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✓ Nikolas Peralta's Page

Name: Nikolas Peralta
Age: Looks 24, Real, 33
Species: Dhampir
Weapon affinity: Krull Glaive
Colour affinity: Silver
Face Claim: Douglas Booth

Nikolas, the youngest of the Peralta siblings was pre-maturely born and was rather weak. From the time he was young, he knew he couldn’t be strong enough to join the protection forces of his family. He would constantly fall sick and was encouraged to take up another profession than his family business as they wouldn’t allow him to be a protector.

Dhampirs have always been there to protect those around them and traditionally it’s been the Humans which Dhampirs have protected, but some Dhampirs have gone into another route of protection - Protecting the supernatural. Nikolas’great great grandfather started off the family business by putting his life on the line to protect a friend, a Vampire friend. After that the family asked Edmund’s him to become a bodyguard of sorts and to protect members of the family as required. The tradition as such, when a Peralta turned 18, after their claiming ceremony they would be assigned to a member of an influencial Vampire family to protect for as long as the Vampire needed them.

Nikolas resented his weakness deeply for while his older siblings would be training in the dojo, he would be forced to watch them from the window. Due to his sense of inferiority, he never developed any close relationship with either of them. His siblings would often sit with him and speak encouraging words, but it all felt useless in his ears.
It was during the night that he would allow himself to really feel and sneak away inside the dojo. There he would spend hours just running his hands lightly through each weapon, hoping against hope that he would someday be strong enough to protect those around him and make his family proud.

His childhood was rather dull and uninteresting compared to his other siblings, but Nikolas had a deep desire to learn and better himself and he would closely watch the training that his siblings received and in the quietness of the night, try to imitate them.

At his 18th birthday, his family had not planned to hold a grand ceremony, fearing that it would tire him out greatly, but Nikolas insisted. All his family and close friends gathered inside the Family's Dojo where he would spend hours handling weapons until he was claimed by one. As he entered the Dojo, Nikolas took a deep breath and and held each weapon in his hands, as desperate as a thirsty man. It was just half an hour into the ceremony when it happened. Just as he touched the Krull Glaive, his great grandfather's chosen weapon, he felt a connection and all the runes appeared on it’s sharp surface. The family congratulated him, but the sadness in the atmosphere was still there for they did not see him fit enough to join the family’s business of protecting the vampires.

While his older brother and sister were off on their first assignments, Nikolas spent his days studying Law. He felt that if he couldn’t protect people physically, he could atleast do so legally. Still, he did not give up his nighttime routine and trained with his Krull Glaives.

Just a few months after his 19th birthday, while he was working in New Zealand, he got the news that some vampires, one of whom was being protected by his father, were attacked. He immediately rushed to the spot and using his self-training helped the others to safeguard the vampires. It was then that his father hugged him and broke down asking for forgiveness of being so dismissive of his strengths.

He returned home and his father began training him, polishing all the skills he knew. But despite his father's support, here were still others who constantly doubted him. Wanting a fresh start and a non-judgmental environment, Nikolas left home and finished his studies in the US and became a lawyer. It was there that he heard about Evermore City and being inquisitive decided to visit it. Arriving in the city, he liked the atmosphere and the people there, and the fact that there was a thriving Dhampir community acted as an impetus in his decision to stay. Nikolas decided to start his own practice in the city and introduce himself to the other Dhampirs, hoping they'd accept him and he'd finally be free to train and prove his strengths without his past coming in the way of things.

~Personality Traits~

Positive Traits: Intelligent, Hard-working, Brave, Loyal, Wittiness
Negative Traits: Lacks confidence, Stubborn, Temperamental, Reckless, Impulsive, Sarcasm 




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"Peralta! You still owe me a role-play, you don't get to just drop out of it by disappearing from chat. I expect something wonderful soon, you owe me that at the very least.  Don't keep me waiting ;)"
Jan 3

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Jan 3

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"Merry Christmas Nikolas!"
Dec 25, 2018

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Dec 24, 2018

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"Hey there - Welcome to ECRP. If you would like to plot and stuff, let me know! -Malachi."
Dec 23, 2018

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"I have read and I agree."
Dec 23, 2018

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At 17:46 on January 3, 2019,
✓ Kendall Cavanaugh


You still owe me a role-play, you don't get to just drop out of it by disappearing from chat.

I expect something wonderful soon, you owe me that at the very least. 

Don't keep me waiting ;)

At 17:24 on December 25, 2018,
✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~

Merry Christmas Nikolas!

At 22:07 on December 23, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Malachi Sommers

Hey there - Welcome to ECRP.

If you would like to plot and stuff, let me know!



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