: Forum
LENGTH: Multi-para/Novella

Aurantia Locket was born to an Initia tribe in Southern America, she was born the daughter of the magister of her tribe. In the years of her raising she served her rightful purpose within the tribe and would often be found fetching water from the nearby river or preparing meals for those who had worked long days out in the fields. Upon her 18th birthday Aurantia had been branded with the tribal shaped tattoo on her lower back signifying that she had officially become an elementalist, she had been chosen by the element of water and it didn’t take her long to begin practicing in her new talents.

Having access to the control of magic helped to make the day easier for Aurantia, she could lighten the load she had to carry from the river and boil water just with a swift movement of her hand. Life was an ever uphill roller coaster for the teen and in her nineteenth year she would meet the love of her life, another member of her tribe named Jameson who could wield the element of fire. The two had hit it off from the moment they met and before long they were inseparable. Within a short time they were also arranged to be married. Life had hit the ultimate high for the young Initia, which could only mean that her life was due for a downward turn.

Upon waking the morning of her wedding day she had been buzzing with excitement, that was until she had been informed that her fiance had been called to the magister’s office. Aurantia had rushed from her home across the plains to where her father’s office resided. She watched as the her father exited his office holding Jameson by the scruff of his neck, her fiance’s chest was bare and upon his lower back were red lines travelling in the shape of flames. Aurantia was confused as she watched from afar and found herself grabbed and held back by her mother, furious the girl tried to break free from the woman’s hold but she wouldn’t let go. “Don’t be seen siding with the phoenix, or your fate will be the same as his” her mother had spoken into her ear as Aurantia continued to struggle.

Aurantia was screaming on the inside as she watched her beloved stripped from the world, she was furious and she wanted nothing more to see her father pay for what he had done. Knowing she didn’t have the strength to take on the entire tribe alone Aurantia rushed back to her home and began to pack, she didn’t know where she intended on going, only that she needed to leave right away, she couldn’t stand by and accept the injustices her tribe had allowed to happen. That night once all of her family had fallen to sleep she had left without a word, disappearing into the night never to return again.

The young Initia struggled with the new world she now had to integrate into, being alone was never something that she had experienced before and she found herself running out of the little money she had quickly. To her luck however she met a man named Venetus on her travels, Aurantia had assisted the lycanthrope in finding clean water to drink and the two had shared their stories. Like her Venetus had been betrayed by his people and forced to leave them all behind. Venetus told Aurantia of his plans to form a group, a group of people able to speak for a better future, for one where it did not matter what species, age, gender or race you were. Upon their parting Aurantia had asked Venetus how he intended to right the world and his next words struck her “By finding those of like mind to myself and joining together to speak for the people who believe in a better future”. Aurantia had known from that moment that she wanted to join Venetus, to try and make a difference and to show those back in her tribe that there was another option rather than choosing to stay silent.

Aurantia had joined the Ailward group from that day, her and Venetus hunted down many others like them and with time a diverse group built up. The group had much success and people began to follow and respect them, they too believed that there was more to the world than wars and violence. With time the pain of her loss became bearable, she focused herself on her work and her words. When King Mitus had come to oppose the Ailwards Aurantia had done her best to protect her fellow members from harm, but Mitus was a tyrant, he was cruel and she knew it was only a short time before the man found reason for their downfall.

Upon facing her execution Aurantia had closed her eyes, she was not afraid, she had worked for many years to make the roots for a better future, roots she knew in her heart would continue to grow long after her passing and she forgave herself for not being able to save the one who had meant most to her. After her death, Aurantia found herself in the realm of the Gods alongside her fellow Ailward members, they explained how they were to be resurrected into new beings, capable of protecting the world from destruction.

Aurantia was to become the aspect of Elements, charged with protecting the core elements within the world and with bringing people together through the power of spirit. She was entrusted with a staff which held an orb at it’s peak, within the orb was an elemental storm, a representation of everything she must protect. The staff allowed her the ability of transformation into a dragon, hers was the color of fire, a bright orange, in a way she felt it represented her lost love. After being resurrected the Ailwards had then left America for the Isle of Skye, Venetus placed a protection barrier upon the island and from there, the Ailward Aspects began to plan for the future they sought.

Over the years Aurantia grew close with some of the members of the guard whom served the Ailward cause, she found that she was able to let people into her life again without fear for their safety, many of the guards had proven themselves capable of surviving more than she had fathomed possible. Aurantia took care of her people and she respected all of their differences, she held no grudges against the Initia who found their way to the Isle of Skye though the feud between Phoenix and Initia is one she is passionate to end, to find a way to show them that they are not all that different after all.

