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✓ Tae Cho's Page

Profile Underway. Hang tight

Nicknames: Usually just Tae
Age: 25 || Birthdate: December 5th, 1843 || Zodiac/Chinese Sign: (Sagittarius + Dragon)
Species: Instar Diviner
Marital Status: My shooting star, Miyaza Rhyu - The girl i'd fall for over and over again. || Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Bartneder - Janitor part time
Birthplace: Korea || Current Resident: Evermore, Colorado. (Currently living in a studio sized apartment, thinking about upgrading for Miyaza)
Kwon Jiyong (BamBam)
Gender: Male || Hair: Varies, as he dyes it a lot || Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 177 cm || Weight: 58 kg
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo's in various place, some more explicit than others.

________________________ • • • • • ≋T≋ • • • • • _________________________

The Goods: Calculated ~ Resilient ~ Hard-Working

The Bad's: Cunning ~ Volatile ~ Emotional

Cho Taehyun was born December 5, during a late Winter night, kicking and screaming at the cold as his mother delivered him in their home.Trapped by the snow, she had no other choice. In home nurses rushed to her aid, delivering Cho Taehyun safely. Tae was born into a family of Light Diviners. His mother and father both beacons of hope to everyone around them. While Tae’s mother healed for the next six months after laboring little Tae into the world, Tae’s father tended to him, forming a bond with the small boy while he had time to. Tae’s father was scheduled to go back to base in Busan within the next several months, so his time with Tae was precious.

Tae’s mother Ji Ah, knew life without Tae’s father would be complicated, but Won, Tae’s father had made arrangements that his brother would step in and be there for Tae and Ji Ah during Won’s absence. This deal struck poorly for Tae’s mother. Byung, Won’s brother, and Tae’s uncle, was a malicious, manipulative version of Won. A cruel man by all means. And, a force to be reckoned with. But, Won wouldn’t allow Ji Ah to live alone with their son. She had to keep up ‘appearance’ for the sake of their family, and his brother owed him a favor.

A month had gone by since Tae’s father had left, and Ji Ah had healed enough to tend to their son by herself, but Tae’s uncle, Byung was already there at this point, laying down the rules for Ji Ah, and taking over control where it concerned Tae.Things began going downhill for Tae and his mother. Byung, Tae’s uncle held a high ranking position in a faction of the Southern Korean gang, and had spent several years in prison for his spot in Chong-ro Faction, one of the two most notorious gangs in Southern Korea. Byung had a history of organized crime, trafficking women and stolen vehicles, along with your average drug dealing. But he had only arrived with the intentions of keeping his nephew and sister-in-law safe while Tae’s father was away.

Ji Ah was a well known business woman in Southern Korea, and people paid her big to schedule their personal affairs. What Byung didn’t tell Tae’s mother, was that he was in a lot of trouble with another organized crime unit. Tae’s mother knew how to pull strings and get him out of it, and so she did, as a favor for him stepping in, in the absence of Tae’s father. Byung began getting aggressive with Tae’s mother however. And when he started bringing his friends over, he did unspeakable things to Tae’s mother. Thankfully Tae had been too young to comprehend the fact that Ji Ah,, his mother, had fallen victim to Byung’s volatile, disgusting ways. Tae being as young as he was, didn’t pay much mind to it all and was seemingly a happy little boy.In fact, a beacon to people around him. He’d become fascinated with playing outdoors, and making friends within his neighborhood. His uncle was a strict man, who started pushing at Tae, at just the tender age of five years old. Tae began receiving psychical punishment throughout that next year for the moments he didn’t do as he was told. Tae became irritable, and started finding ways to evade his uncle. And, now that he was old enough for school, he took great pleasure in spending his time with his face buried in books, even asking his teachers for extra study time within the walls of his school, just to avoid going home and being around the overbearing prick, which meant that his mother was stuck in the house with him alone more than enough.

Tae was a bright student, and often got complimented by his teachers, one of which happened to be a Diviner. (Mrs Kim)

When Mrs Kim approached Tae about extra study sessions, he couldn’t help but wonder why she picked him out, out of all her students. But, he soon learned, she wanted to teach him about the magic he possessed, telling him when he turned eighteen, he would be claimed by either dark or light, and much like her, he’d end up being a light Diviner. So with that, Tae began staying after school, and even went to see Mrs Kim on the weekends at her house, where he met Jae-Sun, his teacher’s son. Jae-Sun was also a Diviner, claimed by light, just like his mother Mrs Kim. Mrs Kim began teaching Tae along with Jae-Sun all that she could, everything her memory had ever stored about Diviners, and soon enough, Tae and Jae were practicing together.

