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"Chansol had picked up some dancing lessons along the way when he was in high school, he was close to going to college for a dancing career but decided that it may have been a risky move since his father wasn’t very approving to the fact that…"
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"It wasn’t often that Chansol stepped out of the territory and this time, he needed to get out of the house. He had quite literally stayed up all night to finish a project that his manager called him about. Immediately, he started working on it…"
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"Chanyeol's breath came out in puffs as he ran the length of the bike trail by the lake. He didn't usually run this late in the day, but his schedule had been packed that morning, and he hadn't had time. Valentin had been busy making…"

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"Hey, I got our starter written up. Apologies if it's bit shorter. Replies will get longer :) Click here"

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"Hey Tae,  Here is our thread! I hope you enjoy a little bit of drama ;] Some of the starter went a bit different than what we discussed <3  CLICK HERE ~Chansol "
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Gym Complications (Chansol & Tae)

WARNING: * Minor Curse language & offensive langauge.* Raindrops began to fall down from the sky above Evermore City as Chansol walked towards his destination which sooned to be his favourite Gym. He recently signed up to a gym…See More
Dec 8

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"CLICK HERE Here is our thread! I hope you enjoy ^_^  -Chansol :3 "
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Dance, Like There's No Tomorrow (Chansol + Valentin)

Chansol’s feet slapped against the cemented pathway as he jogged along the lake of Evermore, it was a pretty city no doubt as he was glad that he made the right decision to come here. His heart pounded against his chest as his breathing laboured slightly as he continued to jog along the footpath, the fresh air filling his lungs, small beads of sweat…See More
Dec 5

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Unexpected Company (Seraphina & Chansol)

Since coming to Evermore City, the differences between each faction did take some time to learn about as well as the territory differences and pathways but overtime, he eventually learned the rules and what Evermore has for opportunities. He was glad that he was able to find this supernatural town because for once in his life, he felt like he was able to belong even if he wasn’t part of the pack…See More
Dec 3

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"*Spots a pretty boy and pounces.* Hey pretty boy, I'm Chanyeol, Minghao or Valentin, whichever you'd like to call me. By the way. *whispers* "call me." "
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"Read and agreed. "
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Gym Complications (Chansol & Tae)

Started Dec 8 0 Replies

WARNING: * Minor Curse language & offensive langauge.* …Continue

Dance, Like There's No Tomorrow (Chansol + Valentin)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Chansol Kyu 9 hours ago. 2 Replies

Chansol’s feet slapped against the cemented pathway as…Continue

Unexpected Company (Seraphina & Chansol)

Started Dec 3 0 Replies

Since coming to Evermore City, the differences between each faction did take some time to learn about…Continue

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Chansol Kyu
The Forest Is My Second Home
Rank: Omega within the Therianthrope territory.
Basic Details
name:Chansol Kyu
nickname:Chans, Chan
Real age:26 years old
Apperance age:N/A
date of birth:April 1st
dating status.Single
Dating history/Past Ex Partners:N/A
occupation.Music Producer
species.Kitsune (omega)
hometown.Seoul, Korea
residence.Residing in a small apartment in the therianthrope territory
physical appearance:
faceclaim.Lee Hoseok
height.Five foot 10
hair.Changes a lot but currently brown
eyes.Brown Chocolate eyes
tattoos/marks.A small tattoo on his bicep
Personality Traits:
The Good.Honest, Loyal and Protective
The Bad.Arrogant, Cautious, Indecisive.
Habits:Hums, whistles out of habit.
Hobbies:He loves to write music, play instruments such as piano and guitar, running, jogging, and outdoors.
"Don't think too hard. Follow your heart."
— sayer, Unknown.
Chansol's Story:

A rush of adrenaline and fear went through Mr Kyu as he pushed through crowds of people heading towards the ER of the hospital. His wife was expecting the baby to arrive at any second, the babies head was slightly pushing through down there. ‘’비켜!’’ (Get out of the way!) Mr Kyu screamed at the other patients as he finally reached the receptionist as he gripped his wife in his arms. ''아내가 아기를 낳고 있습니다! 와드에 가야 돼요!’’ (My wife is having a baby! We need her to get into a ward ASAP!) The receptionist was surprised by this and immediately called the doctors over, within the next few minutes, Mrs Kyu was sent into the birthing centre ward, they told Mr Kyu to wait in the waiting area. Within a couple of hours, Mr Kyu was able to see his wife and his baby boy in the ward. Mrs Kyu was exhausted from the troubled labour but their baby boy was at least healthy. Mr Kyu was happy to see that his family was growing. Chansol was born on April 1st at 12:30pm, he was being cuddled by his mother as he remained his eyes closed. Within a couple of days, the small family was able to check out of the hospital and headed back home into their apartment in the city of Seoul. Mr Kyu was a businessman that ran a company for computers and other technology, he was a rather wealthy man. His wife had a small stall of goods that she often sold in the markets, she liked to crochet blankets and make jewelry. Chansol had a rather interesting upbringing throughout his childhood, he was spoiled by both of his parents, he had all the gadgets of technology since his father always bought him new gadgets at home all the time. Chansol was sent to a private high school where he was able to learn about himself more, of what he did and didn’t like. As he grew up, he noticed that he needed to find a purpose of what he wanted in his life. He knew that music and the love of dancing and choreography was one of them, he also knew that he didn’t want to run his father's business. Chansol’s grades were always perfect, his reports were at a higher standard than any other student in his year. After his family went to a dinner party, he decided to walk home from the party where his parents insisted to get a taxi back to their apartment. He ignored his parent orders and continued to walk his usual routine and he noticed a nightclub that he normally doesn’t seem interested in but he heard the type of music he was into, which was Korean Pop also known as k-pop. He decided to take the chance and headed towards the nightclub, joining in on the fun. During the night, he had been flirting with one guy who appeared to be rather attractive towards Chansol. Later that night, he was taken back to the strangers home. The two had a small connection going on but he mainly thought it was physical attraction. The rest of the night was a blur to him, the next morning, he was lying in the bed by himself and the stranger vanished. He sat up as he looked around in the small hotel room, the place was nearly ripped to shreds. Claw marks and blood was found everywhere. Confused, he started to get up but he felt pain in his neck and his lower body, sitting up slowly, he lifted up and saw a huge bite mark on his belly. His eyes blinked in shock and he was speechless to see a huge bite mark. ‘’도대체?’’ (What the hell?) He said in disbelief, feeling weak, he slowly sat up and hobbled over to the bathroom, grabbing paper towelling and the first aid kit. He cleaned up his wound thinking that the man he was with must have been on some weird drugs or medication. He didn’t worry about it though, he cleaned up the rest of the hotel room as best as he could and quickly left without a trace, so there was no chaos that went on and that his parents didn’t need to find out about what happened. He headed home that morning and braced himself that he was going to be in trouble, seeing that he had 10 missed calls from each of his parents. He opened the door and saw his mother standing near the dining table, glaring towards Chansol. ‘’도대체 어디 있었어?! 파티가 끝나 자마자 집에 오라고 들었습니다!’’ (Where the hell were you?! You were told to come home right after the party!). Chansol winced in pain as his mother screamed down at him, his head pounding as he wasn’t feeling too good. ‘’미안해 엄마! 나는 나이트 클럽에 가서 친구 집에서 추락했다! 머리를 깨끗이해야했습니다 …’’ (I'm sorry, mom! I went to a nightclub and then crashed at a friends house! I needed to clear my head..) He mumbled to her as his mother stormed over, she saw blood dripping down from his stomach and onto his clothes. She gasped softly as she realized that he was badly hurt, she quickly looked at the wound and shocked to see how deep the wound was. ‘’찬솔! 당신을했다 사람?! 물린 자국처럼 보입니다!’’ (Chansol! Who were you with?! Looks like a bite mark!) he rolled his eyes at her but everything began to feel blurry and his body began to feel weaker. ‘’모르겠어요 …’ (I don’t know), he muttered before he had collapsed in front of his mother, his eyes closing and his mind slowly fading into a dark abyss. The next morning he was found in a four white walled room, beeping sounds coming from monitor machines. He groaned slightly as he felt his head pounding again, his eyes cracked open slightly as he looked around and saw his mother with a worried look in her eyes. His mother came over and grabbed his hand, gently squeezing it. ‘’맙소사! 찬솔, 괜찮아? 기분이 어때요?’’ (Oh my goodness! Chansol, are you alright? How are you feeling?) His mother, full of worry in her voice as he looked over her and around the room. 