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"There was no way where Jason could have escaped Tyler’s hold as he was knocked unconscious and before he knew it, he woke up into the dark cellar. His body was already chained to the walls and posts, where his body had been whipped over and…"
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"It had been so long since he had seen Marcos; Marcos was one of his closest friends he’s ever had. Most of the time, Jason would normally stick to himself but he knew that once he was better, he’d try to adventure out to a few other…"

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"Jason couldn’t remember the last time he had seen a friend, a friend who was close to him in so many ways and how they were always there for each other. Jason opened the door ajar before he blurred over to him to give him a tight hug as he was…"
Nov 18

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"Evening came and it hadn’t been the most pleasant evening, Gideon had to assign Jason with a therapist, that wasn’t Baptiste and he knew for a fact that Baptiste wasn’t in the state of mind to do so. It was emotionally draining, it…"
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"The way things had been over the past 6 months had been awful and awful wasn’t the right word to use. He had been traumatized and the memories will be etched into his brain for the rest of his life, nightmares that will happen every night and…"
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"We meet again.. ;] I have read the thread you posted and I absolutely adore it, I'll try to get a reply in tonight. Just finished my page! <3  You are as handsome as ever, Baptiste.  -Jason "
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You never know what happens in the next chapter.

Jason Hills
The next chapter begins
Rank: Newborn within the valkyr community.
Basic Details
name:Jason Hills
nickname:Jace, Jas, or Jay
Real age:24 years old
Apperance age:24 years old
date of birth:June 6th, 1995
dating status.My heart does belong to him but it's complicated..
Dating history/Past Ex Partners:Baptiste Dupuis
occupation.Works in a counselling office and creates music
hometown.Sydney, Australia
residence.Residing with Gideon Ashworth within the castle.
physical appearance:
faceclaim.Troye Sivan
height.Five foot Nine
weight.How rude.
body.At the moment, he is very fragile and weak but normally slender, petite.
eyes.Pericing blue eyes but they go dark really qick when hungry.
scars.Scars and bruises littering most of his body.
tattoos/marks.A whip bruise across his back.
Personality Traits:
The Good.Alert, Creative and Humble.
The Bad.Insecure, Reserved and Quiet.
Habits:Chewing his bottom lip when nervous as well as picking at his fingers nails.
Hobbies:Music and art is his true loves.
"He knows how to love me better"
— sayer, Unknown.
Jason's backstory:

It was a cold winter evening when a mother was expecting her baby boy to arrive however, the mother had already made up her mind that she didn’t want the baby. After the troubled labour and the painful birth, the little boy soon came into the world and was handed over to the nurse to be placed up for adoption. His name was Jason Hills, born on June 6th at 7:30pm, the baby boy grew flocks of brown hair just like his mother. However, the mother abandoned her own child and fled without leaving him anything. The nurses looked after him for a few months before he was then sent to an orphanage within the city of Sydney. From there, the carers at the orphanage centre looked after Jason, fed him, cleaned him and made sure he was cared for. This orphanage was a Christian orphanage and many of the Christian’s believed that the small children will need to be guided by God and the bible; with that, Jason was brought up trying to believe that there was God and all the believes that came with Christianity. As time went by, Jason grew older, the little boys around him grew distant of Jason. He was a little bit different compared to the others. Jason had a feminine side and didn’t like what others boys did. He didn’t like sports, he didn’t like video games or being in boyish clothes. The carers at the Christian orphanage have realized this, with that, Jason was also considered different and was poorly treated ever since the carers noticed the differences. Everyday he was forced to read the bible whether he liked it or not, the priest had spoken to Jason as if he was a monster, however Jason didn’t know because he was still young to realize what was going on. Jason was also forced to do the cleaning more than the other children as he wasn’t recognized as the special boy anymore. Within a few years however, he was adopted by the Hills family and he was so happy to be out of the orphanage. Marie and Benjamin Hills were very happy to adopt their first child. Marie and Benjamin then spoiled Jason to bits, making sure he had everything he needed from new clothes to new devices. He couldn’t be more happier. As Jason went to high school, he began to love music and discovering more about himself. Throughout the time he was in high school, he only had a couple of