As Tae aged a little further, he got closer to Jae-Sun. The friendship with Jae-Sun had started with a training session one evening in the back of Mrs Kim’s yard. Reciting a simple spell that Mrs Kim had taught them (Aven safa sa belise, de la mer.), the two decided to use a boundry spell, trapping one another for the fun of it. Within the circle that Jae-Sun stood trapped in, he laughed at Tae “Is that all you can do?” he asked in a playful fashion, which is when Tae took the boundry down. The two began goofing around, wrestling each other to the ground, and locking eyes. For a moment, time stood still for the two of them, until Mrs Kim came out clearing her throat at them. From that moment on, Tae and Jae-Sun became a dynamic duo. Where you saw one, you saw the other. They fed off of each others happiness, even if Jae-Sun did realize that there was something much darker to Tae.

Jae-Sun began to worry for Tae, but every time he tried to talk to Tae, Tae brushed him off. Tae began growing distant, afraid to tell Jae-Sun that his uncle was selling his mother off as a sexual favor and becoming psychically abusive to Tae himself . And, while Tae didn’t exactly enjoy feeling alone with his issues at home, he was afriad that bringing Jae-Sun in it would cause his uncle to hurt Jae. He was Tae’s closest, and probably only real friend, and if Tae were honest with himself, his feelings for Jae-Sun exceeded just a normal friendship. Tae had began sleeping over at Jae-Sun’s on the weekends to advance his knowledge about what he would soon become. But, his school life became something he couldn’t even focus on, and as he began making bad grades and showing up at school with black eyes and bruises adorning the rest of his body, Jae-Sun and his mother Mrs Kim layed the questions on thick. At this point, Tae’s mother had fallen victim to Byung, Tae’s uncle. She’d been forced to do so many disgusting things, that she’d began dulling the pain with drugs and alcohol, drugs that Ta’e sadistic uncle bought for her.

Tae began getting into trouble. Drinking, skipping class, and fighting other students in school. Jae-Sun was the only person who could calm Tae down and he had a good idea where this behavior was coming from. Jae-Sun was the only person keeping Tae’s head above water, taking him to serene isolated locations during the evening to help make sure Tae managed his powers and not let them get out of control while they both waited for their claiming ceremonies to roll around, which they had planned to celebrate together. Tae and Jae had made an agreement, that if one enlisted, so would the other, if one didn’t want to, then the other simply wouldn’t, Both Jae-Sun and Tae were relieved that summer break was just days around the corner, where they could finally take a break from the students in school calling them names, and making fun of them for how much they cared for one another. They were ready to relax, and figure out what they wanted to do when they turned eighteen. For people like them, age eighteen meant a lot of things. For one, it meant that they should enlist, because even if they didn’t want to, they’d have to at age 29. The first night Jae-Sun and Tae ever spent together however , was the night Tae had his very first kiss. Confused, and riddled by anger because of his home life, , Tae avoided Jae for the rest of that summer. Only seeing him during the weekends, when he went to Jae-Sun’s mother for practice.

When school started back, Tae was petrified to enter the building, unsure he even wanted to graduate at this point. But, Jae-Sun stood at his side, and walked with him hand-in-hand through the hallway, daring anyone to step in their way. The double trouble duo were back in business, even if Tae was confused about his sexuality, he knew he wanted to keep Jae in his life. Jae-Sun and Tae walked the halls without a care in the world, while back at home, Tae’s uncle got worse and worse. Things had gotten to the point where he was forcing Tae’s mother to entertain his male friends, as they sat there drinking, playing cards, smoking cigars and making snide remarks about his mother’s body in front of him.

