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A Little Bit of Practice {Seraphina & Jeremiah}

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It was an early start for the Initia that morning,…Continue

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"The morning was peaceful and Jeremiah was glad he managed to get to his favourite spot early. It wasn’t often the Initia was up with the sun but on the days he was, he would get an early start with a bit of element practice. The moment he was…"
Oct 23

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Oct 23

Live your life as if every day is your last.

Full Name: Jeremiah William Anderson

Age: 25

Species: Initia | Elements: Earth & Water

Place of Birth: England, UK | Date of Birth: 12th October 1993

Occupation: TBD

Current Residence: Apartment in the City

Sexuality: Heterosexual | Relationship Status: Available


Face Claim: Dominic Sherwood

Build: Muscular, Athletic | Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue, 1/3 Brown | With Powers: Blue or Green

Distinguishing Marks: Inita Tribal Tattoo, a few others if you dare find out...

+: Determined, Adventurous, Adaptable :+

-: Cautious, Stubborn, Reserved :-


On the 12th October 1992 in a small town in England, UK, a baby boy was born; only hours later was he abandoned and left alone within the hospital walls. It wasn’t long after that a nurse found the baby boy left alone in the room, only a plain white box taped shut left behind with a small note attached, the words ‘for once he’s older and needs to understand’ written clearly on the lid. As soon as her eyes met the boys blue irises, she knew she was meant to find him. Almost like fate. After a serious discussion with child services, the nurse had adopted the baby boy and named him Jeremiah William Anderson.

As a young child, Jeremiah was brought up differently from other children. There were those children who were spoilt rotten and then there was him, who was brought up with honour and respect to those around him. Sure, there were times when he got treated but it wasn’t all the time and it never corrupted Jeremiah’s actions. He grew up a fairly normal child; not knowing of any supernatural beings and not believing in the idea of supernatural creatures. All he needed was the unconditional love a mother could give their child.

Having lived a generally normal life his whole childhood, Jeremiah was put into school and throughout his years as a student, he excelled in his subjects though there were the few lessons that stuck out to him and interested him the most. These subjects consisted of English Literature, History and Geography. He loved learning the history behind the countries as well as everything that related to the Earth, this ranging from volcanoes to tsunamis to everything behind population rises; and English Literature fascinated him with reading plays and books from the past. It interested him and that was what fuelled his learning; the need to know more which in the end did him well. He passed his exams, gaining good grades.

It was just after this time that the most peculiar thing happened to Jeremiah. He was reading a book he had grown to love when it happened. At first, it was only a small itch on the skin of his lower back which he waved off, thinking nothing off the itch but then it gradually got worse. The itch turned irritating before eventually it felt like his back was on fire. He couldn’t help the groans as pain spread through his back. He knew something was wrong but he just didn’t know what was wrong and as he started feeling around his back, the pain stopped. The burning and itching ceased, confusing Jeremiah greatly as he lifted the back of his shirt up to reveal a tribal tattoo etched upon his skin.

That was when the shock settled in. Jeremiah had never gotten anything done before and he knew deep down that this tattoo, was the product of the burning he’d felt. That was the only explanation and though he knew it sounded crazy, it was the only offer he had. It wasn’t long after he discovered the tattoo that he began to question his mother about the random things and that was when she knew it was time to tell the truth. The truth about his birth, his life and finally, to give him the box she’d been hoarding his whole life. It was time to open up and she did.

Once the truth was out, Jeremiah didn’t know what to say. He was adopted and his real parents had abandoned him, though none of this changed his view on his adoptive mother. She was the one who brought him up to respect those around him, not them and that made a difference to Jeremiah. After she told him what had happened the day of his birth, she brought out the white box and handed it over to him; the only words she told him was to take his time. She knew the importance that he knew everything that had been going on, even if she didn’t know the truth herself.

Now owner of the box, Jeremiah didn’t know what to do first. He was upset but he wanted to know; he needed to know about his life. He needed answers about the tattoo that had appeared on his back. He wanted to know everything. Emptying the box out, Jeremiah first read the letter on top of the pile; reading about how his mother wasn’t ready for a child and his father had left as soon as he knew his mother was pregnant. What a great father he would’ve been, huh? Nearing the end of the letter, it was then that he finally find out the truth. The truth of the supernatural world and a list of the species out there. Jeremiah found out what he was specifically. An Initia. A supernatural who could control an element consisting of either air, fire, water or earth.

With all this new information, Jeremiah took his time processing the truth and it wasn’t long before he’d found books on the species his real mother had listed. He read about the species, finding out weaknesses and strengths in each. He learnt all he could from there, wanting to know as much about the supernatural world he could. With all the information he had, he found out a decent amount of the species; reading more on the Initia than the rest.

After a few years, Jeremiah had discovered what his element was, this being earth which wasn’t actually surprising to him seeing as some of his favourite places had been within the woods and near the earth. Having finished school, Jeremiah went on to further education before going to University with the idea of teaching History and Geography. Once he’d graduated from University,Jeremiah heard the rumours about an Eternal City; the city that supernatural lived in and with the rumour in mind, he checked out the facts and made a final decision to move out to Evermore, where he could be with those of his species and also surrounded by those of different species.

A year after moving to Evermore and joining the Initia tribe, Jeremiah witnessed the comet pass over Evermore before passing out. When he awoke with the rest of the Initia tribe, he didn’t have a clue what had happened, the only memory of watching the comet pass before hitting a blank wall. It wasn’t long after, that they discovered they were able to control another element; which Jeremiah soon learnt his was air. He learnt to control this new element and soon enough, he had it under control and continued on with his life in Evermore; though he could practically feel the tension spreading throughout the city which unnerved him at the thought of what could possibly happen.

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At 12:16 on August 30, 2018,
✓ Dallas Sanders

Hey, man! 

If you'd like to plot something

Just PC me!

We'll figure it out.


At 18:54 on August 19, 2018,
✓ Madeleine LeBlanc

Well, I won't lie I'm usually hanging around unless I'm at work but i just got off so now I'm around for the rest of the day! So if you're around we can completely plot something out!

xxx Madeleine xx

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At 18:09 on August 19, 2018,
✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

Hello, thanks for wanting to be friends on here! I hope we can roleplay sometime.
~Sera Valkyrie 


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