몸이 아프다 .. 지친다. 몸에있는 모든 것이 아프다.. (I'm feeling sore.. Exhausted..Everything in my body hurts…) He answered his mother in a soft voice. He has never been in this much pain before he hoped it would pass by soon. He was glad that he had a loving mother, his father on the other hand must have been at work. The next couple of days were spent in the hospital, his mother came by every day with a home cooked meal as he wouldn’t eat the food that was brought to him in the hospital. Hospital food sucked. At about 8 o’clock in the morning, he was being checked over by the nurses, blood checks and ultrasounds were being taken as they were unsure of what was cursed by the sudden bite and why he fainted. Within a couple of weeks, he was released from hospital and his wound was somewhat healing quite quickly which he found abnormal. He was back in his normal routine and continued to go to school and rested when he could, since his doctors prescribed him with medication that could hopefully heal the wound quickly and if any bacteria build up potentially cause an infection, which he also didn’t want. Throughout that month, he had been feeling strange and he could feel himself getting irritable by even the smaller things. It was his 18th birthday and that was the night he would never forget. It was a full moon and it shone brightly in the dark sky. He felt immense pain within his body, he was in his bedroom as he was about to climb onto his bed. His body collapsed onto the floor as screams began to fill his room, lucky enough his parents weren’t home for the night. His breathing became laboured as his body began to transform into something he never thought he’d imagine but only in his dreams. He turned into an orange, reddish colour fox. He sniffed the air and he could feel all his senses come at him in one hit, confused, he quickly escaped the house and he ran away from his home. Heading into the nearby forest that was somewhat thirty minutes away from the city, he hid in the small hole of a tree, hiding himself from other predators and humans. His eyes glowed orange indicating he was an omega, the rest of the night was a big blur, not really remembering what had happened for the rest of the night. The next morning, he managed to find his way back home with his muscles tense and rather sore. He limped back to his bedroom and his mother had a concerned look on her face but decided not to disturb him. The next few weeks, he tried to figure out what had happened to him on the night of the full moon and thinking back when he had a small fling with the stranger and how blood was everywhere, the bite mark on his stomach was also indicating that he might have been turned. With college approaching, he wasn’t sure what to do next. Over the next month, he was accepted into the New York City university, he packed his things and he bid his mother and father farewell, he had been learning English online and began to practice so he would be able to communicate properly over there. His father disapproved of this idea as he wanted his son to take over his company when he retired but Chansol refused to and wanted to pursue his own career. After a few heartfelt goodbyes to his parents and a couple of his friends he made from school, he was off to New York. He boarded the plane on time and his journey was about to begin a new chapter. After a long plane ride, he asked a few people to direct him to the New York University and he hopped into a taxi and directed him to there. New York was completely different to what he was used to compared to the movie scenes he always sees. But overall, it was a rather nice city and he knew that it’d be home for him for a couple of years. Over the next couple of years, Chansol grades were mostly A’s and B’s, passing most subjects with ease and his music career was slowly starting as he began to video himself and exploring the internet to place himself out there. After graduating from University, he found an apartment in Evermore City and a small part time job as a composer for soundtracks, and so he set off on another journey, packing his bags, he bid his farewell to his two close friends he made within a couple of years and he made his way to Evermore. He heard about Evermore that it was a supernatural city where different species lived in different territories. Since upon arriving to Evermore City, he was yet to meet Orion however, he was a lone kitsune and decided against the idea of joining the pack. After spending some time in Evermore City, he eventually got his surroundings and the rules of the place and he hoped to make a new journey here and making new friends. He wanted things to be great here, because for a long time, he felt like he was at home, that he belonged here than anywhere else.

Valentin St. Claire | Dhampir | TBD
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Elle Lovett| Therianthrope | TBD
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Dance, Like There's No Tomorrow - Valentin Claire // Owe Reply
Coffee Fever - Elle Lovett // Owe Reply 
Gym Complications  - Tae Cho // Started 

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Hey pretty boy, I'm Chanyeol, Minghao or Valentin, whichever you'd like to call me. By the way. *whispers* "call me." 


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