Tae started confiding in Jae-Sun about how home life was, driving the two boys even closer than they were before Tae tried distancing himself from Jae. Jae had assured Tae that things would get better, and that even if they didn’t, he would always have him. Tae’s drug use and alcohol problem only got worse before it got better, and after a near over dose, Tae was forced to be rehabilitated by an in-home nurse that Jae-Sun’s mother paid for. Which made things a little complicated for Tae. Jae-Sun’s mother no longer trusted him with her son, not wanting her son to follow his path. That was enough for Tae to have changed his ways and be the person he was before he lost his way.Although, the withdrawal he went through was hell on earth. Having the shakes, cold chills, fever and mood swings, being a complete handfull for Jae-Sun and his mother. School seemed to start flying by when the two-some got into trouble. Schools in Korea didn’t allow schoolmates to date, so when Tae and Jae came out about their relationship, it resulted in suspension. The news didn’t sit well with Jae’s mother, especially after paying a pretty penny to have Tae rehabilitated and detoxed from his drug abuse. But, she handled it better than he thought she would. It was Tae’s mother who’d fallen into a dark hole, unable to care for her own son anymore. She’d been so wiped out by the controlling Byung, that she’d agreed to leave with him. While Tae sat there sobbing to her, begging her not to leave with Byung, Byung beat Tae to a pulp, telling him to mind his business, that Tae’s mother belonged to him now.

Tae quickly packed his bags, and ran away from home, black and blue all over from the beating he’d sustained from his uncle. Tae ended up at a church, where he prayed to whomever would listen to bring his father back home, not realizing he wasn’t in the church alone.

Jae-Sun of all people had been sitting in the back, reflecting on his own life at the time. When Tae realized he wasn’t there alone, he immediately tried to flee, embarrassed about praying in front of Jae, but Jae-Sun stopped him, pinning him to the wall with the weight of his body. The two exchanged a look, and before Tae knew it, he’d committed probably one of the biggest sins. Sexual intercourse within the church walls. Something he’d never live down. But, this time, there was no running from the obvious. Tae had fallen for Jae-Sun, and he wasn’t going to hide it. Not Anymore. Jae and Tae went back to Tae’s house together so that Tae could tell his mother goodbye, after Jae’s mother agreed to let Tae reside with them to finish school.

Ji Ah pulled her son aside, promising she would at least stick around until after his claiming ceremony, and telling him that his father had been killed in active duty, and that Tae didn’t have much longer before he would have to enlist in the service, or be dragged away when he was 29 years old either way. She pulled Tae close, whispering how sorry she was for letting Byung turn her into someone she never wanted to be. She wanted her son to go ahead and enlist, explaining that she wanted to avoid the pain of knowing they’d force him into the service against his will at a later date. But, Tae had just gained a reason not to leave. Jae-Sun. “If Jae goes I go. If he stays I stay” He’d explained it to his mother simply, but she couldn’t listen to reason, not with Tae’s love life, and especially not his sexuality. Jae had sat in another room the entire time, hearing every word they exchanged. “Your father would be so disappointed Cho Taehyun” his mother said, shedding tears through blackened eyes by the hands of his uncle. “And you think he would approve of your recent activities mother? Please, we need to leave here. I know what he’s making you do, and if that’s not bad enough, he’s psychically beating you” Tae pleaded for almost ten minutes, interrupted by Byung himself.

“I will not tolerate your disrespect boy” he said in a rough tone and back handed Tae through the face. Tae stood up to him this time though. “Who do you think you are?!” the young boy yelled out at him, with his hands flexing into fists. Jae-Sun interrupted, landing a hefty punch in Tae’s uncle’s face, and began welling on him, losing control, and inflicting the same pain upon him that he’d continiously inflicted on Tae and his mother. Tae’s 18th birthday was just around the corner, and so was his claiming ceremony. He knew he’d become a light Diviner, or a Dark Diviner, and honestly, after all he had endured, he wasn’t so sure he was light at heart anymore.. That next year seemed to have stopped, time ceasing to exist for Tae all together. Caught in a haze of drugs, sex, and alcohol with Jae-Sun, Tae barely even realized that his eighteenth birthday had rolled around, as well as Jae’s, due to Korean age, everyone’s birthdays fell upon the same day, and they were always a year older than their international birth date. So the two of them decided they’d celebrate together.