On the discussion of the Celestials Aurantia was a firm advocate for helping the wayward species out in any way that they could, her steadfast belief in their cause garnered great sympathy within her for the fallen stars. Thankfully her brothers and sisters listened to reason and the Celestials were taken in, Aureus making a deal with the Wayfinder that enabled the woman to fix the mistakes in the timeline while giving her people sanctuary. The redhead looked on with a small knowing smile as the star and the Ailward spent more and more time together, the smile on her normally stoic brothers face said it all. She fervently hoped and prayed for the best for the couple, her own experiences with love aside she was an optimist when it came to everyone else’s lives and relationships.

Unfortunately something went wrong and while the Wayfinder disappeared Aureus decreed that the rest of the Celestials would remain imprisoned on the Isle. Though she empathized with his heartbreak Tia was firmly against such rash actions but seemed to be the only voice against the unfair treatment of the species and so was out voted. With a heavy heart she watched them year after year seem to waste away in their forced imprisonment, until the day Ophelia returned to rescue her people. This time instead of leaving her home Aurantia was forced to watch as the one she had picked was torn apart, many of those she called friends perishing in a single night of destruction.

Helping to save as many as she could Tia pushed down her anguish, working right alongside her brothers and sisters to give them a new place to stay. It wasn’t the Isle by any means but there was no going back to a place that didn’t exist anymore. Finding it hard not to get angry at Ophelia and her people, the Ailward struggled to adjust to the new world and put aside her angst in the name of peace. Optimistic as she was the redhead focused on finding a more constructive outlet for her anger and outrage, pouring all her energy into building a farm. Her focus was singular, the only break in her constant drive to construct her own happiness were the weekly rides her took with Clayton Forrester.

The Valkyr had grown up during the same time period and roughly the same area as Tia, the pair of them sharing not only the same values but a love of the outdoors. While horseback riding in the Evermore countryside the pair grew closer and in a moment of weakness the Aspect confessed her feelings for the Cowboy, pleasantly surprised when he to admitted his feelings for her. Their relationship skyrocketed from there, the pair moving in at Christmas time and laying down plans for their future.

As Tia and Clay grew together as a couple they face many obstacles that makes life both difficult and interesting. A darkness is rising within the city, people are acting out of character and the feeling of dread grows within the Ailwards. Tia’s best friend Octavia returns from a mission without her husband and without memories to account for his disappearance, and the Aspect of Elements fears this may only be the beginning.

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At 17:49 on March 29, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

I hope you dont mind me adding you to my profile :)

At 4:25 on March 28, 2019,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Virindeus Ailward

Here's the starter Sis. Not the best but we'll make it work!


At 22:16 on March 5, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

Well I never been assigned to a Aspect before but I am excited to be paired with one. I would love to Plot with you!

At 2:37 on March 5, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

Hi Aurantia,

I am Sapphire and I just recently found out that I am your bodyguard....I would love to get to know you better if possible.

-Sapphire Rizzoli

At 3:52 on February 14, 2019,
✓ Clayton Forrester

Maybe it wasn't the smartest of gifts but I couldn't help it when I saw their little faces darlin'. Happy Valentine's Day.

At 8:00 on December 27, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Venetus Ailward ~Admin~

Merry Late Christmas, Tia

I know we haven't seen eye to eye in the last few years but it's Christmas and as your brother (whether you like it or not) I had to get you something precious.

It belonged to a powerful and fierce woman I knew centuries ago and I think she would have loved someone equally strong and feisty to have it.


Your favourite brother, Tus.

At 16:10 on December 26, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward ~Mod~

Merry Christmas, Tia <3 I'm late, but what matters are the sentiment and obviously gifts. Your sis is not good at picking out gifts, so give her a break xD

It reminded me of your fiery red hair x) That's a good thing I guess <3

Thank you for being such a loving little sis <33333

- Mal -

At 21:19 on December 23, 2018,
✓ Clayton Forrester

Merry Christmas darlin'.

Christmas Surprises

At 9:32 on July 30, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward ~Mod~

Replied, sister ^_^ <3

Help your sister out btw ;-) xD She's not really much of herself, these days x)

At 4:01 on May 10, 2018,
✓ Clayton Forrester

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"Tia liked the way Sapphire smiled, putting all of her joy and feelings behind the expression. From what she could tell the brunette was as genuine as they come, a stark contrast to the rumors she had heard about the Phoenix species. It was…"
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"Aurantia watched her friend, the way she swallowed down errant bites here and there between pushing the food around the bowl and staring into space. Happy that Octavia had at least eaten some of what was in front of her it wasn't consumed with…"
Apr 27

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"Sapphire smiled at Tia. "Well I lived there since my 18th birthday back in 1978. I then moved here after my first rebirth and lived here ever since." She said as she looked at her. The phoenix could feel the sun warm up her skin as the air…"
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"Malva wasn’t sure if she really wanted to live if there’s only going to be pain everywhere she goes, what is the point then? Of course, what her youngest sister said about pain being a prerequisite to everything else is the truth, and…"
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"Talking about him in the past tense, as though he really was gone, that was hard. Every time anyone mentioned his name she was filled with the memories of the time they spent together, all the stupid little things that were probably strange or…"
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