friends that stuck by him. He soon realized that he liked boys and not girls, something within made him feel scared that not everyone liked homosexual’s so he didn’t come out to anyone at the time since he was being bullied. As he grew older, his sexuality began to be even more confusing and he was struggling rather bad. His adoptive parents never asked about what was wrong as they were busy with their own lives. One day in senior year, he was humiliated in front of everyone and he was taken into the bathroom by another senior and bashed brutally within the bathroom and threw homophobic comments at him. Jason was hurt and deep down he hated himself for being so different, and wondered why everyone continuously picked on him. The rest of the day, he didn’t end up going to class as he was too ashamed to be in front of anyone but he knew one place where he was accepted and that was the music room. He entered into the classroom as the room was always unlocked for those who needed to escape from anything and Mr Vito always welcomed students. Mr Vito was someone whom he found rather attractive, Jason was bleeding from his nose and his mouth, a bruise forming around his eye. He settled his backpack down onto the floor and sat onto one of the chairs. He could feel himself crumpling inside and broken after being bashed horrifically. He soon sobbed into his hands and didn’t notice the teacher coming in and almost surprised to see Jason crying. Mr Vito set his papers down onto the front desk and headed over to him, ‘’Jace..Are you okay?’’ Mr Vito asked as he grabbed the tissues from the desk and headed over to him. Jason looked up to see Mr Vito, tears were stained onto his face before he quickly covered his face back up. Mr Vito felt quite concerned for Jason and he consoled him for the rest of the day even if Mr Vito was feeling rather unhinged due the blood. ‘’Who did this to you?’’ There was silence from Jason and he didn’t say his name except he sobbed into his hands. ‘’I-I can’t…’’ He mumbled as he looked up from his hands finally. ``I-I can’t say his name…’’ He repeated as he took some tissues to wipe his tears. Mr Vito was annoyed that Jason didn’t tell him the name but he didn’t want to scare him. ‘’It’s alright, tell me when you're ready....Was it another boy in the year?’’ He asked, trying to get some clues from him. Jason nodded quietly as he sunk back in his chair, deflated. ‘’Everyone picks on me because they think I am gay...And the truth is...I am gay...But no one likes what I am.’’ Jason told Mr Vito which surprised him before sighing himself. ‘’Jace, I know it’s a difficult time for you..But being gay is okay, the students at this school will soon be taught about it… But for now… You may come in here whenever you don’t want to be out there.’’ Mr Vito offered. Jason already knew that the offer was already there but he nodded anyway. It was towards the end of the school year when Mr Vito asked Jason to stay behind after the bell rung indicating school was over for the day, it was the last week of school before his graduation. Jason wasn’t at all nervous about it as it was a common check up, well, that’s what he thought anyway. But there was something odd about Mr Vito that afternoon and it made him feel uneasy, like something bad was about to happen. He grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder like he normally does as he walked towards Mr Vito, waiting until the last student left and closed the door behind them. Mr Vito leaned across the desk as he looked at Jason, Jason gasped as he saw how dark his eyes were. ‘’Sir, why are you eyes so dark?’’ He asked in a small voice because he felt somewhat scared. Mr Vito cleared his throat before he stood up and headed towards Jason, straightening his shirt as he then placed his hand onto the desk and eyed Jason. ‘’I’m going to miss you when you leave. You’ve been a rather good student.’’ Mr Vito commented and Jason was surprised by the sudden compliment. ‘’I’m sure I’ve been nothing but a burden…’’ He murmured as he looked down to the ground and began to fiddle with his backpack. Mr Vito walked closely to Jason and brought his backpack off his shoulder and placed it on the ground. He was suddenly confused before he noticed Mr Vito coming closer towards Jason and he began to walk backwards towards the wall. ‘’Sir…’’ He quickly murmured as he began to feel even more scared. ‘’W-What are you doing?’’ He mumbled. ‘’You know Jason… You’re an incredible person...And all I want...Is you…’’ Mr Vito said softly as he then placed both of his hands on either side of Jason’s head, trapping him there. ‘’But now...All I want…’’ A soft growl left Mr Vito’s lips as his eyes darkened even more. Jason began to panic now, his heart racing against his chest. Before he knew it, Mr Vito’s mouth opened and fangs appeared, he froze still as Mr Vito leaned forward and sniffed at his neck. ‘’Do you mind if I do this?’’ He asked suddenly as suddenly licked at his neck as well, a shiver went down his spine and thought that he was in a dream. ‘’Sir...You...Are…’’ He was about to say something before he felt the sudden pain going through his neck, Mr Vito bit into his neck and began to drink Jason’s blood. Jason let out a loud scream and he heard it echoed into the room before Mr Vito covered his mouth as he began to deeply bite into him. Jason struggled against him before he slowly lifted his own leg and kneed Mr Vito into the crotch. Quickly Mr Vito let him go and growled at Jason for doing so, Jason ran for the door but Mr Vito quickly sped over to him and slammed him into the floor. Jason whimpered and cried out in pain as his back slammed onto the floor, ‘’let me go!’’ He yelled, Mr Vito growled at Jason once again as Jason saw his teacher being a completely different person, he was scared. Mr Vito soon realized what he was doing before he quickly let him go and quickly sped away from the room. Jason was bleeding from the neck, the bite mark that will never be forgotten. After getting up from the ground, he quickly grabbed his backpack and headed out of the school, running as far from the school as he headed home. Whilst heading home he could feel himself getting dizzy due to the loss of blood, his neck was badly damaged and bruised. It didn’t take him long to get home however, he collapsed when he reached the living room, his parents rushed over to see Jason collapsed, he fell into unconsciousness. His parents called 911 as they saw the bite mark on his neck and the amount of blood he lost. Three days have passed and he slowly woke up; he was surrounded by white walls and an IV connected to his wrist. He slowly started to panic as his eyes quickly adjusted to see that he was in hospital. Was he really attacked by a vampire? Was it true? Or was it a dream? Someone very familiar came into the room and it was Mr Vito, he looked rather guilty as he had bought Jason some flowers along with him. He scowled immediately when he saw him and in the result of things, he was in the hospital and no doubt that his parents will be asking him questions. ‘’What the hell?! Why THE hell did you attack me?’’ Jason yelled at Mr Vito as he couldn’t bare to keep it in any longer. Mr Vito took a step forward but Jason pointed at him, ‘’do not take another step!’’ Jason was shaking with fear by now and his heart began to beat rapidly and the machine began to beep more. Mr Vito sighed and calmly spoke, ‘’I’m sorry Jason…’’ He murmured before he placed the flowers beside him onto a table near the bed. Jason raised his eyebrow and he shook his head, ‘’no you aren’t! You only wanted me!’’ Jason said loudly but not to the point of shouting. ‘’You...Nearly tore my whole neck out!’’ It wasn’t too long until the nurses arrived and they had to tell Mr Vito to leave, he was glad because he didn’t want to see him no more. 4 years have passed since the incident, Jason kept it a secret of what Mr Vito was but he recovered well and he wanted to pursue his music career as well as wanting to be a counsellor and a social worker. He moved to Evermore City and resided within the human territory before one day, he noticed something strange every evening when he felt like he was being followed by someone. However, he ignored it until one evening, he decided to go to the local pub that was near where he worked. That evening he met a rather handsome fellow named Baptiste, he looked rather tense when they first met and Jason was also quite nervous because of his own anxiety. But what happened that evening was something he never would seem to forget, Jason took Baptiste out of the bar and into the back alleyway. Where Baptiste couldn’t keep himself distant anymore, he had kissed Jason with so much passion that he nearly lost his breath but Jason never pulled away, the two continued to kiss until they were interrupted by someone coming passed the alleyway. From there, the two were pretty much inseparable and their connection was so strong for one another. Until one day, bad news had broken between them and Jason had become very ill, as Baptiste rushed to the hospital with Jason and he almost died on the way to the hospital. As Baptiste climbed into the elevator, Jason's breathing became laboured and he was sure he was about to die but the two had promised something between one another, Baptiste will have to change him to save his life, for another chance at life but with his one and only. Jason was then changed into a valkyr, the process wasn’t painful but it was hard to get used to what being a newborn valkyr was like. Jason was taught everything by Baptiste and he soon met Gideon. Several months have passed and Jason was slowly getting the hang of things, adjusting his valkyr abilities and drinking blood when he needed to and keeping it in control, however, during this process, he made sure that he was on leave for work as he was too antsy about everything and unsettled. It was late in the summer evening when Jason decided that he’d write some new music in his studio along with his small band. After he worked for a few hours, the members of his band needed to head out and do some errands before it got any later in the evening. Jason decided that he should probably head home himself. He left the studio shortly after everyone has left and he began to walk home. It was a half an hour’s walk back to