People from their school and families gathered to celebrate their birthday’s,and much to Tae;s surprise, his mother had even made an appearance, but of course ushered in by his evil uncle and a few of his uncles friends. As they watched and waited, the anticipation of what each of them would be, rocked their entire town. It was early that morning when JaeSun was claimed by the light, becoming a light Diviner, and celebrating that revelation with his mother. However, Tae still hadn’t been claimed by anything, causing their whole community to gasp and whisper about how he’d become a Dark Diviner, and that he’d no longer be welcomed in Jae-Suns house. Tae fell to his knees, sobbing. What was this? But something sudden, and amazing happened to Tae as the light finally claimed him, causing sighs of relief, and applause to rip through the crowds watching him. Jae kneeled beside Tae, embracing him, where the two revealed their love for one another to the many watching them.

Tae’s mother smiled because her son had became a light Diviner much like herself and his father, but left the moment she noticed her son showing another male affection. Jae’s mother had a much more accepting attitude, even if she didn’t approve of her son dating a male. The ride back to Jae’s house had been a silent one, and the day had been a long, exhausting one. Jae and Tae decided to settle that evening in with a small celebration for just the two of them, talking all night, and coming to the decicion that they weren’t ready to enlist in service just yet. They had only just expressed their love for each other, and wanted just a moment to wallow in it before enlisting, and possibly never getting any time together after that.

Jae’s mother forced him and Tae to move out. “You’re both eighteen now, and are not welcomed under this roof as long as you’re dating. You weren’t raised this way Jae-Sun. And, Tae your drug habits have tainted my sons mind. You won’t be allowed her any longer, not until you pull yourself together” and with that, the two of them left with just a duffle bag full of clothes and their love for one another. It turned out that love wasn’t enough to pay bills, and that’s when the heartbreaking decision to enlist came about. Tae yelled at Jae-Sun, telling him they could survive this, as to where Jae-Sun was more of a realist, and knew one of them would have to go at least. After a very heated fight, the two of them left together. Because even in spite of their differences, the two couldn’t stand to think about a life without one another. Before they left on a bus though, Tae wanted to see his mother one last time, stopping at his uncle’s mansion to tell her goodbye, while Jae waited just outside.

Byung answered the door with a sinister smirk on his face “What do you want you little piece of garbage?” he asked and stepped onto the porch, pushing Tae backward, causing him to flip down the stairs and roll out into the yard.

Jae-Sun stepped between them, daring him to lay another finger on Tae. Tae tried to reason with his boyfriend and his uncle, but his uncle was the alpha in any situation, and when Jae snapped, and lunged towards Tae’s uncle, it was Tae’s mother caught in the crossfire. Byung killed Tae’s mother right in front of them. Daring either of them to try anything slick. Tae crumbled beside his mothers lifeless form, holding her in his arms and with little luck, the sick bastard went to prison where he belonged.

After holding a ceremony for Tae’s mother, he and Jae moved into Tae’s family home, it had been left to Tae in both his parents will, and with them both gone, it now rightfully belonged to Tae himself. They still had no way to afford the bills, and so the argument between them about enlisting came about yet again.

Jae knew Tae was under a great deal of pressure, and clearly not in the right mind space to enlist, so after the two spent an entire night making love to one another, Tae woke to Jae-Sun being gone. Nothing but a letter and a necklace left in the empty space in Tae’s bed, where Jae had fallen asleep.

“Dear Tae, I want you to know how much I love you.

(내가 당신을 얼마나 사랑하는지 알고 싶어)

But, what’s done is done. One of us had to do it, and I wanted you to live a little first. Ill be back, you just wait for me, and never forget - - we will always be who we are. Ill always love you Taehyun”

Tae fell to his knees crying. How could he? Tae repeated over and over, until he finally snapped out of it. Tae put the necklace on that Jae-Sun left behind, stuffed the note in a bag along with some clothes, and left in a hurry. He spent nearly a week trying to find Jae-Sun, hoping to do so before he could actually enlist, only to realize he’d been to late. And, with that, Tae decided to enlist as well. He didn’t have anything left holding him back,, or keeping him home. When Tae got to the base in Seoul, he sat up his tent and began his search for Jae-Sun. This was where he met another..whom told Tae that Jae-Sun was a ‘wild one’. When Tae asked what he meant, the male smirked at Tae, describing the night before, where Jae-Sun and him had apparently slept together. With nothing left to lose, Tae finally snapped, smiling calmly, and walking away. It was later that night that Tae went to the same male, and for almost an hour, he watched him sleep with a wicked smile upon his features and a gasoline jug in his hand, and a set of matches in the other. Tae finally began dousing the man’s tent in gasoline, as visuals of Jae-Sun sleeping with another came to mind, and struck a match. He felt absolutely no remorse for what he did. Tae had finally lost his ability to be light, and the moment he took anothers life, the Dark took him.

After that, Tae fled. He’d never even saw Jae-Sun, except for the moment he’d tried sneaking out of the male’s tent, not even knowing Tae had been there all along. Tae repositioned himself, and set up at a different base entirely. But, unbeknownst him, Jae-Sun had also been sent to the same base, the very same base Tae’s father had been killed at, Busan. This was a bittersweet time for Tae, and he and Jae-Sun were at odds. Jae become cold and detached, and would never forgive Tae for killing a man the way he had. Tae tried his best to get Jae-Sun to forgive him, but he stuck true to his word, and never did. The next two years of Tae’s life was spent wallowing in grief, and practicing dark magic with someone much like himself. Another Dark Diviner who’d committed a wicked act, and transferred from light to Dark. Feeling like he had something to relate on with her, Tae befriended Lee, and together they began letting themselves become consumed by dark magic. It was like a high for Tae, and soon enough, he found himself doing unspeakable things with his abilities. Jae-Sun had finally attempted to make amends with Tae. It was just a little too late. After Jae-Sun spent two long years hating Tae, Tae moved on, and Jae-Sun walked into Tae’s tent, seeing him and Lee being intimate with one another, it destroyed him., which resulted in him and Tae getting into a heated fist fight for it.

In the midst of their fist fight, distracted and trying to over power one another, their base had been targeted, and Jae-Sun had been killed in the process. Tae had worn his blood for the rest of that day, with an unlikely source there to help him clean up, and comforted him the best she could. It’d been the second time Tae met a Celestial. But, there was something different about her. Something that Tae couldn’t put his finger on. The next several months with her, were spent getting to know her, and even falling for her, but like everything Tae had ever grown to love, she vanished. Tae had nearly killed himself over the next few months after that, trying to locate her through magic with the dog tags she’d been wearing of his, that he’d found in a park. But, to no avail, Tae decided to leave that next morning, finding his sights set on a city in the US, taking on the name Tae Cho as he traveled to America, where a coven of Diviners were said to be. Tae had heard about this city once before from his teacher Mrs Kim, Jae’s mother. Tae was ready to start his life over, he needed change. But, the more Tae dabbled in dark magic, the more he wanted of it. Currently, Tae is looking for another Diviner to help him, before the dark magic ends up killing him, or causing someone else to get hurt, and has picked up a job as a janitor as well as bartending to make enough cash to get by on until something more appealing comes his way..

"No matter how much I've been broken before it shaped me into a stronger woman then you could've imagined."
- Mirae

✓ Returning Life: Dark Diviners have the power to bring a being back from the dead, this can only work with in 24 hours of the being passing away, any longer and the magic will not work; the spell lasts until the caster dies. However, this is not a gift to be used lightly, a Dark Diviner can only bring back 2 beings, anymore could kill them.

✓ Night Time: Night is prime time for Dark Diviners, they get some of their power from it and can do exceedingly better during this time.

✓ Teleportation: Dark Diviners have the ability to teleport themselves and one other to another location which they picture in their mind. When they teleport a puff of black smoke will be left in their place. However, teleportation is draining on powers which means a Diviner cannot do it more than twice in 12 hours.

✓ Extended life: Both Light and Dark Diviners can live longer than the average person, this means they will look roughly half the age of what they actually are Twilight: Twilight is the time where Night and Day are at equal measure and where both Light and Dark Necromancers are at the ultimate strongest together.Light and Dark Blood: Both the Light and Dark Diviner’s blood is harmful to Vampires, it will not kill them, but it will weaken them.Team Work: When a Light and Dark Diviner's work together, bringing their powers together as one they will be stronger and their stamina will be combine, allowing them to practice magic for longer..

________________________ • • • • • ≋T≋ • • • • • _________________________

✘ Bringing back the dead: Dark Diviners are unable to bring back more than 2 dead beings, this has not be exceeded by any known Dark Diviner.

✘ Stamina & Insanity: It takes time for a Dark Diviner to build up the stamina to practice magic for a longer period of time. If combining light and dark magic, they are able to last longer, however when alone they cannot work for as long. The continuous use of magic will eventually send a Dark Diviner insane.