Baptiste’s apartment and he normally takes his time to walk back. It was already dark, the stars were twinkling in the sky, he continued to walk with his headphones, but within his knowledge, Jason was being stalked. Jason turned his head as he thought he could sense someone, another being close behind him but shrugged as he saw nothing. He continued on through a dark alleyway where he has crossed it multiple times. Within a flash, he was snatched away from the alleyway by a stranger, Jason yelped and kicked as he was strangled away. His hair had been pulled by the stranger and a small deep chuckle was heard from behind him. Jason kicked his legs and threw punches at the man before he tried to escape. Jason fled quickly before he was then tackled to the ground, strangled with strong hands before he was gripped tightly and forced into a vehicle. Then everything went into a dark abyss. Hours, minutes and days have passed and Jason woke up in a small cellar, his legs and arms chained against a wall, the chains were burning into his skin and he wasn’t sure why. Groggily, his eyes finally took in what he saw, panic immediately raised within him as he began to look for an escape. He saw a figure descending from the shadows in the corner of his cell, a smirk graced the strangers face… Until his eyes adjusted, he recognized who it was. It was an old school mate who used to have a crush on Jason but Jason had declined him because he didn’t want everyone to know about his sexuality as he was afraid that people were homophobic and he also thought that it could have been a joke. His name was Tyler, a tall, dark haired male who appeared to be the same age as Jason but something looked different about him. Jason couldn’t believe that this was happening to him, something that could only happen in a drama movie or a nightmare. Tyler let out a small deep chuckle as he carried something in his hand, it looked like some kind of whip. ‘’Tyler...Wh-What are you doing?’’ Jason finally spoke in a hoarse voice, ‘’I know what you are, Jason. I know that you shouldn’t be with that man of yours, you should be mine.’’ Tyler let out a hiss before he swung his arm and whipped Jason across his body. Jason screamed out in agony, he realized that Tyler had already removed Jason’s shirt and his pants but left his underwear on. Jason felt his wrists and ankles burning around the hard silver chains, something must have been potent in the chain as it was reacting to his skin. ‘’You should have trusted me! Not him.’’ Again, he whipped Jason across his stomach and his legs, sending agony throughout his body. ‘’It was y-years ago that you had a crush on me...Why now?!’’ Jason spoke through his teeth, hissing almost as he couldn’t believe him. ‘’Kidnapping me wouldn’t do justice! I know for a fact that someone will come for me.’’ Jason spoke, hissing as a searing pain went through him as the chains continued to burn his wrists and ankles. Tyler didn’t comment on what Jason said but simply left Jason in the cellar. Ever since that night, the same process happened, he was whipped over and over again as he became weaker. He was losing track of time and he was sure that Baptiste would have been able to find him but he was slowly losing his hope that maybe their love wouldn’t be there anymore. Agony, betrayal and his trust was slowly showing as the longer he stayed there, the worse he became. Tyler didn’t allow him to feed on any blood during Jason’s capture, making him feel much worse than he already was. A couple of months passed, Tyler let Jason drink very little blood every month, until one afternoon, Tyler went upstairs to retrieve something else. With the faintest of hearing, he heard grunts, growling, a smashing of glass before his eyes groggily opened to see a tall figure in front of him, it was Gideon. Someone has finally came to save Jason. By now, his skin had burned through from the chains that he was locked up in, Gideon sighed and had something to cut the chains free from Jason’s wrists and ankles, Jason had collapsed into Gideon’s arms and almost cried with sheer joy that someone was finally here. ‘’It is alright Jason, you are with me now and we’ll take you home.’’ He reassured him as Gideon slowly took him into his arms and travelled back home. It was a long trip but Gideon assured that he will be safe from now, providing him with care that he needed and to be completely ‘normal’ again. He didn’t want to bring up Baptiste because he knew he had been gone for so long now that maybe...Maybe he didn’t love Jason anymore. Gideon made sure that Jason was kept in his care for the meantime, providing him with blood whatever he needed, his scars were slowly healing from the poisoned. Jason kept quietly to himself until he was ready to be back on his feet but he knew the memories were etched into his brain and he had scars that he was a survivor. Gideon saved him and he was forever grateful, and hopefully one day he’ll repay him for saving him.

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When You Went Away - Baptiste Dupuis - Replied 
Time of Healing - Marcos Moretti - Replied 
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