✘ Light Magic: Dark Diviners are weakened some when light magic is used against them.:

✘Daytime: A Dark Diviner will be slightly weaker during the day than they are in the night.

✘ (AS A WHOLE) Use of spells: If a Diviner uses spells continuously side affects will start to occur. They will start getting nose bleeds and in some cases the Diviner might pass out from the magic. If they continue to use mass amounts of magic over a short period of time it will drive them insane and in some cases cause death.

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Miyaza Rhyu ~ Girlfriend ~ Celestial

Miyaza is the love of Tae's life. But, their story is far from complicated. Miyaza and Tae met while he was stationed in Busan, after he lost the love of his life Jae-Sun, he walked around in shock with Jae's blood all over him, scaring the entire camp. Miyaza happened to be the only one to get him to listen that day, and forced him to clean himself up and act right. Months later, he was in love again, and it seemed like she had been ripped away from him just as quickly. While Tae began to think Miyaza was dead, he let dark magic consume him, and ended up in more than one affair with other guys. Now that Miya has returned, safe and sound, Tae wants to know the truth, and he wants to fix things between them on his part. All he knows, is that he never stopped loving her, and never will.

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Nikolas Perlta ~ Friend ~ Dhampir

Nikolas is someone Tae sorta took under his wing. After coming to the understanding that Nik feels like he's not worthy of anyone's acknowledgement, Tae took it upon himself to work with the Dhampir, and show him how to prove others wrong. Tae hopes to someday build a friendship with him, feeling as though he can relate to him in some ways.
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Penelope ~ Frienemy? ~ Instar Diviner

Penelope and Tae met because of how Tae has been feeling a pull towards the archives hall lately. He had been in the middle of trying to break in when Penelope rounded the corner and caught him. Considering she's the owner, he felt obligated to go with her, as she requested. Tae's not sure if shes gonna kick his ass, or explain whats inside the archives hall. Either way, hes there now, and there's no turning back he imagines.
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"Nikolas had been an intriguing guy so far, and Tae couldn't help but find himself curious when Nikolas said he was a lawyer not by his own choice. "So, being a lawyer was something pushed onto you then?" he asked with a brow quirked…"
Feb 16

Instar Diviner
✓ Tae Cho replied to ✓ Tae Cho's discussion Wake Me Up When It Ends (Miyaza and Tae)
"Tae still couldn't believe his queen was alive. His girl, his only girl.. right here in the fles, and somehow, he still stood here questioning if it was real or not, or if at any moment, something or someone would come tear her out of his arms…"
Feb 2

✓ Miyaza Ryou left a comment for ✓ Tae Cho
"I hope you're ready for the truth."
Feb 1

✓ Nikolas Peralta replied to ✓ Tae Cho's discussion Better Than That (Tae and Nikolas)
"Nikolas never knew how to talk with people even know what people do to hang out. This is all new to him but he didn’t say he didn’t want to do these things either. Trying new things is easier for him to learn about everything around him.…"
Jan 31

✓ Miyaza Ryou replied to ✓ Tae Cho's discussion Wake Me Up When It Ends (Miyaza and Tae)
"It's been so long since they have been together under one roof, it was like yesterday she lived with Taehyun on the weekends. There night so sweet and sometimes they were not so pure. To others, they were new love that never wants to be apart,…"
Jan 22

Instar Diviner
✓ Tae Cho replied to ✓ Tae Cho's discussion Better Than That (Tae and Nikolas)
"The Dark Diviner looked up to Nik, who seemed confused, and smirked at him a little. The pool didn't have anything to do with what Tae thought he could do to help him out, it was simply just a way for them to talk, relax and break the ice…"
Jan 18

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At 5:46 on February 1, 2020,
✓ Miyaza Ryou

I hope you're ready for the truth.

At 16:06 on December 22, 2019,
Fluid Role

Hey there Tae!

Figured you could use some light in your life and what brighter light is there than your favorite celestial?

And something for your profile :)

Much love! (Not So) Secret Santa

At 20:04 on October 1, 2019,
✓ Miyaza Ryou

Hey, There Tae!
I think it's about time for me to be in your comments. Your pages look better since I am it :P
xo Miyaza Ryou ox


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